Gerbes Super Market Camdenton, MO

Gerbes Super Market Camdenton, MO weekly ad for 1159 US-54, Camdenton, MO 65020, United States

My wife, Glenna, wishes to extend high compliments to two Gerbes employees who exhibit extra effort to assist customers with helpful kindness: Susan Levacy at the front desk and William Fewell who is a checker. Both help to make Gerbes a wonderful place to shop!

Kim, the cashier, she was super informative & such a sweetheart. I dont usually make reviews, so this means a lot. I'm not usually at this location and only to come get my medication, but I'll be sure to make her line when shes available. She made my day!

Gerbes Super Market Columbia, MO

Gerbes Super Market Columbia, MO weekly ad for 1729 W Broadway, Columbia, MO 65203, United States

Great quality produce. Amazing customer service. Classy beer and wine bar. These are just some of the reasons I don't shop anywhere else. Oh, did I mention they provide snacks?

Great staff! Especially, I appreciate Carolyn, the lady working at the self-check out area. She picked up my cardholder I accidentally left in the shopping basket. She kept it safe until I went there again, 3 hours later. It had some cash, my driver's license, and credit cards! She made my day!! Thank you Carolyn!

Gerbes Super Market Eldon, MO

Gerbes Super Market Eldon, MO weekly ad for 410 E North St, Eldon, MO 65026, United States

This is the best store in this area. They have wonderful customer service, they get you checked out FAST!

My "go to" grocery store in town. I go here multiple times a week. Awesome staff! Extremely friendly, nice to see the same cashiers regualrly. Everything is very easy to find. The beer is a little pricey and not much of a liquor selection. The meat department has some really awesome specials periodically. Good balance of price and selection. The friendly service is very much appreciated

Best prices and selection. Way better than their competitors. Clean store, fresh produce, friendly staff.

Gerbes Super Market Jefferson City, MO

Gerbes Super Market Jefferson City, MO weekly ad for 2101 Schotthill Woods Dr, Jefferson City, MO 65101, United States

I'm a long time Gerbes customer back from when they had a store in Fulton, Mo.
The employees of this store remind me of the friendly and helpful people who worked at Fulton, the employees who worked there for years.

I've always gotten good service at this store.

Gerrity's Supermarket 320 Meadow Ave Scranton PA

Gerrity's Supermarket 320 Meadow Ave Scranton, Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 320 Meadow Ave Scranton, PA 18505.

Excellent prices. Clean I mean very clean. The people there are really friendly I don't ever hear anyone get chewed out. They have a good crew.

Like most Gerritys in this area the store is very clean and the employees are all friendly and helpful. They also have some of the best in store cooked food.

Gerrity's Supermarket Bethlehem Pennsylvania

Gerrity's Supermarket Bethlehem Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 1880 Stefko Blvd Bethlehem, PA 18017.

I always love coming to Valley Farm Market! They had a great sale this week so I checked it out and was pleased! Meat is fresh and it's old-fashioned butcher style in the case! The cashier was a very pleasant young man! That made my trip especially wonderful!!

I have been going here since we moved to the area in 2007. They freshly butcher the meats and have great service. A must for anyone who grills. They also have fresh produce and a large selection of farm raised items.
2022 Update: This is still my favorite place to shop. The meats and seafood and vegetable selection is large and fresh. Ample parking. Friendly folks.

Gerrity's Supermarket Clarks Summit Pennsylvania

Gerrity's Supermarket Clarks Summit Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 100 Old Lackawanna Trail Clarks Summit, PA 18411.

Great FRESH produce..GREAT meats..GREAT DELI hot and cold!! ALWAYS HAS SALES..BUT sometimes things are a little"PRICEY"; ESPECIALLY FOR PEOPLE like myself..who are on a limited income!! But overall..I'm pleased with THE grocery store

Oh my god wow this grocery store was so great has great employees a great selection everything I needed was at an arm's length away I love my experience there

Gerrity's Supermarket Hanover Township PA

Gerrity's Supermarket Hanover Township Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 2280 Sans Souci Pkwy Hanover Township, PA 18706.

Okay so it's time for an honest report on an honest grocery store, out of all the local grocery stores each one has its own unique characteristics, I'm a firm believer in supporting local small business, and this certainly is one of them, if you want good meats this is the place to go out of all the grocery stores, if you're looking for easy quick meals because you don't feel like cooking this is also the place to go where they have excellent priced to go meals that you could pop in the microwave or heat up on your stove or in the oven, local owners are very friendly I've spoken to them many times, just all out convenient place to shop!

Iys one of my favorite grocery stores. I came in this morning for chicken salad (my fave at this store) The bakery smells were so inviting and yummy. The women on register are always very friendly and make you feel more like an acquaintance than a customer. The older lady with the Xmas light earrings is adorable! I'm so glad I found this store

Gerrity's Supermarket Keyser Oak Pennsylvania

Gerrity's Supermarket Keyser Oak Pennsylvania Weekly Adfor 1782 Keyser Avenue Keyser Oak, PA 18508.

Ok but don't ask for a extra bag they will look at you crazy..lady said they would be mad at me if I gave you a extra bag but living in PA with stairs I think I need my juice to be double bag...little taken back by that

I am 66 years old and have seen it grow from a corner meat market to what it is today. Joe would be proud of the way Niels family has grown it. I just love going their.

Gerrity's Supermarket Luzerne Pennsylvania

Gerrity's Supermarket Luzerne Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 552 Union St Luzerne, PA 18709.

Shelves filled, smelled great with bakery! Lots of made food..Great store, somewhat pricey on homemade stuff..still have great sales too!

Gerrity's is a local grocery chain. They carry SureSave brands. Gerrity's boasts Mom's brand of homemade food, what I've tried has been very good. Gerrity's is clean, bright, offers a big selection and is just a very nice place. Offers produce, deli meats, fresh baked items as well as fresh butchered meats. Always a great store!!

Gerrity's Supermarket Moosic Pennsylvania

Gerrity's Supermarket Moosic Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 4015 Birney Ave Moosic, PA 18507.

This place has been consistently great for many many years. Nice employees and always an awesome selection of brands. A++

These stores are all a little different from each other, but I can usually find what I need no problem. They are conveniently located and checking out has very little wait, if any.

Gerrity's Supermarket Scranton Pennsylvania

Gerrity's Supermarket Scranton Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 702 South Main Ave. Scranton, PA 18504.

Their meat and produce are the best in the area. They've also been well stocked throughout the pandemic. Everyone is really helpful and friendly. Their selection is pretty good too. They don't have everything a specialty store would have, but I'm consistently surprised by what they do stock. They were also taken over recently, but from what I can tell absolutely nothing has changed. The place is as great as it ever was.

I love this store. Its old fashioned like stores were in the 1980s reminds me of how it was when i was a kid! I hope this place stays this way and does not change. Really like shopping here. Deli and bakery dept staff was really nice! Highly recommend

Gerrity's Supermarket West Pittston Pennsylvania

Gerrity's Supermarket West Pittston Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 801 Wyoming Ave West Pittston, PA 18643.

Decent store. Am not from the immediate area, but when near choose to make a trip here if anything needed. A good bakery if your looking for fresh items from scratch. Variety of products is a plus at this store.

Always clean, usually stocked pretty well, employees are actually helpful and can guide you to where something is. Love their selection of meats and they have pretty good pastries as well.

Gerrity's Supermarket Wyoming Pennsylvania

Gerrity's Supermarket Wyoming Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 2020 Wyoming Ave Wyoming, PA 18644.

Great service when looking for something you need and can't find food related.. The cashiers are always so pleasant and welcoming we all need that for our mental health" to feel good wile shopping and leaving:) priceless" Thank you Gerrity's 😊

I must say i have been shopping Gerrity's since they opened. I always enjoy their bakery items however i got this loaf of italian bread and half of the inside had holes going through the entire loaf of bread.

GIANT Food Store Elizabethtown Pennsylvania

GIANT Food Store Elizabethtown Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 1278 S Market St Elizabethtown, PA 17022.

Went 2 get a 12-pack of Monster which they had on sale per their circular. They always have their sale items in stock when I go in there. I also got a few of their pre-packaged meals which I luv since i don't cook much (my favorite is the meatloaf).

First time at your store.
Impressed at size of store n selection.
Recently moved to area n the check out lady(#16) signed me up for Giant card, and was so so very kind.
Hope to b returning for my next grocery items.

GIANT Food Store Ephrata Pennsylvania

GIANT Food Store Ephrata Pennsylvania Weekly Adfor East Main St.Ephrata, PA 17522.

I had an issue with Giant and there bonus card system that has been resolved by the company who reached out to me. Problem solved with good customer service they have great locations great deals and I've always enjoyed the staff. Five stars giant.

Fantastic great prices and Quality products and nice. Have sale prices. Hard working employees and customers services. Teamwork that organize well. Discount and benefits are available great .

GIANT Food Store Exton Pennsylvania

GIANT Food Store Exton Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 141 E Swedesford Rd Exton, PA 19341.

I looked in three different places for a vegan product that my wife likes and finally asked a team member. He told me where he thought it was, I told him I already looked there and continued shopping. Five minutes later I’m at the other end of the store and here comes the team member with the product in hand. I obviously, overlooked it. Great customer service!

I go Giant every morning for the fresh foods. The associates are very helpful. The store is always clean. I always use the self check out. The associates (Clara and Peg) are wonderful.

GIANT Food Store Harrisburg Pennsylvania

GIANT Food Store Harrisburg Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 6301 Grayson Road Harrisburg, PA 17111.

Nice clean store, fresh produce, and kind staff. We're visiting from out of town and when I asked to use a store card for their sales, they were happy to oblige.

If you like sushi and you haven't gotten it at one of these Giant stores: trust me, it's totally worth it.

GIANT Food Store Kennett Square Pennsylvania

GIANT Food Store Kennett Square Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 830 E Baltimore Pike Kennett Square, PA 19348.

I needed two gallons of TH Lemonade and the shelves were bare. I asked an employee from the meat section if more were in back. He found two and brought them out. Greatly appreciated the assist and service.

This is my locale Giant. Today I went for cough and cold medicine. Great deals on not only non-brand items but name brand as well. Definitely pays to have the Giant card, saved even more! Received a coupon for next time! Did self check-out, the cashier was accessible and friendly. Checked my ID quickly and efficiently.

GIANT Food Store Lancaster Pennsylvania

GIANT Food Store Lancaster Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 106 Willow Valley Square Lancaster, PA 17602.

My son loves the car carts. Makes shopping so much easier! Can catch some great deals especially the buy one get one in the meats department.

Always fresh food and great customer service. Had issues with points and they took care of me and fixed the points. Then drove over and got $1.30 off a gallon at Centerville Giant Gas.

GIANT Food Store Leola Pennsylvania

GIANT Food Store Leola Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 10 Newport Rd Leola, PA 17540.

I used to go to the Giant in Lititz,however,the expérience in Lancaster is much better. There are better choices. If you do pick up, I always get what I order - unlike Lititz. If you do Flashfood your items are there - also unlike Lititz.

I've been coming to this store all the way back to when it was Food Fair. Still a great location and great selection.

GIANT Food Store Lititz Pennsylvania

GIANT Food Store Lititz Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 1008 Lititz Pike Lititz, PA 17543.

Great selection. Super clean. So much merchandise to pick from !

Good produce a big variety of grocery items overall good store.

GIANT Food Store Malvern Pennsylvania

GIANT Food Store Malvern Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 225 Lancaster Ave Malvern, PA 19355.

Nice place. Got some muffins here. They were quite satisfactory.

Clean Store with friendly staff and fast checkout. Good experience shopping here.

GIANT Food Store Middletown Pennsylvania

GIANT Food Store Middletown Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 450 East Main St Middletown, PA 17057.

I've personally never had a bad experience here yet
Sometimes they're out of what I need, but I know they can't help supply shortages and such

Great location starts with the parking lot, which is well planned where car traffic and pedestrian traffic don't get in each other's way too much. Inside is clean, well-stocked and flows well. I would like to see the expanded hot bar that some of the other locations have. That being said, this is my favorite Giant location.

GIANT Food Store Mt Joy Pennsylvania

GIANT Food Store Mt Joy Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for789 East Main St Mt Joy, PA 17552.

This is a very spacious, clean and well organized store. Our cashier was very kind and helpful. We love this location and would definitely visit again. Our favorite display was the convenient display of the taco display. The meat, taco shells and seasoning all in one place. Now that is a great meal plan and convenient because sometimes we just want to grab and go. Love it!

I love the mass variety of fresh fruits & vegetables. I also like the appearance of the produce section. I'm not trying to be biased but I've always ❤️'d Giant because it's always appeared clean, organized & well stocked.

GIANT Food Store New Cumberland

GIANT Food Store New Cumberland Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 130 Old York Rd New Cumberland, PA 17070.

got fried chicken for lunch 1/2 price coupon in flyer at door. got gas with points 1.40 off and a nice ham for Easter free with points!

I'mma give giant some little break every since the coronavirus I understand about some business is hard to get back on your feet it's just that your employees got to be nice to the customers and make them feel like they want to shop here so that's what they need to do is get their work ethics in place it's going to be all right establishment

GIANT Food Store Phoenixville Pennsylvania

GIANT Food Phoenixville Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 700 Nutt Rd Phoenixville, PA 19460.

It's always fun and lively and full of energy at this Mega store...
And the cashiers are pretty upbeat. Giant gives all other stores a run for their money , that's for sure...
Picking up my moms Rx's at the pharmacy is always super, And today I treated myself to a freshly made bagel… yummy!

Always go to this Giant to cash gas points earned. The gas is no cheaper than going across the street to Wawa. I like the store and the people are nice.

GIANT Food Store Quarryville Pennsylvania

GIANT Food Store Quarryville Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 100 Townsedge Drive Quarryville, PA 17566.

I shopped during Senior Hour. Made my list at home before shopping. My bill before scanning my Giant Card was $120. After my Card my total was only $60. I have never saved that much money! Even the Cashier was impressed!

I love the organic food choices, especially fresh produce. Nature's Promise brand meats are generally additive free. And Giant gives gas points! A nice shopping experience.

GIANT Food Store Thorndale Pennsylvania

GIANT Food Store Thorndale Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 3477 Lincoln Hwy Thorndale, PA 19372.

Nice store cool atmosphere the workers are nice has just about everything I need. They handled a matter for me with great leadership, I'll forever be grateful. God bless everyone and thank you all for the warm experience. Keep up the great work!

I love this grocery store everything is always well stocked and organized and fresh and the staff is always friendly and helpful and pleasant I don’t shop anywhere else.

GIANT Food Store West Chester Pennsylvania

GIANT Food Store West Chester Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 1375 Boot Rd West Chester, PA 19380.

I love it there. The people who work there are great and the store is immaculate.

I like the feel of the Giant and know where everything is located. They have an excellent organic section. The scan it app is so convenient. You scan your groceries on your phone as you shop. Then easily check out at the register.

GIANT Food Store West Grove Pennsylvania

GIANT Food Store West Grove Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 849 West Baltimore Pike West Grove, PA 19390.

I always make this my grocery store but prices is never good compare to other grocery stores.

I like this store. It's in close vicinity and I find almost what I need in in terms of grocery and household products. The employee are nice always greet you with a smile. The store is kept clean. Also they have a free fruit for kids to eat in the store which has an option of either banana or orange. I appreciate this as kids can have something healthy to much on other than eating the sugar filled cookies or slatt chips

Giant Tiger

Save with Giant Tiger flyer this week deals and special offers on household, home decor and more .Giant Tiger weekly flyer is now live across all Canada.Giant Tiger Weekly Flyer is valid for Ontario province of Canada , including this cities; Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Weston, Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Oshawa, Windsor, Guelph, Kingston, Kanata, Milton, Brantford, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Peterborough .

Giant Tiger Acton

Giant Tiger Acton weekly flyer for 12 Main St N, Acton, ON L7J 1W1, Kanada
Very nice store. The staff was very helpful, assisted me to find what I wanted
Lovely variety..extremely good pricing..wish there were more locations..got my Christmas gifts and curtains for my house there. Lovely selection.hoping to visit again. Also, the exchange process was very easy and the lady at the counter was very helpful. Excellent customer service..thank you
This store has a very good selection of products and is very clean and well maintained.

Giant Tiger Airport Rd Brampton

Giant Tiger Brampton weekly flyer for 9065 Airport Rd, Brampton, ON L6S 0B8, Kanada
Love this store! Always great deals on groceries. I love that they price match with every store! The store is always so clean and organized. The grocery section is small but if you need the basics plus a few other things this is the best place to go. Never any huge annoying crowds or screaming kids. You can shop in peace and at leisure. Last time I went there in March they had an amazing sale. I left with a huge shopping bag full of groceries for $20. As a single person who cooks a lot this is amazing. I actually couldn’t even eat all the stuff I had purchased fast enough. The staff is always super friendly, especially the people stocking shelves. They never tire or give any attitude when I ask them a bunch of questions for products. I love this location and love that I am supporting a Canadian company and jobs! Did I mention they have the best price on house plants also…. I have to stop myself from buying so many 😆
I went here today for the first time and I loved the store! It's not to big but the set up is perfect to walk around and browse. I bought a lovely shirt! The clothes selection is beautiful! They have alot of food at really great prices! I would recommend this store to friends any day!! I also got this beautiful fuzzy blanket

Giant Tiger Ajax

Giant Tiger Ajax weekly flyer for 570 Westney Rd S #24, Ajax, ON L1S 6V6, Kanada
It’s in my home town and the staff is pretty friendly! The manager Alyson is a great person to talk to … so accommodating and kind. I highly recommend shopping here! You will always find a bargain
Went to buy some work cloths for my son . Store was clean well organized and they add people onto teller checkout to avoid lineups.👍😁
Standard GT. Has what you need for a good price.

Why pay 100 bucks for shorts that can't fly else where .

When you can pay for 10 dollar shorts at GT that can't fly either.

Giant Tiger Alexandria

Giant Tiger Alexandria weekly flyer for 595 Main St S, Alexandria, ON K0C 1A0, Kanada
There's always great deals here! I'm also very happy to see that there's a fair amount of both gluten free and lactose free products available alongside all of the other groceries.
Good store. Prices are great. The stock isn't bad during these challenging times. Very busy place!
Great staff, even if something is in the back-store, they will check with a smile!

Giant Tiger Alliston

Giant Tiger Alliston weekly flyer for 130 Young St, Alliston, ON L9R 1P8, Kanada
This location had great customer service, product choice and was exceptionally clean! I have never seen a store kept so clean. I visited FreshCo and Canadian Tire and their service, store cleanliness was definitely not comparable to Giant Tiger !
GT is my FAVORITE store.
It never disappoints.
Everything is reasonably priced, decent quality.
A one stop shop.
And, I love that it's Canadian ;)

Giant Tiger Amherst

Giant Tiger Amherst weekly flyer for 142 S Albion St, Amherst, NS B4H 2X2, Kanada
Clean, well stocked, pleasant clerks. Ample parking & majority of customers wearing masks
My cashier was awesome. I love the selection of clothing. This is a nice location.
They don't have the widest variety of stuff, but if you want a good place for cheap staples, you'd be hard pressed to do better.

Giant Tiger Ancaster

Giant Tiger Ancaster weekly flyer for 120 Portia Dr Unit 3, Ancaster, ON L9G 0G1, Kanada
I find the deals for men's clothes are far better in quality and price than Walmart. I like the fact that you can get other things in there such as electronic bedding and food. What I don't like is self checkout. I really despise self checkout ; it goes against the working person! The place is clean and all right but I will not be using self checkout.
Great store and good selection in all departments. Quite a big store. Self check
Outs are fantastic. Shopping cart carrel in parking lot.

Giant Tiger Angus

Giant Tiger Angus weekly flyer for 3 Massey St #4, Angus, ON L0M 1B0, Kanada
Great little store. I couldn't get what I wanted here in Barrie and I was going that way anyway lots of stock! Very pleased.
Always good service. Smaller store but has most items I look for or need.
Nice store, good stock except for the refrigerated vegetables and salads. Nice customer service. Would recommend.

Giant Tiger Arnprior

Giant Tiger Arnprior weekly flyer for 80 Elgin St W, Arnprior, ON K7S 1N5, Kanada
I just love this store. Ran in to get 2 things and of course within minutes my arms were loaded with deals. Someone who was working there saw me and ran over with a cart. Thank you 😆 not all heroes wear capes, some wear black and yellow. I visit every week and im happy to write this review.
Love this store has different inventory then other stores and good prices
Definitely a good place to shop friendly service good selection clean plenty of choices.

Giant Tiger Atholville

Giant Tiger Atholville weekly flyer for 312 Val-d'Amour Rd, Atholville, NB E3N 4E2, Kanada
Store is nice and clean. Customer service was very good
Nice place, staff seems friendly the few times I've been there

Giant Tiger Atlantic

Get local Giant Tiger Atlantic flyer deals and special offers, save on goods. This Giant tiger weekly flyer is valid for Atlantic region of Canada, as New Brunswick ( NB ) - Nova Scotia ( NS ) - Newfoundland and Labrador ( NL ) - Prince Edward Island . ( PEI ). Valid for Halifax, St. John's, Moncton, Saint John west, Fredericton, Cape Breton, Charlottetown, Truro, New Glasgow, Corner Brook, Bathurst, Miramichi, Kentville, Edmundston, Summerside, Grand Falls-Windsor, Gander, Campbellton

Giant Tiger Avenue Saskatoon

Giant Tiger Avenue Saskatoon weekly flyer for 105 Avenue F S, Saskatoon, SK S7M 1S7, Kanada
They have a good selection of clothing n food. Not all things have to be expensive to enjoy. Alot of nice clothing for a very good price for a person on a budget. I recommend The Giant Tiger to shop at.
Have almost a huge collection of basic needs.. can do more by keeping stock of additional variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
I am giving this 5 stars because Adam! He has got to be the best staff member any store in the city could have or ask for! I see him everytime I am in there, and he goes above and beyond. He's happy, he's usually aiming, talking to people, asking questions, giving compliments! Only reason I know his is finally is cause he was walking around asking elderly if they needed help and someone yelled, hey Adam I'm looking for this....boom he dropped what he was doing and went to help. Then saw the long lines and went opened a till and is just such a breath of fresh air to see!!
Everyone should be like Adam!!

Giant Tiger Ave NW Edmonton

Giant Tiger Ave NW Edmonton weekly flyer for 12508 132 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 3P9, Kanada
Looking for a bargain it's here. Everything from clothing including plus sizes in both ladies, menswear, and Children's clothing. Everything you need for setting up a new home. Bedding, curtains, towels, kitchen items, pet supplies, Food & dry goods. You can save money here.
Nice Giant Tiger store. It’s clean and well lit. We are frequent Giant Tiger customers at the Clareview Giant Tiger and this store is larger and is arranged in a similar layout. We liked this location a lot. It’s easy to access and lots of parking. Giant Tiger is a general merchandise store featuring clothing, home decor and groceries. Prices are very reasonable.

Giant Tiger Avonhurst Dr Regina

Giant Tiger Avonhurst Dr Regina weekly flyer for 2735 Avonhurst Dr, Regina, SK S4R 3J3, Kanada
Handicapped parking available, and doors.
Very clean store
Friendy and helpful staff. Asked a worker for what I was looking for. She pointed me in the right direction for what I was looking for.
Check out was quick, people distancing from each other.
Masks are optional and didn't see any hand sanitizer.
Overall a good shopping experience.
Reasonable prices.
Great selection of clothing and groceries. The store is usually tidy, but the washroom is not always the cleanest(plus it always smells like someone is smoking in the back hallway near the washrooms). Typically really busy.

Giant Tiger Barrie

Giant Tiger Barrie weekly flyer for 320 Yonge St, Barrie, ON L4N 4C8, Kanada
I have been shopping at this store since it opened. I actually live closer to the other GT in the north end, but the staff at this location always go the extra mile. Have used the online and pickup service since the pandemic and am extremely pleased. Love that they have a LARGE plus size selection in clothes I can afford!! Absolutely love that they are adding more food options so I have a one stop shopping experience
Smaller G.T. you get a great variety of items. Prices are good, sales are great you need to be there right away for grocery sales. They tend to run out quickly and may have to wait a few days if weekend to get the item.
You can get everything from clothing to groceries. The prices are very affordable, they have weekly sales that are geared to all departments.

Giant Tiger Bathurst

Giant Tiger Bathurst weekly flyer for 700 St Peter Ave, Bathurst, NB E2A 2Y7, Kanada
Très bons prix. Les spéciaux partent vites alors il faut y aller aussitôt que les ventes sont annoncés.
Très bon spécial qualité du linge parfaite pis ya du beaux,toujours des bon spéciaux dans la groceries

Giant Tiger Bd Louis-XIV Québec

Giant Tiger Bd Louis-XIV Québec weekly flyer for 1254 Bd Louis-XIV, Québec, QC G2L 1M2, Kanada
Bon! c'est mieux que Hart! + de choix dans les vètements mais prend du temps avant qu'ils remettent du stocks sur le plancher! ( femme) c'est propre et bien éclairé , les caissières sont souriantes et gentilles .. les employées sur le plancher devraient parler entre eux moins forts ..désagréable d'entendre leurs histoires de vie personnelles! tu n'est pas dans ton salon tabarnouche!
How this place isn't packed with people on the daily is beyond me. Some of the best prices around in these turbulent times.

Giant Tiger Bedford

Giant Tiger Bedford weekly flyer for 1658 Bedford Hwy, Bedford, NS B4A 2X9, Kanada
Great store for sales and deals. Check out clothing for the whole family and household items and leading food brands all for excellent prices.
Bedford store has more than Sackville location. Sales on food are usually sold out first day of sale in Sackville.
Clean, great prices and helpful/friendly staff!

Giant Tiger Belleville

Giant Tiger Belleville weekly flyer for 264 Millennium Pkwy, Belleville, ON K8N 4Z5, Kanada
Found everything I was looking for. Wide assortment of items from clothing, pet food to produce and housewares. Very clean store. Very polite staff.
Very good experience.

Great selection and full shelves

The staff seem to always Be stocking the shelves and assisting customers which is nice to see happening.

The wait in line could be a little lengthy sometimes but that doesn't hinder the experience. All in all its a decent giant tiger. Be sure to sign up for the rewards for extra savings if going for the fly promotions.

Giant Tiger Beloeil

Giant Tiger Beloeil weekly flyer for 360 Boulevard Yvon-L'Heureux N, Beloeil, QC J3G 5P2, Kanada
I got to give them 5 Stars due to the fact that their prices are cheap but some qualities can be different.
Always look at the due date on many products. You could have a surprise.....not wishing this on you.
When you get a can of Whole Mushrooms for 88 cents......nothing can go wrong....
Ce magasin et très grand et a beaucoup de choix.

Giant Tiger Blenheim

Giant Tiger Blenheim weekly flyer for 228 Chatham St S, Blenheim, ON N0P 1A0, Kanada
My son works there im very proud of him They are quite lucky as he s got Awesome excellent work ethics which is very important and hes a hard worker ...Giant tigers is a Great Company to work for He said theyre Greeeeaaattttt!!!
Bon service au chauffeur pas compliqué.

Giant Tiger Bolton

Giant Tiger Bolton weekly flyer for 378 Queen Street South Bolton, ON L7E 4Z7
bisey bisey bisey but good customer service and grate deels
Normally I don't like when my mom brings us to Giant Tiger to get lots of groceries, but the last time we went here to get birthday gifts for my friend it was great! We did get a little bit of groceries but it was still okay. :)
Great value for your money. Picked up pyjamas and non perishable items. Excellent deals!
Highly recommend to visit.

Giant Tiger Boucherville

Giant Tiger Boucherville weekly flyer for 280 Bd du Fort-Saint-Louis, Boucherville, QC J4B 1S1, Kanada
Magasin bien pratique avec des produits surprenants! Excellent rapport qualité / prix.
On y trouve son compte à des prix.souvent très competitifs sur prrsque tout.L'alimentation offre des prix pour certains produits qui permettent d'adoucir l"inflation galopante.
Personnel souriant et courtois. Bon inventaire malgré la situation !

Giant Tiger Brampton

Giant Tiger Brampton weekly flyer for 370 Main St N, Brampton, ON L6V 4A4, Kanada
I like shopping here because when they have a deal on the grocery items, it's a real bargain. The cashiers have made an effort to get to know me by name since I've been shopping here, so it's a really great atmosphere to shop in. I would absolutely recommend this store and have no issue giving it top marks. They turn what is otherwise a real chore into a shopping experience.
Just like a regular GT store. Was hard to believe some foods were more costly than walmart. I won't buy my produce here, I find the clothing to be not good quality, but I expect that from GT.
Always a great experience shopping here - excellent inventory w a major eclectic choice in items - w such Amazing prices !

Giant Tiger Brantford

Giant Tiger Brantford weekly flyer for 82 King George Rd, Brantford, ON N3R 5K4, Kanada
Love their mini garden centre. The plants are usually very well priced and have a decent selection. Got these spring flowers for $2.47 each. Best prices I could find anywhere.
Great prices, was busy, self and cashier checkouts now. Good selection of items in clothing. Clothing quality is good. Groceries are well stocked and a good variety.
Great prices but one outfit did rip as soon as I got it home. And after I put the receipt on the garbage.
But for the price I can sew up a seam

Giant Tiger Bridge St W Belleville

Giant Tiger Bridge St W Belleville weekly flyer for 161 Bridge St W, Belleville, ON K8P 1K2, Kanada
I love Giant Tiger. They have a little bit of everything. Groceries, clothes, shoes, housewares, blankets, pillows batteries, toys, hair products, an assortment of birthday and other holiday cards, and yes, even smokes. Whether you're looking for clothes or hot dogs, it's the perfect place to make a stop for all the assortment of things you could need. Speedy service, polite and helpful staff, and clean! This is the only GT we go to!
Great place to get food, clothing, and some household goods. Plenty of selection, but they do occassionally take a couple of days to properly restock some things. Been going here for years to get snacks, and t-shirts for work. Recommend it here.

Giant Tiger Bridgewater

Giant Tiger Bridgewater weekly flyer for 215 Dominion St, Bridgewater, NS B4V 3W3, Kanada
Love this store great prices grocery food home decor ect.
nice store to shop in good variety of items just wish they had a larger section for woman's plus sizes
Love their selection of clothes. The buyer for the chain has their finger on the pulse....keep up the good work

Giant Tiger Burlington

Giant Tiger Burlington weekly flyer for 2025 Guelph Line Burlington, ON L7P 4M8
Underrated. I find that Giant Tigers are frequently underrated. This one is no exception. Large, clean, well organized, and well located. Located inside the small plaza interior beside Fortinos. It's one of the larger Giant Tigers in the GTA. TIP: Also located next to Dollarama for more one stop options.
This store is awesome. I'd shop here more often if I lived closer. Great prices on groceries and clothing. The best part is they still price match (unlike Walmart).

Giant Tiger Calgary

Giant Tiger Calgary weekly flyer for 4710 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2A 0V1, Kanada
Giant Tiger is always one of those places that’s fun to pop in to to see what they have. The prices are awesome and I cannot say enough good things about the staff. I don’t shop there often but every time I am always asked if I need help and warmly greeted and the cashiers are super friendly. Some of the best staff I’ve ever encountered in a retail environment. The grocery section is great because you can pop in and get in and out quickly with what you need and inexpensive essentials are always a plus.
Friendly staff and good sale prices for food clothes and housewares.

Also very much the plus sizes for men's wear.

The only issue I have with the store is that it is small and selection is limited. I would suggest a larger store/location like Deer Valley were a former retailer moved out.

Giant Tiger Cambridge

Giant Tiger Cambridge weekly flyer for 120 Main St, Cambridge, ON N1R 1V7, Kanada
Ok CANADA kudos for Giant Tiger supporters of Canadian/Ontario products at reasonable prices. You can not beat for taste AND PRICE these two gems. Strawberries under $3.00 and tastee tomatoes close to $3.00.
This location is always well-organized, carries up to date quality fashions and has an amazing grocery section with great deals. Friendly, helpful staff.
Their work speaks for itself, and their customer service is top-notch too.

Giant Tiger Campbellford

Giant Tiger Campbellford weekly flyer for 547 Grand Rd, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Kanada
Amazing store they had everything I was looking for and the staff were very helpful and polite 👍
I really enjoy going to Giant Tiger. Its a great store. IT'S FINALLY FULLY OPEN!!! No more taped off areas! Ended up buying a pile of stuff. The staff are always friendly and eager to help. Support your local businesses. If you can, get the vaccine or Booster and 😉 let's beat this thing

Giant Tiger Cannon St E Hamilton

Giant Tiger Cannon St E Hamilton weekly flyer for 33 Cannon St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 1Z7, Kanada
Always a great selection of summer clothes for very low prices! Always happy with my purchases here. Very happy and friendly staff who take the extra care, attention and effort that each personnel puts in to make me feel like I am the only customer in the store just to make me feel special!
Great place to purchase almost anything you need to see you through the week. From groceries, to toilet paper. Clothing, bedding, patio chairs. Just about everything you can think of. The open late hours are a bonus as well. The icing on the cake are the employees. They are made up of friends and neighbors and are the best in the business. If you haven't been to GT in a while, be sure to drop in to 33 Cannon st. and check them out.

Giant Tiger Carleton Place

Giant Tiger Carleton Place weekly flyer for 320 Coleman St, Carleton Place, ON K7C 0B5, Kanada
Awesome prices. They have Kumato tomatoes on right now for $2.44 Always friendly. Competitive prices. Do price matching and scanning code of practice. Aiden Tyson and Brenda are fabulous
Very friendly young staff members seems to be a great employment for teens. Young employees have always been great for carry outs when needed. Keep a look out for Kim from giant tiger by far one of their most efficient educated on products and friendly older staff they have😃

Giant Tiger Casselman

Giant Tiger Casselman weekly flyer for 19 Racine St, Casselman, ON K0A 1M0, Kanada
Good store plus it's Canadian and that is more important than ever.
Very helpful. Didn't think they had what we were looking for and brought it to us a few minutes later out of nowhere.

Giant Tiger Chain Lake Dr Halifax

Giant Tiger Halifax weekly flyer for 201 Chain Lake Dr, Halifax, NS B3S 1C8, Kanada
You will find at least a few good deals and if you are starting a home on a budget they have the essentials for good prices.
Inexpensive clothing that wears well. A small variety of grocery at cheaper prices. Store brand is priced well and is a good choice. Fairly quick to open new registers if a lot of customers are waiting.
good sized Giant Tiger store. Pretty much what you would expect or have seen anywhere else. When I went there was a fair wait to get to the checkout. Backed up and only 2 cashes open, I assume they just didn't have the staff at the time to open more.

Giant Tiger Charlottetown

Giant Tiger Charlottetown weekly flyer for 449 University Ave, Charlottetown, PE C1A 8K3, Kanada
The Young cashier was a very nice and welcoming young gentleman. He let us know the store doesn't supply bags. We now have a collection after shopping today. Everything we went for we found. Great store
Looking for a deal and quick, friendly service...then this is your place to go to. Food, clothing and other odds and ends.

Giant Tiger Chatham

Giant Tiger Chatham weekly flyer for 595 Grand Ave W, Chatham, ON N7L 1C5, Kanada
Great Canadian owned department store with decent prices. Has basically everything you need in 1 shopping trip for home essentials including a grocery and meat area. Well lit up and spacious isles.
management needs to stop telling their cashiers to go work in the store .They need to keep therm at the cash at all times.. their is always a crazy line up at this store that has great deals
excellent customer service, very friendly. lost my cellohone there once and they went above and beyond and helped me retrieve it. Bravo 👏

Giant Tiger Circle Dr E Saskatoon

Giant Tiger Circle Dr E Saskatoon weekly flyer for 810 Circle Dr E, Saskatoon, SK S7K 3T8, Kanada
It's a nice store with a decent selection of grocery items and good weekly sales.
The staff have always been cheery and helpful.
First time shopping at this store ended up buying a few items that I needed like the location easy to access lots of parking and friendly staff.

Giant Tiger Coaticook

Giant Tiger Coaticook weekly flyer for 25 Rue Wellington, Coaticook, QC J1A 2H6, Kanada
Très pratique. J'adore le tigre géant !
Très bien servi y manque presque rien .
Lots of parking. Lots of people working. Have always had nice workers.
I only complain about the long line ups sometimes.

Giant Tiger Cobourg

weekly flyer for 1111 Elgin St W Unit: Z004, Cobourg, ON K9A 5H7, Kanada
Giant Tiger in Cobourg is a great store with super friendly staff. They also get some pretty amazing plants in, scored this awesome snake plant
Lots of affordable summer clothing still absilable. Pick up some groceries as well...treat yourself and pick up these Delicious Ginger Snaps!

Giant Tiger Cochrane

Giant Tiger Cochrane weekly flyer for 180 6th Ave, Cochrane, ON P0L 1C0, Kanada
I think the prices of food and variety of items is good for Cochrane,Ontario. My only complaint is that being 800 kilometers from Toronto it takes a while for them to restock the shelves when certain items run out.
👍 usually the line up at cash moves at a decent rate 👌

Giant Tiger Collingwood

weekly flyer for 190 Ste Marie St, Collingwood, ON L9Y 3K5, Kanada
I adore this place so much.. I've been going since it opened.. I love supporting canadian companies..
The products are great if your starting from nothing to get a base to build on..
Affordable prices. On food clothes etc.they price match and the website carries more products.
Giant Tiger is how I have always remembered it. Good deals, good choices (even if options are limited), and a friendly local staff working here. When I'm in small town Ontario I always look for Giant Tiger and I always have a nice experience at my hometown location here in Collingwood.

Giant Tiger Cornwall

Giant Tiger Cornwall weekly flyer for 609 Pitt St, Cornwall, ON K6J 3R8, Kanada
Amazingly Friendly staff feels like home when I shop here
ATMsCanada buys Giant Tiger food, clothes and maple syrup.
We give them a 5 🎖rating for quality, friendliness.
Always a pleasure to shop there. Always find good deals

Giant Tiger Cowansville

Giant Tiger Cowansville weekly flyer for 179 Rue Principale, Cowansville, QC J2K 1J3, Kanada
Première experience à commander sur internet.
Rapide... j'ai reçu la marchandise après seulement 3 jours.
Magasin bon marché pour le monde moins fortuné. Épicerie, linges pour la famille, différents articles pour la maison. Meilleur prix pour les membres VIP.
Bon choix à petit prix.

Giant Tiger Cundles Rd E Barrie

Giant Tiger Cundles Rd E Barrie weekly flyer for 201 Cundles Rd E, Barrie, ON L4M 4S5, Kanada
One of our favorite stops for additional grocery, and sometimes casual tees. Fair pricing, clean and nice staff. They have price matched for us on specials, which we appreciate.
Love giant tiger. Never have issues here with staff. There great. There stuff is awesome and they have really good prices. I believe it's the Canadian version of Walmart.
Love this store used to stop after my moms.chemo treatments so she could pick up few items if she was well enough....bright spacious have lots nice items

Giant Tiger Dartmouth

Giant Tiger Dartmouth weekly flyer for 114 Woodlawn Rd, Dartmouth, NS B2W 2S7, Kanada
I always find something I want at Giant Tiger. From clothes to food to things for the garden.
One the things I started buying is Resers Main St Bistro Baked Scalloped potatoes. Before I put them in the microwave I pour milk on the dish. Without it the potatoes are dry. Pour milk on the scalloped Potatoes when it comes out of the microwave you actually have a sauce and th cheese is so nice. I now have bought 4 of these and pour the milk over every time. You would swear the dish is homemade. It turns out that good.
Giant Tiger is one of my favorite stores.Their prices are great as is their selection.I go every year to get their solar lights.Tonight they had eyeglasses on for $2.50.They have the best deals in laundry detergent.Their return policy is great and they have special deals for their members.Membership is free.
Great store ,great prices . You got to be quick to get sales they go fast at this location.

Giant Tiger Deep River

Giant Tiger Deep River weekly flyer for 32 Ridge Rd, Deep River, ON K0J 1P0, Kanada
a good store, very friendly and helpful staff but I can only give it 4 out of 5 stars because so many items never have prices posted. Bags of deicer outside of the store, bring them inside to find out how much they cost because no price is posted, on and on it goes with countless items.
Wonderful friendly staff and lots of product at great prices

Giant Tiger Donald St Winnipeg

Giant Tiger Donald St Winnipeg weekly flyer for 345 Donald St, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2J1, Kanada
This store is in the Downtown Area one block north of the arena.
It is on of their smaller stores in Winnipeg, in fact I think it was the first because the lot & basement were both for sale at the time. GT seems to like opening new stores in new strip malls so they can get as much floor/basement space as they want. All stores have a good selection of things but as the stores are very popular an item you saw last week maybe gone this week.
Not a bad place to buy items in a pinch when at work. Prices aren't terrible either. Staff are friendly and helpful.

Giant Tiger Donnacona

Giant Tiger Donnacona weekly flyer for 511 Rt. 138, Donnacona, Quebec G3M 0A9, Kanada
J'adore ce magasin! En plus, j'ai toujours un bon service courtois à la caisse. Merci beaucoup & bonne journée.☀️
Tres beau vêtements pour le sport et pour tout les jours belle collection. 💛🧡

Giant Tiger Dunnville

Giant Tiger Dunnville weekly flyer for 231 Queen St, Dunnville, ON N1A 1H8, Kanada
Left the store with my purchase. Struggled a bit with the wind. Young man sent out to collect buggies saw me. He came over and held buggy till I got my stuff loaded. Store should be proud of the caring nature of their staff. It was very thoughtful of him.
Has most everything you need but doesn't eliminate the need to go out of town for certain specifics. Staff is friendly if you initiate a conversation but not eye contact if you don't. They're young, so hopefully that will come with more experience, as this doesn't apply to staff that's been there quite some time.

Giant Tiger Edmonton

Giant Tiger Edmonton weekly flyer for 7540 144 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5C 2R7, Kanada
It was busy. Long line up. It’s a good way to save and it’s location friendly to my house 🏠 it has groceries clothes junk food and house wares like cups plates forks some ornaments. It’s cheap ☺️socks and clothes of all types.
This shopping store is great it has the merchandise ive been looking for in a long time. And the prices r amazing.a little out of my way. I enjoyed the bus ride .there

Giant Tiger Ellice Ave Winnipeg

Giant Tiger Ellice Ave Winnipeg weekly flyer for 1450 A Ellice Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0G4, Kanada
Магазин-комбо, я бы так сказал, цена качество и наполнения продукцией неплохие и есть по некоторым позициям отличные предложения, как в цене так и в качестве, но это магазин средней ценовой категории !!!
Very nice big store, great layout and easy to find things.
The store is neat and clean. Some of the staff are not very friendly or helpful.

Giant Tiger Etobicoke

Giant Tiger, Etobicoke weekly flyer for 2141 Kipling Avenue Etobicoke, ON M9W 4K8
I like the location, it's very convenient for me and great selection and they usually have some good prices. Went to buy a new tablecloth and dishes for my kitchen, the quality was great and price was right! Casher was friendly too, easy shopping
Love the selection in clothing. They have a lot of plus size options and a decent amount of grocery options for anyone on the go.

Staff is always friendly with me every visit.

Giant Tiger Exmouth St Sarnia

Giant Tiger Exmouth St Sarnia weekly flyer for 560 Exmouth St, Sarnia, ON N7T 5P5, Kanada
Cashier was very nice! I was trying to bring up my GT APP and it was slow which made me get upset that I was holding other customers up and the cashier told me not to worry and take my time. She made me feel much better about the whole situation! We need more people like this lady working with the public !
This place has alot of items clothes/costume jewlery, kitchen items, bathroom items, kids clothes/toys/candy, and groceries. So if you like cheap prices check out Giant Tiger.
Not busy, had stock on all specials, a quick, easy saving, shopping experience!

Giant Tiger Fergus

Giant Tiger Fergus weekly flyer for 900 Tower St S, Fergus, ON N1M 3N7, Kanada
The store is very clean and tidy. The return policy is great! As long as you have the receipts, tags and the item has not been used, you can return it, with no time limit. No returns on underwear and bras. Not sure about food items.
Always great deals at this giant tighter location in Fergus. Fresh fruit & veggies at low prices. Even grabbed a few things for Christmas gifts. Tons of parking too!

Giant Tiger Fonthill

Giant Tiger Fonthill weekly flyer for 20 Hwy 20 E, Fonthill, ON L0S 1E0, Kanada
Love their prices and their clothes they sell. Budget-friendly clothes at last a long time including plus sizes. I love giant agar and they've been shopping there for years.
good place to pick up small odds and ends at a very reasonible price
I do like giant Tiger a lot the staff helped me out when I needed help happy to help the store is clean and I will be back before Christmas looking for last minute things

Giant Tiger Fredericton

Giant Tiger Fredericton weekly flyer for 598 Union St, Fredericton, NB E3A 3N2, Kanada
Its the best place to get your moneys worth love it i shop here slot
Always after their frozen foods as you can get some fantastic deals if you time it right.
Very nice place. They keep the shelves fully stocked.

Giant Tiger Gardiners Rd Unit 19 Kingston

Giant Tiger Gardiners Rd Unit 19 Kingston weekly flyer for 656 Gardiners Rd Unit 19, Kingston, ON K7M 3X9, Kanada
Very clean store. Cashiers were very courteous. Tremendous price increase for pet food.
I like the fresh open feel of this newer store. They have generally good prices and bargains. Also a good range of grocery items considering it sells alot of housewares, clothes and other things as well.

Giant Tiger Gatineau

Giant Tiger Gatineau weekly flyer for 55 Bd Gréber, Gatineau, QC J8T 3P7, Kanada
The staff is so friendly and helpful! One time, I was offered basket when they saw me holding my groceries by hand. Another time, I was offered new merchandise straight out of the package when a staff saw me looking through the shelf for it. I have not expected such great service from a discount store and was pleasantly surprised.

This store is on my way home so I do grocery top up grocery shopping from time to time. While most of their home décor items are not fancy by any means, some are pretty and look like ones from Home Sense. Just need to pick and have some luck.

Giant Tiger George St Ottawa

Giant Tiger George St Ottawa weekly flyer for 98 George St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5W2, Kanada
This Gian Tiger has been there forever. I always like to go because it reminds me of my younger shopping time with my mom. Memories
You can always find a bargain or two.
Thank you for Giant Tiger for all the fun memories for over 40+ years.
The store has everything.
I actually fell down the stairs today pulling my cart up. Hurt my leg and elbow and banged my head. Thanks to the customer who said wait a minute and I'll help you carry it up with you. I'm lucky I wasn't hurt too much, it could have been worse.

Giant Tiger Goderich

Giant Tiger Goderich weekly flyer for 82 South St, Goderich, ON N7A 3L6, Kanada
One of my favourite locations for this store. Always clean, organized and friendly staff.
Great store
Exeter proshop in exeter canadian tire
All your hunting and shooting needs.

Giant Tiger Granby

Giant Tiger Granby weekly flyer for 85 Rue Robichaud, Granby, QC J2H 0W6, Kanada
Reasonably priced most of the time, and the clothes actually lasts which is great because most of the time you only get one of those things in other stores 😆
Bas prix, belle qualité dans plusieurs produits, possibilité de faire de belle économie dans les vêtements mais aussi au niveau des divers produits d’épicerie.

Giant Tiger Grande Prairie

Giant Tiger Grande Prairie weekly flyer for 11030 100 St #112, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 2N1, Kanada
I Love shopping with them. They have great stuff at great prices!
I love giant tiger. The clothing is great quality and lasts literally years! The house brand food is alright ish. Clothes and home goods lime curtains are incredible. 5/5 For sure
Good deals. Surprising amount of variety instore.

Giant Tiger Grande Prairie AB

Giant Tiger Grande Prairie AB weekly flyer for 11030 100 St #112, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 2N1, Kanada
Looking for a bargain it's here. Everything from clothing including plus sizes in both ladies, menswear, and Children's clothing. Everything you need for setting up a new home. Bedding, curtains, towels, kitchen items, pet supplies, Food & dry goods. You can save money here.
Thus place is a gem. It's got very few other people in it and insane deals if you stick around a second and look around. I missed a crazy rib tips deal and a random other customer was compelled to beg me to look at it before I left the area. It's that cool.

Giant Tiger Grand Falls

Giant Tiger Grand Falls weekly flyer for 200 Bd Broadway, Grand Falls, NB E3Z 2J9, Kanada
Love the atmosphere at this location. Lots of sales associates to help you and to keep the store clean and stocked up. Huge thing is having enough cashiers to keep shorter lines. I like that a lot about this place. Items on sales are almost always in stock. Nice variety of everything.
Clean ,friendly, and prices are still staying fairly low.

Giant Tiger Grand-Mère

Giant Tiger Grand-Mère weekly flyer for 741 Av. de Grand-Mère, Grand-Mère, QC G9T 2H8, Kanada
De tout a bon prix et services courtois avec un sourire . merci d'être près de chez moi .
Un endroit pour trouver tout ce qu'on a besoin et même plus 😁. Bravo

Giant Tiger Gravenhurst

Giant Tiger Gravenhurst weekly flyer for 1190 Muskoka Rd S, Gravenhurst, ON P1P 1K9, Kanada
Great Store, with hand wipes as you go in, lots of carts. Senior Discount first Monday of the month. Clothing well marked as to women's and then large sizes, childrens and mens etc. Lots of great shopping deals, become a member with just your phone number. Friendly staff, self check-out if you want it.
I love my giant tiger
People are great, fresh foods, lots of selection and best of all good prices

Giant Tiger Greater Sudbury

Giant Tiger Greater Sudbury weekly flyer for 2210 Lasalle Blvd, Greater Sudbury, ON P3A 2A8, Kanada
Cute clothing options. Lots of variety for food options. Sometimes they've got really good deals on food items. The check outs are sometimes slow, but I enjoy shopping here.
I love this place. Can't find better pricing on drapery panels, quality shirts, T shirts, pyjamas and food items.

Canadian owned and operated. Stop mailing your money to the United States.

Giant Tiger Greenwood

Giant Tiger Greenwood weekly flyer for 963 Central Ave, Greenwood, NS B0P 1N0, Kanada
Staff are always very pleasant and helpful here!! Great job Greenwood GT employees!
Love this place, you get to pick,and choose the items that best suits your needs, plus other great value!!!....
Good selection of items, couldn't find what I wanted though.
Always pleasant experience at Giant Tiger. Staff are very nice. Sales are great.

Giant Tiger Grimsby

Giant Tiger Grimsby weekly flyer for 36 Main St W, Grimsby, ON L3M 1R3, Kanada
Somewhat confusing getting in and out and odd location but good variety of items and great prices
Great deals, got some great flannel pajama pants for $8! The food is very affordable here as well. I'll be visiting more often for sure.
The girl Olivia was very helpful when I came in looking for hemorrhoid cream, she informed me that I may in fact not actually have Hemorrhoid and may have bowel cancer. Still a 10/10 experience ( even though my bunda is stilling bleeding).

Giant Tiger Guelph

Giant Tiger Guelph weekly flyer for 183 Silvercreek Pkwy N, Guelph, ON N1H 3T2, Kanada
Great selection and atmosphere, staff always pleasant and more then willing to help definitely make it part of your shopping experience
Always tidy and clean. I don't shop here often, but their specials are good. It seems to me that they have new staff, as the two ladies I spoke with were very helpful and that hasn't always been the case.
My favorite store. Lots of great stuff.

Giant Tiger Hagersville

Giant Tiger Hagersville weekly flyer for 13 King St W, Hagersville, ON N0A 1H0, Kanada
Great staff super products awesome prices
Its a pretty busy location all day long. Every time we are there its usually a line up of 4 to 5 people waiting. The reason I took a star away is because they have the employees to handle the customers checking out that would keep the lineup practically 1 or 2 at the most but for some reason it takes 10 to 15 people lined up before the manager or whoever notices and calls for a second cashier. The store is great the boutique is great and the people who work there are ever so friendly and I like this location.

Giant Tiger Halifax

Giant Tiger Halifax weekly flyer for 3531 Dutch Village Rd, Halifax, NS B3N 2S8, Kanada
Very good clothes....Nice discount we get here. It's very reasonable and worth visiting this store!!
I get most of my clothes from here. Some are high quality and last me a long time but sometimes I get something that falls apart or doesn't fit correctly dispite it being my size! I bought a pair of leggings and the seam had a small hole I didn't notice when I bought them. And finally, I find there staff to be quite rude or rather unfriendly I guess. Would give 3 stars but I love most of my clothes I buy from there.
Very good store for good prices. Staff are helpful and polite.

Giant Tiger Hamilton

Giant Tiger Hamilton weekly flyer for 1211 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON L8H 2V4, Kanada
Drop in here a few times a week for deals and GT specials that are available. Often can find many deals available via Clearance and also online clearance items also. I enjoy the great customer service and the tidied store set up. Often times I find things that I could use when unexpectedly come across them and they have great deals on great gift ideas.
Always enjoy looking for deals here. Good sales. I like to check out the reduced rack for men's clothing.
Store is clean and organized.
Staff were friendly.
We were able to get deals and most items were in stock.

Giant Tiger Hanover

Giant Tiger Hanover weekly flyer for 880 10th St, Hanover, ON N4N 1S3, Kanada
This is one of the better stores mainly because it's new..coolers are modern and well stocked with product .. along with the rest of store ..its my favourite GT store
Nice clean store, great layout, lots of products, friendly service. We had a great shopping experience.
It is a nice clean place. A big store. It sells to much cheaply made stuff tho.

Giant Tiger Hawkesbury

Giant Tiger Hawkesbury weekly flyer for 277 Regent St, Hawkesbury, ON K6A 1G1, Kanada
My go to place! I always enjoy shopping here first before going elsewhere for my food, then clothing.
Always well stocked and organized. The most friendly and helpful staff!

Giant Tiger Hyde Park Rd London

weekly flyer for 1175 Hyde Park Rd, London, ON N6H 5K6, Kanada
First time in this location. Really enjoyed the layout and wide variety of items. Great deals as we have come to expect from Giant Tiger. A store that literally has something for everyone. Just go.
This is very nice branch of renowned Giant tiger brand. You get selected, high quality stuff within reasonable price. I love their winter clothes collection and the shopping experience is amazing. You get bites of everything here. And that too at competitive prices. I'll recommend this to anyone visiting London.

Giant Tiger Ingersoll

Giant Tiger Ingersoll weekly flyer for 111 Charles St E, Ingersoll, ON N5C 1J9, Kanada
Great store. It was my first time visiting a Giant Tiger store in-person. And honestly I love how affordable I find it. The store has a great range of products, is close to home for me, has a Canadian Tire in the adjacent lot and also has a fitness center to boot. The place was not too crowded and pretty much is a department store that offers almost anything that anybody might want or need on a regular basis.
Found almost alI was looking for and more! Spent $540. And had 2 carts full. I was in alot of pain by 1.5 hrs shopping and asked for help out to car,but was ignored by mid age ( mgr ?)& my clerk.
When I got to my car a lovely young staff girl helped me totally load car. I was very grateful as I was in agony by then. I expressed my thanks to her.

Giant Tiger Jefferson Ave Winnipeg

Giant Tiger Jefferson Ave Winnipeg weekly flyer for 940 Jefferson Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2P 1W1, Kanada
Small store hard too move around other shoppers. Friendly staff,fair prices.
Nice sized and lots of variety of things. Staff were helpful.
The staff is Amazing, very difficult to find good staff, friendly and you can tell they enjoy their job!!! Well done and thank you people!!!!

Giant Tiger Johnstown

Giant Tiger Johnstown weekly flyer for 2 Newport Dr, Johnstown, ON K0E 1T1, Kanada
First visit here was slightly overwhelming to get used to the modus operandi, but the staff, from the folks in the gatehouse, to the folks in shipping, were pretty nice, easy to deal with. In fact, the fellow in the shipping office even gave me the phone number (for shipping) in the event there were any problems (there ended up being one minor problem at destination). I was there as a contractor to pull their trailer from this DC to a yard where they lease space, basically a break-point where they en-train and de-train trailers before they need to go to the stores to deliver. Despite the lovely winter weather that night, these folks put a positive spin on the experience. I've forgotten the names of the 3 or 4 people I dealt with already (sorry), but I'd have no problems or reservations being asked to come here again, hauling in or out. To the young lady who dealt with my paperwork, the fellow who gave me the basic run-down, the lad who answered my phone call later on and got the problem sorted out, and the people I dealt with coming in and going out of the gatehouse, thanks a bunch, was great to deal with NICE people, unlike some chains we have in Canada, where they don't give a rat's patootie about you or your freight.

Giant Tiger Kemptville

Giant Tiger Kemptville weekly flyer for 2970 County Rd 43, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0, Kanada
Great selection in summer sports cloths. Clean and good service. Bought some pool supplies also.
I love you to to shop here, good prices and great service
Location is fantastic, close to the highway, so it is good for a quick stop when traveling. The prices are reasonable and sale items are easy to find. The parking lot is a very good size and every time I go I am able to park close to the doors. I tend to be there on offpeak times so the lines and wait to make purchases is not long at all. I will be stopping in again for a few sale items.

Giant Tiger King St E Cambridge

Giant Tiger King St E Cambridge weekly flyer for 927 King St E, Cambridge, ON N3H 3P4, Kanada
Ended up having go come here from the Galt store for a much wider selection of work clothing. They have a nice large area set aside specifically for the purpose and display of their work attire, and I found a plentiful selection of what I was looking for. Not worth my time trying the other store first.
This giant tiger has a great selection! They have just about everything here. Parking lot is big too so theirs no trouble finding parking during busy hours.

Giant Tiger Kingston

Giant Tiger Kingston weekly flyer for 813 Princess St #811, Kingston, ON K7L 1G6, Kanada
This giant tiger has a good selection of food and housewares and the staff is always friendly and helpful. The selection varies, but you can really luck out! I got all my curtains for my new apartment on a recent sale!
This is a nice place to find good prices and the goodies you need. Al prices are affordable. For example, if I have more disposable income, I can purchase an expensive product as well I can get some product at a lower price when I do not have too much money to spend. Give it a try, you will not regret it..

Giant Tiger Kitchener

Giant Tiger Kitchener weekly flyer for 421 Greenbrook Dr, Kitchener, ON N2M 4K1, Kanada
What’s not to love about a store that carries everything from clothing, to groceries, home goods and pet supplies, all reasonably priced? Shop their flyers and join the VIP so you’ll enjoy even more savings! And I love this store for great prices on Womens’ leggings, bike shorts and T-shirts that wear like iron!
We love Giant Tiger. Every location is great. It doesn't matter if you are looking for clothes, food, or household items they have a great selection and amazing prices. This is my wife's favorite spot for clothes because they carry her size and it's nice, good looking women's clothes.

Giant Tiger Lachute

Giant Tiger Lachute weekly flyer for 359 Rue Principale, Lachute, QC J8H 2Z8, Kanada
Usually look for weekly specials. Fresh meats are of good price and quality. Only down side is this store seems smaller than the old location. Upside, they are quick to add tellers if the checkout line gets long.
bon service et la viande est excellente et les prix abordables

Giant Tiger Lakefield

Giant Tiger Lakefield weekly flyer for 2657 Lakefield Rd, Lakefield, ON K0L 6X5, Kanada
Truly enjoy visiting this Giant Tiger.

There is just about anything one would need is available, most of which is priced reasonably.

Good layout, clean, staff is helpful and friendly.

Not a fan of only one cashier while another employee's sole purpose is the push for self checkout. Would it not make sense to just have that person on cash?

Giant Tiger La Ronge

Giant Tiger La Ronge weekly flyer for 612 La Ronge Ave, La Ronge, SK S0J 1L0, Kanada
Price is cheaper than coop for some items. Fruits and vegetables are not fresh but amazing price. Sometimes the price posted on items is different when they scan it. When you tell them the price you saw they’ll change it for you. The price is either slightly lower or higher than posted price. Staffs are so nice. Pharmacy doesn’t open on weekends. It is a nice place to go if the item you want is expensive at coop but cheaper here. They have nice roast beef for amazing deal and chicken too.
Prices are very competitive to Saskatoon Giant Tiger prices. Good value for your dollar. I thought it would cost more considering the location.

Giant Tiger Lasalle

Giant Tiger Lasalle weekly flyer for 6877 Newman Blvd Unit 2900, Lasalle, Quebec H8N 3E4, Kanada
Store is Always clean and organized. Cashier Sylvie has got to be one the best customer service staff I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She is always smiling, pleasant and respectful of all the customers who come in. I always hope to get her at the cash when I shop at this location. She's a gem! Definitely recommend this location!
Love Giant tiger. We're all price watching. Boxed fish, Alexander Keith's beer battered 19.99$ @ IGA 12.96$ at G.T. boxes of Italian and Swedish meat balls 8.96$ some great bargains, head on over.

Giant Tiger L'Assomption

Giant Tiger L'Assomption weekly flyer for 313 Bd de l'Ange-Gardien, L'Assomption, QC J5W 1S2, Kanada
Peux de choix pour les hommes ... quand même très bien bon prix et service
Pour un tigre géant il est très petit, et les prix sont assez cher ça dépanne mais tout dépend de la quantité à acheter , vaut mieux aller à l'épicerie.
J'adore fouiner ce magasin... cette semaine, la crème à café à 1.98$! juste wow! :) Toujours de bon petit spéciaux et j'habite à 5 minutes de là :)

Giant Tiger Lawrence Ave E Scarborough

Giant Tiger Lawrence Ave E Scarborough weekly flyer for 3750 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1G 1R1, Kanada
The store has amazing deals on clothes, food items and electronis. I visited for the first time and loved the way it was organised. The staff is super friendly specially Sharon. She made my shopping experience really worth spending. She showed me different varieties of same products and was really fun and friendly. Thank you
We can call it as mini Walmart as it has everything from groceries to electronics to apparel and much more at economical prices.

Giant Tiger Leduc

Giant Tiger Leduc weekly flyer for 6108 50 St #112, Leduc, AB T9E 6P1, Kanada
I went to find a coat to match a raspberry hand knitted scarf someone gave me.
I found it! Great price. See photo. I found a Good double bed comforter at a great price. I found a package of colorful socketts.i found a blouse and leggings that match my coat and scarf.
It all worked out at a reasonable cost. My first time there. They also sell food.
So they have clothes, food, home furnishings all in one place at a reasonable cost.
Tobquote another famous Tiger, They're Gre-a-a-a-a-a-t. 🐅
Friendly and helpful staff. Organized and not too busy so easy to shop with baby as well. Got bedsheet and comforter so cheap . Varieties of curtains rods. Affordable store .

Giant Tiger Legacy Park Dr Windsor

Giant Tiger Legacy Park Dr Windsor weekly flyer for 3051 Legacy Park Dr, Windsor, ON N8W 5S6, Kanada
Love Giant Tiger..always find what I'm looking for. Love the prices for kids clothes, good quality and good prices. Like the fact I can up groceries & stuff while I'm there.
It would be 5 stars if you were entitled to VIP points when buying a replacement item for the same item you returned 1 minute before.
The store looked clean and well organized. There were enough staff working to process check outs quickly - the line moved pretty fast. All fresh food was in good condition/not too ripe, etc. I would shop here again.

Giant Tiger Listowel

Giant Tiger Listowel weekly flyer for 201 Main St E, Listowel, ON N4W 2B8, Kanada
was good experience . i ran into someone that we had an issue before but i never realized how gorgeous she is . sorry the staff was curteous and helpful most of them . did not run into the Dragon lady lol
Great staff at this store always. Clean and bright and people are always helpful.
Great little store to visit for quick and easy shopping

Giant Tiger Lloydminster

Giant Tiger Lloydminster weekly flyer for 4719 50 Ave, Lloydminster, SK S9V 0P5, Kanada
This place is like a hidden gem. Food items are so cheap here, in today's economy we need to save where we can and with being an giant tiger member(its free)you get sale prices you will never get else where.
They also have decent quality clothing especially for men in plus sizes.
This store reminds me of Zellers!
Everything is clean neat and organized. Staff is friendly. Good job!!

Giant Tiger London

Giant Tiger London weekly flyer for 639 Southdale Rd E, London, ON N6E 3M2, Kanada
Love this location. Easy to navigate and very spacious.
Kitchen utensils, clothes, food and other things belonging to the home and family at competitive prices
Love giant tiger both of them are great! I holds lots of fond memories of Julian and I there.

Giant Tiger London Springbank Drive Unit 1

Giant Tiger London weekly flyer for 390 Springbank Dr Unit1, London, ON N6J 1G9, Kanada
This is a great Giant Tiger. It’s quite big and has a lot of clothing options. I got the cutest gown and I love it
Giant Tiger is a good place to shop. They always have good deals on & super specials. They have just about anything you need for your home or grocery shopping.
I love the great deals that I always seem to land when I shop here. Plus if you sign up to be a VIP member, you will recieve a Free Apple Pie Dessert when you tell the Cashier that it's your Birthday 🎁🎉

Giant Tiger London St, Winnipeg

Giant Tiger London St, Winnipeg weekly flyer for 507 London St, Winnipeg, MB R2K 2Z4, Kanada
Bought these pillows from here, and as you can see, my dog loves them almost as much as I do. We also picked him up a squeaky toy for super cheap, that he loves just as much! The staff was helpful too, and the store wasn’t insanely busy so it was a quick in and out! 👍🏻
Munroe Avenue GT is the best. The staff are always friendly & helpful. If something advertised isn't on the floor, just ask. Someone will check the storage room for you. I do most of my grocery shopping there. Watch the sale flyer, they have the best deals

Giant Tiger Lower Sackville

Giant Tiger Lower Sackville weekly flyer for 720 Sackville Dr, Lower Sackville, NS B4E 3A4, Kanada
When I first encountered Giant Tiger I thought the store was a bit cheesy. Then a friend told me what good deals you can get on food there and now I am the hugest fan. This particular location is well supplied and stocked. Had a great variety of products in the store and was easy to find what you were looking for.
Love the veggie prices! It's my go to for deals! Love the service and staff is always friendly.
This Giant Tiger isn't the biggest one I've ever shopped at but it has a pretty good assortment of cheap, branded items (Paw Patrol, Marvel, etc) and a surprisingly good selection of pyjamas for reasonable prices. The housewares section is small but has the basics. It reminds me of a small Zellers from back in the day.

Giant Tiger Magog

Giant Tiger Magog weekly flyer for 1730 Rue Sherbrooke, Magog, QC J1X 2T3, Kanada
Il y a vraiment de la belle marchandises; même pour les anniversaires, le jardin, la cuisine, l'épicerie et même les vêtements. Vous avez un beau magasin pour tous les goûts.
Très bonne variété de produits et surtout des prix souper compétitif.
Le problème est a la caisse on ces pas qu'elle choisir souvent pas la bonne a Coaticook ont est tous dans la même fil première caisse premier client ces plus rapide

Giant Tiger Main St Brampton

Giant Tiger Main St Brampton weekly flyer for 499 Main St S Unit 123, Brampton, ON L6Y 1N7, Kanada
Great customer service. Alot of sales. Amazing collections of night wears and PJ. Little grocery department. Price on point. Trust me this store won't disappoint you.
All clothes are on good price
We can buy groceries too
But customer service not good

Giant Tiger Main St Winnipeg

Giant Tiger Main St Winnipeg weekly flyer for 1441 Main St, Winnipeg, MB R2W 3V6, Kanada
Good store to do daily or weekly shopping. Good deals but overall quite average if you're looking to do a quick shopping run. Both this and the NoFrills next door are the closest grocery store in the area so it's convenient to stop in after work or on the weekend.
Great store for necessities. I'm glad to see among soaring inflation GT is keeping prices relatively low on most items.

Giant Tiger Manitoba St E Moose Jaw

Giant Tiger Moose Jaw weekly flyer for 71 Manitoba St E, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 0A1, Kanada
One of the most famous shop in the city. Varieties of products including grocery, clothing, kids items, toys, tools, electronics and all sorts of daily essentials. Most of the employees are great and super friendly customer services. All the products price are quite reasonable. People loves to shop here. I would recommend to have a great shopping experience here for sure.
Pretty much always costs me more than I expected because they have so many deals on that I unfortunately don't walk by with my blinders on lol.

End of season clearance area's and sales are everywhere in there!

It's hard not to get a good deal when shopping there. Plus 9 times out of 10 the staff are super friendly and helpful and make it that much easier to spend money there.

I would have to say that I am definitely a regular shopper now from many good experiences in this store!

Giant Tiger Manotick

Giant Tiger Manotick weekly flyer for 1168 Maple Ave, Manotick, ON K4M 1A5, Kanada
Love love love this store.
Always can find something you aren't looking for and don't necessarily need, but at a great price
Great prices. Always deals. Super friendly staff.
Great for some of your shopping needs in one place!

Giant Tiger Mapleton Rd Moncton

Giant Tiger Mapleton Rd Moncton weekly flyer for 80 Mapleton Rd Unit #261, Moncton, NB E1C 7W8, Kanada
It has all you are looking for. Not always the best quality but some little treasures found. Not many toys which is good.
Its been a long time since I've been in there.
It will be a little while before going back. Its not a bad place, friendly staff reasonable prices but it is not my place to shop.

Giant Tiger Mascouche

Giant Tiger Mascouche weekly flyer for 416 Mnt Masson, Mascouche, QC J7K 2L5, Kanada
La qualité prix est connue de tous 💥 Les aubaines régulières, j’adore On y trouve de tout, que ce soit pour enfants, hommes, femmes, la maison, produits pour la piscine et même pour acheter des aliments frais et même d’la viande 🍖 👍 Le service est rapide, les employés présents pour vous si besoin est… Bravo 👏
Ordenado,barato, no tienen mucha variedad pero al menos te saca de apuros. Aquí encontré Maizena que no encontraba en otros supermercados.

Giant Tiger Matane

Giant Tiger Matane weekly flyer for 1011 Av. du Phare O, Matane, QC G4W 3M6, Kanada
Super bon service, j'aime bien ce magasin pour y aller fouiner. De plus quand je termine mon travail pour retourner à la maison, je peux m'y arrêter pour acher les bananes et mon lait.
Great store, lots of selection. Friendly people. Both French and English speaking people work there.

Giant Tiger McPhillips St Winnipeg

Giant Tiger McPhillips St Winnipeg weekly flyer for 305 McPhillips St, Winnipeg, MB R3E 3H9, Kanada
Found this to have better ladies clothes at a good price. All staff were very helpful and polite. Only negative thing is that there was no one available for the fitting room but otherwise a positive experience
I actually got called away almost as soon as I walked in the door. But past experiences with Giant Tiger stores have been fairly consistently good. Often when I see some clothing I would buy my size is sold out. Oh well ya snooze ya lose.

Giant Tiger Meadow Lake

Giant Tiger Meadow Lake weekly flyer for 301 1 Ave E, Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1G4, Kanada
Giant Tiger is the best thing for Meadow Lake! It has a wide variety of everything from groceries, toys, housewares, bedding, clothing for people of all sizes from kids to adult plus sizes! And if we don’t carry something in the store a person can go online and order and have it shipped to our store and not have to pay for shipping fees! Also if we don’t have something that a customer is looking for we will try to order it in. The staff are great and friendly and are always willing to help and will go above and beyond for our customers. Giant Tiger in Meadow Lake is a great place to shop or visit, our friendly staff are always willing to chat with customers to make them feel welcome! I highly recommend Giant Tiger!
Wow, awesome prices, and ideas for gifts for any age. My friend Jolynn, is a good employee. Good Job, Girl!!

Giant Tiger Medicine Hat

Giant Tiger Medicine Hat weekly flyer for 3201 13 Ave SE #114, Medicine Hat, AB T1B 1E2, Kanada
Clean store. Friendly and helpful staff. Pretty good selection of everything from groceries, pet supplies, clothes to everyday items.
Nice and spacious since renovations. Great deal on pea soup...my favourite!! Lots of selection.

Giant Tiger Merivale Rd Nepean

Giant Tiger Merivale Rd Nepean weekly flyer for 1512 Merivale Rd, Nepean, ON K2G 3J6, Kanada
Hefty Feline. A Canadian classic. Come hither for deals untold but clearly visible. Amongst those florescent halls of this great establishment, variety abounds from food to clothes to kitchen stuff to pretty much anything in between that doesn't involve repairing a damaged Rheinmetall Leopard 2A6 Main Battle Tank that encountered heavy resistance in enemy territory, and had to hold its own for several hours before reinforcements showed up to relieve weary comrades in the heat of battle.

So yeah, pretty good. I've included various photos of me meandering while my family worked through the grocery list. Service was good, the place was tidy, prices are good as one expects from Giant Tiger. The place is clean and very easy to navigate and find what ever you might be looking for.

Giant Tiger Midland

Giant Tiger Midland weekly flyer for 9225 County Rd 93, Midland, ON L4R 4K4, Kanada
I wanted to exchange some items but because they were purchased with a credit card I had to have the money refunded to a credit card which meant that I couldn't purchase items that day because my credit card was maxed out. In general I love the store selection and prices and the staff are always friendly. However I think they should work on their exchange policy when it comes to credit cards.
Fantastic! I was looking for a transistor radio and Fran one of the employees searched and searched and found the perfect transition radio for me along with the batteries that it would need. Pretty darn cool. Their staff there has always made you feel welcomed. They set the tone to make your experience a pleasant one.

Giant Tiger Miramichi

Giant Tiger Miramichi weekly flyer for 2441 King George Hwy, Miramichi, NB E1V 6W2, Kanada
A friend of mine said can't wait for giant Tiger to open. He work for NB Power. That was a few years ago. I still enjoying going there if I don't want to go to Moncton.
Excellent little store very inexpensive the groceries are cheaper here than the grocery store you can also shop for clothing and they got alot of other essentials you wouldn't think off I'm glad I went there

Giant Tiger Mississauga

Giant Tiger Mississauga weekly flyer for 3200 Erin Mills Pkwy, Mississauga, ON L5L 1W8, Kanada
I LOVE this store and particularly this location. The staff are all so nice and the owner is always working. The clothes are all so cute and affordable pricing so I don't feel guilty spending money on myself.
One of the best Giant Tigers I have ever visited. Its huge, well organized with a great collection of products. The employees are super helpful and nice. Clean and nice ambiance. Well stocked. Great deals. A must visit. Plant lovers could be pleasantly surprised with some great deals which are on quite often.
Great customer service, treated my Service Dogs and I with respect. Price match on most grocery items. Excellent sales. Too many clothing items are made of polyester. I need items made of cotton.

Giant Tiger Moncton

Giant Tiger Moncton weekly flyer for 165 Main St, Moncton, NB E1C 1B8, Kanada
We've been going for a few years now. Great service and great prices! We appreciate the French service. Also, they have good variety of products. Thank you Giant Tiger !
I Love this store. You can get value priced clothes, grocery and seasonal items.
Awesome deals. Great food selection. Being a GT member love the great deals on food. Just moved here and groceries are expensive, but GT us the place to shop for great deals. Highly recommend

Giant Tiger Mont Tremblant

Giant Tiger Mont Tremblant weekly flyer for 945 Rue de St Jovite, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 3J8, Kanada
Grande variété de choix a prix réduit très bon service on n'y trouve de tout
Prices are good people are friendly in tremblant overall very pleasant experience
This is a smaller size Giant Tiger. It has most of the things a tourist wants for a temporary stay at Mont Tremblant. The cashiers are friendly and bilingual. I bought pillow cases there for 50cents and now they are a dollar each. I browsed through the DVD and they are mostly in English. The price ranges from $2 to $10. Surprisingly they also have good DVDs for children like Franklin or berenstain bears, all$3 each.

Giant Tiger Moose Jaw

Giant Tiger Moose Jaw weekly flyer for 71 Manitoba St E, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 0A1, Kanada
One of the most famous shop in the city. Varieties of products including grocery, clothing, kids items, toys, tools, electronics and all sorts of daily essentials. Most of the employees are great and super friendly customer services. All the products price are quite reasonable. People loves to shop here. I would recommend to have a great shopping experience here for sure.
Pretty much always costs me more than I expected because they have so many deals on that I unfortunately don't walk by with my blinders on lol.

End of season clearance area's and sales are everywhere in there!

It's hard not to get a good deal when shopping there. Plus 9 times out of 10 the staff are super friendly and helpful and make it that much easier to spend money there.

I would have to say that I am definitely a regular shopper now from many good experiences in this store!

Giant Tiger Morden

weekly flyer for 288 N Railway St, Morden, MB R6M 1S7, Kanada

Giant Tiger Morrisburg

weekly flyer for 12334 Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry County Road 2, Morrisburg, ON K0C 1X0, Kanada
I love G. T. Boutique. I always seem to find some great deals. Peaches Plums Nectarines on sale 3.88$ Daughter said the plums are good. Staff is amazing. Kind polite and frendly
It was my first time at the Morrisburg location and it won't be my last. The staff were really friendly and so helpful. The place was clean and well organized. Thank you all for the great service.

Giant Tiger Napanee

Giant Tiger Napanee weekly flyer for 13 Industrial Blvd, Napanee, ON K7R 3S3, Kanada
Great deals. Friendly staff. Dairy & produce, bedding and clothes. A one stop shop. With tigers everywhere!
The only issue I have is a "me" problem. Since they took away the stairs when they built the new ramp in Napanee this store is no longer my first choice.

Going uphill is very painful for me so I have no energy left to shop once I get there. I used to fold up my walker and climb the stairs rather than use the ramp. That is no longer an option so I avoid shopping there now.

I realize this is the opposite of most disabled people.

Giant Tiger Neepawa

Giant Tiger Neepawa weekly flyer for 300 Mountain Ave, Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0, Kanada
I went giant tiger I went get some groceries Then I asked a manager We're about to get some chickenIt's in Freezer She says I didn't know I say thank you very much Nice people And friendly people That's why I'm so happy Always
This store used to be really good!! But it is awful now!!. When you go in and shop and go to leave the wait times are insane . There could be 10 people in line and they wont call for back up or if they do often workers do not come(or call from the back office about how they are to busy)
Being a former employee the standard in this particular store has rapidly decreased know one was trained proper and no one follows the standard.

Giant Tiger Nepean

Giant Tiger Nepean weekly flyer for 1861 Robertson Rd, Nepean, ON K2H 9N5, Kanada
i was in the store sometime last week doing some shopping and at the cash was the most outstandingly kind, upbeat, diligent cashier that I’ve ever met. I think her name was Jen but she has purple hair. She was so kind to each and every single customer that was in the line up and when I went up to her cash she was so extremely sweet and efficient. she was able to get the line down extremely fast and give absolutely amazing customer service to everyone that went through her cash which I think is remarkable. I was in again this morning and she was working in the clothing section and she looked like she was pretty busy, but since she had been so kind last time I decided to ask her for help finding what I needed because I’m not familiar with the store. She dropped what she was doing and started happily assisting me right away. I told her that I was looking for some clothing for work and described what I needed and she went above and beyond & took me around and showed me a bunch of items that for what I needed and I ended up spending a lot more than I needed because she was such a phenomenal sales rep lol. On two occasions she has provided me outstanding customer service and I feel as though individuals such as herself deserve to be recognized for the amazing hard work that they do. I wish all employees I’ve come across have been this kind, helpful and efficient because she’s made each shopping trip enjoyable.

Giant Tiger New Glasgow

Giant Tiger New Glasgow weekly flyer for 610 E River Rd #196, New Glasgow, NS B2H 3S2, Kanada
Great deals on certain foods and clothing. Not a huge selection of clothing when I was in today. Lots of Christmas pjs though! Usually very long lineups however, and was lined down to the food this morning. Very friendly staff none the less. Clean environment.
Found great deals on curtains that look better than you would expect for the price.
Great selection of food. Line ups can be back to the produce but other than that great store

Giant Tiger Newmarket

Giant Tiger Newmarket weekly flyer for 130 Davis Dr, Newmarket, ON L3Y 2N1, Kanada
This is my go to store for good deals on grocery items. In most cases they have the big chain stores beat on prices alone for name brands. There own brand products and prices cannot be beat. Staff is both friendly and helpful.
One of the best Giant Tiger stores I have visited over the years. The store is conveniently located near Yonge and Davis but in a plaza that has many more shops/restaurants.

The store itself is clean, organized and well managed. The offer good prices for people on a budget and the quality is fair for what you pay for here. They also have clothes that are quite good as well.

Giant Tiger New Minas

Giant Tiger New Minas weekly flyer for 18 Millett Dr, New Minas, NS B4N 0G8, Kanada
Still a great discount place, I'd love to go more often. Staff is awesome. Only con is they don't always have a huge stock of some items so unless u go at very beginning of sale you may not get what you wanted.
Excellent for sale items,brand names and competitive pricing. Would like to see a larger grocery store here.
We shop here somewhat often. Better prices on certain items that make it worth the stop for those particular items. Staff are generally pretty good.

Giant Tiger Niagara Falls

Giant Tiger Niagara Falls weekly flyer for 6161 Thorold Stone Rd, Niagara Falls, ON L2J 1A4, Kanada
This place has been busy but the staff felt like they were on top of things, restocking clothing items, plants and items.
They were courteous, respectful and accommodating.
We used the fitting room facilities multiple times and they were very friendly.
Compared to the GTA ones,i find this to be a branch, despite a small selection of groceries.
Great little shop with a bit of everything. Great prices and it's still a Canadian store!

Giant Tiger Orillia

Giant Tiger Orillia weekly flyer for 130 Atherley Rd, Orillia, ON L3V 1N3, Kanada
Classic Giant Tiger looks that is maintain by a larger amount of staff than the average. They sell mask right at the door for 1$. Lots of fresh veggies for cheap prices.
Nice store about the same as any other Giant Tiger. One of the less expensive stores to shop at. You get what you pay for quality.

Giant Tiger Orleans

Giant Tiger Orleans weekly flyer for 900 Watters Rd, Orléans, ON K4A 0B4, Kanada
I always find what I need here at reasonable prices. I do like it when sale items are in stock, and they are here. Super friendly staff!
Love the staff, so many good prices either for food, clothings or home decor. It's a great family store and price match.
Our go to place for all our urgent needs, eggs, milk, bread, chips, and pop. Would like to see more caffeine free diet pepsi but that seems scarce everywhere since the pandemic.

Giant Tiger Oromocto

Giant Tiger Oromocto weekly flyer for 1300 Onondaga St, Oromocto, NB E2V 2P4, Kanada
Good selection and customer service, friendly locals, comparable pricing.Plenty parking by the store - great for families with small children. The store is clean and well kept. Better deals than what I've seen in my own city, can't go wrong with two shirts for men at $12. This is my go to Giant Tiger when I'm staying in Chipman.
Love shopping at giant tiger, lot's of great prices

Giant Tiger Oshawa

Giant Tiger, Oshawa weekly flyer for 250 Taunton Rd E, Oshawa, ON L1G 7T1, Kanada
It had good stuff but limited selections. Few of it was value for money whilst the others were meh. We took some kids swimming stuff. Which were ok but didn’t have the right sizes. We will go again probably but only because it’s close. I would not travel for this shop.
always a wonderful place to go great deals and wonderful prices.. you can even grab food here one stop shopping clothing, food, drinks, toys, summer things, and more

Giant Tiger Ottawa

Giant Tiger Ottawa weekly flyer for 1021 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1K 3B1, Kanada
You gotta love GT. This is a nice big clean store with very friendly staff.
Only my second time shopping there and I love it! Got new blankets and warm socks and sheets for my bed for a very good price. Will definitely go back there and reccommend it to people. I even could get fpod there amazingly! (Not a huge selection but pretty good in my opinion). Sort of like a mini Walmart but with actual customer service!

Giant Tiger Owen Sound

Giant Tiger Owen Sound weekly flyer for 1350 16th St E, Owen Sound, ON N4K 6N7, Kanada
Prices are decent selection is very small.
They got the everyday foods and some culinary stuff but their clothing is most of the store even as selection per gender and age and size is limited due to store space.

Staff are great and do very well to keep their small- medium store stocked up. Not a single empty shelf or rack, just limited space.
Good selection, lots of items in their flyer were well stocked. l have never gone there and not found the sale item l was looking for out of stock.
This is a nice sized store with a good variety of items. Grocery, home decor, clothing, and seasonal items to name a few.
Staff are very helpful and even when they were heading for a break, walked me to what l was looking for.
Masks are mandatory.

Giant Tiger Park St Brockville

Giant Tiger Park St Brockville weekly flyer for 300 Park St, Brockville, ON K6V 2J1, Kanada
An amazing store. Consistently adding new products to offer at good prices. Staff are well trained & courteous. Fresh produce & meat.
Canada's rising Store. Nice clothing.
Michelle the cashier lady was very pleasant
And helped me find my items i was looking for .thank so much

Giant Tiger Pembroke

Giant Tiger Pembroke weekly flyer for 171 Alexander St #1, Pembroke, ON K8A 4L8, Kanada
Decent sized giant tiger with lots of selection in each department. You can always find something here. The produce section is fresh and well stocked.
Love shopping here. Good variety in groceries.
I do not know what has happened to ladies clothing?? Gotten a little pricey and not as stylish, fit right, or trendy as it used to be.
Giant Tiger has so much to offer and different type of styles .all around the staff was amazing and definitely makes you want to come back and shop all the time I give them 5⭐

Giant Tiger Perth

Giant Tiger Perth weekly flyer for 88 Dufferin Street Perth, ON K7H 3A7
Friendly staff and lots of variety. Easy to find what you are looking for. Great prices.
This place rocks, I love it here and great prices too. Although, they could turn all the lights on for me when I arrive early, that would be nice.

Giant Tiger Peterborough

Giant Tiger Peterborough weekly flyer for 1875 Lansdowne St W, Peterborough, ON K9K 0C9, Kanada
You can get good deals but be aware of the items with the "you get what you pay for". Recently bought a mattress protector and it ripped right up with on a few days. Honestly I haven't had issues with other products but most items are made to last a year or two. So be aware but should find some good things and save a penny or two.
Great store. Clean and well organized. There's lots of deals to be had and you'll enjoy the straight forward layout.
Giant Tiger is somewhat of a decent shopping experience. I feel like they have the most random things, with the most random sales. So it’s always worth going in and checking to see what killer sales they have.

This location is popular. Nice big parking lot so you won’t have trouble finding a spot. Moderately busy and I find it to be generally very clean.

Check it out! Those sales tho!

Giant Tiger Picton

Giant Tiger Picton weekly flyer for 20 Elizabeth St, Picton, ON K0K 2T0, Kanada
GT is my favourite of all stores of this kind as they always have what I need and at super prices. More importantly for me, most food items are suitable for a household of one. When I’m tired of my 4 walls, I walk to GT for something to do and always find stuff I didn’t know I needed! 😍
Giant Tiger was good as always. The prices are good, the staff friendly and helpful plus they have a lot of different items for sale.

Giant Tiger Portage Ave Winnipeg

Giant Tiger Portage Ave Winnipeg weekly flyer for 3332 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3K 0Z1, Kanada
I'd like to thank the staff for going the extra mile in assisting me. All staff here are fantastic people. I appreciate the great down to earth customer service they provide. Diet coke was on sale and it was getting processed in the back.The staff went to the back and personally placed the product in my cart.
They always have cool Blue Bomber and Jets clothes for reasonable prices. It's clean and tidy, and the service is good.
Great prices, very helpful staff!

Giant Tiger Port Elgin

Giant Tiger Port Elgin weekly flyer for 216 Goderich St, Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C1, Kanada
Nice store had almost everything I wanted
Great store, eben better staff.Great variety of items. Great selection of grocery goods. Worth your time to shop here

Giant Tiger Port Hawkesbury

Giant Tiger Port Hawkesbury weekly flyer for 47 Paint St, Port Hawkesbury, NS B9A 3J9, Kanada
I was able to get huge planters for $25 each when other stores were selling planters over $100. It's a great place to pick up beach towels, snacks and bargains. I go once a month!
Friendly staff. Well organized store. Great deals.
Love the Canadian products and freindly staff

Giant Tiger Prescott

Giant Tiger Prescott weekly flyer for 936 Edward St N, Prescott, ON K0E 1T0, Kanada
Nice store with good variety of products. Fair prices, better than most. Some good deals. Staff are friendly and helpful
Not a bad place to shop... Some pretty good deals to be had if you look around.
I live downtown Toronto and there's no giant Tigers anywhere close to me

So I love to go to giant tiger they have a great selection of woman's clothing especially in extra large and one 1x

Giant Tiger Prince Albert

Giant Tiger Prince Albert weekly flyer for 675 15 St W, Prince Albert, SK S6V 7H9, Kanada
It has everything you need, but not everything you want. They could fit more food in the store if they reduced the size of the women's clothing section.

The prices are decent and affordable. The staff are polite and very helpful.
A much needed spot for the west flat and west hill areas in town. The store is clean and very well kept.
This store caters to an extremely diverse range of clients and it’s low prices make everyone able to shop here

Giant Tiger Québec

Giant Tiger Québec weekly flyer for 2290 Bd Bastien, Québec, QC G2B 1B6, Kanada
Des habits et des articles maison abordables et un bon service. Samedi, je n'avais pas pu faire un rabais car mon VIP ne fonctionnait pas, mais en retournant avec un VIP fonctionnel quelques jours plus tard ils ont tout réglé.
Ces un magasin où l'on trouve de tout et très abordable du linge de la literie de la déco de la nourriture des friandises etc. Et surtout la crème glacée Chapman sa vos le détour wow que de belles économies et si vous êtes VIP certaines choses sont encore moins chers sa vos la peine bon magasinage 🙂

Giant Tiger Railway St Morden

Giant Tiger Railway St Mordenweekly flyer for 288 N Railway St, Morden, MB R6M 1S7, Kanada
Good place to go for a quick shop. They have a bit of everything here so if you live in Morden and need something random, it's convenient. Shopping for food for a family is harder here though because most food items are not bulk but small portions.
It's the only grocery store that is conveniently open on Sundays. They have very affordable prices and a water refilling station if you don't like drinking from the tap. Adequate parking space, friendly staff, and next beside it is a thrift shop.
Love this store.Great discounts,affordable prices.One moment-check your recipes because they often put items you didn't buy.

Giant Tiger Regent Ave W Winnipeg

Giant Tiger Regent Ave W Winnipeg weekly flyer for 838 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg, MB R2C 1N3, Kanada
The staff do there jobs. The place is kept up. It's clean as much as stores can be in winnipeg Winters. The staff are friendly, helpful. They even seem like good people, they might be.
I love their variety of clothing and different items that are reasonably priced.
Great place to shop. Always have what i needed.

Giant Tiger Regina

Giant Tiger regina weekly flyer for 2735 Avonhurst Dr, Regina, SK S4R 3J3, Kanada
Handicapped parking available, and doors.
Very clean store
Friendy and helpful staff. Asked a worker for what I was looking for. She pointed me in the right direction for what I was looking for.
Check out was quick, people distancing from each other.
Masks are optional and didn't see any hand sanitizer.
Overall a good shopping experience.
Reasonable prices.
We know Giant Tiger for its best and cheap prices. I always go there to buy items in bulk. The staff here are friendly and always on their tippy-toes to help me when I need something specific. Their clothing sections have some great deals all the time. Sometimes, the store can get very busy and you end up waiting in lines for a bit, but it depends on what time you go. Much recommended place to get some great deals and save quite a bit of money.

Giant Tiger Renfrew

Giant Tiger Renfrew weekly flyer for 646 O'Brien Rd, Renfrew, ON K7V 0B4, Kanada
The staff aims to please the customer and the produce l must say is keeping up with what anyone else has to offer in the area or beyond the competition. I recommend giving this store a try the next time you need anything, fresh, frozen, grocery products or check out every inch of the Pembroke location you won't be disappointed.
Renfrew has a great new GT. I found everything I was looking for and a few other things. Lots of stock to choose from. Helpful staff.

Giant Tiger Repentigny

Giant Tiger Repentigny weekly flyer for 145 Rue De Lafayette, Repentigny, QC J6A 8K3, Kanada
Magasin petit mais diversifié
Nourriture , vêtements et bcp plus
J'aime bien magasiner chez Tigre Géant. Il y a de bons spéciaux et un grand choix de différents produits. Les prix sont abordables. Je le recommande.
J'adore ce magasin très variés et à bas prix. Très propre et bien rangé.

Giant Tiger Riverview

Giant Tiger Riverview weekly flyer for 720 Coverdale Rd, Riverview, NB E1B 3L8, Kanada
My cashier wasn't very friendly. Cashiers should have the personality to greet their customers. A smiling face is much nicer than a sad one.
Favorite store,always find what needed, & more.

Giant Tiger Rivière-du-Loup

Giant Tiger Rivière-du-Loup weekly flyer for 298 Bd Armand-Thériault, Rivière-du-Loup, QC G5R 4C2, Kanada
J'y trouve toujours quelque chose pour me gâter et à petit prix.
J'aime toujours allé magasiner cher Tigre Géant. Et J'aime y aller à toutes les fois que je peux. C'est un très beau magasin avec beaucoup de services.
Très bon choix

Giant Tiger Rivière Rouge

Giant Tiger Rivière Rouge weekly flyer for 1620 Rue L'Annonciation N, Rivière-Rouge, QC J0T 1T0, Kanada
J'ai bien aimé personnel aimable, mais manque de spéciaux (jus d'oranges Tropicana) on est mardi et le spécial se termine mercredi le reste tout est correct
Celui de rivière Rouge est vraiment très bien. J’ai été à plusieurs TG. C’est lui le plus propre et bien arrangé
Moi jadore Mon Tigre Geant 😄😉
Jai hacheter Mon ensemble de preposer et de tres bonne qualiter en plus il vous remettre une carte de rabais de 10$ lorsque vous hacheter
6 morceau de vetement de proposer
Cest genial ! Bon magasinage !😉🌹

Giant Tiger Rockland

Giant Tiger Rockland weekly flyer for 1657 Laurier St, Rockland, ON K4K 1L4, Kanada
Great prices on everyday products. Stylish clothing for everyone. Polite staff and well organized store. A pleasure to shop here.
Overall not bad only minor inconvenience is sometimes cashier shortage happens and can take a bit of time to get out of there

Giant Tiger Rouyn-Noranda

Giant Tiger Rouyn-Noranda weekly flyer for 1074 Av. Larivière, Rouyn-Noranda, QC J9X 4K8, Kanada
J'aime bien le tigre géant quoique je n'y vais pas souvent. Les articles sont souvent moins cher qu'ailleurs
Ils ont de bons prix mais les produits en spécial ne sont pas toujours disponibles

Giant Tiger Saint-Charles-Borromée

Giant Tiger Saint-Charles-Borromée weekly flyer for 197 Rue de la Visitation, Saint-Charles-Borromée, QC J6E 4N6, Kanada
Offres divers pour la maison et le panier de nourriture, a prix raisonnable. Un must pour ceux qui veulent économiser!
Ça reste un tigre géant ... Parfois plusieurs spéciaux avantageux !! J'aime bien y aller ya de tout 👌
Le magasin est bien mais, je ne sais pas si c'est la patronne mais chose est sûr, elle est bête comme ses pieds

Giant Tiger Sainte Agathe des Monts

Giant Tiger Sainte Agathe des Monts weekly flyer for 451 Rue Léonard, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, QC J8C 2Y5, Kanada
Belle grandeur de magasin toujours propre. Employés très sympathique. Nouvellement ils ont des plantes que j'adore et aussi un petit comptoire de viande. Si je dois donner un bémol c'est sur les fruits légumes qui ne sont pas toujours beau mais ce n'est pas terrible comme situation et aussi les uniformes pour infirmières ils possède la ligne white cross qui est excellente mais ils aurait avantage en tenir d'avantage d'uniforme unis si on tiens compte du fait qu'à ste agathe ils y a un école d'infirmières auxiliaires et que l'école oblige des uniforme sans motif et unis . Eux ils ont principalement des uniformes à motifs .
On trouve de tout pas trop chère très grand comme magazin !!!

Giant Tiger Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines

Giant Tiger Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines weekly flyer for 86 Boulevard Ste Anne, Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, QC J0N 1H0, Kanada
Personnel très gentil et attentionné par contre pour les vêtements il manque de plusieurs tailles mais ça ils.ny peuvent pas grand chose 😜
Magasin propre, bien organisé, personnel jeune mais poli et courtois, cependant fréquemment limite les quantités sur des spéciaux qui sont les plus en demande. Ex: plats congelés max. 4, si vous en souhaite 6 vous devez sortir du magasin et rentrer une 2ieme fois. Situation ridicule. En général , à l'exception de ces inconvénients le magasin est à recommander.

Giant Tiger Sainte Marthe sur le Lac

Giant Tiger Sainte Marthe sur le Lac weekly flyer for 2984 Chem. d'Oka, Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, QC J0N 1P0, Kanada
Love this store! Although each time I go, it seems less and less cashier's are working so us shoppers end up in a huge line, which takes quite a long time...when all they have to do is go on intercom and ask for another employee to come to the cash. (I've worked as a receptionist/cashier plenty of times so I know how the flow is suppose to go...Fast,efficient...yet slow enough to greet and make the customer feel valued. Found a great deal! Originally 9$ but when I got to the cash they rang in at 5$! Holllllllaaaa😍🤗
Très pratique pour des ptites commissions . Magasin pas très grand, manque beaucoup de produits comparativement à une épicerie. Mais ça dépanne! Quelques produits frais!

Giant Tiger Saint Georges

Giant Tiger Saint Georges weekly flyer for 11400 1 Ere Ave, Saint-Georges, Quebec G5Y 5S4, Kanada
J'adore tellement du beau linge pour enfant pas le moins chère mais pour des articles différent et qui sorte de l'ordinaire très belle place !
Une super place à magasiner et si vois avez un problème aller voir directement le directeur Olivier son nom je crois il est super compétant il réglera votre problème je vous le garantie

Giant Tiger Saint Hyacinthe

Giant Tiger Saint Hyacinthe weekly flyer for 1380 Bd Choquette, Saint-Hyacinthe, QC J2S 6G1, Kanada
On trouve un peu de tout, c'est bien.
Vraiment propre magasin, beaucoup de choix, les bon prix pour le bon produit. Cette est mon premier fois magasiner chez Tigre Géant, puis c'est certain que je me allez encore. Meilleures que Walmart !!!😜😳
D'excellents prix et un bon choix de produits diversifiés dans la section alimentaire.

Giant Tiger Saint Jérôme

Giant Tiger Saint Jérôme weekly flyer for 1950 Bd du Curé-Labelle, Saint-Jérôme, QC J7Y 1S1, Kanada
Je vais souvent à cet endroit puisqu'il y a souvent des rabais dans ce commerce et en ces temps où tout coûte excessivement cher; il faut savoir économiser ! J'y suis client depuis presque 10 ans et la seule chose que je déplore souvent est le manque d'articles si on n'y va pas dans les débuts des spéciaux et l'attente en général pour passer à une caisse depuis quelques temps mais le personnel est super agréable! Un lieu à découvrir si vous n'y êtes jamais allé!
Les spéciaux sont intéressants! Idéalement, ne pas trop attendre la fin des spéciaux, car les stocks partent vite.

Giant Tiger Saint John

Giant Tiger Saint John weekly flyer for 100 Prince Edward St, Saint John, NB E2L 4M5, Kanada
Excellent little grocery and clothing store.Quality goods at a reasonable price if not a discounted price.Even added a meat section within last month.Staff was helpful in getting me my coffee in stockroom when it wasn't on shelf.Really enjoy shopping there . Store was much needed in area.

Giant Tiger Saint-Laurent

Giant Tiger Saint-Laurent weekly flyer for 2115 Blvd. Marcel-Laurin, Saint-Laurent, QC H4R 1K4, Kanada
Now it's the first place I go when I need anything,i bought stuff here that was cheaper than Amazon ,love it!
Abides by Covid 19 rules A+ in my books
Can find pretty much all the little things here. Food groceries games. Looking for cute little kids clothes, or just a quick dress, shorts, sports gear. Go to Tiger

Giant Tiger Saint Rémi

Giant Tiger Saint Rémi weekly flyer for 625 Rue Notre Dame, Saint-Rémi, QC J0L 2L0, Kanada
Well stocked of household supplies. The entrance was temporarily out of cart sanitiser but i am sure that was addressed quickly. They accept reusable bags here.
J'ai toutes trouvé ce que je cherchait on fait affaire avec une jeune mademoiselle elle nous a été d'une grande aide avec le sourire et des jokes par dessus sa
Excellent services par tous les employé-es, j aimerais que tout les magasins offre un aussi bon service.

Giant Tiger Saint Stephen

Giant Tiger Saint Stephen weekly flyer for 210 King St, Saint Stephen, NB E3L 2E3, Kanada
The grocery men are very helpful, Ben Smith is always there to help when you need him . Most of them do and the cashiers are great :) polite and humble.
I'm so glad Giant Tiger came to St Stephen. I went in to pick up some essential food items when I spotted chicken drumsticks on sale. My slow cooker died a few weeks ago so...Oh Look! They have the original Crock Pot for a very reasonable price (less than $40). So I left with veggies, milk, meat, and slow cooker all for under $70. Not many times you go to grocery shop and leave with a smile.

Giant Tiger Sarnia

Giant Tiger Sarnia weekly flyer for 1249 London Rd, Sarnia, ON N7S 4T3, Kanada
I love the selection of clothing in all sizes. Decent prices. Just wish they got in the bigger sizes of shoes now. See the shoes and love them but they only go to size 10 if you're lucky. If you are size 11 or 12, you're out of luck.
I needed a few items that were on sale here. I'm not a big potato chip eater but, I'd like the people who are to know, if you have a family who love Lay's, they still have them at this location and they were on sale under 2.50, so I stocked up for home. I also found the cashier to be very friendly and had a great suggestion when I couldn't find one of the items on sale.

Giant Tiger Saskatoon

Giant Tiger Saskatoon weekly flyer for 2325 Preston Ave S, Saskatoon, SK S7J 2G2, Kanada
It's an ok place to pick up clothes, food or anything your heart desires. Prices are decent and a bit lower than bigger market stores. We found a horse pillow for one of the grandchildren whose into horses at the time being. Told the other half if he doesn't want it I would take it , but guess what, he took it and sleeps with it. I guess he won this time..this time!!
I think this is a great store for the community. Affordable brand name products at reasonable prices, nice and close to their homes. I was so very happy when this store opened and I think it has been great for the mall and for the area. I try and buy something every time I am here just to support them and make sure they stay.

Food, clothing and everything else, even kid toys!

Giant Tiger Scarborough

Giant Tiger Scarborough weekly flyer for 682 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough, ON M1K 2B5, Kanada
Good store does not have everything you need but inventory is always changing shopped at it for three weeks and got decent customer service. Outstanding job to Bibi she is friendly and awesome. She always served me with a smile. I will shop here when in Scarborough again. One thing they can work on is check out time and efficiency is the reason for the 4 star and not the 5 star review
Large clean store, well stocked shelves. Reasonable prices on everything, clothing and groceries and housewares. Busy place but checkout moves fairly fast. Friendly and helpful staff ready to make your visit a good experience.
I like the store. Curtains are cheaper to buy here. Produce are alright not many of it when we went.

Giant Tiger Scott St St. Catharines

Giant Tiger Scott St St. Catharines weekly flyer for 350 Scott St, St. Catharines, ON L2N 6T4, Kanada
I love this store. Everything You want in one place. Each time I visit my mom we come here. A clean, neat, well laid out store with friendly staff who take the time to offer their help always with a smile. Thank You for your service.
I love Giant Tiger! As a BBW they have a big variety of clothes to choose from this is where I mainly shop for clothes for the whole family. The store is always clean and stocked and the employees are wonderful.

Giant Tiger Shawville

Giant Tiger Shawville weekly flyer for 473 Hwy 148, Shawville, Quebec J0X 2Y0, Kanada
Great local GT boutique . A go to for some fun shopping - has pretty much everything and stocks local Rolling Acres beef as well ! Friendly helpful staff - big store , nice garden centre with some good deals .:)
Service with a smile. Even if the line ups are long it goes quickly. To reduce confusion at the cash they have a worker that guides people so the clientele has no negative effect

Giant Tiger Shelburne

Giant Tiger Shelburne weekly flyer for 226 First Ave , Shelburne, ON L0N 1S0, Kanada
If you're missing something for your cottage/trip you can rest assured that they'll probably have a cheap solution.

It's your typical Giant Tiger affair, things are cheap and you get what you pay for. Nothing wrong with that. They have some pretty good deals on name brand items when they're on sale we're in probably once every few weeks to pick up something. Never had any issues.

The staff are great people.

Giant Tiger Sherbrooke

Giant Tiger Sherbrooke weekly flyer for 810 Rue du Conseil, Sherbrooke, QC J1G 1L3, Kanada
J'aime ça aller là-bas ça coûte pas cher. C'est valeur avant le pain gadoua était vraiment pas cher. Cependant, il reste moins chère qu'ailleurs.
Service rapide et très courtois. J'y ai trouvé tout ce que je cherchais. Pour un magasin à rayons, j'ai été agréablement surpris. Bravo !

Giant Tiger Simcoe

Giant Tiger Simcoe weekly flyer for 150 West St, Simcoe, ON N3Y 5C1, Kanada
Basic store; decent prices that lean on the cheap side. Decent, standard products, though a limited selection compared to the larger locations in larger cities. Still has all the major sections - grocery, clothing, home, toys, lotto and tobacco. Friendly staff.
Seems like a bigger giant tiger, lots of selection and a really good place to shop when you are budget conscious, honestly the quality is comparable to any mall store I have t-shirts from here that have held up better then any other store .
Great place to shop for anything you could want amazing staff

Giant Tiger Sioux Lookout

Giant Tiger Sioux Lookout weekly flyer for 12 5th Ave, Sioux Lookout, ON P8T 1E1, Kanada
Average giant tiger but the staff are exceptional!
Well laid out store and very friendly staff!
The best prices in Sioux Lookout for groceries and everything else. Their competitors can't come close to Giant Tiger's excellent values.

Giant Tiger Smiths Falls

Giant Tiger Smiths Falls weekly flyer for 29 Chambers St, Smiths Falls, ON K7A 2Y3, Kanada
Friendliest staff. They take a moment for small talk with customers. I figure that's extremely important these days for some. May hold up the line for a moment, but staff is quick to open another cash if the story about grannies beloved Fluffy goes on and ice cream is melting down your arm. Patience, kindness and a little eavesdropping may just lead you to a great vet.

However, this location is dismal at pricing items. Bring the flyer with you. They don't have any. Try and remember which brand of bacon is at a stock up price. They rarely have sale prices posted.

Grab a basket at the bottom of the stairs before heading up. You'll need it once you find out lemon custard is on a blowout and the stairs get congested with only one person at a time.

This location is not fully stocked with all that GT Boutiques generally offer. It is what they consider an express outlet.

Giant Tiger Smithville

Giant Tiger Smithville weekly flyer for 249 St Catharines St Box 219, Smithville, ON L0R 2A0, Kanada
THis store is good but it's MISSING THE BOAT. Whomever is in charge of this store should be looking looking to expand into the empty space right next door to them.
This SMITHVILLE store is not big enough to carry much in the way of groceries, they usually run out of their specials and have limited supply oif some things simply cause they need more SPACE!
THe town is getting bigger with more housing and there is really only one grocery store in Foodland and no other clothing store. This store's profits could easily DOUBLE by simply expanding into the empty unit space available right next door. Can't inderstand why they haven't yet before they miss their chance.
This format of a store survived the onslaught of big box retailers. It saw Zellers and Target come and go. Coexistence with the giants of department stores and mighty super stores and behemoth grocery stores, is something to be proud of.

Giant Tiger Smythe St Fredericton

Giant Tiger Smythe St Fredericton weekly flyer for 1160 Smythe St, Fredericton, NB E3B 3H5, Kanada
J'adore la grande sélection de vêtements pour toute la famille et que dire du prix des fruits et légumes
Good prices, decent selection. Store is clean, staff are usually quite helpful and friendly.

Giant Tiger St. Catharines

Giant Tiger St. Catharines weekly flyer for 120 Welland Ave, St. Catharines, ON L2R 2N3, Kanada
Decent selection of items. Organized shelves and racks. Friendly cashiers. Fairly priced inventory. Bought chocolate 🍫 and candy canes for gifts.
Always have a pleasant experience with the staff here, as well as the prices. Giant Tiger pretty much everything I need! No need to go to the more expensive grocery stores.

Last week purchased a very cool blanket with a majestic elk on it that was on sale.

Giant Tiger Steinbach

Giant Tiger Steinbach weekly flyer for 320 Main St, Steinbach, MB R5G 1Z1, Kanada
They have the store designed to make smooth shopping.
Staff are always kind.
Great location, clean, clothes selection is great.
Their freezer area carries a variety of frozen foods.
They carry Spenst Pizza, SafeGaurd soap, and Pioneer meats.
Their products are almost always stocked, the workers are always happy to help customers and the WORKERS ARE ALWAYS SMILING AND VERY FRIENDLY!!!

Giant Tiger St Joseph Blvd Orleans

Giant Tiger St Joseph Blvd Orleans weekly flyer for 2396 St Joseph Blvd, Orléans, ON K1C 1G1, Kanada
Great store to find many items at reasonable prices for food, clothing, and other household goods.
A very nice clean store with very friendly staff.
My dog loves the bully chews that only giant tiger sells
Got out fairly fast considering it's always busy in there.

Giant Tiger Stoney Creek

weekly flyer for 800 Queenston Rd, Stoney Creek, ON L8G 1A7, Kanada
Great store and staff. Love the clothes and prices. Good selection except for meats.
I usually go here when I just want to get something quick for dinner or I have craving for sweets. They have really good deals and sometimes I even do full grocery runs here. The clothes here are also pretty good and cheap. The staff here are very polite and considerate. I'll coming back many times.

Giant Tiger Stoney CreekVermillion Rd Winnipeg

Giant Tiger Stoney CreekVermillion Rd Winnipeg weekly flyer for 225 Vermillion Rd., Winnipeg, MB R2J 4A1, Kanada
Of all the Giant Tigers in Winnipeg I enjoy the Southdale Store the most for selection and display. Employees are very polite, helpful and will go beyond to please you. I do not buy food but it looks reasonable priced. Prices and selection are very reasonable on very thing. Excellent Canadian business!!!
I usually go here to refill my water. It's always clean, calm, and staff are always friendly.
I liked the shop. It had a unique blend of clothing, accessories and groceries. They are however bigger on clothing. The shop is not crowded at all. I had a nice experience at the shop. It was easy to navigate around the different sections of the shop. I had a nice first time experience.

Giant Tiger St. Paul

Giant Tiger St. Paul weekly flyer for 4210 50 Ave #103, St. Paul, AB T0A 3A2, Kanada
Love the selection and prices of the stuff that you can buy at the GT Boutique!💞👍
Giant Tiger has some pretty competitive prices overall, and this location (considering it's St. Paul) has good product selection. Plus I've never had one time when i was dissatisfied with their service (:

Giant Tiger Stratford

Giant Tiger Stratford weekly flyer for 477 Huron St, Stratford, ON N5A 5T8, Kanada
Really nice sized store with a ton of selection. One of the bigger Giant Tiger stores I've been in. Scored some great deals, and a ton of Canada Day merch
Nice to shop in a clean and well maintained Canadian store. Good prices but the 1 item I wanted was sold out . .
Great store ... so far have only explored the grocery side which seems small but offers quite a few quality products at great prices .. the staff are all friendly and helpful

Giant Tiger Strathroy

Giant Tiger Strathroy weekly flyer for 60 Caradoc St S, Strathroy, ON N7G 2P6, Kanada
It was clean inside, hadn't been there for a few years. They've definitely renovated the inside since I'd been there.
Love giant tiger..❤️❤️❤️
Although today wasn't as good as usual in strathroy..i needed to use the restroom 🚺 which is locked so i was at the door to the back where there was 3-4 woman staff talking and I tried to wave to them and also said a couple of time..hello excuse me .when a male staff (manager?) Came out of the back and said..there is a customer wanting to use the restroom and he came out and opened the door..thank you for your help...the others...not so much

Giant Tiger Sturgeon Falls

Giant Tiger Sturgeon Falls weekly flyer for 42 William St, Sturgeon Falls, ON P2B 2A5, Kanada
Cashier is in need of some Customer Service skills pronto. This is not my first experience with her... She obviously does not enjoy her job... My suggestion to management to offer some classes or move her to the floor!!
Great experience. Not too busy. Got what we needed. Clean and well organized store. Cashier Christine B was really nice and funny. 5 stars for her.
For a small store, they manage to have just about everything anyone would need in a small town. Friendly, helpful staff. Great prices.

Giant Tiger St W Prince Albert

Giant Tiger St W Prince Albert weekly flyer for 267 32 St W, Prince Albert, SK S6V 5Z2, Kanada
Just moved and are waiting for our furniture to be delivered. Got these little nightstands for $9.99 each to get us by for now!
It's a good deal and lots of everything there...great staff too
Great staff....good prices. Bought some curtains at a great price!

Giant Tiger Sudbury

Giant Tiger Sudbury weekly flyer for 1933 Regent St Unit 18, Sudbury, ON P3E 5R2, Kanada
This location prides itself with well stocked, clean and organized items. The staff go above and beyond to help you find what you’re looking for. The cashiers are friendly and enjoy serving the public, and always with a smile, even when a mask is on.
Great place to shop and great location! They have all sorts of different things here. Plus a variety of different sizes of clothes, from XS to 3XL. Again great place to shop!

Giant Tiger Summerside

Giant Tiger Summerside weekly flyer for 475 Granville St, Summerside, PE C1N 4P7, Kanada
Giant Tiger is that one store that doesn't cross my mind when making a grocery list, but I regret it every time. Giant Tiger offers many products that I can't find at any other location. Not just that their prices are amazing too, from affordable clothing to treats that you really can treat yourself to. The store seems clean for the most part and the front end seems to be under staffed most days, but other than that Giant Tiger is a must when making a grocery list.
On these trying time with food and supplies GT has the best price.

Giant Tiger Sutton

Giant Tiger Sutton weekly flyer for 20875 Dalton Rd, Sutton, ON L0E 1R0, Kanada
This store is my favorite GT store. The staff is great, helpful and courteous. Especially Kelly. She always has a smile and is always eager to help me. Way to go.
Super cute and affordable holiday men's boxer briefs 👌👌👌

Giant Tiger Swan River

Giant Tiger Swan River weekly flyer for 1300 Main St E, Swan River, MB R0L 1Z0, Kanada
Another dangerous parking lot for the drug trade. Clean store with some good staff. Prices are fair. Has some good sales. An excellent store for the community.
Checkout people very nice even when its busy. 😀
great place to shop

Giant Tiger Swift Current

Giant Tiger Swift Current weekly flyer for 1150 Central Ave N, Swift Current, SK S9H 4C8, Kanada
Great place to get the things i need, staff and management are outstanding...Mike is my go to person. Great work ethic always professional.
It was hard to shop. Crowded more than normal. If you don't know how to get around the store you'll end up in the lineup before you wanted...

Giant Tiger Sydney

Giant Tiger Sydney weekly flyer for 379 Welton St, Sydney, NS B1P 5S4, Kanada
Absolutely love Giant Tiger. The only thing is the aisles are a bit small. I have social anxiety so when the store is a bit busy. I can't go in because I will take an attack. But I still love it. Especially the Scrub Club they have for healthcare workers who purchase scrubs there. REALLY appreciate that!!! The workers are fantastic....I recall a few of them as workers from Zellers!!!! Great bunch there!!!
Staff is always helpful. They treat you with suck kindness. I was having a bad day and they offered to pack my groceries, ect for me. That's more than 5 stars

Giant Tiger Tecumseh Rd Windsor

Giant Tiger Tecumseh Rd Windsor weekly flyer for 7780 Tecumseh Rd E #7650, Windsor, ON N8T 1E9, Kanada
The staff is always very friendly however I recommend not purchasing produce from any giant tiger as it tends to go bad pretty quickly. Ive been to this location a lot and the cashiers are always in a good mood and are very helpful.
First time shopper. I felt like the bay and Wal-Mart had a kid named giant tiger. It was very clean and well stocked.
I like this store I always find what I want the grocery department is much bigger now, the prices are so much reasonable

Giant Tiger The Pas

Giant Tiger The Pas weekly flyer for 125 2 St W, The Pas, MB R9A 1K6, Kanada
This is one of the favourite places for me and the fam to go to for ice cream and Frozen Goods like pizza and chips and fish and chips and stuff. We also like buying socks and underwear here on flashlights and camping stuff. We usually always by our cat litter here because it's the same price as everywhere else and they always have it in stock. Giant Tiger always have s*** in stock! My fave
Very affordable, lots of different things in store, from clothes to food.

Giant Tiger Thompson

Giant Tiger Thompson weekly flyer for 436 Thompson Dr, Thompson, MB R8N 0C6, Kanada
Worth the stop for clothing & amenities
Plus grocery shopping
Typical giant tiger, comparable to giant tigers in Winnipeg. Clean and well staffed.
I love most Giant Tigers. This store seems a little chaotic. The staff were very helpful! I was glad to see the Covid arrows on the floor but shopper's were not really paying attention.

Giant Tiger Thunder Bay

Giant Tiger Thunder Bay weekly flyer for 349 Main St, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5L6, Kanada
this giant tiger is great and enlarging the store which some stores shrunk or closed because of the virus
there improvements on the outside and inside moving the entrance and exit you can't tell they moved it the center of the store which you cant tell it got moved and the same inside with the ceiling
so I am glad to a store enlarging instead of shrink or closing when it got tough for a very long time
the workers keep thee mess right down to a 0 and same with the renovations materials kept up front
I was impressed with new items that there selling
just make finding the power orange flavor next to the pop not a small shelve so you display my life saving drink
giant tiger is 1 of 4 stores keeps us road tripping
so giant tiger gets additional ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Giant Tiger Timmins

Giant Tiger Timmins weekly flyer for 1869 Riverside Dr, Timmins, ON P4R 1N7, Kanada
The cashiers are very polite and helpful.
One of my favorite stores.
They seem to have most of what's needed.
I even found an air tire gauge.
And more...
Nice variety of clothing and food items. I went in just before 10am, the store was quiet for New Year's Eve, clean, organized, and the cashier was really nice and helpful. I've never had a bad experience there.
Lack of floor help, it takes a while to try something on. Otherwise, this is a great place to get some affordable products. Clothing, safety clothes, tons of misc things and groceries.

Giant Tiger Trail NW Edmonton

Giant Tiger Trail NW Edmonton weekly flyer for 14097 Victoria Trail NW, Edmonton, AB T5Y 2B6, Kanada
This giant Tiger specifically is great. Very nice staff. Wonderful staff. I hope they're being payed well. Corporations have a habit of not paying they're employees well unfortunately. But yea anyways great place
Great prices for clothing and food. Sort of a small Walmart but Canadian owned. I live close by so shop here often. They have a little bit of everything. The store is well lit and clean. Not a lot of staff to help out but that’s understandable since it is a smaller store than Walmart. I will continue to shop here as it is convenient and as mentioned for what they have the prices are good.

Giant Tiger Trenton

Giant Tiger Trenton weekly flyer for 266 Dundas St E, Trenton, ON K8V 5Z9, Kanada
Clean and organized store, nice staff and keep an eye on their flyer, great deals some days, wins out over Wallymart every time for me...
Every thing in the store was great and clean the check out Wis fast. Lots of great sale.New week new sales good deals lots of summer things.
Good selection of well-priced products, decent little grocery section. Convenient location with easy parking and other shopping, fast-food and gas stations nearby.

Giant Tiger Trois-Rivières

Giant Tiger Trois-Rivières weekly flyer for 1005 Rue des Tilleuls, Trois-Rivières, QC G8Y 0A6, Kanada
Un grand entrepôt, avec tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour bien vivre.
Très bien. Beaucoup de spéciaux. Pas beaucoup d'attente aux caisses.

Giant Tiger Truro

Giant Tiger Truro weekly flyer for 46 Robie St, Truro, NS B2N 1K9, Kanada
I mostly go to this store for groceries. If you haven’t been to any Giant Tiger stores,, they sell more than you think in terms of staple groceries, and at really good prices. I took a lot of photos of the store so you can see for yourself. Worth checking out if you are on a budget, and they have even stocked items I couldn’t find in other stores.
a good selection of the basic things you are looking for. Only place in town to carry Pyrex measuring cups. Regular prices are competitive and sale prices are excellent. Good place to shop if on a budget.

Giant Tiger Val-d'Or

Giant Tiger Val-d'Or weekly flyer for 825 3e Avenue, Val-d'Or, QC J9P 1T2, Kanada
Commerce bien entretenu, beaucoup articles de toutes sortes tant en nourriture quant vêtements et articles maison.
Bon prix super spéciaux
Mais emplacement du magasin laisse a désiré, manqué espace intérieure allé étroite et planché en pente,surveiller votre panier pour qu'il ne s'envole tout seule et aille heurté ???
À l'extérieur parking parkometre toujours en manque de stationnement
Mai si vous trouver un stationnement ça vaut la peine pour profiter des spéciaux.

Giant Tiger Victoria Ave Brandon

Giant Tiger Victoria Ave Brandon weekly flyer for 2626 Victoria Ave, Brandon, MB R7B 0M8, Kanada
It's close to where I live and is reasonably priced. Posts some decent sales for certain products. Not too busy ever and has a variety of products that are decently priced. Good place to get the basics, good customer service.
I love this store! Great place for cheap selection on clothes and groceries. Not always the best for fresh fruit/vegetables, but deals on coffee and other foods are always pretty good. I always come here with my daughter for our clothing hauls.

Giant Tiger Victoria Ave E Regina

Giant Tiger Victoria Ave E Regina weekly flyer for 2610 Victoria Ave E, Regina, SK S4N 6M5, Kanada
Nice layout and easy to find items. Prices are fairly low but some items were out of stock. They seem to concentrate on trying to be a scaled version of Walmart with a dominant section for clothing and a small grocery section.
I love it there very reasonably priced pretty decent clothes too.
Love this store. Always s great sale in something! I buy almost all my clothes there. Great prices on quality merchandise!

Giant Tiger Victoria Ave Regina

Giant Tiger Victoria Ave E Regina weekly flyer for 2610 Victoria Ave E, Regina, SK S4N 6M5, Kanada
Nice layout and easy to find items. Prices are fairly low but some items were out of stock. They seem to concentrate on trying to be a scaled version of Walmart with a dominant section for clothing and a small grocery section.
Best place to go as there is always something needed at a super great price
Well laid out, well stocked. Friendly staff. I'd definitely go there again

Giant Tiger Victoriaville

Giant Tiger Victoriaville weekly flyer for 635 Bd Jutras E, Victoriaville, QC G6P 7H4, Kanada
ils ont de tout ou presque,à des prix raisonnables.j aime magasiné là c est ça encourager acheter local..pas chez walmard..le tigre c est QUEBECOIS. SI ON VEUT CONSERVER nos emplois acheter local !!
J'aime bien cette endroit qui est pour moi l'endroit près de chez moi qui me permet de trouver des parfum, vêtement, chaussure, pour décoration de la maison et bouffe.
Que soyez a l'aise d'aller faire votre tour vous allez être éblouis de leur choix.
Il faut y allez ! 🤗

Giant Tiger Wakefield

weekly flyer for 153 Chem. Valley Unit 400, Wakefield, Quebec J0X 3G0, Kanada
Giant Tigre has really upped it's game during and after the pandemic and much of it has to do with the way management take responsibility for their staff.

You can't have quality service if you don't have quality staff and big box stores that just constantly churn through people are a sanitary nightmare.

So happy to see people who are genuinely happy to receive me in a store.

GT App has been recently added! Love the online shopping and convenient pick up.

Giant Tiger Walkley Rd Ottawa

Giant Tiger Walkley Rd Ottawa weekly flyer for 2480 Walkley Rd, Ottawa, ON K1G 6A9, Kanada
Such a beautiful store to shop at everything is organized and the staff are nice good job guys I wish I could give you guys 1 millions stars but 😢unfortunately I can only give 5 thank you so much for everything you guys are doing a great job keep it up with that good job and thank you for always helping people out whenever they need help I wish you guys the best have a wonderful rest of the year
The store is closing on March 6 and will re-open inside a brand new store attached to the main office building located right next to it. I wanted to go inside the old building before it closes officially. It will be a much needed change! The building locks really old. The remaining food and products were sparse but with excellents price cuts. The new Giant Tiger store will be a nice change.
The Giant Tiger store located at 2480 Walkey road has undergone a major renovation by opening up another large modern shopping complex beside the older store. Giant Tiger is proud to be known as a low cost Canadian grocery/ clothes and household goods store. This makes it a great place to shop in direct competition with walmart. The new store's prices are great especially on featured sales and lots of people take advantage of this. Maybe you can save going there too because this Giant Tiger store is Grrrrrr eat!
If you like my reviews, photos or videos give them a roaring thumbs up.

Giant Tiger Welland

Giant Tiger Welland weekly flyer for 200 Fitch St, Welland, ON L3C 2V9, Kanada
Pretty great place to pick up odds and ends. I like that they have a large selection of clothes and they frequently get new items/stock. The grocery section isn’t huge but it has enough to cover most if not all of what you would need between bigger grocery visits.
Easy to navigate, depending on size selection will vary. Overall a nice place to shop and find stylish clothes and unique household items

Giant Tiger West

Get local Giant Tiger West flyer deals and offers on goods. This Giant tiger west weekly flyer is valid for Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan province of Canada , including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Victoria, Saskatoon, Regina, Kelowna, Abbotsford–Mission, Lethbridge .

Giant Tiger Westlock

Giant Tiger Westlock weekly flyer for 10211 100 St, Westlock, AB T7P 2G5, Kanada
Decent prices, sometimes the shelves do run low or don't have an advertised product. But if you ask at the front they will give you a rain check.
Had a couple instances of employees being rude. Other than that a good place to shop.
I visited this store while traveling through Westlock. I just got in to get some drinks and snacks but was pleasantly surprised to see good and well priced fresh meat sold there. The grocery department was very well priced on the whole. There was a good selection of clothing for all ages and household items too.The staff were very warm, friendly and helpful. The parking was free. I had a good experience shopping there.

Giant Tiger Wetaskiwin

Giant Tiger Wetaskiwin weekly flyer for 3725 56 St, Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 2V6, Kanada
Great cashiers! Makes you want to come back to shop. Clean and well stocked shelves.
Always affordable surprisingly dozen and half eggs for under $6 lots of other savings too

Giant Tiger Weyburn

Giant Tiger Weyburn weekly flyer for 110 Souris Ave, Weyburn, SK S4H 2Z8, Kanada
This location has a good selection of clothing and groceries. One can also purchase tobacco products and fireworks at discount prices. The only problem is if you only want tobacco the layout forces you to walk through the entire store.
I work at this store. It is a great place to shop. Our employees are fantastic and ready to help when ever. We sell everything from groceries to fashion, toys, a few electronics and all of your pets needs

Giant Tiger Whitby

Giant Tiger Whitby weekly flyer for 601 Dundas St W, Whitby, ON L1N 2N3, Kanada
Lovely little store. Easy parking great produce meat dairy bedding rugs drapes baby kids clothing adult clothing gorgeous plants
Enjoyable to shop as not so huge
Not to mention, you support Canadian business
Love shopping at Giant Tiger, always a good fun place to shop . This one has a decent size grocery area as well. Their prices are generally good and competitive and you can find some deals on clothes. They sell a wide selection of women's, men's and kid's clothing. Plus all your home essentials and accessories.

Giant Tiger Whitchurch-Stouffville

Giant Tiger Whitchurch-Stouffville weekly flyer for 5892 Main St, Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON L4A 2S8, Kanada
Amazing staff all of them always willing to help and go the extra mile and this aside from the great deals that Giant Tiger has, they still have it when it comes to customer service ive notice a lot of places Lack that especially after covid, restaurants and some major stores not these guys. THAT'S WHY I LOVE SHOPPING HERE.
G T Boutique twice a week. Pick up some Grocery Like ? Yes Really deals to be had. 4.5 kg smoked ham 15 dollars/ Metro was 51 dollars.. Bone-In , Split Pea Soup for sure.
Some Home Wares. ODDS & ENDS.

Giant Tiger Windsor

Giant Tiger Windsor weekly flyer for 4501 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor, ON N8W 1K6, Kanada
Love this location. I'm from the county but when I have appointments in town I always stop at this 1. Always well stocked when I go, clean, all of it, friendly and courteous help.
At 1 of the the other locations, the staff got mad at me for cutting which I hadn't realized I had done since there is a maze to get out. I have never had any problems at this location ♥️
I love the deals GT has! Food is fairly priced for most things.
Greatest store to shop at. Great prices, lots of items

Giant Tiger Winnipeg

Giant Tiger Winnipeg weekly flyer for 2195 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3T 5S9, Kanada
The lady I dealt with there was understanding and very helpful. Zipper broke on my pants, which I bought from a different G.T location. So I just went to replace them. She was nice and explained I can pay for them then go to a change room and get them on. Extremely grateful for her help.
Love the deals i get here, and the service is great.
Staff are friendly and helpful

Giant Tiger Woodstock

Giant Tiger Woodstock weekly flyer for 930 Dundas St, Woodstock, ON N4S 8X6, Kanada
Mostly thumbs up just wish they would have more stock certain clothing sizes. L and XL in kids, women's, and men's always seem gone. Friendly competent staff. Can definitely recommend.
Nice place fun stuff. I like to buy my band Tshirts here. Unfortunately I rang the buzzer to use the washroom and the staff member seemed especially annoyed to be pulled away from her important business. I felt bad for her must have ruined her day terribly. Maybe if the staff hate unlocking doors so much, they should just not keep the washroom locked. Then they won't be interrupted from their terribly important stuff. Other than that I like coming here.

Giant Tiger Yarmouth

Giant Tiger Yarmouth weekly flyer for 130 Starrs Rd, Yarmouth, NS B5A 4E5, Kanada
Clean and well stocked. Displays and store shelves tidy. Foods, and pantry section, always has some great deals, you just have to look. This store doesn't carry everything that was ever invented, but it does carry everything you need. Their target demographic is budget conscious shoppers, and their fashion, housewares, and general selections of goods are reflective of this, and are target marketed accordingly. Many goods in store are Canadian made, (housewares--not appliances, and home comfort and furnishings) where possible, to source such for retail. Something for everyone. Great discount retailer.
Good place to find bargains on men's clothing and food items.

Giant Tiger Yorkton

Giant Tiger Yorkton weekly flyer for 146 Broadway St E #30, Yorkton, SK S3N 3K4, Kanada
Easy to shop and find what your looking for here.
Best place in town for water. They have 3 fill up stations, so it's the fastest in town
I find giant Tiger a one stop shop. I can find everything there that I need. Groceries, water, bedding, novilties, clothing, cards, snacks etc etc. And I find the staff very polite and respectful and friendly.
The only thing they don't have is prescription drugs.

Grocery OGrocery Outlet Butlet Bonners Ferry Idaho

Grocery Outlet Bonners Ferry Idaho Weekly Ad for 6355 Main Street Bonners Ferry, ID 83805.

Some great finds and prices on certain items but not always throughout the store. It's worthwhile for me to stop by for a look as the inventory will change as items sell out. Stock up on the things you really like since they may not get more back in-stock. The prices are sometimes the same as any other store and sometimes even more. Watch the expiration date/sell by dates as well if you are going to be loading up on a particular item. It's just fun to hunt for deals and I usually don't leave empty handed...

I really am thankful for this store.i can't get everything I need here grocery wise but I get the majority of my grocery list complete. They offer very healthy products at low cost. I can get all of my hygiene items here at better prices than most stores. They even have on sale produce and bakery goods at good quality. You can also buy other home good items and toys for a better price than other retail stores. The service is great and the workers are friendly. I also love that this is a small store that is never crowded. This is a must try for your family!

Grocery Outlet 1st Street Yakima Washington

Grocery Outlet 1st Street Yakima Washington Weekly Ad for 2109 S 1st Street Yakima, WA 98903.

Clean, staff is helpful...only negative thing I can say is sometimes they have expired cold food still on the shelves even after mentioning it the day before.

Found some good deals. Bags of cheese and produce is pretty cheap. So is dish soap and fabric softener

Grocery Outlet Airway Heights Washington

Grocery Outlet Airway Heights Washington Weekly Ad for 10831 W Sr 2 Highway Airway Heights, WA 99001.

Always get greeted nicely. Quality is great but limited meats and produce. Pricing fantastic. Save lots of money here.

Grocery outlet is becoming one of my favorite, "go to" stores and I'm so glad they started opening them in orange county. Each one is different, as far as the products they carry, due to the nature of their purchase of overstock. I find great products from brands that are usually more expensive at other stores. I buy Gardein frozen vegan meat alternatives, like chikn tenders or meatless meatballs. I also buy my vegan protein bars and coconut or almond milk. Half the fun is checking them out to see what they have, I always find something.

Grocery Outlet Alameda Oregon

Grocery Outlet Alameda Oregon Weekly Ad for 730 Buena Vista Avenue Alameda, CA 94501.

Great store! Since they expanded they carry so much more. Got all my grocery shopping done here today and couldn’t be happier. If you’re military or a Veteran they have a discount card you can get. Either way they have great prices. Can’t be beat!

I love this store, super convenient, if you see something you like get it because chances are next time you come it’ll be gone. All employees are super friendly, and always helpful. Customer service A+

Grocery Outlet Albany Oregon

Grocery Outlet Albany Oregon Weekly Ad for 1950 14th Avenue Se Albany, OR 97322.

They don't have every brand, but if you just need one item, and aren't picky, they are cheaper and faster than the other stores. Run in to grab an onion, bag of chips, they're quick and easy.

Always a great deal to find here. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Restrooms spotless and we'll sanitized!

This store is very organized and we'll maintained!

See you again!

Grocery Outlet Allentown Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet Allentown Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 4628B Broadway Allentown, PA 18104.

Nice store, nice people, and nice selection of products. They have some really good deals and prices. I love their organic aisle. The only thing they lack is they have very little organic produce. They will have the majority of my business now.

Sometimes you find things and sometimes you don't. But most of the time I do get to the gluten-free stuff. It really nice soaps and shampoos.

Grocery Outlet Altadena California

Grocery Outlet Altadena California Weekly Ad for 2270 Lake Ave. Altadena, CA 91001.

I only went in for a bag of ice n couldn't believe how many non-food items they had, including hard to find "As seen on TV items". Things you don't run across everyday. All sorts of things! The best part was the bag of ice was only .99! Ive been buying ice for 9 months due to eating out of a cooler n Ive never found it so cheap. Not even the Dollar Store store offers that! Ill be back for sure! Probably tomorrow.

They recently expanded their store and offer more products. They have lots of great options, I usually walk through each aisle for good deals.

Grocery Outlet Anaheim California

Grocery Outlet Anaheim California Weekly Ad for 3430 W Lincoln Avenue Anaheim, CA 92801.

Favorite place to come in and get something quick. Always find the best deals and something new to try. Love how organized and clean they keep up.

This grocery outlet is great and became even greater when they expanded. Staff is always kind and friendly and the store is always clean.

Grocery Outlet Antioch California

Grocery Outlet Antioch California Weekly Ad for 3160 Buchanan Rd Antioch, CA 94509.

This place is the bomb! Don't go to Vons and get ripped off! Great prices, great selection and better produce!! The only place we shop for food!

Groc out for lyfe ..best stores around. Thank God we finally got a store to go to instead of Vons. I spend half as much here compared to when shopping at Vons and they have tons of unique products that I love.

Grocery Outlet Arcadia California

Grocery Outlet Arcadia California Weekly Ad for 140 E Live Oak Avenue Arcadia, CA 91006.

Shopping here is great, the BARGAIN in their name means just that. Always great deals. Sometimes if you find something unique to try and you really like it, go back as soon as you can and stock up because it might not be there the next time you go. Each store is the same yet varies in some products. Stores are clean and well stocked, staff is always friendly.

Always clean and staff is friendly working hard to keep everything organized. I always come out with more goodies than anticipated. The neighborhood shoppers are friendly and easy to spark conversation with. Beer and wine selection is fantastic.

Grocery Outlet Arroyo Grande California

Grocery Outlet Arroyo Grande California Weekly Ad for 1574 W Branch Street Suite C Arroyo Grande, CA 93420.

Was just in the store Sunday evening post workout, grabbing some essentials. I had a question and their employee Robbie went above and beyond to assist me. Really great staff in this store, and excellent prices on chicken and other groceries. I was shopping for myself.. and those gains. I’ll label this mission a success. Thanks G.O.. until next time. Stay swole soljahs of jah army.

Great place. Clean and a variety of stuff to peruse. I admit I spent way more money than I should have. There's always a treasure to be found.
Plenty of food. Lots of unique kitchen accessories. Nifty gadgets galore.
What more do you need?

Grocery Outlet Atascadero California

Grocery Outlet Atascadero California Weekly Ad for 2100 El Camino Real Atascadero, CA 93422.

I really like the prices here, but what makes me absolutely LOVE this store are some of the employees, especially a young man named DeShaun. He was very helpful, a little quiet, but very helpful. 👍?

This place has some amazing deals. I come here at least once a week to check out what they have. I'm not always able to get everything I need, but close to it for much cheaper than other places. I recommend trying this grocery store if you haven't yet.

Grocery Outlet Auburn California

Grocery Outlet Auburn California Weekly Ad for 414 Grass Valley Hwy Auburn, CA 95603.

Love this store its very clean staff is very friendly and helpful I love the selection of items available and the fresh produce.

The location at 7th & Nebraska in LB is the best! Don, the mgr, is a foodie and keeps the shelves stocked, new products coming and a happy shopping atmosphere!

Grocery Outlet Azusa California

Grocery Outlet Azusa California Weekly Ad for 355 N. Citrus Avenue Azusa, CA 91702.

Favorite Grocery Store - Great Deals and Lots of Gluten Free Stuff. And when you find something you like - great prices and quick turnover.

Never am I disappointed, always surprised @ the discounts and savings! So affordable and gourmet choices! 💪💓 4 Grocery Outlet!

Grocery Outlet Baker City Oregon

Grocery Outlet Baker City Oregon Weekly Ad for 297 Campbell Street Baker City, OR 97814.

Watch the expiration dates, but this is a great place to get organic foods at a low price.

Great looking store, well stocked excellent displays. Nice people.

Grocery Outlet Bakersfield California

Grocery Outlet Bakersfield California Weekly Ad for 6421 Ming Avenue Bakersfield, CA 93309.

Love the grocery outlet but if you see something you like, grab it. Otherwise, when you return it may not be there.

Great store! Clean have lot's of selections and the prices wow they keep me coming right back😉👍

Grocery Outlet Baldwin Park California

Grocery Outlet Baldwin Park California Weekly Ad for 4249 Maine Avenue Baldwin Park, CA 91706.

Love this place! Its my go to grocery store! They have amazing prices! Great brands, heath foods, name brands, all kinds of good stuff! The employees are also top notch. They always give my son stickers, which he loves. Now when we go to other stores he asks for a sticker and is very rare they have any. That small town feel customer service and great prices! What more could you ask for?

When I go grocery shopping I always stop at Grocery Outlet first to see what they have that's on my shopping list & what new goodies they've gotten in, Always A Pleasant Surprise &

Grocery Outlet Beaumont California

Grocery Outlet Beaumont California Weekly Ad for 1575 E 2nd Street Beaumont, CA 92223.

Not my usual place to go grocery shopping but you can find some cool deals and the store is very well stocked. Very impressed with the variety of products carried.

Lots of cool things you don't see in a grocery store. Super nice employees. I love the healthy isle. Lots of gluten free and vegan options

Grocery Outlet Beaverton Oregon

Grocery Outlet Beaverton Oregon Weekly Ad for 8620 Sw Hall Boulevard Beaverton, OR 97008.

Incredible prices for regular and exotic groceries. Often more than 50% off. Like Marshall's but for fresh & frozen foods, dog treats, Kefir, Latin staples etc

favorite grocery store! I always feel so welcome and everythings at a great price.

Grocery Outlet Bellevue Washington

Grocery Outlet Bellevue Washington Weekly Ad for 15625 Ne 8th Street Bellevue, WA 98008.

Lots of deals, but not everything is a great value. Sometimes find incredible values, sometimes commodities are more expensive than WinCo. Great place to shop before doing regular shopping, but need to know what things cost at other stores to know whether it is really a good deal.

the best for random good finds and when you just need a few things here and there. the staff is always friendly too. and I respect all stores with Veteran Parking!

Grocery Outlet Belmont Avenue Fresno California

Grocery Outlet Belmont Avenue Fresno California Weekly Ad got 5175 E Belmont Avenue Fresno, CA 93727.

Great prices n friendly people. The company needs to give more hours to the stores to get people out faster as to not lose sales n merchandise. Also to have some one working the floor as to prevent theft. Which happens a lot.

I love the unique selection of food and other items that Grocery Outlet has in stock.
I found all sorts of yummy looking plant based drinks. With their affordable prices it's easy to experiment to find what works for my dietary needs.
Grocery Outlet has a whole aisle dedicated to health food items. There's always something new to try there.

Grocery Outlet Bend Oregon

Grocery Outlet Bend Oregon Weekly Ad for 694-b Se Third Street Bend, OR 97702.

I'm very impressed with the prices and variety of food offered. Store is kept clean and workers are kind and very helpful

Always a fun hunting down treasure experiences for me! I love valuable good buys and discovering new products to purchase. Awesome Discounts, friendly and knowledgable staff and very arms a-welcoming environment! I love exploring the first aisle and in the front area of the store because that’s the location of the treasures and gems!

Grocery Outlet Bermuda Dunes California

Grocery Outlet Bermuda Dunes California Weekly Ad for 41800 Washington Street, Suite 113B Bermuda Dunes, CA 92203.

Love this grocery store cheap prices good quality meats, veggies,fruits, drinks, etc. Plenty of things to choose from of your liking.

A great place to shop for great deals. Prices are phenomenal. Cheaper and better than Walmart prices.

Grocery Outlet Bishop California

Grocery Outlet Bishop California Weekly Ad for 1320 North Main Street Bishop, CA 93514.

One of the cleanest and best laid out grocery outlets I have seen. I absolutely love that! I found Brave Robot ice cream there! As always, I am continuously impressed with the healthy food selections you can find.

Great store for treasure hunting style grocery shopping. May not have every name brand you're used to, but great selection none the less. Was pleased to see many items I've been accustomed to finding at other Grocery Outlet stores near Sacramento even though it's in a different region. Thought the store is very well presented-- clean and neatly organized!

Grocery Outlet Boise Idaho

Grocery Outlet Boise Idaho Weekly Adfor 5544 W Fairview Avenue Boise, ID 83706.

If your on a budget this is a lifesaver just check those exp. dates. Great staff very friendly.

I love this store. Good products. Wont have everything you need but a great store to avoid the big box. This is what we need LOTS MORE of in Boise. And a whole lot less big boxes of people and 100,000 square foot stores. Fun wine and beer selections always new options.

Grocery Outlet Bonney Lake Washington

Grocery Outlet Bonney Lake Washington Weekly Ad for 18318 Sr 410 E Bonney Lake, WA 98391.

Doesn't always have all items, but the organic section is awesome. And they usually have the basics. Love this place.

Kelly is always super wonderful when you shop here and always does her best to make it a great and pleasant experience. She always tries to fix any issues with any unmarked or unpriced items Good job to her and the whole team for making this a great store.

Grocery Outlet Bradshaw Road Sacramento

Grocery Outlet Bradshaw Road Sacramento California Weekly Ad for 3615 Bradshaw Road, Ste 3615a Sacramento, CA 95827.

Absolutely my favorite discount grocery store! I shop here all the time because the prices are stupendous.

Great food for low prices. Many organics. Even some office supplies and kitchenware. Clean store and friendly employees.

Grocery Outlet Brentwood California

Grocery Outlet Brentwood California Weekly Ad for 7610 Brentwood Boulevard Brentwood, CA 94513.

What can i say i love this store, my mother and myself can spend a whole hour in there, the owners and employees, always have on there top notch service face.. and drop what they are doing to bend over backwards to help way to go!!!!!!!

Great place for some super deals - Might not have everything on your shopping list so we shop here 1st then finish our list with nearby super markets

Grocery Outlet Brimhall Rd Bakersfield California

Grocery Outlet Brimhall Road Bakersfield California Weekly Ad for 11200 Brimhall Road Bakersfield, CA 93312.

You may not get what you want all of the time, but if you're even a little savvy, you can knock 40% or more off your grocery bill every month by shopping here first. A lot of the bad you may have heard about Grocery Outlet is totally wrong and misinformed.

Great customer service. The associates are very helpful and kind. My place to shop!

Grocery Outlet Brookings Oregon

Grocery Outlet Brookings Oregon Weekly Ad for 906 Chetco Avenue Brookings, OR 97415.

The store is clean, the food is fresh and a lot of energy is keeping the place and the shelves in Tip-Top shape I love that store and the prices.

Love love love this store, definitely a great place that offers best quality on produce and name brands and cheaper than other grocery stores in the area. Specially since the new owner took over, store is always looking great and very well organized

Grocery Outlet Burbank California

Grocery Outlet Burbank California Weekly Ad for 1615 W. Verdugo Avenue Burbank, CA 91506.

Awesome, awesome and awesome. I'm a local and love this store! There are so many organic options for low prices! You'll save a lot of money.

Customer service is always good! The owners are caring people and give back to the community!

Grocery Outlet Burien Washington

Grocery Outlet Burien Washington Weekly Ad for 236 Sw 152nd Street Burien, WA 98166.

How had I never been in this place! Its great! Awesome selection and the prices are unbeatable! I'll be doing much more shopping here in the future!

Excellent prices and a decent selection of all your typical groceries. I got a package of 2 New York strip steaks for $8. Anywhere else you would be lucky to find the same quality steaks for twice the price.

Grocery Outlet Burney California

Grocery Outlet Burney California Weekly Ad for 37505 Hwy. 299 East Burney, CA 96013.

This is one of the best Grocery Outlets in Boise. Excellent selection at discount prices. The staff was very helpful and great at calling up additional cashiers when lines formed.

I love dropping in on impulse. I always find great deals on things I don't buy all the time. I save money and mix up the routine of my diet at the same time.

Grocery Outlet Caldwell Idaho

Grocery Outlet Caldwell Idaho Weekly Ad for 4907 Cleveland Blvd. Caldwell, ID 83605.

Best place to go for deals on food. I shop here once a week and never spend over 100$ and they have almost everything you need. They vegetables are always fresh too and cheaper then other grocery stores.

Prices are very competitive with other grocery stores. Friendly employees. Facility was clean and not cluttered.

Grocery Outlet Camarillo California

Grocery Outlet Camarillo California Weekly Ad for 2249 Las Posas Road Camarillo, CA 93010.

Great new location. The interior of the store is spacious with a wide selection of grocery items and fresh produce.

My experience has always been great! There are wonderful finds for their customers. The manager has always gone out of his way to assist me. The staff, too, has been helpful. I welcome them into the community and actually plan to buy shares in the business next week.

Grocery Outlet Camas Washington

Grocery Outlet Camas Washington Weekly Ad for 3308 NE 3rd Avenue Camas, WA 98607.

The most amazing manager Carolyn paid for my groceries when I didn’t have my credit card With me. This was the nicest thing anybody has done for me in a long time and made my day. Forever thankful

Lots of stuff to look at. Yard design and tools, phone accessories, home accessories, groceries. Pretty much everything you need is there. People are nice it's not crazy busy we let go we like to go there.

Grocery Outlet Camino Real Atascadero California

Grocery Outlet Atascadero California Weekly Ad for 2100 El Camino Real Atascadero, CA 93422.

Do the planet and your wallet some good by shopping here! Amazing selection of organic produce, home goods (candles, cookware, lamps, plants...did I say plants like fruit trees, flowers, succulents), dried goods, wine, beer, supplements, pet care, and an awesome frozen section with vegan/vegetarian options galore...amazing! Save hundreds of dollars and reduce the millions of dollars in waste that the standard grocery model creates. #vivagroceryoutlet ! Kept me healthy and my checkbook balanced since 2006!

I really like this place for organic products and produce. They have a great variety of organic products at a great price! They get different stuff in frequently so it’s always fun to go there and see what’s new. But you better buy it quick though because if you don’t it will be gone fast. Also they have some nice management people there like Barbara. She is awesome and so very helpful and friendly. I like seeing her there with her nice attitude and smiling face. I give this place a 5 star rating!! Thanks Barbara for the great customer service too!! 👍🏽

Grocery Outlet Campbell California

Grocery Outlet Campbell California Weekly Ad for 100 N. San Tomas Aquino Road Campbell, CA 95008.

I came in to buy a different dry dog food for my old dog. I also bought a can of dog food to see if she would eat it. She did. The checker was very sweet and helpful. I will return again and again. The prices are within my budget. Thanks Grocery Outlet!

This grocery rocks. Great prices and some strange alternative products that probably didn't last long in the mainstream world. Maybe they don't last long at the grossout either. But if you're careful, you can escape with a bag full of groceries for a bargain.

Grocery Outlet Canoga Park California

Grocery Outlet Canoga Park California Weekly Ad for 8230 Topanga Canyon Boulevard Canoga Park, CA 91304.

The staff here are so friendly and helpful. Store is clean and well organized.

Our main go to grocery shop place! Great products for great prices. Also, it has a lot of healthy options! It has everythinf you need from liquor to toilet paper. That's what was amazing, I went shopping st the Bakersfield Costco and no toilet paper vut when I went here, a fullstock of toilet paper that isnt overpriced. The place is always clean and organized, AWESOME employees that are always willing to help.

Grocery Outlet Capitol Ave Suite B San Jose CA

Grocery Outlet Capitol Ave Suite B San Jose California Weekly Ad for 331 North Capitol Ave Suite B San Jose, CA 95133.

Fresh produce,great low prices,unbelievable special offers,great variety every visit! All the staff is amazingly friendly and helpful.

Everyone who works here is so friendly and helpful, and they have an awesome and well-organized selection of beer and snacks.

Grocery Outlet Carmichael California

Grocery Outlet Carmichael California Weekly Ad for 5025 Marconi Avenue Suite A Carmichael, CA 95608.

As always the GO provides outstanding selection of affordable, quality groceries. The addition non food items are a godsend. We love you Grocery Outlet❤

Great for quick shopping, specialty organic and specialty food. I just wish they are consistent on what they carry

Grocery Outlet Carson City Nevada

Grocery Outlet Carson City Nevada Weekly Ad for 2100 East William Street Carson City, NV 89701.

Excellent organic section. Love the variety and cheap prices. Also very well maintained, clean store. Customer service is also friendly.

I love the prices excellent produce I find things that I don't find in other stores absolutely recommended I give five stars

Grocery Outlet Cathedral City California

Grocery Outlet Cathedral City California Weekly Ad for 30025 Date Palm Drive Cathedral City, CA 92234.

I'm a truck driver. I was absolutely astonished the first time I came to this store. The produce was awesome. Great meats. Plenty of organic choices. Clever kitchen utinsels I never knew I needed.

Then came the service. The employees of this store are dedicated to their customers.

Finally came the sticker shock at check out. This is like shopping at Whole Foods on a Dollar store budget.

Excellent selection, outstanding prices. Every time I go in I find something new. And the prices are so great especially after living with only one other supermarket in town that happens to be the 3rd highest price Vons in the country. Grateful Grocery Outlet is here.

Grocery Outlet Cave Junction Oregon

Grocery Outlet Cave Junction Oregon Weekly Ad for 330 S. Redwood Highway Cave Junction, OR 97523.

My favorite store, great prices and always a wide selection of everything. Hands down the best store in the Shillington area. I don't want to forget to mention the incredible staff. Always helpful and friendly. I can't say enough.

Absolutely love this place and the wide variety of items they always have I truly don't like to shop anywhere else

Grocery Outlet Chambersburg Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet Chambersburg Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 1695 Lincoln Way E, Ste 2 Chambersburg, PA 17202.

This store is full of stuff leftover from traditional grocery stores. Some of it is very close to expiring but it's ridiculously cheap. They carry fancy and everyday brands and their inventory changes so what you find on your trip may not be there next time. I would suggest to anyone to stop here before going to your usual grocery because you might find a lot of items for a fraction of their usual price. Sometimes you will find stuff you didn't plan on buying but too good to pass up (today I bought family size birdseye frozen vegetable lasagna for 2.99).

Good prices. Interesting assortment of grocery products. Always different variety of merchandise every time I go.

Grocery Outlet Chatsworth California

Grocery Outlet Chatsworth California Weekly Ad for 9805 Mason Avenue Chatsworth, CA 91311.

I just love coming here. Staff is always above and beyond helpful, kind, and smiling! Of course the HUGE saving is an added plus!

Great prices! Super friendly service. Lots of organic choices. Beautiful produce, fresh meat and fish. Fantastic beer/wine selection. Accepts credit cards, EBT, Cash/Check and Apple/Android Pay. Easy RV access

Grocery Outlet Cheney Washington

Grocery Outlet Cheney Washington Weekly Ad for 2533 1st Street Cheney, WA 99004.

This place has great prices on SOME. Iteams not all iteams. Its always clean, staff is nice. Now the bad. The staff had never been able to tell me anything, like nothing they are clueless af. They dont have the best selection & when they do get a good product they allow other small store owners to buy all the products at once. Leaving nothing for their own customers & forcing them to shop at their competitors store to get the product you desire.

Great place always has great deals on some good items. I especially like their snacks and chocolate selections. Inventory does change often so it's always a little surprise when shopping.

Grocery Outlet Chico California

Grocery Outlet Chico California Weekly Ad for 2157 Pillsbury Road Chico, CA 95926.

Oh man dont even get me started. If I talk about yall I can't stop. The prices are outrageously low (I'm from lone pine so that says a lot lol) and the products are great. So many options to choose from even organic or gluten free. Beef jerky selection is on point and the cashiers are awesome!

Prices are unbeatable. And they let me bring my cat in because it's too hot in the car. Love how caring and friendly everyone is here. Keep up the good work ♥️👍

Grocery Outlet Chino Hills California

Grocery Outlet Chino Hills California Weekly Ad for 4022 Chino Hills Parkway Chino Hills, CA 91709.

Employees are helpful and kind.. Better quality fruits and veggies than Vons as well as stater bros.. If you are camping or need to grocery shop near Bishop.... I HIGHLY RECCOMEND GOING HERE BEFORE ANYWHERE ELSE!!! It will save you alot of money,yet quality better than the Vons located behind it..

Not a great selection of stuff. But they had everything we needed. It looks like most of the vegetables there are cauled. By called I mean they weren't perfect shape but was perfect food.

Grocery Outlet Citrus Heights California

Grocery Outlet Citrus Heights California Weekly Ad for 6059 Greenback Lane Citrus Heights, CA 95621.

Great store for treasure hunting style grocery shopping. May not have every name brand you're used to, but great selection none the less. Was pleased to see many items I've been accustomed to finding at other Grocery Outlet stores near Sacramento even though it's in a different region. Thought the store is very well presented-- clean and neatly organized!

What can i say i love this store, my mother and myself can spend a whole hour in there, the owners and employees, always have on there top notch service face.. and drop what they are doing to bend over backwards to help way to go!!!!!!!

Grocery Outlet Clearlake California

Grocery Outlet Clearlake California Weekly Ad for 14806 Olympic Drive Clearlake, CA 95422.

Very helpful and friendly staff. Prices on some items...outrageously high. I.e. chicken,fish...milk 4.79 a gallon highest I've seen. Other items reasonably priced.

It's a happy store always loved going in there people are super good and friendly love to sign new things all the time

Grocery Outlet Cloverdale California

Grocery Outlet Cloverdale California Weekly Ad for 111 Treadway Drive Cloverdale, CA 95425.

Nice place if you're doing some weekly shopping or if you want to do some serious shopping there pretty quick even if the lines are long or short, always very courteous

I shop Grocery Outlet when my pantry needs a refill and my fridge is empty.
When I'm out of cleaning products or need a kitchen gadget, tools for my garden, bulbs to plant or gifts for loved ones, Grocery Outlet has it all at reduced prices, good quality and so many products to choose from. The staff is friendly and helpful, checkout is quick and easy, it's shopping made easy!

Grocery Outlet Clovis California

Grocery Outlet Clovis California Weekly Ad for 1848 Clovis Avenue Clovis, CA 93612.

Grocery outlet for the win! They had a four pack of Siggis Kids yogurt pouches, for $1.79! My son ate one right away when we got home and wanted a second. Instead, I gave him some organic carrots we also bought. The food is always rotating, so it's not a take your grocery list and you can buy everything on it kind of store. I go searching for great deals. Bonus, the staff is always super friendly and they keep the store clean.

The store is very clean and organized, and the the employees were helpful and friendly. Love the selection of wines and cheese.

Grocery Outlet Coatesville Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet Coatesville Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 1851 E Lincoln Highway Coatesville, PA 19320.

I love shopping here,always great deals.Quality of items can not be beat. Prices are fabulous!!

very clean and well stocked store . great selection that can change week to week . prices generally are below most other markets BUT you really need to know what others are selling items for in order to know if you are actually getting a deal ... like every where else prices have increased in past year but still in ballpark for most items. employees are extremely efficient and helpful making this one of my favorite places to shop.

Grocery Outlet Coeur D Alene Idaho

Grocery Outlet Coeur D Alene Idaho Weekly Ad for 410 W Neider Avenue Coeur D Alene, ID 83814.

Prices are very competitive with other grocery stores. Friendly employees. Facility was clean and not cluttered.

Love this place!!! They have a lot of organic food , produce, cheeses, healthy snacks, even organic wines at a very reasonable price. Be prepared to find a variety of goodies week to week. If you find something you love...buy a bunch because their inventory changes frequently.

Grocery Outlet Colville Washington

Grocery Outlet Colville Washington Weekly Ad for 980 S. Main Street Colville, WA 99114.

My favorite place to browse. They have a rotating selection of interesting treats. Pretty good wine selection, but I wouldn't go here for fruits and veggies. Amazing prices, highly recommended looking around for fun.

Great prices and super friendly staff. The cash register lady was so nice and made the joys or lack there of much more enjoyable. Thanks for the positive and friendly attitude you helped brighten my day.

Grocery Outlet Compton California

Grocery Outlet Compton California Weekly Ad for 2175 West Rosecrans Avenue Compton, CA 90222.

Great store! Clean, well organized, great variety, great beer and wine selection. The store has recently been refreshed. Longer hours now and great selection of plants. Go experience it yourself! Visit the produce section great variety as well. Thanks Dave Phillips

I am glad this store isn't taking returns. It scares me to think someone could return something right now and bring covid 19 into the store and possibly infect the staff. I feel safe seeing them cleaning all the time and they are so friendly to offer us wipes and hand sanatizer. I was also surprised how fast this store recovered after the rush a few months ago. Today we purchased a great meal for father's day for the 5 of us for under $22. Keep up the great work!!

Grocery Outlet Concord California

Grocery Outlet Concord California Weekly Ad for 5410 Ygnacio Valley Road Concord, CA 94521.

Definitely enjoy this store and it’s good prices. My favourite part is the large organic aisle they have and and cant forget the one ice cream selection is nice and always different. Employees r always kind and helpful. Line always moves quick and especially considering ratio of employees to customers. They are open late and that’s also cool.

Great place for some super deals - Might not have everything on your shopping list so we shop here 1st then finish our list with nearby super markets

Grocery Outlet Coos Bay Oregon

Grocery Outlet Coos Bay Oregon Weekly Ad for 1385 Newmark Avenue Coos Bay, OR 97420.

Awesome place like I'm used to in Idaho, happy to find one near by while I work and visit the area!

Good bargains to be had.

Happy to find some plant based options for snacks and dinner too.

Paper bags are 10 cents each if you forget to bring your own.

😱OMy Thanks for Aussie Bites. Haven't had any for ages. I'll try to include a bit more exercise into my shopping.

Grocery Outlet Corvallis Oregon

Grocery Outlet Corvallis Oregon Weekly Ad for 1755 Nw 9th Street Suite 110 Corvallis, OR 97330.

Stepped in for the first time in a few years. Same products but presented so much cleaner. New owners/floorplan brought it from 3rd world to the first.

This used to be a good store but with the new owners And new employees that is all changed customer service no longer exists,you will have to go to another store to get all your grocery needs.lots of dated product and produce that us on the verge of rotting,

Grocery Outlet Costa Mesa California

Grocery Outlet Costa Mesa California Weekly Ad for 1835 Newport Blvd, Suite #C140 Costa Mesa, CA 92627.

This grocery outlet has the feel of a higher store. It is discount. Not low end. I constantly find BOGO and amazing deals. Name brands. NOSH. Choice wine selection. Large. Clean. Friendly. I'll tell everyone. Stop by see for yourself.

grocery outlet clearlake rocks everybody's super friendly they go out of their way to get you through the line fast they have plenty of checkers everybody's happy!

Grocery Outlet Cottage Grove Oregon

Grocery Outlet Cottage Grove Oregon Weekly Ad for 200 Gateway Boulevard Cottage Grove, OR 97424.

Really good prices and pretty good variety. They even have a pretty good variety of vegan choices :)

Never had a better time shopping. Listen to great music and enjoy your time. All my pet food, toys, gardening stuff, scented candles, clothes, organic food, vitamins,😍...I could go on. I spend 100 dollar bill every time I go, at least once a week.

Grocery Outlet Crescent City California

Grocery Outlet Crescent City California Weekly Ad for 1124 - 3rd Street Crescent City, CA 95531.

It's always an adventure to shop here. So many cool things I never knew I needed til I found them here. Plus so many staples for stocking up.

I way over spent but only because the prices were so good I bought way more than I'd planned. Great selection and unbelievable prices. Now all I have to do is find room for everything!

Grocery Outlet Dallas Oregon

Grocery Outlet Dallas Oregon Weekly Ad for 258 W Ellendale Avenue Dallas, OR 97338.

Looks 1000x better under the new ownership, merchandising and over all store appearance looks better with a better selection. Keep it up!

This is the best organized grocery outlet I have ever been in. They always have the most interesting wines and cheeses, and there are plenty of Cashiers.

Grocery Outlet Davis California

Grocery Outlet Davis California Weekly Ad for 1800 E 8th Street Suite B Davis, CA 95616.

Every day people are so helpful there they go out of there way to help.

My first stop for everything. The best store around for just about anything, friendly service also. The only place I buy organic food. Great prices on everything! If you want to save, this is the store for you too!

Grocery Outlet Dayton Nevada

Grocery Outlet Dayton California Weekly Ad for 7 Dayton Village Parkway Dayton, NV 89403.

Great prices for name brand items and deals for unusual items. Check out was friendly and smiling, refreshing when employees don't hate their job! I'll be a return customer :)

This is the first place I come when I shop, because of the great prices and amazing food choices. I love the employees too, nice!

Grocery Outlet Delran New Jersey

Grocery Outlet Delran New Jersey Weekly Ad for 4004 US 130, Suite 9 Delran, NJ 08075.

I love this place! Clean, organized, friendly. Always excited to see what new items arrive and what's on super sale. Prices are unbelievable.

Grocery outlet is one of my favorite places. I often visit several times a week and find the most incredible deals. On my best day, I scored $700 worth for under $100. They are constantly rotating inventory and you just never know what they’re going to have, but they always have a lot of premium groceries that are deeply discounted. The staff is always very cheerful and eager to help.

Grocery Outlet Desert Hot Springs California

Grocery Outlet Desert Hot Springs California Weekly Ad for 14677 Palm Drive Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240.

Love these stores! I've found in different locations and every time am delighted! Fresh, clean, organized, full of choices, and the staff!!!!! Pleasant, helpful,and kind!!!! ❤️

Newly renovated store, nice and fresh. They have about anything you need from a grocery store with decent prices

Grocery Outlet Dinuba California

Grocery Outlet Dinuba California Weekly Ad for 667 N. Alta Avenue Dinuba, CA 93618.

the guys on the phone were super nice.i wanted the deal on the coke for 3.99 they told me to go to facebook to get the coupon. I clicked o the link and I was out the door with 2.thank you guys.your the best.

Nice, clean store. They usually have enough check out clerks working that the lines arent too long. Some really good deals and they keep a good amount of things in stock.

Grocery Outlet Dixon California

Grocery Outlet Dixon California Weekly Ad for 2400 N First Street Dixon, CA 95620.

they have some of the best items you don't find at standard grocery stores 👍🏻

I find especially good deals on coffee, beer, condiments, fun ice cream, cereal, certain frozen foods, real maple syrup......

Grocery Outlet Downey California

Grocery Outlet Downey California Weekly Ad for 8320 Firestone Blvd Downey, CA 90241.

Just moved to DHS ams still finding my surroundings. Was glad to see there's a Grocery Outlet close by. Place was clean and check out was a breeze.

Great inventory that changes weekly ...I personally like that they have a great selection for Vegetarians and Vegans .

Grocery Outlet Duarte California

Grocery Outlet Duarte California Weekly Ad for 1322 Huntington Drive Duarte, CA 91010.

Love this place so clean has everything a big store has but cheaper Its my new go to !!

Shopping here is an experience. I never see the same thing twice. They have things a normal grocery store just never has but you wish they did. Love this place. Food items are good and healthy.

Grocery Outlet East Norriton Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet East Norriton Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 2917 Swede Road East Norriton, PA 19401.

Quality Food at outlet prices. You can find most any kind of food you want. Is a smaller store with nice varieties. Adequate when you need to get something quickly.

They had a great selection. Got shoping done in a timly manor and i felt safe from germs. Serfices was disinfected and masks were forced. Secerty was steict and was verey hands on. Felt like i was molested at checkout. I love this place felt very safe for me and my children walet waz lost and quickly returned

Grocery Outlet Easton Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet Easton Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 2451 Nazareth Road Suite 12 Easton, PA 18045.

Amazing deals and timely service. Suppliers have been recently updated and the products illustrate as such. High quality beef, chicken, dairy, dry goods and even home goods. I use this store to ensure I stay in budget each week!

Love the convenience and compact area. Quick in/out. I am always pleasantly surprised that they have everything we're looking for despite being smaller than other supermarkets in the area. Great, and I mean great, coffee bean selection.

Grocery Outlet East Wenatchee Washington

Grocery Outlet East Wenatchee Washington Weekly Ad for 315 Valley Mall Parkway, #315 East Wenatchee, WA 98802.

There's two locations for Grocery Outlet in our town both are clean well stocked you got to watch prices but you save an average of 15 to $50 every trip so hey if you're in the neighborhood go for it

I love this store, there's a man there named Daniel and he is one of the nicest workers there. Always super friendly and in an amazing mood. Not once have I ever see him in a bad mood. People appreciate positivity especially during these times. Great store great deals great people!

Grocery Outlet Elk Grove California

Grocery Outlet Elk Grove California Weekly Ad for 8517 Bond Rd Elk Grove, CA 95624.

A lot of variety with really good prices. Lots of plant based products that I usually have to order online. I am happy they moved to town! Staff is very helpful and friendly too!

Good deals. Clean store. Friendly staff. Lot’s of cheese and wine.Just check expiration dates and freeze things properly.

Grocery Outlet Ellensburg Washington

Grocery Outlet Ellensburg Washington Weekly Ad for 705 North Ruby Street Ellensburg, WA 98926.

I totally love this store! Has so much in groceries, canned goods, household stuff and wine and beer...Not to mention the plants!

Love this store. Lots of Vegetarian options as well as organic & NON-GMO. They carry Renpure Plant Based soaps as well... Sweet!! Way less expensive than the health food stores.... Unfortunately I don't believe the money stays local (corporate), I could be wrong though.

Grocery Outlet Enumclaw Washington

Grocery Outlet Enumclaw Washington Weekly Ad for 960 Roosevelt Avenue Enumclaw, WA 98022.

Big Store! It was well stocked. If you want to try something so delicious, then try the "Tazely" brand. Their pickled beets are amazing! Grocery Outlet regular customers, myself included rave about this product. We all need more probiotics in our body. So anything that is pickled is a bonus, I take as a natural product, instead of pills. Eat sauerkraut as well. Nothing beats a great 'Ruben' grilled sandwich with sauerkraut! (Their 'Daveley Bavarian Sauerkraut' mild is yummy!) Unless it's a "President Brie" and fig jam panini!! Great finds at any of the Grocery Outlet chains. Saving money on great food makes you a smart consumer. By the way, Grocery Outlet in Bonney Lake, WA now carries venison. Enjoy!

Love the employees, always so polite even when I'm the last customer running around trying to fill my cart 5 minutes before closing. G.O.Employees, I apologize for doing that but in my defense if you didn't have such great deals I wouldn't be acting like like such a crazy lady. 😂

Grocery Outlet Ephrata Washington

Grocery Outlet Ephrata Washington Weekly Ad for 1460 SW Basin Street Ephrata, WA 98823.

Moses lake & Ephrata & Wenatchee.. all great areas for the grocery stores great prices for sure.

The wines! I like good wines at a great price and this is the place for it. They've got a nice selection of gluten free and vegetarian foods. Also, the cheeses! So great. You never know what they'll have, so shop there first, then fill in with the regular grocery store. You'll spend less and get higher quality.

Grocery Outlet Eugene Oregon

Grocery Outlet Eugene Oregon Weekly Ad for 2060 River Road Eugene, OR 97404.

My favorite Grocery Outlet store of all. They have all the name brands at a fraction of the price. The staff is warm and friendly. The store is well kept and inviting. This is the only place I shop at and I always go here first over any other grocery store.

You know those grocery outlets, those ones we refer to as gross me outlets?

Nope. Not this one. The store is so clean, the staff is so friendly. Also to be noted, one of the best cider selections I have seen around. Look above the frozen bunkers.

Grocery Outlet Everett Washington

Grocery Outlet Everett Washington Weekly Ad for 10115 Evergreen Way Everett, WA 98204.

Tonight was the first time that I had ever gone here. It's called a an outlet store but go inside and it seems just like the grocery store. So there are about two or three extra dials that are more like a office supply store or a drug store with bathroom supplies. All the prices are extremely cheap compared to pretty much anywhere you go. The only thing is the stock and Brands I guess are constantly changing because of how they purchase their products, usually from one of their competitors who was closing their doors for good. But overall, all the customers seemed happy with what they're getting because it's below sale price and the employees seem happy because all their customers leave happy...[note- it would be wise to check the use by dates though]

Has many items to fill your grocery needs. Can easily safe up to 50 percent off your bill. Everything is good quality. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Go here first; then Safeway. Use your savings to gas up your car. New items quite often arrive.

Grocery Outlet Evergreen Way Everett Washington

Grocery Outlet Evergreen Way Everett Washington Weekly Ad for 5209 Evergreen Way Everett, WA 98203.

I've said it before and I'll say it again grocery outlet is my favorite grocery store. The prices are great, the people that work there are usually super friendly, and you can find the most amazing unique stuff that you will never find anywhere else.

The downside is you might just discover your new favorite thing, and then never ever see it again.

Absolutely wonderful owners! Got to know them here in Spokane before they left. Good job , Alissa and Nate will do you proud!🌸

Grocery Outlet Fairfield California

Grocery Outlet Fairfield California Weekly Ad for 200 Travis Boulevard Fairfield, CA 94533.

always find good deals and new products to try. staff is very friendly and helpful.

Fresh and clean a lot of good stuff people very friendly and helpful that is my new store love you stater Brothers never been to Yvonne's too expensive thank God desert hot springs has grocery outlet we needed a break from being ripped off from the only hard-working money that we have

Grocery Outlet Federal Way Washington

Grocery Outlet Federal Way Washington Weekly Ad for 32945 Pacific Hwy S Federal Way, WA 98003.

I tried this store years ago, and it was full of dented cans and aged produce. I tried it again today and was so pleasantly surprised. The hubby found his beer cheaper. I would say the beer meets or beats the sale prices at our usual grocery store. Lots of brand name foods, and the produce looked really good. Not all the deals are fantastic (20%ish), but I would say the vast majority of prices I checked were great (near 50% or more). I will now always go there first before hitting the full price store. I was told at checkout that there were different owners than when I tried it years ago. Bravo to the newer owners! I have to add that I used the restroom, and it was clean and smelled nice, what a surprise!

There was an item that was on sale in an online circular that was excluded from their location even though it wasn't so specifically listed. They were very polite and apologetic as to why they were unable to price match and understood. Due to this, 5 stars in my book.

Grocery Outlet Fernley Nevada

Grocery Outlet Fernley Nevada Weekly Ad for 1305 Chisholm Trail Fernley, NV 89408.

Always clean and stocked with random stuff in every department, so you will never get bored.. Not to many associates but never to crazy busy. I've never waited longer than 5 mins to check out. Only complaint is trying to leave the parking lot to go north bound is sketchy, but not stores issue.

This place is very new, clean and affordable. Very lower and competitive prices on a lot of varies items, from fresh produce to household needs. I love the low and affordable prices but also name brand options at a good price.

Grocery Outlet Fillmore California

Grocery Outlet Fillmore California Weekly Ad for 1108 Ventura Street Fillmore, CA 93015.

Good prices, and a lot of different stuff you would not see at the other big box grocery stores.

Best grocery outlet I’ve been too- wayyy better than Moorpark. Clean and nice and amazing selection. Especially of healthy all natural foods It’s like a mix of Whole Foods and Aldi

So happy to have this new location in my town! The cheese selection is amazing. Also hummus is 99cents most times. Interesting and delicious vegan items to try at a great discounted price. Also, the ice cream selection is amazing 😍🤩🍨🧀🧀🧀

Grocery Outlet First Avenue Hillsboro Oregon

Grocery Outlet First Avenue Hillsboro Oregon Weekly Ad for 354 South First Avenue Hillsboro, OR 97123.

I love this store , always so much new and unique quality items for amazing deal . I go here for fun to just look at their new things

I love this place. 😍 They have a nice amount of organic, at better prices!
The only thing I could say, is if you like an item, get what you can! You don't know if they will be able to get again!
But enjoy the price!
The Blair's

Grocery Outlet Flavel Street Portland Oregon

Grocery Outlet Portland Oregon Weekly Ad for 7120 SE Flavel Street Portland, OR 97206.

At checkout they told me what I saved. It was more than 1/3. I love grocery outlet for milk, soda,coffee and much more. Have found some new favorite snacks there.

I went here for the second time yesterday, and I got to say I was pretty impressed with a lot of their prices. Sure you still have to pay attention because some things aren't any cheaper than other stores, but I was impressed with the quantity of organic foods and name brands at really great prices. The store was clean and the staff was really friendly and helpful. I'll definitely be back because this place will make my grocery budget go further.

Grocery Outlet Florence Oregon

Grocery Outlet Florence Oregon Weekly Ad for 2066 Hywy 101 Florence, OR 97439.

Grocery Outlet is the best! They have a bunch of Vegan products at a fraction of the price. The store is clean and employee's are caring.

Who doesn't love a bargain. My daughter got one of the coolest jackets there ever. Great selection of imported foods and pretty good organic. The prices are unbeatable

Grocery Outlet Folsom California

Grocery Outlet Folsom California Weekly Ad for 671 East Bidwell Folsom, CA 95630.

Until I visited the Folsom Grocery Outlet store on Oct. 1 with a friend, I wasn't aware that each store is individually owned or operated. That explains why my neighborhood Grocery Outlet store in Carmichael has a wine inventory much less varied than the Folsom Grocery Outlet. The selection of wines on display at the Folsom store may actually rival your typical BevMo store. Also on display at the Folsom Grocery Outlet store was a very nice selection of summer & garden inventory at 50% off. I was very happy and surprised to find weather resistant tea stained American flag bunting for only $3.00 a piece!

I love this store!!! They have a natural food section called NOSH and they'll have special foods I can each way discounted. Great staff and management!

Grocery Outlet Foothill Boulevard Arcadia CA

Grocery Outlet Foothill Boulevard Arcadia California Weekly Ad for 165 E Foothill Boulevard Arcadia, CA 91006.

Food is expensive right now, and this place isn't. It also probably has everything you need if you aren't too needy.

Love this place, I always find what I want at really fair prices. Also open for business during expansion construction at this location

Grocery Outlet Fountain Valley California

Grocery Outlet Fountain Valley California Weekly Ad for 18920 Brookhurst Street Fountain Valley, CA 92708.

Locally owned. Best deals around. Organic and vegan options keep me and my family coming back. Also, their wine and chocolate section is 🤩

This is actually an amazing Grocery Outlet! Definitely the best one in the area. They have fancy cheeses and good meat, a lot of craft beers, household items, clothing. It is very clean as well! Definitely recommend.

Grocery Outlet Fremont California

Grocery Outlet Fremont California Weekly Ad for 4949 Stevenson Blvd Suite F Fremont, CA 94538.

Great store. As long as you go shopping knowing that they're not going to have every single thing you're looking for, you'll be good. Awesome deals and finds. Plus, they have adorable little garden decorations for a super good price. What's not to love?

I go here to supplement - not for primary grocery shopping. You can score some great deals on things like gluten free dairy free vegan cheese or organic snacks and soup (dairy free clam chowder?!). As an example, I found oat milk coffee drinks for $.47 each where you'd expect to see them for $2.99 and never buy them. What?! Or fancy yogurt for $.67 instead of $3.49. I check all the expiration dates but otherwise this place is great to hunt out some fun snacks and things.

Grocery Outlet Fresno California

Grocery Outlet Fresno California Weekly Ad for 2820 Tulare Street Fresno, CA 93721.

Fabulous place to go grocery shopping. The wild caught Salmon is delicious and the prices are half of that at the next nearest store. Staff is just great.

Great deals on what you want and need. Check dates on items some expire soon but that's how they keep the prices low. Mega savings!

Grocery Outlet Fullerton California

Grocery Outlet Fullerton California Weekly Ad for 120 N. Raymond Ave. Fullerton, CA 92831.

Love this Outlet. Always clean and nice people with excellent customer service skills. I live in Placerville, but drive over 30 minutes to Folsom. Not all Grocery Outlets are the same.

We go here for bargains on vegan items. The store has a good selection of many types of food and is pleasant to shop in. The prices are great.

Grocery Outlet Gardnerville Nevada

Grocery Outlet Gardnerville Nevada Weekly Ad for 1329 Us Highway 395n, Ste.12-3 Gardnerville, NV 89410.

Great place to shop. Super friendly staff. Always stocked and always changing products. It's a nice way to find new favorites while always saving money.

Good deals and pretty good organic selection. As with most these type of stores the stock varies from time to time and your favorite may not be there next time. Kelly was efficient and friendly at the checkout.

Grocery Outlet Gilroy California

Grocery Outlet Gilroy California Weekly Ad for 333 E 10th Street Gilroy, CA 95020.

Love the variety of products here, and great produce. Definitely recommend shopping here. My kids love the holiday items as well. They have just about everything you can think of, and some specialty items I can't find anywhere else, like eggroll wrappers.

Great store. Friendly & helpful staff. Convenient to 101 southbound + 152 for snacks like cold coffee, chips, nuts, trail mix, chocolate, bottled water and picnic supplies. Why pay more?

Grocery Outlet Grand Terrace California

Grocery Outlet Grand Terrace California Weekly Ad for 22441 Barton Road Grand Terrace, CA 92313.

Super good prices for those of us on a budget! You need to visit a few times a week to catch the great discounts/markdowns. Also great deals on wines, especially imports from Chile and Australia.

Always shop here first for the things on my list, saves $! Tons of organic options at a fraction of the cost! My goal is to always "save" more than I spend :) the service is always great too!

Grocery Outlet Grants Pass Oregon

Grocery Outlet Grants Pass Oregon Weekly Ad for 350 Ne Agness Avenue Grants Pass, OR 97526.

Great staff, clean store, fresh veggies and great pri especially! We love Grocery Outlet

Great customer service. Prompt attention to opening more registers when needed. Employees are courteous and have manners. I love the prices, the vegetables and fruits. Also the great cheeses. Lot's of different items and the prices are perfect!!

Grocery Outlet Grass Valley California

Grocery Outlet Grass Valley California Weekly Ad for 616 Sutton Way Grass Valley, CA 95945.

Excellent place to go shopping, as I always save at least 50% on my purchases. Selection varies based upon overflows. This is how they get their products and how they can sell them at a significantly reduced price. Shop here first, and if you don't find what you need, then hit up another grocer. I keep coming here every week!

Good selection including gluten-free foods. Helpful checker and packer 👍

Grocery Outlet Greensprings Drive York PA

Grocery Outlet Greensprings Drive York Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 1244 Greensprings Drive York, PA 17402.

Always a Great selection. Usually the staff is pretty cool too. The prices are awesome and the store seems pretty clean.

Wow I was impressed on their selection of organic and keto friendly options!!! The deals were good - but not much less than what I pay at Aldi's. The selection here is what will bring me back!

Grocery Outlet Gresham Oregon

Grocery Outlet Gresham Oregon Weekly Ad for 2925 NW Division Street Gresham, OR 97030.

It's a real good store to save money. Has almost everything, good "dollar" as well as "real" brands, fresh fruits and veggies and meat. But I really like it because compared to other "discount" stores I'm used to, the service is excellent, employees are always ready to help and welcoming!

I went to Grocery Outlet for the first time today and I absolutely loved it! amazing prices and fresh produce! My cashier was the sweetest lady and greeted me with a huge genuine smile! The store is small but it is clean and easy to navigate! I will definitely be doing most of my shopping at Grocery Outlet!

Grocery Outlet Gridley California

Grocery Outlet Gridley California Weekly Ad for 1550 HWY 99 Gridley, CA 95948.

You just can't go wrong at this store. Prices are 3 to 3 dollars cheaper across the board

Its always nice to come to this store, today for the first time I had to use their restroom and it was a good experience excellent job in keeping it clean.

Grocery Outlet Hagerstown Maryland

Grocery Outlet Hagerstown Maryland Weekly Ad for 1713 Massey Boulevard, Ste 104 Hagerstown, MD 21740.

I go out of my when I shop here, but it's totally worth it everytime! The store is clean & bright. The music selection is oldies dance & rock hits, so the ambiance is always upbeat. The employees are friendly & helpful unlike a lot of other grocery stores that just higher cranky/moody teens. A great selection of fresh produce, health & vegetarian food, & various snacks. They also carry a wide array of health & beauty products, cookware, toys, clothes, & other goods. The only downside is you will definitely impulse buy while you're there.

Not big in size,yet has everything to offer in produce,dairy and all other essential items you may need!!!
I go to this particular location all the time, although it is about 20 miles away from my house!!!

Grocery Outlet Hailey Idaho

Grocery Outlet Hailey Idaho Weekly Ad for 615 N Main Street Hailey, ID 83333.

Even tho the store doesn't have everything I need it's still a good place to shop. The prices are very low which is #1 with me they don't need to ever raise the prices they have been a life savior I very much enjoy shopping here.

Best price on sliced olives, $.69 per can. They have other good prices on a variety of grocery items.

Grocery Outlet Hamilton Township New Jersey

Grocery Outlet Hamilton Township New Jersey Weekly Ad for 1075 Whitehorse-Mercerville Rd Hamilton Township, NJ 08610.

Great selection. Some things not super great deal. If you know your health food prices, a lot of items a steal.

Love this store, staff always pleasant and very helpful. Store is always very clean and neat, well
Stocked at all times. The prices are great also, I’m looking forward to my next adventure at your store.

Grocery Outlet Hancock Street Portland Oregon

Grocery Outlet Hancock Street Portland Oregon Weekly Ad for 4420 Ne Hancock Street Portland, OR 97213.

Great place. Close to home that I can ride my mobility scooter. Has a decent variety. Prices are reasonable. I go often.

Its pretty decent selection i rarely go there and am not able to get something. Just dont be too particular about brands. Be sure to check exp dates though so u know if its something you need to use soon.

Grocery Outlet Hanford California

Grocery Outlet Hanford California Weekly Ad for 2576 North 10th Ave. Hanford, CA 93230.

Got great deals on odd gadgets here. I bought great lnight lites for 4 bucks. The store is under new ownership and now they offer alot more healthier options.

For years I have gone here to get Glacier frozen fresh peaches that I use in baking. Today I did not see any and asked if they had any....they went back into their freezer storage and found a box....so very pleasant and helpful.....

Grocery Outlet Hanover Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet Hanover Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 1150 Carlisle Street Hanover, PA 17331.

I'm impressed! Never been or even heard of this store. Reminds me of Aldi. They have a nice selection of GF, keto and paleo products which is a big plus for me. The prices seemed reasonable. Cashier was super friendly. Store was not crowded. The store was organized. I got there close to closing time so I didn't have much time to explore but I would definitely consider going back when I'm in the area.

Good quality stuff, changes every day. I go here before doing my regular grocery shopping, get some stuff much less expensive than normal.

Grocery Outlet Happy Valley Oregon

Grocery Outlet Happy Valley Oregon Weekly Ad for 14800 Se Sunnyside Road Happy Valley, OR 97015.

Excellent service! I needed an ATM really bad and this place just got one, phew. But that's not why the only reason I'm leaving this review, I go to this grocery outlet all the time and I am EXTREMELY happy with how helpful the owners are. Mike and Tiffany are down to earth people and they seem like they are as ready to help you as any employee is. Not only that but the produce is fresh and it's not almost expired like other low cost grocery stores. Also, the employees are friendly and fun. It's also a clean place and is well maintained.

We always go to grocery outlet. They were amazing! Their fast and friendly service made our experience one too remember! Their knowledgeable and friendly staff made every decision that much easier for us. We will be back for sure! If be surprised if they didn't get 5 stars from everybody!

Grocery Outlet Hayward California

Grocery Outlet Hayward California Weekly Ad for 22660 Vermont Street Hayward, CA 94541.

Excellent customer service, always well stocked, excellent prices

Always a clean pleasant place to shop⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thank you Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet Hemet California

Grocery Outlet Hemet California Weekly Ad for 3200 W Florida Avenue Hemet, CA 92545.

I love coming here with my friends to check out the new deals each month. You never know what you'll find, but sometimes you strike gold!

Great service. Friendly people running it. Large selection of organic foods at unbeatable prices.

Grocery Outlet Hermiston Oregon

Grocery Outlet Hermiston Oregon Weekly Ad for 1875 N 1st Street, Suite E Hermiston, OR 97838.

This place has good prices on most of the items they carry. They typically don't have everything you'll want or need so you'll likely still need to go to Walmart, Safeway, or some other grocery store to finish stocking your fridge or cabinets. If you are on a tight budget, walk around and look for the deals. You could shop here only if your creative with your meal planning!

Clean store, nice employees, easy parking. I can find most staples here, plus unique things I don't necessarily need but enjoy anyway. During my weekday shopping, social distancing was no problem.

Grocery Outlet Hines Oregon

Grocery Outlet Hines Oregon Weekly Ad for 627 Hwy 20 N. Hines, OR 97738.

This is a regular stop for me weekly. They carry alot of staples we use in my house with the grazing family we can count on this store having our snacks. Good prices on everything in the store.

They have a little bit of everything and same items at other stores just a lot cheaper priced. Highly recommend buying laundry soap etc. Rugs T.P. shampoo/comditioner. Love this store amd look for the micro puzzles they are a lot of fun fun fun!!

Grocery Outlet Hollister California

Grocery Outlet Hollister California Weekly Ad for 550 Tres Pinos Road Hollister, CA 95023.

Always love the variety of products here and great prices. Although I would like them to carry some of the healthier powdered products like they do in their Hollister location.

Nice small store. Has a wonderful variety of products, produce and housewares. Staff is friendly and quick. Love coming here when Walmart is too packed.

Grocery Outlet Huntington Beach California

Grocery Outlet Huntington Beach California Weekly Ad for 16672 Beach Blvd., Suite I Huntington Beach, CA 92647.

Often excellent bargain selections on all aisles. Top shelf meats and cheeses, fantastic discounts on breakfast cereals.

very very great store I always spend more than I want to but I get about 5 to 10 times as much as I would a regular grocery store

Grocery Outlet Idaho Falls Idaho

Grocery Outlet Idaho Falls Idaho Weekly Ad for 2455 East 25th Street Idaho Falls, ID 83404.

Best Grocery Outlet ever! Friendly and efficient staff, quality products in a clean and well lit atmosphere. So lucky to have this great market here in town. Great selection of fresh, organic eggs!

🌺 I love this store!! I forgot this really cute baby orchid on the counter when I went through checkout and was SO bummed I forgot it when I got home. I went in the next day with my receipt and they had Saved it and put it aside for me. The SAME one with three flowers 😊 . Thank you!

Grocery Outlet Independence Oregon

Grocery Outlet Independence Oregon Weekly Ad for 1405 Monmouth Street Independence, OR 97351.

Every thing is cheaper and have all the things when I need it!

So happy to have this store in our community. Great way to save money on groceries!

Grocery Outlet Inglewood California

Grocery Outlet Inglewood California Weekly Ad for 2810 W. Imperial Highway Inglewood, CA 90303.

We live closer to the Jackson & Placerville Grocery Outlet off of 88 near The El Dorado National Forest, but choose to drive an extra 45 minutes to Folsom. The Store and the way the people treat you is simply that much better

Great prices. Super clean store. Just a little nicer than the others, probably because it's in Folsom.

Grocery Outlet Irvine California

Grocery Outlet Irvine California Weekly Ad for 4730 Barranca Pkwy, Suite 4730 Irvine, CA 92604.

I personally love going here first! Good bread! Good dog treats! And waterproof mascara at half the price along with other good deals on beauty products that the "natural" stores charge 3X more for.. Patrons can be a little grouchy but the staff is cheerful, helpful, and pleasant!

Good place to find bargains. It has a little bit of everything you need. Hours are 8am to 10pm 7 day a week. Dollar store and harbor freight right next door along with a myriad of other shops and eateries in the complex.

Grocery Outlet Island City Oregon

Grocery Outlet Island City Oregon Weekly Ad for 11301 Island Avenue Island City, OR 97850.

Love coming here! Everyone is always so friendly! & They're true to their name! Just went in & spent $130 & saved over $200! Love going there for anything & everything!

Great for shopping with a few days in mind. And there savings are amazing. Love saving money over the big box stores.

Grocery Outlet Jackson California

Grocery Outlet Jackson California Weekly Ad for #9 No. State Highway 49-88 Jackson, CA 95642.

I like this grocery outlet it has alot more product then others and more toys and a great cheese section

Shopping for friend that had no money for groceries. They had all the things she needed. Reasonable prices. I'll be back.

Grocery Outlet Junction City Oregon

Grocery Outlet Junction City Oregon Weekly Ad for 94582 Highway 99 East Junction City, OR 97448.

I shop here a lot and always enjoy the low key atmosphere. I don't get bothered much and the Staff is always nice. Because it's a small town G.O. the variety of items don't get sold out as fast and you can catch them on a semi week to week basis.

I personally love Grocery Outlet! The clerk went out of her way to help me get the cart out to my car and loaded up. It was worth it to me to drive to JCY from Eugene where the store and parking lot are much easier to navigate as a disabled senior.

Grocery Outlet Kenmore Washington

Grocery Outlet Kenmore Washington Weekly Ad for 7800 Ne Bothell Way Suite 140 Kenmore, WA 98028.

The staff are ALWAYS super sweet and friendly! My husband and I shop there constantly, not just for the great deals, but for the amazing staff as well

Love this store! I can always find great face creams, organic foods, imported chocolate and so much more!

Grocery Outlet Kennewick Washington

Grocery Outlet Kennewick Washington Weekly Ad for 1325 West 4th Avenue Kennewick, WA 99336.

I love this can food outlet they have such a variety and their prices are very reasonable if you're willing to try new stuff that's the place to go

Awesome store, but some items looked to be outdated. Awesome selection of wine, frozen foods and snack items. Several salads were brown/ slimy and not suitable for human consumption, meats were very discolored and smelled horrendous. Staff was polite and very helpful.

Grocery Outlet Kent Washington

Grocery Outlet Kent Washington Weekly Ad for 23910 104th Avenue Se Kent, WA 98031.

Staff are always friendly and helpful. Great bargains and I save almost as much as I spend. Blessings abound!!!!

Amazing prices! Great service!Always surprisingly good in seasonal and staples.

Grocery Outlet Kerman California

Grocery Outlet Kerman California Weekly Ad for 14868 West Whitesbridge Avenue Kerman, CA 93630.

I'm a nomad and the first thing I look for in every town I spend time in is Grocery Outlet! I'm plant based and I find lots of choices here. The non dairy cheese brands they carry are superior to Dayia. Much cheaper too!

This store really is a bargain. The loads of money you save is ginormous. The items they sell are pretty good quality as well. Best part is it's not crowded, but hey how long is my secret money saving store going to be a secret now hehe.

Grocery Outlet Kietzke Lane Reno Nevada

Grocery Outlet Reno Nevada Weekly Ad for 3800 S Kietzke Lane #130 Reno, NV 89502.

Jason and Kathy have this place. Great deals very friendly staff love coming in here and Jason knows his wine area like the back of his hand the cashiers and the staff are so ready to assist, it's a great place to come into. I'd much rather come in here and do my shopping then going to one of the big chain stores where it's very impersonal all of the employees at Grocery Outlet Market in Pleasant Hill are very engaged and very helpful and you can tell all the way through the staff.

A great locally owned store that's part of an amazing buying group! Fantastic prices on unique and quality items. And the wine selection at this location is delightful!!

Grocery Outlet King City Oregon

Grocery Outlet King City Oregon Weekly Ad for 15705 SW 116th Avenue King City, OR 97224.

This store is super clean! We like to visit it when we are out there as we often find things we do not at the one closer to us.

I love Grocery Outlet, there prices are great and the selection is always changing.

Grocery Outlet Kingsburg California

Grocery Outlet Kingsburg California Weekly Ad for 1751 Simpson Street Kingsburg, CA 93631.

I love it because I do. The prices. The selection. Super affordable. Get my personal hygiene items there, way cheaper than Target or Walmart for the brands you WANT. Get some cheap groceries, cleaning supplies, dog treats, WINE, birthday cards, cheap headphones, rugs, kitchenware, coffee mugs, etc. I mean, what else could you want? 🤗

Wish there was more of a meat alternative like Seaside however Saleen has been my cashier many times and she is always so nice, kind and approachable. (unlike some of the other ladies) so because of her you guys get 5 stars

Grocery Outlet Kirkland Washington

Grocery Outlet Kirkland Washington Weekly Ad for 6625 132nd Avenue NE Kirkland, WA 98033.

I was very pleased with the prices on most things an I even found them on instacart not sure if this exact location but it was cool to see they offer more then just grocery items

This place has items you may not be able to find elsewhere. Decent prices in most items great prices in others. I wouldn't expect to go in with your shopping list and get all the items on there though.

Grocery Outlet Klamath Falls Oregon

Grocery Outlet Klamath Falls Oregon Weekly Ad for 4333 S 6th Street Klamath Falls, OR 97603.

I bought some scatters/ slash like rubber rugs there and was curious if I could order more just like it?? I love them and want more..I will be happy to pay upfront for them if possible to get them..If so I will bring in what I bought to show you what I want!

Always a varied selection of quality products. We buy the grass fed ground beef and items in the natural foods aisle for the part.

Grocery Outlet La Habra California Weekly Ad

Grocery Outlet La Habra California Weekly Ad for 2001 W Whittier Blvd La Habra, CA 90631.

Grocery Outlet has BEST prices but inventory changes weekly due to their snagging bargains from other stores.

This Grocery outlet is very bright, clean and organized. The selection is nice too.

Grocery Outlet Lake Elsinore California

Grocery Outlet Lake Elsinore California Weekly Ad for 29231 Central Avenue Lake Elsinore, CA 92532.

Lots of good prices on different things. Drinks, wine and electronics amongst my favorites.

Lots of goodies to choose from. And it's fun to find a great bottle of wine too.

Grocery Outlet Lake Forest California

Grocery Outlet Lake Forest California Weekly Ad for 22475 El Toro Road Lake Forest, CA 92630.

This is my favorite grocery store because it has things I find nowhere else especially gluten-free and keto items, and, for a great value!

My favorite place to shop for great deals. Love coming here and getting some.of my favorite items as well as some new ones, but get the lm while they are hot, because items rotate. Best place to get gluten free and vegan items at lower than retail price, especially baking flowers. Im a huge fan and hope here 1-2 times a week if not more. I always leave with more than need like Target

Grocery Outlet Lake Isabella California

Grocery Outlet Lake Isabella California Weekly Ad for 6415 Lake Isabella Boulevard Lake Isabella, CA 93240.

Very unique grocery store. Has organic and regular menu items with very good pricing. Good selection of domestic and import wines. Small spirit display but all pricing is dollar savings. Go in with an open mind from your regular experiences, come out with a basket of goodies. Great prices on snack s too.

I love this place. They always have the basics plus wonderful deals . Every week is different. This week I bought meat and cheese snack packs for 50 cents. The employees are always friendly and the store is very clean.

Grocery Outlet Lakeport California

Grocery Outlet Lakeport California Weekly Ad for 1155 South Main Street Lakeport, CA 95453.

If you like variety, they always have different items and some of them are off brands that are such good quality. Great finds!

Wish I had more time in this wonderful store. The prices really impressed me and the associates were so kind and helpful. The store was spotless and the fruits and veggies were beautiful! That is what I look for in a food market. These are the values that will keep me going back. AND..... THE MUSIC WAS BRILLIANT! That right there, these factors is exactly what makes a pleasurable experience with each visit.

Grocery Outlet Lake Stevens Washington

Grocery Outlet Lake Stevens Washington Weekly Ad for 303 91st Avenue NE, Suite B Lake Stevens, WA 98258.

Just got 7 yoga mats for my bathroom floor I have neuropathy and it these make my floor beautiful comfortable,7dollars,looked elsewhere 24,so check here first you never know what exciting bargains you will find

I love this store and it's staff is great. Sometimes you can score some really awesome deals in there

Grocery Outlet Lakewood California

Grocery Outlet Lakewood California Weekly Ad for 5615 Woodruff Avenue Lakewood, CA 90713.

You walk into this place expecting banged up boxes and junkie merchandise, but end up being incredibly surprised. This place has a bit of everything! Because it's filled with overstock from other retail establishments, the product may change day to day or week to week. I would recommend shopping there first and then picking up what they don't have st your regular store. Fresh produce, frozen foods, exotic cheeses. It's really fun just to see what they have. And the prices! So much better than traditional stores, even wall mart. They have pops, bottled water, milk, greeting cards, fresh flowers, health/beauty, toys, socks, cookware, beer. I would really recommend just looking at the store and see for yourself. Great business idea.

Great prices and staff. They are not your normal grocery chain that has everything under the sun and then some. They do have a limited selection in comparison but they have all the staple food items regularly and other items cycle. The prices really can't be beat when you will get major brand items, large packages at unreadable reduced prices. My last visit was 35$ filling five bags of food. At a normal store that is one or two bags at best. I suggest give them a try, shop here first and take advantage of the reduced costs. Then stop by a normal store to get any specially items that you were unable to find here. You will still drop your grocery bill significantly. The staff have been polite and helpful to me and any others that I have seen getting assistance.

Grocery Outlet La Mirada California

Grocery Outlet La Mirada California Weekly Ad for 15745 Imperial Highway,suite B La Mirada, CA 90638.

This is a dependable Grocery Outlet, nothing remarkable compared to others. good location.

Awesome place to save money great selection on organic foods love this place great place to save a buck.

Grocery Outlet Lansdale Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet Lansdale Pennsylvania for 561 S Broad Street Lansdale, PA 19446.

I just visited for the first time today, and I'm impressed! The quality items for such low prices is such a nice bargain! The store is laid out neatly, and the produce was all fresh. There's a great variety of items in this store, and you can find so many different snacks for different dietary needs or restrictions! I was especially impressed with all the low-carb options. Amazing prices on cereal, coffee, bakery items, etc. Pretty much everything. The cashier was very friendly and they gave us a free bag for our first time visiting. The store was clean and there is lots of parking available in front of and to the side of the store. This place is definitely worth stopping at for your grocery shopping!

PRICING? Awesome! SELECTION? wide variety! SERVICE? enthusiastic & helpful! MISC: store is bright, relatively easy cart navigation. CON: they do need cart wipes out more often. LOCATION: easy access from broad st. PARKING: ample, plentiful!

Grocery Outlet La Pine Oregon

Grocery Outlet La Pine Oregon Weekly Ad for 51420 Us-97, Suite 200 La Pine, OR 97739.

Love Grocery Outlet. When I travel always look for them due to good prices, consistency of products and love their seasonal section. Always find something fun and/or unusual.
Highly recommend as it's worth the trip.♥️

This is the nicest Grocery Outlet I have ever been in. It was very clean, well stocked and did not look like some of the other Grocery Outlets that I have been to previously. If you know how to spot a good deal you can really save yourself some money at these places but not everything is less expensive here so if your trying to stretch a budget just make sure your diligent about checking prices and you will indeed be able to get more for less.

Grocery Outlet La Puente California

Grocery Outlet La Puente California Weekly Ad for 520 Workman Mill Road La Puente, CA 91746.

Great deals very affordable prices. Out of all the grocery outlets I’ve been too this location is my favorite. Consistent staff, makes u feel like it’s a great place because they still work there years later. I live in LA now, I still drive to this one. It feels like home, my kids love it here too! Best grocery outlet in a 50 mile radius!

Prices on everything is usually lower than other grocery stores. They have a great selection of beer and wine. They always have Stone beers which is always changing and tend to have special release beers. Always do my shopping for everything here.

Grocery Outlet La Quinta California

Grocery Outlet La Quinta California Weekly Ad for 50929 Washington Street La Quinta, CA 9225.

This Grocery Outlet is kept very clean and well organized. The staff is very helpful too.

Always good service and great value and all the grocery Outlets

Grocery Outlet Las Posas Road Camarillo California

Grocery Outlet Camarillo California Weekly Ad for 2249 Las Posas Road Camarillo, CA 93010.

Great prices, sales are incredible. Hard to have a shopping list as their inventory changes regularly but we work around it just fine. Good people, clean, no lines, helpful staff. check expiration dates if you're a stickler for that stuff.
Overall my first place to shop, it remains our first and almost only stop. So grateful for them. Great organic section! (NOSH)

Thank you!!!!!! Lost my hearing aid here more than a week ago and an amazing customer turned it in. So grateful to owners saved it for me❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ not to mention that this is the best place to shop.

Grocery Outlet Lebanon Oregon

Grocery Outlet Lebanon Oregon Weekly Ad for 2540 S Santiam Highway Lebanon, OR 97355.

I love this store friendly staff they get you in and out as quickly as possible. Prices and sales are great 5 stars from me

If you need groceries in La Pine without spending an arm & a leg then this is your best bet. Options are limited but the prices are much better than other grocery stores in town

Grocery Outlet Lemoore California

Grocery Outlet Lemoore California Weekly Ad for 1160 N Lemoore Avenue Lemoore, CA 93245.

This is a great grocery outlet. Great prices and selection. But if you see something you like, grab it, because the stock changes all the time. Also have a nice selection of toiletries, medicines and organic food at a fraction of the price of regular stores.

So thankful for this grocery store! So many deals and cheaper prices than the big box stores in the area. This isn’t really a store to go to with a list as their inventory is always changing, but I like going to find snacks and other pantry items. I’ve had great luck with their bath and body products as well! Staff are always kind and respectful. We go weekly!

Grocery Outlet Lewiston Idaho

Grocery Outlet Lewiston Idaho Weekly Ad for 117 Thain Road Lewiston, ID 83501.

I was shopping here yesterday and have to give a shout out to Andrea because I grabbed the wrong mangos and was extremely upset when they rang up as the more expensive organic mangos. She was very courteous and patient with me even though I was being rude. She was able to explain it the price difference to me and help me get the right ones without embarrassing me. This gal is an asset to this store as I’ve never had a better experience making a heel out of myself than I did yesterday.

Such an amazing addition to our valley. They are always giving and helping in our community. Thank you Kathy for always inviting us to go through your checkout lane even if you were ready to close down until the next rush, and thank you for being such a great place to shop for great deals and for supporting our community the way you ha e since day 1! We look forward to many more years here with you and your store!!

Grocery Outlet Lincoln City Oregon

Grocery Outlet Lincoln City Oregon Weekly Ad for 4157 NW Highway 101 Suite 101, LIGHTHOUSE SQUARE SHOPPING CTR Lincoln City, OR 97367.

I love everything about Grocery Outlet. It starts with superior employees, I find shopping at this store to be an uplifting experience. Bonus. I save a lot of money shopping at Grocery Outlet. Five stars.

I love our new Grocery Outlet! Bright store with many selections for almost all your needs! So so happy they are on the south end of town now. We needed a store down here since they took out dumpy Albertsons!

Grocery Outlet Livermore California

Grocery Outlet Livermore California Weekly Ad for 1320 Railroad Avenue Livermore, CA 94550.

Great prices on a large selection of groceries.

Awesome selection of cheese at low prices.

Rotating variaty of other products at good prices.

I try and go at least 2-3 times a week. They are always getting new deals in. They are mostly unadvertised, so try to walk all the aisles. My last visit a I had a $3 off $10 coupon and filled up 2 bags. Grand total $9.10. savings was 44.93. Staff is very nice and helpful.

Grocery Outlet Lodi California

Grocery Outlet Lodi California Weekly Ad for 520 S. Cherokee Lane, Ste #102 Lodi, CA 95240.

Large and stocked. Also with wine and alcoholic beverages. Expect more organic, keto, no sugar products in the Nosh area :)

Great to stop here first before heading to your regular supermarket. You'll always find great name brand products, inventory changes all the time. It's kinda fun, you never know what you'll find. Tons of organic options too, which surprised me.

Grocery Outlet Lombard Portland Oregon

Grocery Outlet Lombard Portland Oregon Weekly Ad for 7741 N Lombard Portland, OR 97203.

Fast, friendly, and convenient. Visited the Bi Mart pharmacy today and had an enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend this pharmacy. Then went over to Grocery Outlet for some quick and inexpensive grocery items. I would also highly recommend visiting them.

This particular store is always clean. The people are genuine & friendly. I enjoy going there because I can save money & you never know what you're going to find. Last time, I saved as much as I spent. True story.

Grocery Outlet Lompoc California

Grocery Outlet Lompoc California Weekly Ad for 316 E. Ocean Avenue Lompoc, CA 93436.

Okay they may not have everything you need. The service there is friendly. Prices are reasonable compared to a nearby well-known grocery store. You'll actually save a lot. Sometimes they have great bargains.

Always has new and interesting things to try, good prices and pretty good beer and wine selection.

Grocery Outlet Long Beach California

Grocery Outlet Long Beach California Weekly Ad for 1340 E. 7th Street Long Beach, CA 90813.

Also they have some nice management people there like Barbara. She is awesome and so very helpful and friendly. I like seeing her there with her nice attitude and smiling face.

Shhhhhh. Don’t tell anyone how amazing this place is. Pssst…the mermaid waffles are a crowd pleaser. Thank me later.

Grocery Outlet Los Angeles California

Grocery Outlet Los Angeles California Weekly Ad for 1120 West 6th Street, Ste 103 Los Angeles, CA 90017.

Grocery outlets have lots of unique things like walnut butter and blue corn chips with sesame seeds

I love this place! As a person on a fixed income who is trying to eat healthy vegan whenever possible, store is a godsend. Items that priced for high end consumers are actually affordable here. Great variety of items and brands, super friendly staff.

Grocery Outlet Los Banos California

Grocery Outlet Los Banos California Weekly Ad for 1337 E. Pacheco Boulevard, Suite A Los Banos, CA 93635.

It was a great shopping experience. The female clerk who assisted me and discuss the air fryer on special this week decided she was going to purchase one also. She made me aware that they also had a $5 off coupon on their Facebook page that I subscribe to, which gave me a sweet deal. I walked the whole store and saw items I will definitely purchase on my next visit.

Very clean and very friendly! This LGO is a special one. I have never been to one so we'll maintained and clean. The staff is really nice too. The prices are great. They carry a decent assortment of produce and meats. They also have steals when it comes to Christmas stuff. Highest recommendation.

Grocery Outlet Los Osos California

Grocery Outlet Los Osos California Weekly Ad for 1130 Los Osos Valley Road Los Osos, CA 93402.

Great deals. Once in a great while I will get something that is not to my liking, but that is why I buy two when trying something new. If I like it, I have an extra and I will go back to get more, or I'll give it to my husband. LOL he's wonderful.

I love this store! They have a really interesting variety of goods that is absolutely worth checking out. Sometimes they have super sales for certain items that can't be beat. I definitely recommend stopping by.

Grocery Outlet Lynden Washington

Grocery Outlet Lynden Washington Weekly Ad for 144 Bay Lyn Drive Lynden, WA 98264.

Great upgrades inside and out for this location. I love having this store so close to home. Great service too keep it up!

Great variety of stock, employees have always been very kind and patient. Shop there every week for the last year and a half!

Grocery Outlet Lynnwood Washington

Grocery Outlet Lynnwood Washington Weekly Ad for 17525 Highway 99, Suite E Lynnwood, WA 98037.

The workers here have a great sense of humor and I frequently have great conversations with them. The prices here are ridiculously good! I always come here for what I need to get it at a better price.

The employees are the nicest people. Natural and organic foods are so affordable there. Great store!

Grocery Outlet Madera California

Grocery Outlet Madera California Weekly Ad for 1930 W. Cleveland Avenue Madera, CA 93637.

Love this store! Love the owners they are awesome people!! This is my #1 go to store every day! I shop here several times a week!

A nice place to shop 👍 I was able to find everything I needed quickly and staff was very friendly

Grocery Outlet Madras Oregon

Grocery Outlet Madras Oregon Weekly Ad for 1537 Sw Hwy 97 Madras, OR 97741.

A Nice little store. I Went in to get some Blue Agave, & I found that my favorite Cherries were on sale, which is a good thing, & my Blue Agave was also on sale... Overall, it was a good experience... The staff was very friendly with nice, smiling faces... 😺👍😸

Love the prices ,staff always nice n helpful clean great store.

Grocery Outlet Main Street Salinas California

Grocery Outlet Main Street Salinas California Weekly Ad for 1415 N Main Street Salinas, CA 93906.

Love the savings I get compared to the SAME item at Wal-Mart for more, usually much more.

I absolutely love this store. Most caring and helpful staff anywhere. I really like the prices. The selection of food they receive is awesome. I only eat Organic so it’s very important to me.

Grocery Outlet Mammoth Lakes California

Grocery Outlet Mammoth Lakes California Weekly Ad for 37 Old Mammoth Road Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546.

First visit to the grocery outlet, was recommended by my co worker. Have organic products for reasonable prices. Staff is helpful answering questions and keen to help. Definitely will be returning again to get some dark chocolates made in Germany.

I work there and I can say that it is a genuinely nice store with a very kind staff. There are lots of great prices on items throughout the store and the stock is changed out frequently, so there is always something new to see.

Grocery Outlet Manheim Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet Manheim Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 703 Lancaster Road (rt 72) Manheim, PA 17545.

A grocery store with low prices and good variety of products. You can get almost everything from here, you may not get all brands but still lots of choices.

Similar concept as Aldi/ Lidl. If you see something, buy it otherwise there is no guarantee it will be there the next time you go. Clean, staff are friendly, and they announce if there is a shopper who save a lot of money during their visit. Produce and meats are fresh.

Grocery Outlet Manteca California

Grocery Outlet Manteca California Weekly Ad for 1391 E. Yosemite Avenue Manteca, CA 95336.

A small store great for quick shopping trips. The produce and meat are good as long as you plan on using or freezing within a few days. Just pay close attention to expire/use by dates on everything. Lots of name brand items and some random items that have clearly been discontinued. Several checkout stands so the wait is always short.

Recently I shopped there, for the first time, nice. The shelves look full and the store has a warm comfortable feel to it, not too small or large of a space. One can buy produce there too! And, the cashier had been nice.

Grocery Outlet Maple Valley Washington

Grocery Outlet Maple Valley Washington Weekly Ad for 26525 Maple Valley Blk Diamond, Road Se Maple Valley, WA 98038.

I love this store for the products and the staff is friendly.

Our store is very clean, and customer service is great. I like the prices and selections.

Grocery Outlet Marina California

Grocery Outlet Marina California Weekly Ad for 215 Reservation Road, Marina Village Center Marina, CA 93933.

Love our local store. The owner knows his demographic well. The organic and alternative products are great. The fruit and veggies always fresh.
My only issue is with their fresh dairy. I have had a lot of product sour before the expiration so I think it's not transported or held at proper temperature.
Other than the milk going bad so often, I recommend this store for great wine and food prices.

This is my overall favorite Grocery Outlet!! The best customer service here !!The store is very clean and organized!! Lots of bargains to choose from! I love the Organic Products at this Location. I recommend this store to anybody, Thanks to all the staff!! I’ve been going to this Grocery Outlet for many many years!!!

Grocery Outlet Marysville Washington

Grocery Outlet Marysville Washington Weekly Ad for 9620-b State Avenue Marysville, WA 98270.

Best store around. They got everything! Shalia at the register👍👍. She always ask how you're doing. And is quick too.

This store has what you need at a bargain price they may not be a name brand but the quality is there come on in

Grocery Outlet McMinnville Oregon

Grocery Outlet McMinnville Oregon Weekly Ad for 568 NE Highway 99W McMinnville, OR 97128.

Great people and great service. Love the quality food and low prices. You're definitely doing something right!

Very clean and well stocked! The employees are super nice! I will be shopping here regularly!!

Grocery Outlet Medford Oregon

Grocery Outlet Medford Oregon Weekly Ad for 35 East Stewart Avenue Medford, OR 97501.

Great produce selection! Variety of nice cheeses. Cage-free eggs, grass fed ground beef, marinated pork chops, jumbo bags of frozen cauliflower rice. Great finds! Friendly employees. Place was pretty busy late afternoon on a Monday.

This store is filled with such interesting and exciting stuff that I need and much I would like to procure for the benefit of my body mind and spirit. Love this store! Employees and customer service is outstanding. A drawing is available. I so enjoy having the total amount I saved by spending my $'s there stated by the cashier. A bonus.

Grocery Outlet Merced California

Grocery Outlet Merced California Weekly Ad for 1125 West Main Street Merced, CA 95340.

This store is one of my favorite 😍 usually they have all my needs from organic food and soaps,oils ,shampoo etc I really love 💘 it

This is my home away from home. All the employees are amazing and the deals are one of a kind. This is one of the best stores I have ever shopped at.

Grocery Outlet Mills Parkway Ontario California

Grocery Outlet Mills Parkway Ontario California Weekly Ad for 4420 Ontario Mills Parkway Ontario, CA 91764.

Great store. So I'm visiting socal for work and there's one of these nearby. One staff member was super nice and we chatted about all the visitors he gets and where I was from and whatnot. The place has limited options but great prices. Recommend!

It is never too busy. I can get in and out. The staff is helpful. And you can always find something new to try out.

Grocery Outlet Milpitas California

Grocery Outlet Milpitas California Weekly Ad for 215 W Calaveras Boulevard Milpitas, CA 95035.

Always love coming here. You always find something new and prices are fairly good. Not buying all groceries here, just some stuff...

Found out that many good items will disappear from their shelves and you will never see them again, that was disappointing. My problem is that I forgot that this is an outlet store!

Grocery Outlet Milton Washington

Grocery Outlet Milton Washington Weekly Ad for 900 Meridian Avenue East, Suite 36 Milton, WA 98354.

I've learned its smart to make Grocery Outlet my first stop on shopping day. I ALWAYS save money shopping there.

I love the outlet I can find things there that I normally couldn't afford to buy at other stores great prices great service.

Grocery Outlet Milwaukie Oregon

Grocery Outlet Milwaukie Oregon Weekly Ad for 15810 Se Mcloughlin Boulevard Milwaukie, OR 97267.

I always find a great bargain. The best place in La Pine to stock up on tasty snacks.

This is not a fancy grocery store but you will save a ton of money if you find what you're looking for. Inventory changes but they always have fresh produce, meat, cheese, canned and packaged goods and even fresh bread. Unlike most grocery stores, they also carry a decent selection of small household and personal items.

Grocery Outlet Ming Avenue Bakersfield California

Grocery Outlet Ming Avenue Bakersfield California Weekly Ad for 6421 Ming Avenue Bakersfield, CA 93309.

My favorite place to grocery shop! Great staff and even greater prices! Really help my budget during these trying times!

This is a welcoming grocery store! I am greeted every time I walk in literally! The store is always clean and organized. All the employees are always working hard and so kind. To top it off, their prices are great with good quality as well!

Grocery Outlet Modesto California

Grocery Outlet Modesto California Weekly Ad for 832 Oakdale Road Modesto, CA 95355.

At home I shop at this store every other day. Great prices. Lots of a variety of choices of different foods.

We love this store it seems to be the most reasonable price store in the whole town the people we have met in here that run the store or just sweet as can be

Grocery Outlet Molalla Oregon

Grocery Outlet Molalla Oregon Weekly Ad for 120 S Leroy Avenue Molalla, OR 97038.

I know your thinking why 5 stars well every time I go there store is clean people are friendly and of course the deals are amazing.

Good prices on all sorts of items. Selection constantly changes, so I'm always finding new products try. However sometimes they don't have certain items if you expect to find a particular brand or flavor etc.

Grocery Outlet Monroe Washington

Grocery Outlet Monroe Washington Weekly Ad for 405 Butler Avenue Monroe, WA 98272.

This discount store keeps getting better. Great deals especially on wine.

The employees are super friendly and the prices are always low and sometimes with killer deals.

Grocery Outlet Moorpark California

Grocery Outlet Moorpark California Weekly Ad for 425 Los Angeles Ave. Moorpark, CA 93021.

The best grocery outlet. Prices are going up like everywhere else. But you can still get a box of Honey nut Cheerios for $2.49. best deal on coffee anywhere

The store is clean and well stocked. The cashier Myrna has friendly customer service as well as Emma that bagged my groceries.

Grocery Outlet Moses Lake Washington

Grocery Outlet Moses Lake Washington Weekly Ad for 1177 N Stratford Road Moses Lake, WA 98837.

I roll up and bam! A lady playing some sweet violin out in front. Then there was a wine tasting inside. I went to buy cat litter and walked out with a bottle of wine, pork rinds, salami, white wheels, and cat litter. So if you cant tell i like this place.

Amazing Cashier who was polite to me😊. I definitely will be coming to bring my business here 👍😊

Grocery Outlet Mountain Home Idaho

Grocery Outlet Mountain Home Idaho for 155 City View Drive Mountain Home, ID 83647.

Grocery outlet is always awesome, they have name brands and great prices and the staff are very nice.

always happy friendly people working there makes a very nice shopping place

Grocery Outlet Mount Vernon Washington

Grocery Outlet Mount Vernon Washington Weekly Ad for 525 East College Way, Suite A1 Mount Vernon, WA 98273.

I don't really shop at grocery outlet all the time but when i do I always overspend yet you get so much for your money worth

Amazing friendly service at this Grocery Outlet! Looking forward to coming here again!

Grocery Outlet Myrtle Creek Oregon

Grocery Outlet Myrtle Creek Oregon Weekly Ad for 130 Petite Street, Exit 103 Myrtle Creek, OR 97457.

I love this store. I enjoy that it's open early at 8 am till 10pm summer and 9pm winter. I like that I can go in early in the morning and find such good deals. I just got 2/97cents blocks of cheese. And I can get a charger for my phone, ice, and toys for the kiddos. Great one stop shopping experience.

Organic food. Cute garden center and Miranda goes the extra mile with her customers, very sweet lady. the ice cream variety is not only low cal its dairy free and actually tastes good. The best thing here hands down is the beer section!!! If you're from out of state try these beer made in Oregon, boozy water, the peanutbutter one are so good!

Grocery Outlet Nampa Idaho Weekly Ad

Grocery Outlet Nampa Idaho Weekly Ad for 1215 12th Avenue S Nampa, ID 83651.

We love this place...it's sorta the random food store. They do have some staple items and way better prices.

We absolutely love browsing through the store and finding new products at a great price .

Grocery Outlet Napa California

Grocery Outlet Napa California Weekly Ad for 1491 W. Imola Avenue Napa, CA 94559.

I absolutely LOVE this place! Their produce selection isn't huge, but what they have is fresh and priced below that of regular supermarkets. Specials change all the time and their prices are always low.

Great deals and a great way to try new products. If you look at the circular and notice a pattern for the stuff you like to buy you can save a lot. Staff are always friendly and helpful. Can be busy at times.

Grocery Outlet Newberg Oregon

Grocery Outlet Newberg Oregon Weekly Ad for 1510 Portland Road Newberg, OR 97132.

Staff is always friendly. We usually know a person that works there on staff once in a while to say hi. Food is always stocked. (Other than during the virus but that's not on them) and I live this store. Great prices and I always save more then I spend and I dont even try to or I dont look at the compaired to other stores prices sometimes.

Wow as I call it has good buys on many things. They have fresh fruits and vegetables as well as meat , bread , chips frozen food . A good clean shopping experience.

Grocery Outlet New Cumberland Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet New Cumberland Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 110 Old York Rd New Cumberland, PA 17070.

Good selection of products at very reasonable prices. The store is clean and well organized.

Great place to shop always something new. It's not your regular grocery store. They only sale what is shipped to them .

Grocery Outlet New Holland Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet New Holland Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 685 West Main Street New Holland, PA 17557.

By far one of the most interesting grocery outlets that I have had the pleasure to visit, almost like going on a treasure t

Low prices and great value for your money! Constantly changing inventory, so it makes it exciting to shop here! Friendly and helpful crew!

Grocery Outlet Newport Oregon

Grocery Outlet Newport Oregon Weekly Ad for 721 N. Coast Hwy Newport, OR 97365.

This store is incredible!! My first time there with a friend and I was amazed at the low prices and variety of items!! I am making this my grocery store of choice!!

I got a family size pack of pork steaks for just over 5 dollars. What a bargain! From now on before i go anywhere else for meat i will definately stop at Grocery Outlet first!!

Grocery Outlet Norco California

Grocery Outlet Norco California Weekly Ad for 1428 Sixth Street Norco, CA 92860.

I absolutely love this store. From the prices and interesting customers, to the staff. I come just to see my favorite checker. She is a joy, hope God blesses her much.

I really like this place it has unusual items and a lot of times there's a lot of name brands at reduced price

Grocery Outlet North Highlands California

Grocery Outlet North Highlands California Weekly Ad for 3643 Elkhorn Boulevard North Highlands, CA 95660.

Friendly service, clean inside and out. Nice variety for the size of the place. Paid half what I normally do for the coffee pods I use. All sorts of bargains that I would not have expected.

Always enjoy shopping at Outlet. Love prices and selections. Staff and clerks are always so helpful.

Grocery Outlet Norwalk California

Grocery Outlet Norwalk California Weekly Ad for 14027 Pioneer Blvd. Norwalk, CA 90650.

I cant speak for much else, and I didnt get his name but the young man working the cash register today was the most polite and friendly I've ever met. Give the man a raise.

Great place to shop for all your needs, most groceries are soon to expire so look at date, Better than 99!

Grocery Outlet Novato California

Grocery Outlet Novato California Weekly Ad for 1535 South Novato Boulevard Novato, CA 94947.

The store changes a lot so I go a lot to see the new products. I am usually surprised at the deals I find.

Hands down the best grocery store around! Great place with great prices!

Grocery Outlet Oakdale California

Grocery Outlet Oakdale California Weekly Ad for 808 N Yosemite Avenue Oakdale, CA 95361.

This place is so great! I always check here first for cheese and meat and crackers and party stuff! Great stuff! Always good service with a smile!

Best grocery store around. Very good selection. I haven't been in a Ralph's or Stater Brothers since this place opened.

Grocery Outlet Oakhurst California

Grocery Outlet Oakhurst California Weekly Ad for 40301 Junction Drive Oakhurst, CA 93644.

My new favorite store !! Brilliant name brands great produce !
So far Irvine is my favorite location ! Large & clean store

Love shopping here, it is always my first stop. Staff is friendly and enjoy finding new products to try.

Grocery Outlet Oakland California

Grocery Outlet Oakland California Weekly Ad for 2900 Broadway Oakland, CA 94611.

Great produce , meat , and great prices. Everyone is so friendly and ready to help you with any questions.

A great place to find unusual items at great prices. Peppermint ice cream in April? Yes!!

Grocery Outlet Oakley California

Grocery Outlet Oakley California Weekly Ad for 3110 Main Street Oakley, CA 94561.

The best priced market in lake forest clean and well organized . Fabulous wine values

Amazing deals on some things, good deals on others.

Grocery Outlet Oddie Boulevard Sparks Nevada

Grocery Outlet Oddie Boulevard Sparks Nevada Weekly Ad for 2020 Oddie Boulevard Sparks, NV 89431.

Small grocery outlet, there is a little bit of everything. Wish they have less plastic packaging specially for the green products. Nice cashiers and patient costumers.

I love this place. price is always lower than the market value, but of course , you have to read the expiration date very carefully. lol . great collection of good wine and beers. staffs are usually very polite .

Grocery Outlet Olive Drive Bakersfield California

Grocery Outlet Olive Drive Bakersfield California Weekly Ad for 1121 Olive Drive Bakersfield, CA 93308.

Love stopping at this grocery outlet on our way to Monterey we can stop here and get our food and keep it in our hotel it saves US money that way. Store could be just a little bit cleaner but we still love it

There is always great deals. Most of the staff is super friendly and helpful. Clean store but they should reconsider opening the restrooms for costumers.

Grocery Outlet Omak Washington

Grocery Outlet Omak Washington Weekly Ad for 918 Engh Rd Omak, WA 98841.

I usually go to the store two to three times a month because they always have a great plant variety.

Clean and a fun place to browse, good prices, items that I may have to order online. Enjoyable experience.

Grocery Outlet Ontario California

Grocery Outlet Ontario California Weekly Ad for 2275 South Euclid Ave Ontario, CA 91762.

Prices are terrific and similar to Aldi. Staff are super friendly. My wife loves their wine selection 😄 my quick go to for groceries.

Conveniently located off the 10 freeway and Milliken in the Ontario Gateway Center. Easy in Easy Out stop by and do your shopping here before work they open early and so it makes it so much easier. A great variety of products at extremely low prices I totally recommend this Outlet to everybody. From fresh flowers to steaks everything in a great and convenient location. Beautifully stocked store and extremely clean. The staff are here to help you.Tell them that Robert sent you. 🍎🍪🎂🍗🥫🍞

Grocery Outlet Ontario Oregon

Grocery Outlet Ontario Oregon Weekly Ad for 2670 Southwest 4th Avenue Ontario, OR 97914.

The customer service is always awesome. New items all the time. Great prices!

They have so many unique items here for such good prices. I really like that they have a bunch of natural food and maybe products that you wouldnt have a chance to try unless you found them there and tried them.

Grocery Outlet Orange California

Grocery Outlet Orange California Weekly Ad for 1803 East Chapman Avenue Orange, CA 92867.

Very well stocked and priced fairly. In addition, staff were very pleasant and friendly.

Wow . we found so many sale on this grocery outlet store if you haven't heard or been you should stop by real nice service well stock

Grocery Outlet Orangevale California

Grocery Outlet Orangevale California Weekly Ad for 8835 Greenback Lane Orangevale, CA 95662.

Truck driver here. Walked over from the Petro. Awesome place!! Cheap and fresh! Got my Grass fed beef, protein bars, fish and keto snacks for literally less than half the price. Better than Wal-Mart prices on most things. I was shocked!!

This is our #1 place to buy food. We love the variety of items. They have a huge selection of organic products and specialty drinks and sauces.

Grocery Outlet Oregon City Oregon

Grocery Outlet Oregon City Oregon Weekly Ad for 878 Molalla Avenue Oregon City, OR 97045.

I love Grocery Outlet. Amazing deals on food and I LOVE their selection of other items as well. Outdoor lights, furniture, garden supplies, towels, sheets, shower curtains, shoes, clothing and fun gadgets and decorative household stuff!

It is a nice store with quite a variety of items. The only problem is that sometimes you will find an item there that you really like but it may not be there the next time you go there. They have decent prices.

Grocery Outlet Orland California

Grocery Outlet Orland California Weekly Ad for 1026 South Street Orland, CA 95963.

Grocery Outlet has become a great resource to reduce the weekly costs of grocery purchases.
I can always count on finding great deals on staples. Occasionally, items close to expiration date on packages are reduced to penny's on the dollar.

Great low prices and the store is always clean! The selection varies every time I go, just slightly, so if you find something you like, stock up!

Grocery Outlet Oroville California

Grocery Outlet Oroville California Weekly Ad for 1060 Oroville Dam Blvd. E Oroville, CA 95965.

There's guest wifi, always stocked up and aisles are well organized. Great store overall. Restrooms aren't open.

I am a 4 decade grocery outlet shopper! Love them! Shop there first before you shop anywhere else!

Grocery Outlet Oxnard California

Grocery Outlet Oxnard California Weekly Ad for 920 N. Ventura Road Oxnard, CA 93030.

Definitely a great place to find a great deal on fruits and veggies.
Friendly employees.
And very easy to get to.

Love this grocery outlet. They have more than the one in Prunedale. Nice selection. Young man who checked us out was super nice and polite.

Grocery Outlet Pacifica California

Grocery Outlet Pacifica California Weekly Ad for 5550 Coast Highway Pacifica, CA 94044.

Loved this place, I went on day 1. Prices are incredibly low and the selection is amazing, lots of organic and fresh foods. Love that this is my new neighborhood market!!

I love this place every time I'm in town I go here for my groceries for the week cleanest Grocery Outlet Store I've ever been to also good customer service

Grocery Outlet Palm Springs California

Grocery Outlet Palm Springs California Weekly Ad for 350 S. Palm Canyon Dr Palm Springs, CA 92262.

Is grocery outlet, you know what you're getting and this is no different.

I love this store. Fully vaccinated and out shopping again is so nice Couldn't wait to try the store. Today everyone was masked. A few days ago a couple of customers were not. The sales are awesome. Perfect store!

Grocery Outlet Palmyra Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet Palmyra Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 66 N Londonderry Sq Ste 300 Palmyra, PA 17078.

This may not be a one stop shop, but a great 1st stop to save money on things that you may have paid extra money for in a mainline supermarket. Always check in because some of your favorite treats may be there at a great discount!

You can't beat the prices at this market. Great items at awesome prices. Always fully stocked with all of your grocery needs along with other needed items as well. Simply the best place to shop in today's economy.

Grocery Outlet Palo Alto California

Grocery Outlet Palo Alto California Weekly Ad for 3445 Alma Street Palo Alto, CA 94306.

Very nice, reasonably price products. Clean, not cluttered, very friendly customer service. Great place to pick up groceries at a discount price.

Love this store it is always clean the employees are very friendly! The owners work right along side their employees& are very nice & helpyful

Grocery Outlet Paradise California

Grocery Outlet Paradise California Weekly Ad for 6800 Skyway Paradise, CA 95969.

Great prices. The store is very clean and had everything I needed to make tacos for dinner! Taco Tuesday. Thanks Grocery Outlet. Conveniently close to my job!

I love this store, they're clean and organized, have a pretty good variety, and the employees are always helpful.

Grocery Outlet Paramount California

Grocery Outlet Paramount California Weekly Ad for 15719 Downey Ave Paramount, CA 90723.

Cool store. Doesn't have everything you need, but the things they have are well priced.

I love grocery outlet!! They have great prices for brand name products! You can find new things every week!

Grocery Outlet Pasco Washington

Grocery Outlet Pasco Washington Weekly Ad for 5710 Road 68, Suite 103 Pasco, WA 99301.

One of my favorite grocery stores in town. Very friendly staff and great products. Most things are a great bargain but pay close attention because not all is.

Love the wonderful selection of name brand foods @ low prices. They also have a nice group of organic foods as well! Love the new E. Wenatchee location, we've needed you for a long time!!

Grocery Outlet Paso Robles California

Grocery Outlet Paso Robles California Weekly Ad for 2800 Riverside Ave Ste 102 Paso Robles, CA 93446.

Lots of items in season mostly, but fun to look for changes in varieties. Frozen, Canned, Fresh Foods and lots of picnic-camp birthday party items, healthier foods and junk foods for we foodies; A small area dedicated to kitchen wares and tools. Linen items and much more.
They have it all, and are easy to get questions answered as they restock the store, or at the register.

As a trucker this place is very convenient right off the CA-101, the prices on the meat is fabulous you can beat it anywhere. I stocked up with $63 for 2 weeks. The meat is very good and comes with Santa Maria style BBQ and it's awesome.

Grocery Outlet Pendleton Oregon

Grocery Outlet Pendleton Oregon Weekly Ad for 1810 Sw Court Avenue Pendleton, OR 97801.

I disagree with Mila Parsley. This is not the kind of store that you are meant to go to and get the exact brands you wanted. It is a *bargain* market. if there is no bargain on a brand of item, you will not find it. In fact, if there is a bargain to be found, chances are you will find it there. The checkout area as well was fine in my opinion, considering the size of the space.

I love shopping here! I save so much money, it helps stretch the food budget way out! Treat yourself and stock up on items you like because the bargains come and go.

Grocery Outlet Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet Philadelphia Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 25 W Hortter Street Unit #B Philadelphia, PA 19119.

Very nice to have Grocery Outlet in this cesspit of a town! Wonderful experience! Loads of friendly help and low prices.

I love everything about this place. I don’t feel overwhelmed because it’s a small store and I can find the best products with even better prices

Grocery Outlet Pinole California

Grocery Outlet Pinole California Weekly Ad for 1460 Fitzgerald Drive Pinole, CA 94564.

A different selection of products. Well priced easy to get in and out of.
Ill drive an extra few miles to shop here.

Always stop here on my way home from work and the cashers are always so nice

Grocery Outlet Placentia California

Grocery Outlet Placentia California Weekly Ad for 1820 N. Placentia Ave, Ste. B Placentia, CA 92870.

The wife finally got me to go here. Great place for all types of food DEALS. Will keep coming back to shop with the wife's favorite place.

in and out quickly.. got 4 bananas 2 arroz con leches some fruit cups with chia 2 Gatorades and some chocolate pudding cups for under 10 bucks

Grocery Outlet Placerville California

Grocery Outlet Placerville California Weekly Ad for 1426 Broadway Placerville, CA 95667.

I enjoy this store. I run across some fabulous finds and their prices are great too.

Love is place my favorite place to shop in great prices in great variety and there's always new stuff

Grocery Outlet Pleasant Hill California

Grocery Outlet Pleasant Hill California Weekly Ad for 1671 Contra Costa Boulevard Pleasant Hill, CA 94523.

The store was clean, prices were right and the staff was.incredible.

Grocery outlet makes my heart happy! I am a huge fan of their stores and shop here regularly! It’s fun because you never know what you will find and it’s usually always amazing!

I am a nutritionist so eating organic and high quality foods are important to me. It’s also important to not spend a fortune on food and grocery outlet helps me stay in budget and eat all the brands I love most!

It’s truly a treasure hunt every time and I am so grateful to have a great local grocery outlet!!

Grocery Outlet Pleasanton California

Grocery Outlet Pleasanton California Weekly Ad for 3550 Bernal Avenue, Suite 105 Pleasanton, CA 94566.

You will find most groceries you need. Big parking lot but at times gets pretty full. The store is clean and rhe people very nice. Good neighborhood. Most deals are fantastic. Rarely, some produce may not be really fresh, but if you are careful you will choose right. It has been consistently on my favorite list for years, and all thus time they did not deceive my expectations.

Love this specific store. Great wine selection with the owner's picks selected. Lots of unique finds in store.. One thing else, the owner himself is always working in his Grocery Outlet and friendly.

Grocery Outlet Porterville California

Grocery Outlet Porterville California Weekly Ad for 50 W Olive Ave Porterville, CA 93257.

Good deals just check expiration date, then again I do it at all stores so don’t listen to me I’m an idiot

Great place to save some cash on many different items. Fun little organic isle too... just picked up some organic oranges for a beer that I am brewing.

Grocery Outlet Portland Oregon

Grocery Outlet Portland Oregon Weekly Ad for 12102 SE Division Street Portland, OR 97266.

Definitely one of the better locations. Great variety, organized, and clean. I was impressed at the selection of Gluten Free as well as Vegan items. The produce was also very fresh and the presentation was great (I haven't had much luck with the produce department at other GO locations). I also want to add that the their garden area, though small, is very well kept. The plants are healthy and there's actually a pretty good selection. So far so good, I'll definitely be coming back to this location :)

I can't stay away from this place. As a healthful eater, it can be hard to afford to pay inflated prices in other stores. They have a great buys on many organic items throughout the store. The place is modern, well-stocked, a d the employees are very helpful.

Grocery Outlet Prineville Oregon

Grocery Outlet Prineville Oregon Weekly Ad for 1951 Ne 3rd Street, P. O. Box 1595 Prineville, OR 97754.

This is definitely the nicest Grocery Outlet in Central Oregon. It's extremely clean, has great products, and there isn't usually a wait at the registers. This is by far the best place to get groceries in La Pine.

Always a great place to shop for bargains&there's always something new to find. The owners are amazing people. They truly care about their customers&the community they serve.

Grocery Outlet Pullman Washington

Grocery Outlet Pullman Washington Weekly Ad for 1450 S Grand Avenue Pullman, WA 99163.

Great products and produce at discounted prices, and my husband's favorite store whenever we're in the area. Shop here first before you try another store for whatever you have remaining on your grocery list - you'll always save money.

Staff are awaya helpful and courteous. They treat my son amazing and always glad to see him. My son is an adult with 6 disabilities including Autism.

Grocery Outlet Puyallup Washington

Grocery Outlet Puyallup Washington Weekly Ad for 4423 S. Meridian, Ste 723 Puyallup, WA 98373.

I love going here I always find great deals and the owners are really friendly!

love this store n how friendly everyone is we definitely need more people like at grocery outlet thank u guys keep up the great work

Grocery Outlet Quakertown Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet Quakertown Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 70 N. West End Boulevard Quakertown, PA 18951.

I like shopping at The Grocery Outlet, there are fresh veggies and organic foods, fresh bread. I always find what I need at this store. I like the section for vitamins and other household items as well. The cashiers are pleasant, eager to help and always greets customers with smiles.

I always switch it up and go to this grocery outlet that is father away from my house because it’s pretty big! I always find decent produce (as pictured) and other delicious stuff that I would probably pay a lot more for if I was buying it from a regular grocery store. I spent $17 today and it said on my receipt that I saved $28.50, which is awesome!

Grocery Outlet Quincy California

Grocery Outlet Quincy California Weekly Ad for 1715 East Main Street Quincy, CA 95971.

I really like Grocery Outlet. The prices tend to be good (but make sure to price compare, sometimes they are NOT the best price). They tend to have a good selection as well and if the products you get are bad they will allow you to bring it back and exchange or refund.
During COVID 19 they supplied cleaning products for the carts and I appreciate that as well. A great place for anyone looking to spend a little less on their groceries.

Good wine and beer selection and you can ask owner for his honest advice as he tried most of their offerings. Awesome meats for grilling, lamb, fish, chicken, beef, veggies. Few organics, and you have to be mindful of expiration dates as products are at times approaching them, or in few occasions have been past them. You can find tasty goodies, some European chocolates, candy in bulk, energy drinks, lots of frozen foods. Plenty of good deals if you have time to browse around the store, but there is lack of consistent product offering since their inventory changes and unpredictable so if you like something, buy loads as you may not find it there again.

Grocery Outlet Rancho Cordova California

Grocery Outlet Rancho Cordova California Weekly Ad for 2801 Zinfandel Drive Rancho Cordova, CA 95670.

Found so many good deals on packs of nuts. Jerky is a good price. If you want storable foods, go here first.

We go here for our "big haul" once a month. They have some great things! Good selection of bath and body and health products. Some products are consistent and others are totally not. Great prices! Friendly staff. No liquor at this specific location. Only wine and beer.

Grocery Outlet Reading Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet Reading Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 3260 North 5th Street Reading, PA 19605.

Store is huge with a great selection! Staff was so nice, everything was really clean.. highly recommend!!!

Grandma was right! Great lil scratch an dent store! Most prices are so much cheaper than in regular stores! Just watch the dates! Saved over 60 bucks on regular items I get in the regular stores.

Grocery Outlet Red Bluff California

Grocery Outlet Red Bluff California Weekly Ad for 580 S Main Street Red Bluff, CA 96080.

Love this store!! Start here and then go to others. Prices so good. Good service. Really good wine selection.

The Nampa Grocery Outlet always has a nice selection of fresh produce! Picked some up recently and made a big batch of vegetable beef soup!🌶🌽 🥔🥕

Grocery Outlet Redding California

Grocery Outlet Redding California Weekly Ad for 2235 Churn Creek Road Redding, CA 96002.

First time shopping here. Fantastic experience and almost a curated feel to the products offered. Will be back.
What can I say but awesome, awesome, awesome! Clean store, comparable prices, great specialty items. And the staff is wonderful! I love this store, I hope they're around a long time :)

Grocery Outlet Redmond Oregon

Grocery Outlet Redmond Oregon Weekly Ad for 1619 SW Odem Medo Road Redmond, OR 97756.

My “go to” place in town for most things. Although they don’t always have the specifics you may need there’s always some sort of new items to discover. Way less expensive than most other places and actually a great variety for our small town. Love the way it’s improved inside over the last year or so.

I love this place!! May not always have what you need but I always leave with more stuff than I planned since you can’t beat the price! Also every worker I have had an interaction with has been helpful, kind and always pleasant to talk to.

Grocery Outlet Redondo Beach California

Grocery Outlet Redondo Beach California Weekly Ad for 2115 Artesia Blvd. Redondo Beach, CA 90278.

Love going to Grocery Outlet cause they have great selections of goods to buy. Name brand items at a lower price. Has selection of gluten free items and healthy items as well. Many different spices and even beauty and over the counter medications. Check it out to save some money. Meat selections are Amazing too.

So I stumbled onto this eclectic grocery store while getting a slice of pizza next door. The selection of food is interesting mixed with some organics, cheap ice cream, beer and wine, pet food, some vegetables, cheap toothpaste..backed goods, breakfast cereal, variety of canned food products, and then an aisle of seasonal items beach towels plates sunblock, followed by shampoos and toiletries. Stretching a dollar I got 4 large bags of groceries for $88. Customers were a unique mix of an economically diverse community with a touch of strangeness better than television.

Grocery Outlet Redwood City California

Grocery Outlet Redwood City California Weekly Ad for 1833 Broadway St Redwood City, CA 94063.

While always a great local resource, this shop really went above and beyond in the 2020 California Shelter in Place. The owner has been posting updates at least once a day about product availability and local civic information. He has also been answering dozens of daily queries & requests.
This hasn't been part of my normal shopping routine due to the slightly random & opportunistic stocking practices that means some of your favorite brands might not always be available but Jason has more than earned some serious consumer loyalty. It's the only place I've shopped since the lockdown began and will continue to be as we return to normal.

Love this place nice people all the time looking for good things I recommended...Plus nice employees.

Grocery Outlet Reno California

Grocery Outlet Reno California Weekly Ad for 200 Lemmon Drive Suite 101 Reno, NV 89506.

I love shopping here! The owner/operators and staff are always working hard to make sure the store is well stocked and clean. There is always a wide variety of new items and such great deals. I also think that there produce is as good as any grocery store around at much better prices. They will have a long time customer right here and I recommend the Grocery Outlets to all my friends.

I Love Grocery Outlet. This store is always immaculate. They always have a nice selection of organic foods at a affordable price. The owners lead by example, you will find them cleaning, stocking shelves and helping their staff. Customer service is top notch!

Grocery Outlet Renton Washington

Grocery Outlet Renton Washington Weekly Ad for 2809 Ne Sunset Boulevard Renton, WA 98056.

First time here, wonderful deals! The owner even checked us out. I love supporting local small businesses!
Will definitely be back 🤗
Super friendly staff and very reasonable prices. Will definitely be going back.

Grocery Outlet Rialto California

Grocery Outlet Rialto California Weekly Ad for 1145 West Renaissance Parkway Rialto, CA 92376.

This GroceOut is very clean, well stocked and has friendly staff. I shop here first for my family to get the best deals then fill in what we need from other stores (which usually isn't much).

Love it! Makes safeway pricing seem ridiculous. Incredible prices on your groceries. Only problem is the things they have cycle so you may find something you really like and then never be able to find it again. Also selection is limited, and certain things are close to sell by date. Quaility is good and pricing on many items is amazing! I go here twice a week, then I'll go to another grocerie store if I really need something grocery outlet doesn't have.

Grocery Outlet Richland Washington

Grocery Outlet Richland Washington Weekly Ad for 2901 Queensgate Drive Richland, WA 99352.

Love this place far more than the one in Wenatchee. It has everything I need in one stop. They might not have the exact same brand but the same line of product to choose from.

Wonderful people are so kind very thoughtful present willing to help where needed I love the store and it's only a few blocks from my home so I love it even more but I do love it as nice variety of food so I'm thankful that it is here and so close good job people good job at grocery outlet

Grocery Outlet Richmond California

Grocery Outlet Richmond California Weekly Ad for 12010 San Pablo Avenue Richmond, CA 94805.

Great bargains and a surprising selection of organics and health foods. Worth a first stop on your shopping trips. Will save you a bundle.

Dropped in looking for a couple of things- didn't get a cart or basket- made it to the register with probably more than we could really carry & would've left with a couple more things had we stopped for something to put items in.

Grocery Outlet Ridge Avenue Philadelphia PA

Grocery Outlet Ridge Avenue Philadelphia Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 2077 Ridge Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19121.

The people who work at this store are very great at dealing with customers. They are great people persons, shall I say. The man in charge is a great people person too! I usually spend more than I thought I was going to. I love the store. I have been shopping there since it opened several years back. Great savings of 💰. 😃

I accidentally posted this on the wrong account so - I always switch it up and go to this grocery outlet that is father away from my house because it’s pretty big! I always find decent produce (as pictured) and other delicious stuff that I would probably pay a lot more for if I was buying it from a regular grocery store. I spent $17 today and it said on my receipt that I saved $28.50, which is awesome!

Grocery Outlet Ridgecrest California

Grocery Outlet Ridgecrest California Weekly Ad for 120 North China Lake Boulevard Ridgecrest, CA 93555.

This is where I do most of my real shopping and by real shopping I mean buying deodorant, razors and energy drinks. I sometimes even buy clothing while I am there. They had some great fruit of the loom boxers a couple of years back which I wish they would restock since my others are starting to show their age.

This is a awesome store with amazing prices. I ended up saving over twice the amount it cost me in the end for food and supplies. You will love the prices too!

Grocery Outlet Riverside Boulevard Sacramento CA

Grocery Outlet Riverside Boulevard Sacramento California Weekly Ad for 6419 Riverside Boulevard Sacramento, CA 95831.

Wow! This Grocery Outlet is so much bigger than Greenback store. Amazing variety of products, and the produce is great! The only downfall is the traffic leaving was heavy during commute time, 5-6 pm. Highly recommend, it is a clean and well stocked store.

Love their produce and reasonable they do not sell much vegan products. Love their plants and outdoor decorations.

Grocery Outlet Riverside California

Grocery Outlet Riverside California Weekly Ad for 3550 Madison Street Riverside, CA 92504.

This store has made a lot of great changes over the years. The store is always clean and fully stocked. The employees are very courteous and the savings are phenomenal

Wow they have good prices here. They may not always have what you are looking for, but the prices on what they do have can’t be beat. We shop here regularly now and then hit Safeway to get what they didn’t have....

Grocery Outlet Rocklin California

Grocery Outlet Rocklin California Weekly Ad for 6652 Lonetree Boulevard Rocklin, CA 95765.

Staff is friendly and prices are great. The store is always clean and organized well.

Love this store. Great selection of products, great prices, lots of organic options and great wine..than you Jason.

Grocery Outlet Rohnert Park California

Grocery Outlet Rohnert Park California Weekly Ad for 6335 Commerce Boulevard Rohnert Park, CA 94928.

Great prices and if the lines start to get long they are super fast in having another cashier open another register

I love their wine selection. They are very helpful with suggestions and customer service.

Grocery Outlet Rosamond California

Grocery Outlet Rosamond California Weekly Ad for 2550 Rosamond Boulevard Rosamond, CA 93560.

Awesome store, awesome pricing awesome staff decent parking lot . occasionally they have something here for a price that makes me jump for joy.

Today I went there and got a bunch of drinks there they were called sparkling ice ginger lime it taste great and i believe its good for me and great prices

Grocery Outlet Roseburg Oregon

Grocery Outlet Roseburg Oregon Weekly Ad for 780 NW Garden Valley Boulevard, Suite 160 Roseburg, OR 97471.

Grocery Outlet Rosemead California

Grocery Outlet Rosemead California Weekly Ad for 9026 East Valley Blvd. Rosemead, CA 91770.

Got to love GO. Low, low prices. Great wine bargains. Jason and Kathy really keep the crew on top of their game.

Compared other grocer outlets to P.H. and this one is neat, clean and well stocked. I would definitely recommend this store :)

Grocery Outlet Roseville California

Grocery Outlet Roseville California Weekly Ad for 424 Roseville Square Roseville, CA 95678.

May favorite store by far! I would go here more, but my anxiety won't let me. When I do, I buy a ton. I spent around $250 and saved around $300. There is literally no other grocery store that I go to, where I can find the savings. Also, don't ever take your kids shopping. It's a sure way to spend more than you intend to. LOL.

Awesome as usual. Roseville store is nicely laid out and clean. Also well stocked on dairy, meat and veggies. Toni and Mgr. Denise were very polite and helpful. Will visit them again soon 🙂

Grocery Outlet Sacramento California

Grocery Outlet Sacramento California Weekly Ad for 6720 Folsom Boulevard Sacramento, CA 95819.

Pretty good selection of groceries and produce, very VERY good prices, and nice people, 10/10 would go again

Great deals and good variety of products. Owners are very nice and friendly. Clean store and air conditioning works well.

Grocery Outlet Salem Oregon

Grocery Outlet Salem Oregon Weekly Ad for 2879 Lancaster Drive Ne Salem, OR 97305.

Love this place this is where i shop for my personal groceries ... Always save a bunch of cash an always get friendly service

This place rocks. Employees are generally friendly and helpful and they have a decent selection of most everything one would want at a grocery store including random odds and ends. The general prices are better than average and if you keep your eyes open can come across some amazing deals. A great example is a 12 pack Hop Valley IPA mixer for $10 which is WAY cheaper than I have seen it anywhere else. Another item I have seen great deals on is dog food and treats. Good quality for much cheaper than you can get it at any of the other local stores.

Grocery Outlet Salinas California

Grocery Outlet Salinas California Weekly Ad for 7925 San Miguel Canyon Road Salinas, CA 93907.

One of the things I miss most about CA, besides family and the weather, is Grocery Outlet! Love the variety of organic foods and products, at bargain prices! Between chips, coffee, ice cream, chocolate, and fruit, there are always some great finds here. They also have a robust beer and wine section. When can we get one in South Carolina?!

I have never had a bad experience. Today Ernesto made it especially pleasant. Asked me if I needed anything, if I liked the store and thanked me for being a customer. It made me smile. Great these days.

Grocery Outlet Sandy Blvd Portland Oregon

Grocery Outlet Sandy Blvd Portland Oregon Weekly Ad for 10721 Ne Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97220.

It has alot of get deals but today didn't have any beef roast only pork. So I guess it's a hit and miss sometimes. I like all the what not they have though and their truly affordable. And it will get a 5 star 🌟 from me every time just because it's a constant with my fav 2% milk is always 2.79. yeahh

Love this place! Its the only place I shop for food it has everything I need. The prices are cheap and the checkers are friendly

Grocery Outlet Sandy Oregon

Grocery Outlet Sandy Oregon Weekly Ad for 36701 Highway 26 Sandy, OR 97055.

This my favorite store! I get such huge saving here and Redmond. It's a fun time going thru to c what new items they may have. The employees as well as management r fantastic. They take their time with you, carry the groceries out, yep, what a great way to end the shopping.

Love to shop here!! Great prices, clean and well stocked and amazing customer service.
The new owners are wonderful and have improved the store dramatically!

Grocery Outlet San Francisco California

Grocery Outlet San Francisco California Weekly Ad for 6333 Geary Boulevard San Francisco, CA 94121.

What a great store! We can find great brands, gourmet foods, produce and meat for a fraction of what we would pay at a regular grocery store. For example, today I got a 5 oz tub of shredded parmesan cheese for $2.99! It's typically at least $5.99 at a regular grocery store! And my husband got 2 new York steaks for $5.99! 😳 Grocery Outlet is our fav!

Love Grocery Outlet, great prices, organic foods good variety. Friendly helpful people. Clean organized easy to find what I need. I saved a lot of money!!

Grocery Outlet San Gabriel California

Grocery Outlet San Gabriel California Weekly Ad for 7260 Rosemead Blvd. San Gabriel, CA 91775.

Always good prices always good music and always friendly staff. 10/10 I practically live here

I tend to forget about this place, however it's always great when I go. It's oddly never that busy either which is good for me. The secret deal for this place is their alcohol beverages. Unique selection and incredible prices.

Grocery Outlet Sanger California

Grocery Outlet Sanger California Weekly Ad for 2664 Jensen Avenue Sanger, CA 93657.

I sure enjoy going in and getting what I need quickly. Also, the selections of vegetarian and vegan items are amazing!!

Small, yet everything you need. Better prices or very similar to Walmart across the street. I'd much rather go here though.

Grocery Outlet San Jose California

Grocery Outlet San Jose California Weekly Ad for 7076 Santa Teresa Blvd. San Jose, CA 95139.

Box store, good prices, items change depending on availability. Some brands are strange to me. I like to stock up an items we use, to take advantage of the prices.

The best deals and they carry organics at prices that will make you go back over and over. Produce and cheese ....cosmetics and backyard fun . You've got to check in his place out. It may seem busy...but they always have the checkout power to get you back home on time with the goods that please.

Grocery Outlet San Leandro California

Grocery Outlet San Leandro California Weekly Ad for 2179 E 14th Street San Leandro, CA 94577.

This is the inflation deflation station. For the most part, even as prices go up everywhere else, Grocery Outlet remains the same for most items. And they were already at bargain prices before the sharp increase in inflation. In fact, they're now cheaper than Dollar Tree for the same or similar items (as many items are still at 99 cents). Just check the expiration dates. Usually, if you don't wait several months to consume the food, you'll be just fine. Can goods are usually close to those found elsewhere. Dry breakfast foods are the ones to look out for the most. Now, selection does vary from time to time, and some foods they don't carry. With that said, you can find some amazing deals here. Especially when you shop in tandem with other stores to make ends meet. They truly remain, THE bargain market!

Great owner! She hires very nice people. She stocks some of the best food items and the fruit and vegetables are always fresh. The prices are much better than the major chain markets. I used to shop at Lucky on Fairmont Drive but their prices and selection have never been good.

Grocery Outlet San Lorenzo California

Grocery Outlet San Lorenzo California Weekly Ad for 15590 Hesperian Boulevard San Lorenzo, CA 94580.

Lots of stuff great people and they didn't have everything but they had a whole lot more stuff than some other places

Finally they have one in the area! I saw it last year sometime but recently went in. Found lots of good buys😁

Grocery Outlet San Luis Obispo California

Grocery Outlet San Luis Obispo California Weekly Ad for 1314 Madonna Road San Luis Obispo, CA 93405.

I really enjoy shopping here. It’s clean, well organized and the lines move fast. Erika was the checker when I was there last. Super efficient and friendly. She even saved me a few dollars with a suggestion. Bye Safeway.

By far my favorite grocery store in Salinas. Name brands great prices. Always open extra lines when things get busy great customer service

Grocery Outlet San Pablo California

Grocery Outlet San Pablo California Weekly Ad for 2079 23rd Street San Pablo, CA 94806.

A little bit smaller than the other grocery outlets I've been to but still great deals!!

Love the experience here. You are not paying for frills. You can get in and get out easily. Staff always helpful. I love the extra cheese section here as well as the produce and health food options.

Grocery Outlet San Rafael California

Grocery Outlet San Rafael California Weekly Ad for 75 Bellam Boulevard, Suite A San Rafael, CA 94901.

Geart grocery store with lots of brand name items that we use in our household. We appreciate the low cost due to the high prices of food cost,we are getting the best deal for our dollar spent here at Grocery outlet.

1st, the staff are very friendly and helpful. More-so than at Safeway or any of the big names. They pretty much keep the same items in stock with random fun finds throughout the store. But its super important that you can generally find all the typical necessities. Great place to save $ and get almost everything on your list.

Grocery Outlet Santa Barbara California

Grocery Outlet Santa Barbara California Weekly Ad for 2840 De La Vina Street Santa Barbara, CA 93105.

Wonderful people working here, very kind, attentive, and hospitable. They go the extra mile here to help you.

Always good deals and a great place to stretch a few dollars into many more meals. Quality at a lower cost is such a rarity these days. I am happy grocery outlet is so well stocked and it really helps keep food on our families plates because we can get so much more, for less. The Sanger and Dinuba locations are so great to have nearby so I don't have to drive to Fresno/Clovis.

Grocery Outlet Santa Clara California

Grocery Outlet Santa Clara California Weekly Ad for 3520 Homestead Road Santa Clara, CA 95051.

This is a fairly small Grocery Outlet but it always has a surprisingly large selection of items, especially vegan products and even non-dairy icecream!

Bargain market they have all the grocery needs very nice and some of the general pharmaceuticals they do have a water distilled dispenser 40 cents a gallon and 4 dollars they have all the parking In the back of the building if your not lazy to walk for your grocery shopping lmao give it up for the grocery outlet bargain market

Grocery Outlet Santa Clara St San Jose California

Grocery Outlet San Jose California Weekly Ad for 272 E Santa Clara Street San Jose, CA 95113.

Now this is a great place if you want to save money and get good deals if not off to wall generic garbage it's honest to goodness that go there you will see I saved over $200 when I went grocery shopping this month

Great groceries at discount prices. Friendly checkers and floor staff. Limited selection and not always the brands you see at others store but really great place nonetheless.

Grocery Outlet Santa Clarita California

Grocery Outlet Santa Clarita California Weekly Ad for 19355 Plum Canyon Road Santa Clarita, CA 91351.

Love this place. It's usually my 1st stop for the readymade salads. The produce is pretty good here too. The snack aisle is pretty good with a mix of healthy and junky snacks. If you stay on top of the weekly ads you just never know what great deals you can find.

Very busy but all the checkers I encountered were ALWAYS polite, nice and excellent customer service.

Grocery Outlet Santa Cruz California

Grocery Outlet Santa Cruz California Weekly Ad for 120 Morrissey Blvd Santa Cruz, CA 95062.

This is such a nice store right where everything else is so expensive. Love the drink and grocery selections! Will come back every time I visit Santa Cruz

My place for certain items for my daily living. Not everything is a bargain. So don't impulse buy. They are an asset to the community. 100% so !

Grocery Outlet Santa Maria California

Grocery Outlet Santa Maria California Weekly Ad for 1948 South Broadway Santa Maria, CA 93454.

Always save money. I shop here more then any store. You have to get stuff fast or the next time. It will be gone. Another shopping trip to save money.

Always great prices and friendly staff. I go every week to stock up on my organic grocery for cheap! However, once in a while you’ll find expired yogurt or cheese. I always make sure to tell their staff when I spot one. But overall I love this store!

Grocery Outlet Scappoose Oregon

Grocery Outlet Scappoose Oregon Weekly Ad for 52115 SW Chinook Way Scappoose, OR 97056.

I love this place. If you are a bargain shopper like me this is the place to go , they have great prices for all sorts of things and you never know what your going to find because they have an ever changing product line.

This location has a great variety of almost all your grocery needs. Clean and good service

Grocery Outlet Seaside California

Grocery Outlet Seaside California Weekly Ad for 1523 Fremont Boulevard Seaside, CA 93955.

Great selection, amazing and super helpful staff. My cab took off and left me with a basket full of groceries and I left my phone in the cab, so this nice guy in red shirt offered to roll it into the fridge for me so I accepted and took off to find my cab. I found him, got my phone, and swooped back to pick it up and they recognized me pulled it out and helped me load into the cab. I am so grateful in these hard times there are still good people and alot of them work at grocery outlet!

I spend half as much shopping here. Good produce, even very nice organic section, tons of quirkey must haves, super friendly staff

Grocery Outlet Seattle Washington

Grocery Outlet Seattle Washington Weekly Ad for 8700 15th Avenue Nw Seattle, WA 98117.

Always the best prices. Sometimes a shortage of staples. Employees are positive and helpful.

Incredible deals at every turn, fresh produce, fresh meats, seafood, dry goods and OH should I mention the deals on WINE! Must check it out before hitting the chain grocery store again!

Grocery Outlet Selah Washington

Grocery Outlet Selah Washington Weekly Ad for 800 North Park Ctr Selah, WA 98942.

Always great stuff for outdoors and less expensive food products.. they have a very nice friendly manager

One of my favorite groceries in the area. Great prices and I'm often surprised with something I have to get. Great wine selection too.

Grocery Outlet Sharon Hill Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet Sharon Hill Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 1130 Chester Pike Sharon Hill, PA 19079 .

I really like the Grocery Outlet 👍🏻 They have a
lot of name brand items that are so much cheaper than the groceries stores👍🏻🙏🏻 It's very hard for me to find a way there so 😭😩🙏🏻
So I just wait until we have to go out for our Dr' s
Pharmacy or Lab work & today was blood work

Always clean, can gets some really good prices on seafood and beef often, employees always nice and polite.

Grocery Outlet Shaw Avenue Fresno California

Grocery Outlet Shaw Avenue Fresno California Weekly Ad for 3566 W Shaw Avenue Fresno, CA 93711.

Always has the best deals on healthy snacks 🙌 and the staff is absolutely amazing

I love this store! Great prices on many items that cost more in other stores. I especially enjoy the avocados, mangos and blueberries here - best quality!

Grocery Outlet Shillington Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet Shillington Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 4200 Shillington Plaza Shillington, PA 19607.

I love this place. A bit of home (CA) for me. Go shop here first before you go to the regular grocery, which is highway robbery nowadays, espicially in PA, I am finding, and espicially Redners, dont go there. You save so much here. And could find so many cool things. It changes here and there. I really like it for when they have silk creamer ( I am vegan. So it is hard to find abything on the East Coast that isnt your whole paycheck). This place saved me so many times and I leave happy that I got bargains. Saving about $3 on silk creamer, about $3 on a bag of potatoes, you save so much. I cant say enough good things about grocery outlet and the value and freshness. The deals are really worth the drive. Please go, believe me, you will be glad you did.

I love all the great deals I get here! Last night I spent $40 and saved $257!!! They have great name brand items at genetic or cheaper prices. Last night I got bags of Stove Top Stuffing 5 for $1!!!! I brag about them all the time.

Grocery Outlet Silver Ave San Francisco California

Grocery Outlet San Francisco California Weekly Ad for 1390 Silver Avenue San Francisco, CA 94134.

I've been shopping at Grocery Outlet for years. It is a fun store to shop because you never know what you might find. There are so many deals on high quality food and wine. The owners have been awesome during the shelter in place order putting out videos about what they have in stock and what is coming in the future. They are stellar business owners and a real asset to the community. Their staff is always friendly and helpful when I am looking for something. Highly recommend this store to shop.

This Grocery Outlet is a bit smaller than most but the selection is just as good if not better. The NOSH, Wine& Beer, as well as produce, are well stocked. The cereal isle is full of great family sized deals, the meats are always fresh, and their home goods section always has great finds!

Grocery Outlet Simi Valley California

Grocery Outlet Simi Valley California Weekly Ad for 2974 Cochran St, Units K And L Simi Valley, CA 93065.

Amazing selection of produce, frozen food, fresh meat, and even dinner household items. I did those spot immensely... Save so much freaking money, doesn't even seem real sometimes. Shop here first then go to Safeway to pick up there lose ends, never fails.

I had a whole cart of food got rung up but I couldn't find my card but the cashier said don't even worry about it and make me feel like it's wasn't so i return the next day and we laugh about it. I'll be a long time customer. 5stars

Grocery Outlet Sonora California

Grocery Outlet Sonora California Weekly Ad for 685 South Washington Street Sonora, CA 95370.

Great location,nice area,clean store, helpful staff and of course low prices to help low income resident's and other's with affordable item's. I shop here all the time an my recommendation is that if you stay in this area to shop here.

I've only been to this grocery outlet a few times but it seems to have everything that I want at the right price and the service seems to be really on point too that is very important to me keep up the great work grocery outlet

Grocery Outlet South Lake Tahoe California

Grocery Outlet South Lake Tahoe California Weekly Ad for 2358 Lake Tahoe Boulevard South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150.

Love this store! The staff is always nice & friendly. They keep the store very clean & stocked with great, unique items!!

Great store, always have new products at an amazing price, lots of deals!
Every time I go shopping there I find new deals, and foods from around the world which is amazing. Store staff always smile and courteous, clean store and lots of parking space for everyone.
One of my favorite stores!

Grocery Outlet South Pasadena California

Grocery Outlet South Pasadena California Weekly Ad for 1401 Huntington Drive South Pasadena, CA 91030.

Love this store! The staff is always nice & friendly. They keep the store very clean & stocked with great, unique items!!

Great little store. Always nice to be able to find what's needed for a family dinner.

Grocery Outlet South San Francisco California

Grocery Outlet South San Francisco California Weekly Ad for 125 Hickey Boulevard South San Francisco, CA 94080.

A decent selection of name brand items aft great prices. But like other discount retail stores like 99 Cent Only & Big Lots. Certain items will only be there as long as they have inventory and once they're gone there's no guarantee that they'll be back. Good location but parking can get congested at their busier times. Good staff. I can't comment on any public restrooms since I've never seen them and never asked cuz I never needed it. Close to public transportation(a/c transit). Bring extra money and grab a basket you'll definitely leave with more than what you intended to get when you first got there.

Great store, always have new products at an amazing price, lots of deals!
Every time I go shopping there I find new deals, and foods from around the world which is amazing. Store staff always smile and courteous, clean store and lots of parking space for everyone.
One of my favorite stores!

Grocery Outlet Sparks Nevada

Grocery Outlet Sparks Nevada Weekly Ad for 1300 Disc Drive Sparks, NV 89436.

The staff here is always friendly and the store is always clean! We always end up with such a deal. We love this store it is always our first stop. They are so helpful! I would so suggest that everyone check it out at least once; or at least your neighborhood Grocery Outlet.

I love this place there is always a golden deal for me every time I go. They don't have all the brands of the usual horríveis store but i go to find my treasure of the week =) 😉

Grocery Outlet Spokane Valley Washington

Grocery Outlet Spokane Valley Washington Weekly Ad for 12115 E. Sprague Ave. Spokane Valley, WA 99206.

Our family loves this store! We find the best deals in the food category. Just look around and save, that's what we do!

Great place to shop, but check for expired dates.. I also love how they are always giving to the community such a good place!..

Grocery Outlet Spokane Washington

Grocery Outlet Spokane Washington Weekly Ad for 1617 West 3rd Avenue Spokane, WA 99201.

Great store if you want a bargain . Becareful of expiration dates cause that's why your getting discounts . You didn't think it was because they care about you did you ? Lol

Such Great product, Great Prices and very friendly workers. All in All a great place to shop. I recommend stopping by and checking them out, bet you can't leave empty handed.

Grocery Outlet Springfield Oregon

Grocery Outlet Springfield Oregon Weekly Ad for 160 S 14th St Springfield, OR 97477.

I love GO!! Small scale grocery store whose prices are phenomenal and the produce is always fresh. They have items on their shelves that are hard to find elsewhere.

I try to shop here before I do any other grocery shopping because they always have great news stuff. This is hands down the best place to buy coffee, cereal, gluten free n snacks!They have a lot of items you need everyday and they are priced lower than out larger chain local grocery stores

Grocery Outlet Stayton Oregon

Grocery Outlet Stayton Oregon Weekly Ad for 1815 West Ida Street Stayton, OR 97383.

Great prices and good service it was a little busy but not too bad and they made sure to call for all available checkers we only spent like two minutes waiting in line

What a great facility. Clean and very easy to find what I need. Employees were quick to respond if i had any questions and knowledgeable on availability on their products

Grocery Outlet St. Helens Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet St. Helens Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 205 Brayden Street St. Helens, OR 97051.

Store produce is great. Customer service can improve a lot. Very rude people working there. Is a shame. Over all I keep coming cause I love the produce and prices.

I was at the store Saturday morning when the lady cashier was wiping and blowing her nose as she called an elderly man to the register, before he walked up to her he asked with concern if she was sick which I would have done the same thing under the circumstances today and she replied I'm crying, guess I can't even cry anymore, the man shook his head and left,in my opinion I think she could have handled the situation differently with more understanding he didn't know what was going on with her, anyway let's all step back breath and be more compassionate with one another under these trying times and remember we're all in this together everyone is scared right now God Bless Us

Grocery Outlet Stockton California

Grocery Outlet Stockton California Weekly Ad for 6618 Pacific Ave Stockton, CA 95207.

New to our area, the Grocery Outlet has some great prices on quality items. The staff is super friendly. I highly recommend this store to others.

This is the best grocery outlet around! The employees are super friendly and their selection is top notch!

Grocery Outlet Street NE Salem Oregon

Grocery Outlet Salem Oregon Weekly Ad for 299 D Street NE Salem, OR 97301.

Greatest for vegetarians seeking deals! This place is an old standby for striking veg-head gold on alternative meats and cheeses. A great selection of general, healthy stuff and hard to find baking supplies like flours and natural sweeteners. Prefer it over the new Redmond location.

It never fails I am always amazed how much I save on my grocery bill when shopping at grocery outlet store..if you want to save money shop here

Grocery Outlet Street Suite Arroyo Grande CA

Grocery Outlet Arroyo Grande California Weekly Ad for 1574 W Branch Street Suite C Arroyo Grande, CA 93420.

So glad to live near this store! They have the best prices. Organic food. Clean , good service and everything is fantastic about this store. Love it

Fun and interesting finds and super friendly staff. Currently expanding into the empty space next door. I was crushed when Fresh & Easy closed but this is 100 times better!

Grocery Outlet Suite A Fresno California

Grocery Outlet Suite A Fresno California Weekly Ad for 1825 E Ashlan Avenue, Suite A Fresno, CA 93726.

Love, love, love Grocery Outlet..always something new and exciting to try. An amazing wine dept!

Small compact store with pretty much all the stuff you need. Limited Variety, Like a Food 4 Less of tiny homes.... Beer department is small too they scan your I.D to buy beer feeling a little violated have enough problems with Alexa and social contact tracing 😃

Grocery Outlet Sunnyside Washington

Grocery Outlet Sunnyside Washington Weekly Ad for 2600 Yakima Valley Highway Sunnyside, WA 98944.

Excellent customer service with prices you cant beat. Come on down to east wenatchee grocery outlet and let me take show you our WOW prices!

This store is great. I am excited for this new location. All the products that they carry was exactly what I was hoping for.

Grocery Outlet Sunnyvale California

Grocery Outlet Sunnyvale California Weekly Ad for 1180 N. Fair Oaks Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94089.

My favorite store to go too. Everyday is a surprise because you never truly know what you'll find here. Always clean, such good finds at such a bargain. Theres always a good selection of food, snacks, drinks and music. Plus their customer service is waaay better than any grocery store in san Leandro hands down. You can see the team work. Love it

Produce is not organic. I don't like organic,it spoils to fast and costs to much. It's more for quick shopping. Doesn't always have everything you need. People are pleasant.

Grocery Outlet Sun Valley California

Grocery Outlet Sun Valley California Weekly Ad for 8920 Glenoaks Blvd. Sun Valley, CA 91352.

Love this grocery store! The prices are great and I always find something unique in here. The staff are friendly and helpful , and the music has you grovin while shopping.

I love the canned food outlet! Seriously I first walked into a Grocery Outlet 10 years ago in Redding. Filled up my cart with groceries for less than $100 bucks. All these years later, I have a specific list of items that are go to buys for meal preps. They have a lot of food that isn't the greatest for you (cookies, cake and candies) but they have REALLY good deals on staples so you can homecook and freeze meals ahead of time.

Grocery Outlet Tacoma Washington

Grocery Outlet Tacoma Washington Weekly Ad for 1410 E 72nd Street Tacoma, WA 98404.

I forgot this place existed... great staff and a wide selection of items that are cheaper than elsewhere 75% of the time. Like Costco some items may not be stocked the next time you go it. But I've gotten great deals on meat cheeses wine and beer. I love this place

Good prices, it's like a small Walmart but cheaper and the employees smell like smoke.

Grocery Outlet Taft California

Grocery Outlet Taft California Weekly Ad for 877 Supply Row Taft, CA 93268.

I shop here weekly. VERY nice staff. Great Organic/Healthy isle. Great grabs on pet food/products. Clean store. No gripes. Love this store:)

I really enjoy going to Grocery Outlet - they don't have a set inventory so every visit will be something different and new. Though not the best place to shop if you are looking for something specific, they are a great place to shop for an adventurous foodie. They carry interesting stock from all over the country that you wouldn't normally see in this area. There are even many items from different countries, especially sweets. They also carry a good selection of wine and alcohol. The only thing that could be viewed as disappointing is their fresh fruit and veggie selection. This can be very hit and miss. Price-wise, many items are below retail value while others tend to be comparable. It is always good to be an informed shopper! Also, the staff that works here are hard-working and super helpful. You can always ask them for alcohol or food recommendations.

Grocery Outlet The Dalles Oregon

Grocery Outlet The Dalles Oregon Weekly Ad for 1300 West 6th Street The Dalles, OR 97058.

I love this store! I save time and an average of $23 weekly! They've got a good selection of organics which is icing on the cake for me so I don't need to waste a lot of time walking around a big store. Most items aren't brand names, but the quality is just as good.

Great ppl and always good prices. Not always the same stuff but that makes shopping at Grocery Outlet fun too.

Grocery Outlet Thousand Oaks California

Grocery Outlet Thousand Oaks California Weekly Ad for 25 E Hillcrest Drive Thousand Oaks, CA 91360.

I used to drive past these stores all the time I never bothered to stop but once I did I realized I had so many amazing deals. I do the ketogenic diet and sometimes carnivore and the prices on low-carb items and meats is very good. This is my go-to every week now.

This is a great Grocery Outlet. The manager here is fantastic. I don't know her name but she has brown hair (and pretty eyes, if I may say so :) She's always nice and positive and I notice her working hard to keep things running smoothly. She went out of her way to help me deal with a product problem a few weeks ago - I appreciate it a lot! 👍

Grocery Outlet Tillamook Oregon

Grocery Outlet Tillamook Oregon Weekly Ad for 2055 Main Avenue N Tillamook, OR 97141.

If you are on a tight budget, this us one if the places you must go. Items vary, but they now carry ( local) Kreider Farms lactose free milk, very fresh, also now carry much organic and health foods, snacks, and many nice inexpensive clothing, housewares items.

Great prices! I find things there that you would never expect to see in your grocery store for half of what you would pay at bimart or Walmart. I always go to grocery outlet first to see if they have what I'm looking for. Did I mention best prices around!!

Grocery Outlet Tracy California

Grocery Outlet Tracy California Weekly Ad for 825 W 11th Street Tracy, CA 95376.

I have not been in a grocery outlet in years. That being said I needed a lemon and thought I would stop into our local store on 11th street. I walked in and was pleasantly surprised to see not only how clean and organized the shelves were but they had fresh meat, bread, dairy and produce. We eat a lot of organic items and Yes! They have organic. I also found two speciality section that I normally have to go to different stores for. The customer service, name brands and the pricing, I'm in love with this store and can't believe its right here under my nose. I don't normally post but to find a little Gem here locally, I couldn't resist.

Thank you for the water donations this heat is a killer ad we at Tracy park ate thankful for all your help during the hot summer .God bless all

Grocery Outlet Truckee California

Grocery Outlet Truckee California Weekly Ad for 11213 Donner Pass Road, Suite 200 Truckee, CA 96161.

Pleasantly surprised and now we have shopped there for years. This store is always clean and well stocked, we usually swing by at random for a couple things-maybe once a week and we can always find what we were looking for. Sometimes the prices are so good I am shocked at the register!

I like coming here for the prices and unusual merchandise that you can't find in other store. Lots of health food from. High end store, odd lot or close to expiry date items at very reasonable price. Their wine selection is amazing for the varities and price.

Grocery Outlet Tulare California

Grocery Outlet Tulare California Weekly Ad for 170 E. Cross Avenue Tulare, CA 93274.

I really appreciate being able to save so much money here every week. I'm not kidding I save 50 to 100 a week. They buy bulk and often the brands are not my regular ones but they stand by the products they sell.

The prices are amazing and the employees are knowledgeable, personable, and courteous. Every cashier seems like they could be my best friend in another life. Always a unique and satisfying selection (especially the specialty cheese section!)

Grocery Outlet Turlock California

Grocery Outlet Turlock California Weekly Ad for 1330 W. Main Street Turlock, CA 95380.

Haven't been there in years, but it was clean, well stocked and the employees were very friendly and helpful.

Always the best helpful staff. Store is clean and well organized. Could use a remodel though, feels like I stepped back into the 90's.

Grocery Outlet Tustin California

Grocery Outlet Tustin California Weekly Ad for 12932 Newport Ave., Suite 20 Tustin, CA 92780.

The store went under construction and has approved a million times better. It is wonderful place to get discounted food/wine(my favorite). The service their is friendly and the owners are fabulous kind people. They sponsored my daughter for NAM. It is also a poke' stop where people can stop to get snacks and water, you aren't spending a fortune to get these items.

Everyone is very friendly and very helpful. I love grocery outlet, they always have fun stuff.

Grocery Outlet Twin Falls Idaho

Grocery Outlet Twin Falls Idaho Weekly Ad for 2318 Addison Avenue East Twin Falls, ID 83301.

Very nice store! Very friendly staff!
Great selection! It will now be my favorite place to shop!

Great place to shop. Good customer service from friendly & helpful employees. Good selection of products.

Grocery Outlet Ukiah California

Grocery Outlet Ukiah California Weekly Ad for 1203 North State Street Ukiah, CA 95482.

Always find a great variety of items to choose from! From frozen foods, rare and hard to find items, some clothes, health and wellness, seasonal garden decor, and so much more! Excellent prices for those on a tight budget!

I love going to this store! Easy parking and friendly staff! Not to mention the store owner is a great guy! My favorite part of the store is there huge wine selection!

Grocery Outlet Upland California

Grocery Outlet Upland California Weekly Ad for 176 South Mountain Avenue Upland, CA 91786.

I just ran in to get a few things. And was happy they had what I was looking for, plus the items I bought were a lot less.I loved that.

I had no problem finding the items I needed. The store is well arranged , shelves well stocked. I shop at the Outlet every two weeks. I like this store.

Grocery Outlet Vacaville California

Grocery Outlet Vacaville California Weekly Ad for 130 Nut Tree Parkway Vacaville, CA 95687.

It is clean, staff are helpful and I found all I needed and some extras like Dove unconditional chocolate ice cream 🍦 mmm

Items I can use are cheaper than other markets. Convenient store and lots of parking spaces. The clerks are very friendly & helpful.

Grocery Outlet Vallejo California

Grocery Outlet Vallejo California Weekly Ad for 66 Admiral Callaghan Lane Vallejo, CA 94591.

I always find great bargains at this market. I just love looking around this store. It's fast, fun, and the staff is friendly.

This was a long time since I have shopped here great customer service and great deals

Grocery Outlet Valley Springs California

Grocery Outlet Valley Springs California Weekly Ad for 50 Jean Street Valley Springs, CA 95252.

My favorite ace for quick in and out shopping. Great organic selection.

Good prices, they carry items that are rarer and not found everywhere; and for a decent to discounted price. Friendly, Joyful staffing.

Grocery Outlet Vancouver Washington

Grocery Outlet Vancouver Washington Weekly Ad for 9915 Ne Hazel Dell Avenue Vancouver, WA 98685.

This place is great! I can walk in with 30 bucks and leave with almost three times what I could if I went to Giant. They have organic and fresh options as well as frozen. They also have a wide selection of little oddities that you wouldn't necessarily find in a normal grocery store. I do about 95% of my shopping here and save an incredible amount of money.

The staff is always exceptionally kind and helpful. I never feel rushed there with my toddler. I do all of my weekly grocery shopping here and they always have what I need in stock.

Grocery Outlet Veneta Oregon

Grocery Outlet Veneta Oregon Weekly Ad for 25110 Jeans Road Veneta, OR 97487.

I find meny good buys here, I buy most of my fresh vegetables there and that way I have them and they're cheaper and yes there yummy

The staff here is always friendly and helpful and willing to assist you with anything you need. The store is always clean and well supplied. The staff really do care about the job they do.

Grocery Outlet Ventura California

Grocery Outlet Ventura California Weekly Ad for 9372 Telephone Road Ventura, CA 93004.

Good stuff at good prices. Odd mix that changes fast, if you find something you like and want more go back quick might be gone soon. If you go in with a strict list of what I must get here and brand names, you will most likely be disappointed. If you go in with a adventures attitude willing to be surprised with something new, you will come out happy more times than not.

Clean store with well-spaced out aisles. While the choice of products in any given category is limited, the discounts make it well worth it! Quality in general seems to be good but do check expiry as some items do sell just a week or 2 before expiry or use by dates.

Grocery Outlet Victorville California

Grocery Outlet Victorville California Weekly Ad for 12220 Hesperia Road Suite A Victorville, CA 92395.

Affordable food, healthy, and nice people at the cash registers. And: they stil carry the Peanut Cans!

Love how this store always has a variety of choices from meats to even vegan options. Awesome customer service 👍

Grocery Outlet Visalia California

Grocery Outlet Visalia California Weekly Ad for 2323 S Mooney Boulevard Visalia, CA 93277.

I personally like the music 🎵🎶 they play😁. I have been a loyal customer for 8 years, I have an especially restricted diet and I have never had to shop anywhere else! I save myself so much money 💰 and always leave 😊 happy because They have new items constantly so it' really is my favorite and A fun place to shop 🤓.

Love this place. The merchandise rotates regularly so you might not ALWAYS be able to find something... But most things are covered. It's worth it, cause it's super cheap. Everyone who works there is really nice, it feels like a kind of alternative vibe compared to say, Safeway, but not hippie-ish like say, Staff of Life or the Food Bin (also great stores, but not as cheap).

Grocery Outlet Walla Walla Washington

Grocery Outlet Walla Walla Washington Weekly Ad for 910 South 9th Avenue Walla Walla, WA 99362.

Love shopping here. Great deals. Large organic section, clean store and friendly staff. Fun!

Cashiers and all who work there are very friendly, and greet you the moment you walk in. They also ensured I found everything I needed and asked if there was any help I needed finding anything.

Grocery Outlet Warminster Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet Warminster Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 1023 West County Line Road Warminster, PA 18974.

Love this place! Always clean and well stocked. Employees are always busy and very nice and courteous. Greatest bargains in town for many name brand items. I travel from Lancaster county to go to this location.

Nice clean store, has fresh meats and produce bread milk turkey hill drinks and some chips and bagged snacks consistently, has other items at reduced prices but not always available because it's a discount grocery. For example, you might get really great prices on a bag of holiday candy, months after the holiday. Or if a package is changing and the old style is being cleared out of warehouses to make room for the new version, it will still be in date for consumers, the manufacturer just wants rid of it quickly. Also, they've had limited time flavors of cereal or pop tarts, snacks, etc that either didn't go over well or are just done on the regular supermarket shelves. They have random clothes, kitchen wares, beauty supplies, candles, towels,vitamins and other items that aren't consistently available, they will usually have shampoo and soap etc, but not the same kinds that you maybe got the week before.

Grocery Outlet Watsonville California

Grocery Outlet Watsonville California Weekly Ad for 1000 Main Street Watsonville, CA 95076.

Best prices in town for everything in the store. Especially great savings on dairy free/vegan options. Inventory changes regularly so it's always a little different. Friendly staff. If you like thrift store shopping but need food more than a Braveheart VHS tape, this is THE spot.

Amazing prices. Not always availability on some things, but hey, no worries. The organic veggie section is usually small, but many staples. But then the misc organic isle is full of new fun every time. It can be a surprising and fun experience every time when you're open minded. Love the Bargain Market!

Grocery Outlet Watt Avenue Sacramento California

Grocery Outlet Watt Avenue Sacramento California Weekly Ad for 3431 Watt Avenue Sacramento, CA 95821.

If you enjoy wine this is the store to go to! Great selection and the "Wine Guy" never steers you wrong! Excellent selection of all groceries as well.

Great Selection of milks. Excellent Customer Service- returned my item immediately!! Great vegan snacking items!! Good assortment of cheeses. Wow the best drinkable yogurt selection!! Good selection of veggies- I got the butternut squash!! Had a really nice selection of health bars with my favorite vitamins and minerals! I will be going here again!!

Grocery Outlet Weed California

Grocery Outlet Weed California Weekly Ad for 268 Vista Drive Weed, CA 96094.

Very friendly employees and great prices.. Convenient and easy to find things.

Love this store so much! Always so organized, lovely staff, delicious produce and amazing snack section

Grocery Outlet Welsh Road Philadelphia PA

Grocery Outlet Welsh Road Philadelphia Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 2524 Welsh Road, Suite 253 Philadelphia, PA 19152.

I’m absolutely in love with this grocery store! There are so many bargains inside and out. This store carries so many unique and organic products that would cost you a fortune at the average grocery store including protein, fresh fruits and veggies, and even vegan options! I never know what I’ll find. Prices are very reasonable and the employees are friendly. Definitely recommend!

While I was waiting in line, I realized my methods of payment was in my car which was parked outside the door. I retrieved it, (two minutes at most!) only to find a person actually pushed my cart out of line. No problem! I have generously waited for others. She was up next after I retrieved my cart. After I was checked out, I decided to pay it forward by letting a cart free of charge for someone who was definitely not better off than me. Ha! The person that pushed my cart out of the way, came back from her car and took the quarter from my cart! The sad part is that I actually knew who this was...

Grocery Outlet Wenatchee Washington

Grocery Outlet Wenatchee Washington Weekly Ad for 1616 North Wenatchee Avenue Wenatchee, WA 98801.

Excellent customer service and a fairly good variety of food. I shop there first before going to other stores to get the bargains

Great customer service and fair prices. I appreciate the electric carts when I'm unable to walk much.

Grocery Outlet West Covina California

Grocery Outlet West Covina California Weekly Ad for 1528 E Amar Road West Covina, CA 91792.

Better prices and I don't normally shop here but I think I will start soon.

I find what I need and pay a lot less..
I like shopping there. Workers ask if you
need any help and are very courteous.

Grocery Outlet Westminster California

Grocery Outlet Westminster California Weekly Ad for 15412 Goldenwest Street Westminster, CA 92683.

Little bit of everything you need for kitchen and home at a bargain prices.

This store always has new things for a great price and the new night cashier is a sweetheart. The employees are always busy stocking the shelves with new and exciting products. You never know what goodies you will find at this grocery outlet.

We love this place - amazing deals and have some fun things. Just important to know there is less selection of brands and products can change often since it's an outlet

Grocery Outlet West Oregon Avenue Philadelphia PA

Grocery Outlet West Oregon Avenue Philadelphia Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 2017 West Oregon Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19145.

Honestly this place is pretty great. I have had some times where the item was in date, but tasted stale, so I’m not really sure how that works. Maybe they were things that were kept in an incorrect temperature or something. But the majority of my experience with the grocery outlet has been positive and I highly recommend it! I got two huge cases of seltzer water for $10

Great deals on produce, proteins are slightly expensive for what they offer. Deli meats are ok, cheeses are great though. I don't buy prepared foods often, although I've gotten their corn dogs on occasion and they were awesome! Definitely reccomend this place to friends!

Grocery Outlet West Sacramento California

Grocery Outlet West Sacramento California Weekly Ad for 845 Harbor Boulevard West Sacramento, CA 95691.

I love the variety of lactose free and organic items for great prices.

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market always has what I need and at an awesome sabingd

Grocery Outlet White City Oregon

Grocery Outlet White City Oregon Weekly Ad for 7571 Highway 62, Bldg #1 White City, OR 97503.

Great market,friendly employees an good prices on a lot of stuff you don't see in big supermarkets!!

Great store with great deals. If you see something you like get it now because it might be gone soon. Some of the elsewhere prices I'm not sure where they come from because it's not always accurate. Most items there are definitely less expensive than at other stores though. But for most items you'll be getting a better deal here than other stores!Grocery Outlet White City Oregon

Grocery Outlet Whittier California

Grocery Outlet Whittier California Weekly Ad for 13301 Whittier Blvd Whittier, CA 90602.

This store has the lowest grocery prices I have ever seen. I saved more than $60 on my last purchase. I paid around $70 for items that had list prices totalling around $130. I'm going back soon!

The new owners who took over a few months ago are doing an amazing job. All the employees are very nice. The store is clean, organized and easy to navigate. The prices are awesome on organic products and if you sign up for email on groceryoutlet.com or "friend" them on facebook you get good coupons and invites to their fun (money saving)events. They also offer seniors 10% off on Thursdays. It's a great place to shop first before you go to any other grocery store.

Grocery Outlet Wildomar California

Grocery Outlet Wildomar California Weekly Ad for 24060 Clinton Keith Road Wildomar, CA 92595.

I like this store on Sunday I shop there it's not very busy. Watch the dates on the food, thats the trick. Cheap prices of course. The food variety changes from week to week. The employees are very nice.

Place is well organized and clean. Prices are reasonable. Good selection of discounted wines.

Grocery Outlet Williams California

Grocery Outlet Williams California Weekly Ad for 435 Vada Court Williams, CA 95987.

I love this GO! It's smaller than many so a little harder to get everything you need but a solid choice for some great deals.

Stopped in on a trip! Many choices and some great cheese! Clean bathrooms😇

Grocery Outlet Willits California

Grocery Outlet Willits California Weekly Ad for 1718 S. Main Street Willits, CA 95490.

They have my favorite lactose free cheeses here. Thank you for carrying the only cheese I can eat.

I love this place. So many great items and fantastic prices. I am amazed that I find the same items that I would pay a lot more for at whole foods and sprouts. This place is a gem.

Grocery Outlet Winchester California

Grocery Outlet Winchester California Weekly Ad for 35958 Winchester Road Winchester, CA 92596.

I've been shopping Grocery zoutlet for years! Love getting things you can't find else where. Also fun seasonal things and flavors

Best place for so many things that cost so much less than any other store. Watch the dates when you buy stuff... But come on. This is expected in a store like this. Go here if you want to save money. Great employees too.

Grocery Outlet Windsor California

Grocery Outlet Windsor California Weekly Ad for 6400 Hembree Lane, Suite 100 Windsor, CA 95492.

I like the grocery outlet stores. This store is one of those stores where you just cannot believe the pricing! I love just popping in to see what they have in their garden section. They also have unbelievable prices on snacks. They've got a huge variety of items that you won't find elsewhere! But I have to be honest with you. When you buy food you need to check the expiration date. Also after speaking to the manager I have found out that they don't always have the same items in stock. the manager explain to me that they are just sent whatever Overstock items their vendor sends them. For example I found a brand of snack trail mix that I like, but I haven't been able to find it at the grocery outlet for a while now. But these prices in the store are insane! I highly recommend stopping in and checking it out. Who knows you might save money!

Shelves are ALWAYS being stocked with new and exciting products sold at the fraction of the cost vs other major grocery shops.

Grocery Outlet Winnemucca Nevada

Grocery Outlet Winnemucca Nevada Weekly Ad for 880 Hanson Street Winnemucca, NV 89445.

You can find items here at great prices. The inventory varies somewhat but that what's makes this place unique.

The Nosh aisle is my favorite.So many unique snacks to choose from. Save $20-30 every visit!

Grocery Outlet Winnetka California

Grocery Outlet Winnetka California Weekly Ad for 19718 Sherman Way Winnetka, CA 91306.

Great place! Amazing deals. Awesome super helpful employees!! This place is clean, organized, easy to navigate. So worth it to sign up for their weekly emails & coupon offers!! Great for random things for the pantry (hot sauce, bouillon cubes, taco shells) and fridge basics (bread, eggs, milk, cheese, cereal!!). Save so much on your weekly/monthly grocery bill!! Worth the trip.

Great selection with great prices. The staff is extremely helpful and nice. The wine selection is also top tier.

Grocery Outlet Winston Oregon

Grocery Outlet Winston Oregon Weekly Ad for 151 Nw Douglas Blvd. Winston, OR 97496.

Impressed by the selection, clean and the clerks are so friendly and helpful! Atmosphere was peaceful and happy! Not something you experience much now days!

Usually has organic options and gluten free products. Best prices for groceries in town.

Grocery Outlet Woodland California

Grocery Outlet Woodland California Weekly Ad for 1366 E. Main Street Woodland, CA 95776.

Saving money on groceries has always been the #1 concern on my list since Covid-19. Grocery outlet always has the best prices when it comes to Beef Jerky. I enjoy going to different Grocery Outlet locations because they all are different and carry different varieties of products. This is the one place I go to for the best prices!

My sister told me about Grocery Outlet. I ventured to my local store not knowing what to expect. I was not disappointed! Can't beat the prices. Everything put in my cart was an amazing deal. I with out doubt be returning weakly.

Grocery Outlet Yakima Washington

Grocery Outlet Yakima Washington Weekly Ad for 5801 Summitview Avenue, Suite C Yakima, WA 98908.

One great place to save your hard earned money. And the cashier's ARE AWESOME.

This place is wonderful, I loved the atmosphere and the people where friendly. Awesome experience I will definitely be going back.

Grocery Outlet York Pennsylvania

Grocery Outlet York Pennsylvania Weekly Ad for 1500 North George Street Ste13 York, PA 17404.

The prices are always pennies on the dollar for premium brands. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Plus, they play great music...cheesy, old school throwbacks but fun! Try Grocery Outlet! You will be pleased!

We're full-time RVers and were just passing through York, PA when we came across this store. Boy, are we glad we did!

From produce to frozen foods to meat to beverages, the selections were so plentiful and the prices so low that I pulled another shopper aside and asked if it was a membership store. 😅

As we travel, I'm going to be on the look-out for Grocery Outlets so we can stock up without breaking the bank.

Highly recommend!

Grocery Outlet Yreka California

Grocery Outlet Yreka California Weekly Ad for 121 Montague Rd Yreka, CA 96097.

Grocery Outlet was great as always. We have been traveling across country and got some great items at Grocery Outlets in The Dalles and Spokane. This one is my local store. All the employees are very courteous. It looked like everyone was stocking shelves today. Returning cans is hit or miss because of all the people with garbage bags full of them. Cans are not my primary source of income. I will wait until next time to take the few that I have back.

Affordable, fresh produce and deals on many other food products! Definitely going to support this local business while saving myself and my family money! I recommend everyone shop at this store once and see what's for you! Thank you for excellent customer service and cleaning extent especially during this time!

Grocery Outlet Yuba City California

Grocery Outlet Yuba City California Weekly Ad for 1721 Colusa Avenue Yuba City, CA 95993.

Grocery outlet is a fantastic place to discover new items at a fraction of retail. Lots of name brands, grassfed 92% ground beef always 499. Organic veggies and pantry items,beauty care, frozen brands you already know. Individual owner operated. Shelves are neat, items removed if expired,all around a wonderful shopping experience. Happy there are finally 2 in my Fullerton neighborhood. Best part is hearing how much you saved!

Cashier Sharon could not have been NICER!! She is the reason ppl like me shop there. What a Sweetie! Seriously, props to her parents.

Grocery Outlet Yucca Valley California

Grocery Outlet Yucca Valley California Weekly Ad for 57200 29 Palms Highway Yucca Valley, CA 92284.

The Grocery Warehouse is great. However while I was in the store I had the battery from my car stolen. It was punched with a tool and the hoods not safe for the freeway. Thank You AAA Driver. 5 stars to you as well

They have my new favorite item. Wisconsin lactose free mozzarella. Please keep carrying it. I love it.

Grocery Pass Road Outlet Concord California

Grocery Outlet Concord California Weekly Ad for 1840 Willow Pass Road Concord, CA 94520.

The difference in price from here to other places should make everyone angry we pay so much for food. At least here they give you good deals even though the inventory is revolving to a point.

We always shop at this store It is nice, the people are helpful. We find are very helpful and friendly. The sales are very good. Especially the ones in the paper that has their coupons.