Giant Tiger Thunder Bay

Giant Tiger Thunder Bay weekly flyer for 349 Main St, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5L6, Kanada
this giant tiger is great and enlarging the store which some stores shrunk or closed because of the virus
there improvements on the outside and inside moving the entrance and exit you can't tell they moved it the center of the store which you cant tell it got moved and the same inside with the ceiling
so I am glad to a store enlarging instead of shrink or closing when it got tough for a very long time
the workers keep thee mess right down to a 0 and same with the renovations materials kept up front
I was impressed with new items that there selling
just make finding the power orange flavor next to the pop not a small shelve so you display my life saving drink
giant tiger is 1 of 4 stores keeps us road tripping
so giant tiger gets additional ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Furlani garlic bread

1.871.87 SAVE 40¢

Valley Baker cookies

3.973.97 SAVE 50¢

Cavendish Farms fries or hashbrowns

2.972.97 SAVE UP TO $1

Dial hand soap

1.971.97 SAVE 50¢

Bounty Paper Towels

7.997.99 SAVE $2

Heinz tartar sauce

2.972.97 SAVE 1.50

St-Hubert soup

2.672.67 SAVE UP TO 50¢

Kraft Dinner

1.671.67 SAVE 30¢