Valu Mart

Valu Mart flyer this week, grocery sales, and weekly flyer deals. Valu Mart publishes flyers on Thursday of week . Valu Mart Weekly Flyer is popular in Kawartha Lakes, London and Toronto . This flyer items are valid for All part of Ontario - Canada.

Valu Mart Alfred

This flyer is valid for Alfred's Valu-mart, 512 St Phillippe St, Alfred, Ontario

Valu Mart Aylmer

This flyer is valid for Miller's Valu-mart Aylmer 125 John St, Aylmer, Ontario, store.

Valu Mart Barry's Bay

This flyer is valid for Yuill's Valu-mart Barry's Bay PO Box 460 19625 Hwy 60, Barry's Bay, Ontario store.

Valumart Bayview

This flyer is valid for Bayview Valu-mart1500 Bayview Ave, Toronto, Ontario

Valu Mart Belle River

This flyer is valid for Tetreault's Valu-mart 345 Notre Dame St, Belle River, Ontario store.

Valu Mart Blind River

This flyer is valid for Hutton's Valu-mart Blind River 105 Causley StBox 1358, Blind River, Ontario store.

Valumart Bobcaygeon

This flyer is for Strang's VM Bobcaygeon 101 East St SRR2, Bobcaygeon, Ontario,

Valu Mart Bridgenorth

This flyer is valid for John's Valu-mart Bridgenorth 871 Ward StBox 201, Bridgenorth, Ontario store.

Valu Mart Burks Falls

This flyer is valid for Collins' Valu-mart Burks Falls 24 Commercial Dr, Burks Falls, Ontario store.

Valu Mart Chapleau

This flyer is valid for Richard's Valu-mart Chapleau 13 Beach St, Chapleau, Ontario store.

Valu Mart Cochrane

This flyer is valid for Dionne's Valu-mart 1-31 HWY Eleventh west.PO Box 1480, Cochrane, Ontario store.

Valu Mart Coniston

This flyer is valid for Larry's Valu-mart Coniston 24 Amanda St, Coniston, Ontario store.

Valumart Deep River

THis flyer is valid for Jan's Valu-mart Deep River 75 Deep River Road, Deep River, Ontario

Valu Mart Dowling

This flyer is valid for Valumart Dowling Po Box 250 Hwy #144, Dowling, Ontario and Roger's Valu-mart Dowling PO Box 250 Hwy 144, Dowling, Ontario stores.

Valu Mart Englehart

This flyer is valid for Austin's Valu-mart Englehart 66 Fourth Ave, Englehart, Ontario store.

Valu Mart Erin Ontario

This flyer is valid for Marc's Valu-mart 134 Main St, Erin, Ontario store.

Valu Mart Etobicoke

This flyer is valid for Lakeshore Valu-mart Etobicoke 2399 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, Ontario store.

Valumart Gore Bay

This flyer is valid for Dean's Valu-mart Gore Bay 40 Meredith St, Gore Bay, Ontario

Valu Mart Hastings

This flyer is valid for Todd's Valu-mart Hastings 52 Bridge St N, Hastings, Ontario store.

Valu Mart Iroquois Falls

This flyer is valid for Seguint's Valu-mart 320 Main St, Iroquois Falls, Ontario store.

Valu Mart Kingston

This flyer is valid for James' Valu-mart Kingston 235 Gore Rd, Kingston, Ontario store.

Valumart Kitchener

This flyer is valid for Valumart Belfiore's Valu-mart 385 Frederick St, Kitchener, Ontario

Valumart Lindsay

This flyer is valid for Reid's Valu-mart 42 Russell St W, Lindsay, Ontario

Valumart Little Current

This flyer is valid for Andrew's Valu-mart Little Current 40 Meredith St, Little Current, Ontario

Valumart London

This flyer is valid for Oxford Street Valu-mart234 Oxford St E, London and John's Valu-mart London 179 Wortley Rd, London Ontario

Valu Mart Manitouwadge

This flyer is valid for McNeilโ€™s Valu-mart Manitouwadge 3 Huron Walk Unit 1, Manitouwadge, Ontario store.

Valumart Marmora

This flyer is for Potter's Valu-mart Marmora

Valu Mart Marmora

This flyer is valid for Potter's Valu-mart Marmora 42 Matthew StPO Box 460, Marmora, Ontario store.

Valu Mart Meaford

This flyer is valid for Bill's Valu-mart 206497 Hwy 26 East, Meaford, Ontario store.

Valu Mart Midland

This flyer is valid for Maurice's Valu-mart 277 King St, Midland, Ontario

Valu Mart Minden

This flyer is valid for Easton's Valu-mart Minden Water St S & Hwy 35, Minden, Ontario, store.

Valumart Mississauga

This flyer is valid for Peter's Valu-mart Mississauga 1125 Bloor St E, Mississauga, Ontario

Valu Mart Mitchell

This flyer is valid for Walkom's Valu-mart 120 Ontario Rd, Mitchell, Ontario, store.

Valumart Morrisburg

This flyer is for Riley's Valu-mart Morrisburg, Morrisburg Shopping Plaza, 5 Main St Box 737, and Laura's Valu-mart Morrisburg Shopping Plaza, 5 Main St Box 737, Morrisburg.

Valu Mart Niagara On The Lake

This flyer is valid for Hendriks Valu-mart Niagara On The Lake 130 Queen St, Niagara On The Lake,
Ontario store.

Valu Mart Powassan

This flyer is valid for Oshell's Valu-mart Powassan 519 Main St, Powassan, Ontario store.

Valu Mart Ridgeway

This flyer is valid for Joe's Valu-mart Ridgeway 311 Gorham Rd, Ridgeway, Ontario store.

Valumart Sauble Beach

This flyer is for Valumart Fretz's Valu-mart Sauble Beach 612 Main St RR 1, Sauble Beach, Ontario

Valumart Scarborough

This flyer is valid for Valumart Moore's Valu-mart 123 Guildwood Pkwy, Scarborough, Ontario

Valu Mart Shawville

This flyer is valid for Joanne's Valu-mart Shawville 323, rue Main, Shawville, Quebec store.

Valu Mart St Isidore

This flyer is valid for Jacques' Valu-mart St Isidore 4512 St Catherine St, St Isidore, Ontario

Valu Mart Tavistock

This flyer is valid for Sam's Valu-mart 70 Hope St W PO Box 194, Tavistock, Ontario

Valu Mart Thessalon

This flyer is valid for Jones' Valu-mart Thessalon, 215 Main StBOX 264, Thessalon, Ontario store.

Valumart Toronto

This flyer is valid for Tufts' valu-mart 3259 Bayview Ave, Toronto, Bayview Valu-mart Toronto, Davidson's Valu-mart, Beach Valu-mart Toronto,Dyson's Valu-mart Toronto

Valumart Tweed

This flyer is valid for Tweed Valu-mart 56 Victoria StPO Box 310, Tweed, Ontario

Valu Mart Virgil

This flyer is valid for Phil's Valu-mart 1551 Hwy 55, Virgil, Ontario store.

Valu Mart Walkerton

This flyer is valid for Kaufman's Valu-mart 1200 Yonge St, Walkerton, Ontario store.

Valumart Waterloo

This flyer is valid for Bob's Valu-mart 75 King St S, Waterloo, Ontario

Valumart Wawa

This flyer is valid for John's Valu-mart Wawa 186 Mission RdPO Box 360, Wawa, Ontario

Valu Mart Wingham

This flyer is valid for Dean's Valu-mart 55 Josephine St, Wingham, Ontario store.

Vons Agoura California

Vons Agoura California Weekly Ad for 5671 Kanan Rd Agoura, CA 91301.
I feel like our neighborhood Tom Thumb gets a lot of bad things said about it, but Iโ€™ve always been happy with the selection. Iโ€™ve never really needed help with anything so I canโ€™t speak to the service. My experience is that the store has always been clean and well-stocked.
Very clean, sales associates were friendly, and knowledgeable. The cashier was friendly and professional.
Clean store and easy to find everything. Friendly cashier!!

Vons Anaheim California

Vons Anaheim California Weekly Ad for 130 W Lincoln Anaheim, CA 92805.
Been here a couple times. This location is clean and well organized. They were well stocked and found everything I needed. Their self checkout machine is easy to use. Scanned, packed in bag, then paid. Prices are competitive as long you have the Vons' members Club card which you can get by downloading the app. Without it can be overpriced and would recommend Walmart and/or Smart & Final if you don't like using or registering for some kind of membership card.
Parking lot is pretty spacious since it shares one with US Bank and a few other stores adjacent to it.
Didn't use any customer service so can't say if good or bad but can only assume by the benefit of the doubt that they would be good if help was needed.
I recommend this location if you need to do grocery shopping and live near here or in the area.

Vons Anaheim Hills California

Vons Anaheim Hills California Weekly Ad for 8010 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd Anaheim Hills, CA 92808.
A bit pricey ! But fresh hot French bread and there packaged soup , In plastic containers by deli is so yummy!Our favorite broccoli cheddar & tomato soup ! Staff are helpful and friendly! Keeps me coming back for more ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Come here sometimes when I coach. Like the way they make their sandwiches at this location. Every Vons seems to be different so I don't always care for how they make them.
Conveniently located and great staff.

Vons Arcadia California

Vons Arcadia California Weekly Ad for 745 W Naomi Ave Arcadia, CA 91007.
Vons is a great place to find the items you canโ€™t find in other stores. The place is clean and organized.
ISO I met a cute lady in a light blue wig tonight at this Vons 3/6/2022 and she complimented my outfit and everything and I can't stop thinking about her! If by some miracle you see this, I wanna be best friends!

Vons Atascadero California

Vons Atascadero California Weekly Ad for 7135 El Camino Real Atascadero, CA 93422.
Vons is great! I have my fav cashier at night when I do my shopping. Clean store. I recommend this store.
Vons one of my favorite groceries. Great staff. Always with big smiles. Really awesome experience ๐Ÿ‘.
Store was kinda ghetto but they had dark chocolate sorbetto and half sours which I can't find at home so FIVE STARS ๐Ÿ‘

Vons Avalon California

Vons Avalon California Weekly Ad for 240 Sumner Ave Avalon, CA 90704.
I love it, because today is my mom birthday, and I found the right and precious Flowers and *Von's* was open doors for my special need. Thank you and GOD bless you and GOD bless America
The employees are friendly and the store is clean everyday despite the everyday encounter with the homeless people sitting by the small business and other businesses in the town square

Vons Bakersfield California

Vons Bakersfield California Weekly Ad for 4500 Coffee Rd Bakersfield, CA 93308.
They have these amazing chicken tenders that are huge a little bit pricey but worth it
This is where I do most of my grocery shopping.. they have good deals on some products.. staff is always friendly and helpful. There's never a long line so you're in and out in no time !

Vons Big Bear Lake California

Vons Big Bear Lake California Weekly Ad for 42170 Big Bear Blvd Big Bear Lake, CA 92315 .
Amazing staff members, butcher today, special packaged steak since they didn't have the weight I needed. He was great. Even the woman at register very friendly. I had no problem looking for items on my list.
There is a chinese restaurant, mexican food, vons, subway, jack in the box, and starbucks....I could come here on a weekly basis!!!!

Vons Bishop California

Vons Bishop California Weekly Ad for 1190 N Main St Bishop, CA 93514.
As long as Carina and David are there, I will always shop at this Vons, they make my visit enjoyable with their personalities and I'm not even aware of how much I spend! TWO OUTSTANDING people and representatives of your company!
Vons is the best grocery store around OC thus far. Prices are reasonable, and competitive. Staff is friendly. The security there is wonderful. Stores are clean and kept up. So far... Vons has stole my heart. Will be back for sure. I recommend Vons be everybodys store.

Vons Bonita California

Vons Bonita California Weekly Ad for 4404 Bonita Rd Bonita, CA 91902.
It's a good Vons, I like that employees are consistently cleaning the stores in this shopping center. The prices can be a little on the higher end for some products but if you have a Vons card then you should be able to save some money on many of their selection of items. I like that they have a sweet desserts section near the entrance for things such as cakes so you can easily grab and go. I can recommend this location, they have all the essentials for a good grocery store.
The customer service there is outstanding!!! Along with great deals. And great quality.. It's why i kerp coming back to this store :)

Vons Brawley California

Vons Brawley California Weekly Ad for 475 W Main St Brawley, CA 92227.
I was just here on Christmas Eve and had Jennifer as a cashier! She was really nice and very sweet! I had forgotten to ring something out that was pulled from the back And set aside for me to the front and she was able to assist me very quickly and politely! She was very nice and made the overall experience great!!
Excellent place just had one bad encounter a black security guard was harrasing me one time cause I painted my face with markers. Oh yeah if you do things out of the ordinary there are secret people that spy on you and they work for the city. No secret anymore. Staff there are nice been going there for years but some people seek disaster.

Vons Brea California

Vons Brea California Weekly Ad for 780 N Brea Blvd Brea, CA 92821.
Bakery was so accommodating I could have hugged them all. We are from out of town, and my daughter's both had birthdays the week we were visiting. Naturally, I wanted them to have their own custom cakes. The price was beyond fair. Seriously the cutest mini cakes ever.

Vons Burbank California

Vons Burbank California Weekly Ad for 301 N Pass Ave Burbank, CA 91505.
This has been my neighborhood grocery store for over 10 years. It's clean, well-lit parking lot at night; the cashier's are always friendly and helpful. They recently went through a remodel you can now buy fresh shrimp, crab, poke and special cuts of beef. I've even asked them order me lamb shanks (not something they usually carry) and they've done so; just know it may take a few days for the order to come in.
Employees are really helpful and polite and clean most always everything is stocked

Vons Camarillo California

Vons Camarillo California Weekly Ad for 5275 Mission Oaks Blvd Camarillo, CA 93012.
I have never been disappointed with this Vons. I appreciate that they carry so many allergen-friendly products, their staff is always friendly and helpful, and their prices are not any higher than any other name-brand grocery store.
I love this Vons. The night manager, Tony, is very nice, hard-working, always at the register. Everything is clean and organized. Great products. I just wish they had pie. That is all it needs. Other than that it has everything and you can find great deals if you use your Vons card.

Vons Carlsbad California

Vons Carlsbad California for 2560 El Camino Real Carlsbad, CA 92008.
I've always enjoyed shopping at a Vons/Albertsons because it's less crowded for the most part, fresh produce and meats, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Prices are okay. If you're a Vons member, you get discounts. But I'll take the quality of product and service and pay the extra few cents.
VONS your closing shift is amazing! I live right down the street and am SO fortunate for the stores hours of operation but even MORE fortunate for the employees that work the closing shift! I am so sorry i dont remember their names... Iยดm the girl that is always late and on the bike... Anyways I just wanted to acknowledge that even if I am the last one out of of the store or literally running in at 12:59 am - the staff has always been extremely kind and efficient. I really appreciate that, thank you!

Vons Chatsworth California

Vons Chatsworth California Weekly Ad for 20440 Devonshire St Chatsworth, CA 91311.
This VONS location has the BEST staff ever. We were visiting from out of town and were made to feel so welcome. Special shout-out to David the cashier and Genie at the deli counter. These people are GOLD.
One of the smaller Vons but has excellent staff you pretty much always find what you need.

Vons Chula Vista California

Vons Chula Vista California Weekly Ad for 1745 Eastlake Pkwy Chula Vista, CA 91915.
My first time is this location is very good organized good deals with Von's card buy 3 get 1 free nice
Great customer service, very polite,very clean great place to shop for flowers food and drink all in one spot.
The store is clean and I like how everything is easy to find. Store employees are also willing and able to show you where a certain product is located.

Vons Claremont California

Vons Claremont California Weekly Ad for 550 E Baseline Rd Claremont, CA 91711.
Typical grocery store with nearly everything you could want. The best aspect are the non- grocery services like the pharmacy, the florist, and the coffee shop, which is a Starbucks. They have a pretty good deli, too.
It's an excellent place for sushi. The freshest I have ever had and I've had sushi all over the country. It is pricey and there's not much instruction, you can just dive right into the main course if that's how you want it, but for me I personally enjoy having soup, salad and a rice bowl before digging in. It helps you get a little full before you start just firing off quirky names. I also stick to the basics which keeps the price reasonable. Once you get into specialty roll territory, it jumps up the price considerably but if you start with apps and basic rolls like I do, it's quite reasonable. I spent about $34 for just me, thats including a %20 tip for my little family of 2 and a half (my kid only eats California rolls) I spend about $60. If you like the elaborate stuff then you definitely get what you ordered. Everything is so darn fresh, service is fast. Everyone is freindly but not too friendly. They give you just enough time between checks to make sure your good but not too much where they're bothering you. They work as a team. Theres never drama visible to the customers. The restaurant is clean and it never smells. The music is questionable at times, they're trying to keep it modern and it varies from person to person but its not bad. Keep up the good work guys. I will definitely be a regular customer if yall keep it up.

Vons Clovis California

Vons Clovis California Weekly Ad for 1650 Herndon Ave Clovis, CA 93611.
Generally friendly service. The store is well-organized and clean. It can get backed up at the registers but they seem to be better at managing that these days.
My complaint here is the cell signal is terrible and you can't get a signal in most of the store. If you're relying on the Vons app to add your just4u deals, etc, then you might be out of luck. I've had to go stand by the door and wave my phone around to try and get my Vons Club QR code to come up.
Standardish, but smaller Vons store. Staff here are great, plenty of dedicated parking. Parking, entrance, aisles, counter, and restroom are accessible. Will return in the future.

Vons Corona California

Vons Corona California Weekly Ad for 11800 De Palma Rd Corona, CA 92883.
Changed rating from 4 to 5 stars! Pharmacy got us in to get our Covid vaccinations earlier, and store has good selections and great buys (with card!). Only issue is need more cashiers during peak times to shorten line.
My first time visiting this Vons store. What can I say? it was very clean and the cashier person was very nice. I purchased Nyquil and a half piece of cake.

Vons Costa Mesa California

Vons Costa Mesa California Weekly Ad for 185 E 17th St Costa Mesa, CA 92627.
Went in today and was looking for something specific... Deanna was SO extremely helpful! She stopped what she was doing and even went the extra mile to search for the item I needed. I went on shopping and she literally hunted me down to make sure I got the item! Thank you so much Deanna! Your the best! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘you deserve a pay increase or something!

Vons Covina California

Vons Covina California Weekly Ad for 932 E Badillo St Covina, CA 91724.
Very friendly workers with great stuff. Vons is always quite pricey, but usually has decent deals with a Vons card. I definitely recommend it!
Very friendly workers with great stuff. Vons is always quite pricey, but usually has decent deals with a Vons card. I definitely recommend it!

Vons Del Mar California

Vons Del Mar California Weekly Ad for 2606 Del Mar Heights Rd Del Mar, CA 92014.
Store was clean, cashier was very friendly. I was looking at several stores for a turkey breast no luck. I then went to Vons and they had some in stock.
it's a good store that has plenty of space in the aisles usually no longer wait great selection including gluten-free things and it's always clean well at and the staff are very friendly.

Vons Desert Hot Springs California

Vons Desert Hot Springs California Weekly Ad for 14200 Palm Dr Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240.
Great store, always clean and well stocked. Staff is helpful and curtious. I enjoy frequent managers special prices on fresh packed cuts of meat.
Pretty clean, nice people and have a variety of goods you don't see in other stores ๐Ÿ‘
It took a while, but my business got done, the girl who was helping me needed help, people interrupting to check their Lotto tickets, when someone else could of helped these people, there was a guy in the back room who could of helped

Vons El Cajon California

Vons El Cajon California Weekly Ad for 1201 Avocado Blvd El Cajon, CA 92020.
It was great kind workers they have chips there soda water donuts meat for burgers um bakery and cookies they have coffe creamer for coffe eggnog for the kids and baked cookies that are holiday cookies you just preheat them in the oven
They have a very large selection of cheeses. Much larger than Target's, it turns out. Also, their chocolate glazed brownies? Definitely worth it...
The white cake, with white buttercream, and custard filling cake is TO DIE FOR! Literally ate a quarter sheet left over from my daughters birthday all to myself... and I only felt a little guilty, it was so good that I just ordered another cake, and guess what, NO SPECIAL OCCASION other than I can't stop thinking about it!!

Vons El Centro California

Vons El Centro California Weekly Ad for 750 N Imperial Ave El Centro, CA 92243.
Kind staff that has been around for a long time and seems always happy to help. Clean and always
stocked. Excellent grocery store.
Organized, clean, asked if I was finding what I needed. There was parking. Starbucks small sub station inside, doesn't participate in rewards program

Vons Encinitas California

Vons Encinitas California Weekly Ad for 262 N El Camino Real Encinitas, CA 92024.
Watched this store get built and it's still the best Von's in the world. Friendly staff, great produce & meat. Is my go-to place for groceries!
Local small town home store. Friendly, pleasant employees. A little higher prices than other cities...make up for it with service and cleanliness.

Vons Escondido California

Vons Escondido California Weekly Ad for 1000 W El Norte Pkwy Escondido, CA 92026.
This Vons is the best. Always get through the lines quickly and have friendly workers. The Starbucks there is also great!
Love the collection of fresh flowers they have at a very fair price, I always buy the gladiolus because they are very affordable and beautiful

Vons Fillmore California

Vons Fillmore California Weekly Ad for 636 Ventura St Fillmore, CA 93015.
Had what we needed and overall generally clean. Currently has some floor repairs being done, but didn't affect our shopping experience. Employees were helpful.
I wanted to leave this review specifically for April in the Deli. I asked for half a pound of the turkey "salad" and cranberry orange "salad". I let her know I was going to be right back. I left the counter to quickly get a few things from the sandwich cooler and when I returned before she handed me the turkey she kindly made it a point to notify me of the pecans in the salad in case I or whoever the salad was for had any kind of nut allergy. I believe it said "Turkey Pecan Salad" but you never know especially when it seems like someone's in a hurry. I hope she doesn't mind me mentioning her by name. I just really appreciate how considerate it was for her to take the time to do that, not everyone does.

Vons Fontana California

Vons Fontana California Weekly Ad for 7390 Cherry Ave Fontana, CA 92336.
Absolutely love this place! My best friend grew up next to them and all of the employees always say hi to him by first name. The customer service is always top notch and the place is always totally stocked!
just stopping by to pick up some sunflowers to present to my Mom, marking the anniversary of her death. This location Vons was friendly, clean, well organized store and well stocked store. Loved!

Vons Fresno California

Vons Fresno California Weekly Ad for 5638 E Kings Canyon Fresno, CA 93727.
Helpful staff directed me to where the baking stuff is even when the store is being completely rearranged!
๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ First off congratulations to all union workers on a successful bargain without going on strike. I remember that mess in the early 2000s.
Everybody here is always very nice I like the customer service There could be more cashiers and baggers in the evening though. It would be best for shopping markets to simply add one more all day long. They are already losing the battle to online shopping such as Amazon. Don't lose the war! No one ever offers to take you out to your car anymore. They used to have secret shoppers come in and grade service and it was mandatory to ask everyone if they would like help out with their groceries no matter what. I hope they will change for the better, not continue with greed over service.

Vons Gardena California

Vons Gardena California Weekly Ad for 1260 W Redondo Beach Blvd Gardena, CA 90247.
Staff was kind and patient locating items with me. Courtesy goes alongside with respect and active listening.
My favorite Vons. Always well stocked with quality groceries! Cashier Lauren is always cheerful, helpful and the best!
Fortunately I found everything I needed and of course then some I actually likes this vons it's gonna be where I will shop in this town that I'm living in staff is courteous if you can't reach something will do it for you and they help you out to your car if you can't make it. This is one of my favorite grocery stores

Vons Garden Grove California

Vons Garden Grove California Weekly Ad for 11861 Valley View St Garden Grove, CA 92845.
There are only a few markets in Fillmore. This store has pretty much everything you are looking for and not one rude checker ever. Some are a bit more chatty than others but I love to chit chat with the checkers about local stuff. Gotta love a small town.
Cool store , came here for the weekend to visit some friends. Small town fell store the set up here was easy. Had everything we needed. They need Julian pies here Iโ€™m from San Diego weโ€™re there from. Was hoping they had them here so we can bring the pies to our friends we were visiting

Vons Glendale California

Vons Glendale California Weekly Ad for 311 W Los Feliz Blvd Glendale, CA 91204.
Vons is very clean and organize. They have a line to pay. Someone direct you which cashier you have to go. Some of us wear mask & gloves others just mask.
This Vons store has friendly people...it has a Redbox machine where me and my family rent movies...it even has a bank inside wich is Wells Fargo...they also have friendly people there too...๐Ÿ˜Š

Vons Glendora California

Vons Glendora California Weekly Ad for 435 W Foothill Blvd Glendora, CA 91741.
Very good produce. Great meat section. Fresh! Great customer service. Fast at check out. Love this store when I visit my mom.
Love doing my grocery shopping there clean store, great service, convenient, everyone there is willing to help, then turn your great attitude. Also wanted to add
Coodles to the gentleman that help me today in produce. The oranges were soft any overheard my conversation with my wife and he brought me a fresh box to pick out of.Now that's great customer service from him. ,๐Ÿค™๐Ÿ‘

Vons Goleta California

Vons Goleta California Weekly Ad for 163 S Turnpike Rd Goleta, CA 93111.
Grand reopening in progress!! $5 Fridays Starbucks has Friday Love special. Speciality coffee & pastry for $5! Such a deal! Did you know they offer Sriracha? Yeah! Awesome on egg bites
There is always parking available and it's really handy to have the UPS store right next door. Glad they finally have self checkout.

Vons Granada Hills California

Vons Granada Hills California Weekly Ad for 16830 San Fernando Mission Blvd Granada Hills, CA 91344.
Vons is grocery store where I can find many hard to find ingredients. Their wine room and Bourbon and whiskey selection are stellar and you can find rare bottles.
I find all the employees at the Vons I shop in San Dimas are always so helpful when I can't find an item. They walk me right to the item.
Love the remodel of this store and the isle being named by the street name in the area. Vons has a beautiful wine and spirits walk in refrigerator. So much going on in this store. Also, has the Stsrbucks.

Vons Grover Beach California

Vons Grover Beach California Weekly Ad for 1758 W Grand Ave Grover Beach, CA 93433.
Clean store and the employees are great! If there are four people at one register, the staff will open another another. There are also self checkout registers. Very convenient!
Clean store and the employees are great! If there are four people at one register, the staff will open another another. There are also self checkout registers. Very convenient!

Vons Henderson Nevada

Vons Henderson Nevada Weekly Ad for 2511 Anthem Village Henderson, NV 89052.
I've been using this Vons since I moved to Henderson and they are amazing! Today I didn't make it to the store next to them to print one amazon label, I asked the ladies at customer service if they printed and they said no so I asked the next closest place. Before they could start recommending somewhere a gentleman stopped out from behind the service center and said to email it to him. I can only assume he was the GM. Thank you so much for your help. Definitely a long time customer as long as I'm living in Henderson!
We wanted to buy our daughter, Crystal some beautiful red roses for a beautiful girl. Crystal deserves them because she is working very hard with a speech therapist, a physical therapist and an occupational therapist to get well from a recent illness. Please pray for her.

Vons Inglewood California

Vons Inglewood California Weekly Ad for 500 E Manchester Blvd Inglewood, CA 90301.
Fresh Quality. I always buy my meat and Foster Farms chicken here when they are on sale.Their produce is also great. The atmos- phere here is friendly and the store is clean.
Employees are always friendly store is always clean the lines are always short and fast.my boyfriend Loves this store for the mint cookie crumble. Super bomb ice cream

Vons La Crescenta California

Vons La Crescenta California Weekly Ad for 3233 Foothill Blvd La Crescenta, CA 91214.
Love my Vons - The Quality and Customer Service is always Above my expectation. Thank You to All for a job Well Done.
They always make sure my needs are met.
Thank You & Be Safe
Found everything I needed. Which is a plus! It was extremely busy. The Cashier, he was very friendly considering๐Ÿ˜„. Wish people would be a little more courteous๐Ÿ™„. Thats not the stores fault. Just some individuals.

Vons La Jolla California

Vons La Jolla California Weekly Ad for 7544 Girard Ave La Jolla, CA 92037.
This location was extremely clean and well stocked. Things were easy to find and bakery was fully stocked. Cashier was extremely welcoming and friendly.
there this really good looking worker his name is chad like slay we love that sooo i give this store a 100/100 ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’… and he works night shifts ๐Ÿคซ๐Ÿคซ๐Ÿคซ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž

Vons Lake Isabella California

Vons Lake Isabella California Weekly Ad for 5610 Lake Isabella Blvd Lake Isabella, CA 93240.
I donโ€™t usually write reviews but I have been coming here for a couple years now and I always make a stop at the Starbucks inside the store. I have been treated with nothing but love from the baristas every time I come. Christopher and Vicky are the nicest and most genuine people I have ever met and are the reason I continue to get my Starbucks drinks here. Thank you guys for being such genuine and amazing people. Yโ€™all need a raise!
The store is very clean and well stocked. The cashier, Adam and the bagger, Rafael were very friendly. Bagger even helped me to my car. What a wonderful experience!

Vons Lakewood California

Vons Lakewood California Weekly Ad for 4226 Woodruff Ave Lakewood, CA 90713.
There are a few grocery stores in the area where the prices are a little better but I prefer to shop here since I can usually get everything I need. The store is well stocked, clean and very customer service oriented. I also usually buy gas here even though I have a Costco membership just because itโ€™s close and more convenient.
Went to vons for covid shot. Quick n easy.. pharmacy folks were great.. and had a good experience

Vons La Mesa California

Vons La Mesa California Weekly Ad for 5630 Lake Murray Blvd La Mesa, CA 91942.
Oh my gosh! My favorite VONS EVER! Melissa in the liquor department has been SO SO SO AMAZING. I am having a event in November and sheโ€™s done her best to help me get all the products i need during this tough Covid times when everything has been backed up! Thank you melissa and Vons staff for always coming through with the best service
This is my Vons that I've been going to ever since I got back from overseas and even though so much has changed, the top notch service and the ability of the employees that work at this particular bonds actually know what they're talking about and genuinely care and it's not that way at most grocery stores even other Vons stores, they're not perfect but they do have the damn finest bagels you'll ever try! The plane the cheddar cheese the jalapeno and cheese everyone of them home run!

Vons Lancaster California

Vons Lancaster California Weekly Ad for 4033 W Ave L Lancaster, CA 93536.
My favorite grocery store! The ppl are courteous, friendly, and helpful. The produce is always fresh and on point! Iโ€™m a big veggie eater and this Vons always has my favorite veggies and fruits. I canโ€™t say I Love the ppl in the mini Starbucks of late and thatโ€™s probably why thereโ€™s never a line. But! Good job Vons. And best of allโ€ฆ low gas prices for the area.
Was able to get flowers and a gas gift card for my dad for his birthday today. Have been going to this place since I was born (I'm 13) Enjoy the picture of the flowers

Vons La Quinta California

Vons La Quinta California Weekly Ad for 78-271 State Hwy 111 La Quinta, CA 92253.
The check out lady really made my day. I wish I got her name to give her the credit. Anyway she was an older lady with one hell of a sense of humor!! Thank you so much for making me smile
Very on top of cleaning, and very organized. Everyone working was completely on point and friendly. Not sure why I wasn't shopping here before cause the prices are legit too
It is a very clean store store well stock, wished are Safeway's were at nice here in oregon.

Vons Las Vegas Nevada

Vons Las Vegas Nevada Weekly Ad for 1131 E Tropicana Ave Las Vegas, NV 89119.
Decent spot not too far off the strip. Definitely worth the few minutes to stop here instead of paying the ridiculous prices for food and drinks on the strip and downtown. Good service and found everything I needed quickly. Not sure Iโ€™d trust those slots though!
Always friendly service and clean. I have even gone in the store with my cockatiel Max on my shoulder and nobody has said he's not allowed in the store. Love ๐Ÿ’ž this store and I save money, I have made this my main grocery store since I moved here to Vegas.!

Vons La Verne California

Vons La Verne California Weekly Ad for 1600 Foothill Blvd La Verne, CA 91750.
Clean, stocked and not that crowded. Deli is awesome so much variety. Sandwich bar has tons of options. Produce was neat and looked fresh. Bakery has everything from cupcakes to tarts. Customer service was impeccable.
Friendly & helpful employees throughout the store! I encountered a very nice female shopper that let me know I didn't have to purchase the required quantities needed to receive the discount! Not too many other stores are as helpful & friendly as Von's - La Verne, CA!!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Vons Long Beach California

Vons Long Beach California Weekly Ad for 1820 Ximeno Ave Long Beach, CA 90815.
Staff is always gracious, helpful, and have scooters available for the disabled with the cart large enough for shopping a good amount. Halls are wide, and store is well lighted. Food is fresh well stocked. Club card brings down the price & great points discount on gasoline. Great store. I love the fresh bread variety. Store is clean, especially the bathrooms.
Great store to get Ur groceries. & great way to get gas points when Ur N the just for U club. Spend a $100. Get 10 cents off a each gallon of gas. The more points U get the cheeper the gas is. Up to $1.00 off each gallon U buy. Now that makes the price really good.

Vons Los Alamitos California

Vons Los Alamitos California Weekly Ad for 11322 Los Alamitos Blvd Los Alamitos, CA 90720.
Convenient neighborhood grocery spot. Friendly, clean & well organized. Good staff that gets you through the lines quickly. Good deli department.
Nicely stocked & clean, easy parking and lovely floral section with an array of flowers. The staff was helpful and friendly.

Vons Los Angeles California

Vons Los Angeles California Weekly Ad for 1342 N Alvarado St Los Angeles, CA 90026.
It is not always possible to buy exactly your desired cake - they quickly sort it out, the cakes are famous here. You understand that there are a lot of people who want it, but itโ€™s still a little insulting for yourself. But you wonโ€™t go to any other store or restaurant for cakes - here they are the best. If you buy a raspberry basket, it definitely contains real raspberries. And the biscuits are absolutely unique, the impregnation is always clear, not damp and not dry. What I like to demand, but most often there is nothing to complain about.

Vons Mammoth Lakes California

Vons Mammoth Lakes California Weekly Ad for 481 Old Mammoth Rd Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546.
Talk about fresh and abundant produce! I must have come at the perfect time because everything was there for me to choose from. The lines were not crazy long and the parking was super simple.
I shop at this Von's all the time. I enjoy this location because I know the store well & they always have the things I need. Shout out to the cashier named Ruthie & Lucas. They always have high energy & know how to make the customer feel welcomed & friendly. Every time I forget to bring a mask, they always have extra for me. Overall I enjoy the service here, & look forward to coming back!

Vons Mira Loma California

Vons Mira Loma California Weekly Ad for 6170 Hamner Ave Mira Loma, CA 91752.
This is my go-to grocery place around the area. I recently moved to Los Angeles and have to find a nearby store. It is very spacious and the items are stocked, compared to its competitor across the street (Ralphs). It has an efficient check out system and they have a n employee managing the line. Customer service is great as well. Covid precautions are implemented.
Love that Mango Habanero Chicken for that Friday special price 8 pieces for $6.49 check their weekly ads for $5.00 Specials. The prices on some fruits and vegetables are great.

Vons Mission Hills California

Vons Mission Hills California Weekly Ad for 10321 Sepulveda Blvd Mission Hills, CA 91345.
I ordered a half sheet cake for pick up Thurs. Friendly & gelpful voice over the phone. Well stocked market & friendly cashiers.
This store is very clean inside. But was surprised when I saw that part of the glass door broken out and boarded up. Don't know what that was all about. But me and moms go there from time to time.

Vons Monrovia California

Vons Monrovia California Weekly Ad for 130 W Foothill Blvd Monrovia, CA 91016.
It's a great supermarket everything there's easy to find everyone that i talked to where smart intelligent and very helpful thank you have s nice day..
I showed up famish thirsty and needing to relieve myself from a long bicycle ,having to explain very little to the security officer because she quickly read the situation all the while assuring me my bicycle would be secure. And as a added surprise to the already superb greeting, the baked chicken was on point. Hats off to that chef in charge of that day.

Vons Montebello California

Vons Montebello California Weekly Ad for 804 Beverly Blvd Montebello, CA 90640.
Very nice supermarket everything fresh and good price and the cashier's was very friendly peoples I likes to feels in atmosphere when I going ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ™‚ any establishment where thanks you for your services
Oh, man , for over 2 months, I never had meat, I literally eat my fried chicken bone when I got my 8 pieces. The experiences in Vons are awesome ! Super organized and follows all the precautions in social distancing , one entrance and one exit ! The store is super clean and full of all the items . I mean everything ! my favorite candies , cards and in between. Life is good when I am in Vons !!!!!

Vons Montecito California

California for 1040 Coast Village Rd Montecito, CA 93108.
This place has improved! They replaced the snobby lady in the deli with a young, smiling, eager employee. They've added people of color to the registers as well.
I've always liked their produce. It's always ripe and tasty. Their cuts of meat are superior to most supermarkets. They have wide varieties of flavors and brands of everything from cheese to coffee. You can find ingredients for almost any dish no matter the ethnicity if the recipe. They have a nice little pharmacy and a beautiful floral section.
I used to avoid this place because of the service. I love the changes and will be shopping here for my family of 10, more often. I felt welcomed

Vons Montrose California

Vons Montrose California Weekly Ad for 2039 Verdugo Blvd Montrose, CA 91020.
I really enjoy shopping here I can always find fresh fruits and veggies I love the ready to eat cut berries with cottage cheese. This store is my go to for all my favorite snacks, drinks and food. There's so much to choose from!
This is one of the oldest one stop grocery stores in this area. I wish they will bring back one of their old fashioned bread, my favorite, the ever so popular VONS EGG BREAD

Vons Moorpark California

Vons Moorpark California Weekly Ad for 4241 Tierra Rejada Rd Moorpark, CA 93021.
Love this grocery story! Have been coming here for years even after I moved further from it. Love the atmosphere, cleanliness. The workers are extremely friendly, welcoming and hardworking! Love the assortment of products! Used to be 24hrs before covid which made it even more amazing since I love shopping at nights when the store is empty. Still coming here till this day. Very satisfied, also having US bank branch in it is very convenient!
Pretty good deals and for all those who use the Fetch app I was able to scour 8000 points so it pretty much paid for itself. The proximity to Ralph's can't be good for business I myself am usually a Ralph's/Kroger shopper ever since I was a kid but I changed it up today and got rewarded for it!

Vons Murrieta California

Vons Murrieta California Weekly Ad for 38995 Sky Canyon Dr Murrieta, CA 92563.
I visit California every year and I come shop at my neighborhood Vons. It is always delightful to shop here. My cashier Amari was extremely professional & kind. She is a one hardworking employee & does her job quick. This is by far the best experience yet.
Like Vons it's just a little to expensive for me. I was told by a cashier they didn't use google pay forcing me to go all the way home to grab my card. Once checking out I realize they did accept it. I informed the cashier of her mistake and she said sorry. I expect a little more professionalism.

Vons Newhall California

Vons Newhall California Weekly Ad for 24160 Lyons Ave Newhall, CA 91321.
I like this store alot...The people who work here are so nice, and the selection is always good!!! And it's very close to my house.......
Glad they are open on Christmas. I was able to buy a meal for less than 30 dollars. Lots of fully stocked shelves and great customer service. Norma was wonderful at check out!
Nice people work here Marisol black hair works self check out today is so needed everywhere please promote her if she isn't already a manager

Vons Nipomo California

Vons Nipomo California Weekly Ad for 520 W Tefft St Nipomo, CA 93444.
My experience in Vons today was awesome I was helped by Eduardo from the deli. hungry an in need of a sandwich he helped with great customer service and an helped another customer as well at the same time in need of some sauce ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ. All in all Eduardo gave me awesome customer service and made my sandwich with love.
The most friendly grocery clerks and good selection of everything. Great prices with Vons card (free). They know me by name now. Like a small town store, because employees are so friendly.

Vons Oakhurst California

Vons Oakhurst California Weekly Ad for 40044 Hwy 49 Oakhurst, CA 93644.
Went there to get milk and I used instant coupon next to milk and got almond milk.
They had small size ice creams on sale and it was great. Also there was nice gentlemen let us check out before him since we had ice cream.
I went to Vons, before working today, in order to to get some non-alcoholic eggnog to enjoy the season. They have a very good selection of brands, nondairy and even one organic version. It was tasty and satisfying. The staff were very pleasant. It was a very satisfying experience!

Vons Oceanside California

Vons Oceanside California Weekly Ad for 845 College Blvd Oceanside, CA 92057.
This store is always clean and well organized. A cashier name Abdoulie was very professional with his work. He made me feel welcome. I also like the way Vons stores is taking care of the rules to avoid the spread of covid 19. I feel safe and pleased whenever l shop there.โ˜บ Thank you. I
A very local neighborhood joint; easy simple in/out store or full service staff who are seemingly hard working and helpful. Very cool place where one can grab a bite to eat and pick up groceries, easy peasy.

Vons Ojai California

Vons Ojai California Weekly Ad for 1125 Maricopa Hwy Ojai, CA 93023.
Always shelves are full variety is abundant and employees are always knowledgeable about Isles and different food items if you need help locating something
My mom works at Vons on Sunset, but we always think that this store is better. The employees are so friendly, it's not really crowded and if there are long lines, they will most certainly clear up after a minute or two which is nice. It's not really a place that you can be in and out asap, but like I said, the lines don't take forever.

Vons Orange California

Vons Orange California Weekly Ad for 2684 N Tustin Ave Orange, CA 92865.
Good quality and great vons club deals. Floral staff Maria is very nice. Also sandwiches at deli are delicious. Been coming here since it was a Safeway. Wow guess I'm old now. Lol
This market is super clean and has everything from hot food pantries and all your regular food as well as a bank so you can do your banking..

Vons Oxnard California

Vons Oxnard California Weekly Ad for 1291 S Victoria Ave Oxnard, CA 93035.
Disabled parking needs to be mark better add at least 4 more disabled parking. They need to add +4 or 6 disabled scooters. For shoppers who need them. Wide isle. Sign up for a Von's card. It help. Save a lot. $42.37 with Von's card. $19.31. not bad deal
A very clean place Vons sell high quality products. Everyone there are hard workers very nice people also they are taking a lot of steps due covid -19 the problem I always have is with the bags they are to smaller sometimes we want to buy a lot like me there is a photo

Vons Pacific Palisades California

Vons Pacific Palisades California Weekly Ad for 17380 Sunset Blvd Pacific Palisades, CA 90272.
Because they carry hard to find vegan/non-dairy frozen desserts like Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia & Crรจme brรปllรฉ (I can't spell) & Talenti Cold Brew and Strawberry Hibiscus sorbetti. I wish they carried Aรงai Roots: flavour to make me syncope. The colour, too: Murasaki.
They held my purchase at customer service for me since it wouldn't fit on my stroller for the walk home. Surprisingly there was a great and affordable way to purchase xmas gifts. I also enjoy the produce variety.

Vons Palmdale California

Vons Palmdale California Weekly Ad for 3027 Rancho Vista Blvd Palmdale, CA 93551.
Always love shopping at Von's especially on $5.00 Fridays. The deals are the best, from toilet tissue to cornish hens, the deals are amazing! The staff is friendly, helpful, funny, always a great experience.
I'm usually here for their baked goods. Their cakes are delicious. I've tried a variety and I haven't been disappointed or dissatisfied. A good Tres leches cake is hard to find and they do a great job. Tried the Northgate one. It was dry and awful. I have also tries the flan here. It is absolutely delicious! This is my go to place for cakes and sweet bread. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘

Vons Palm Springs California

Vons Palm Springs California Weekly Ad for 4733 E Palm Canyon Dr Palm Springs, CA 92264.
I really like this Vons. The staff here is always friendly. The food, always fresh. Great selection of food and wine. Easy to get around. Rarely overcrowded, aside from 5-7pm monday-friday.
I like the fact that all the vegetables and fruits are fresh. all the lines are very organized and clean. Costumer service is great. Thank you

Vons Pasadena California

Vons Pasadena California Weekly Ad for 155 California Blvd Pasadena, CA 91105.
They got the Quality of food and the Bar code information u need and the security guard all the time this place has U.s Bank, Starbucks Many more been around like 1000 Years.
I just live shopping here. Everything is in order and clean. They always have amazing sales and the best part is their Mango Habanero chicken
Its hit or miss during these uncertain times. But, if Lupe is coordinating and traffic controlling the checkout lines inside its gonna be a pleasant lets-get-moving-people flow. Cashiers are doing their best to be speedy. Leticia performed swiftly while engaging in natural convo with me.

Vons Rancho Cucamonga California

Vons Rancho Cucamonga California Weekly Ad for 6351 Haven Ave Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737.
Clean grocery store with wide arrays of consumer goods from flowers to wine. Love their Deli dept. I bank here also (US Bank). So it's convenient. A one stop shop.
Great produce.find. what you need. Especially. Hot fries. And my roscato wine lol. The staff are friendly never in. A rush. Always. Willing. To help. Lets. Say. You got. A. Wrong. Product. They. And. Your. Ready to pay. Theyll make. Sure to get. What you. Want. Like. I said. Find. What you want.

Vons Redlands California

Vons Redlands California Weekly Ad for 522 N Orange St Redlands, CA 92374.
Itโ€™s a Vons... in LA... but there IS a big highlight! There is a young man who has recently started working here and has made all of my recent visits. His name is Abdoulie. He bags the groceries. What makes his so special is he always has a smile, and says hello and asks how you are. ALWAYS. In a Vons in Los Angeles this is far from the norm. The fact that this guy cares enough to keep such an admirable attitude has changed my perception and review of this place. If you work at Vons and are reading this BE LIKE ABDOULIE!
Always provides a great selection of fresh produce. This location is always stocked and the cashout lines run pretty quickly. Vons offers a rewards card, which tally up on savings for on the spot or for future savings.

Vons Redondo Beach California

Vons Redondo Beach California Weekly Ad for 1212 Beryl St Redondo Beach, CA 90277.
One of the last beacon that still specializes in authentic Korean food. Unchanged and serving the Korean community with its traditional Korean dishes since 1909. The place is packed by Korean patrons. This only validates it's authencity. It may be challenging to order if you do not speak the language. Other than that, great spot to eat real Korean food.
Excellent customer service , clean restrooms its always a plus for me cause I always need a restroom everywhere I go .... very organized store and staff . Awesome Job Team

Vons Reseda California

Vons Reseda California Weekly Ad for 19333 Victory Blvd Reseda, CA 91335.
Amazing customer service. Always greeted with a smile and sometimes a laugh due to some employees being witty and funny while providing above and beyond customer care. I don't mind the lines due to their level of commitment to the customer.
You can find good grocery products here. Cashiers and staff are friendly and helpful. They sell 8pcs roasted or fried chicken at only $5 every Friday!

Vons Riverside California

Vons Riverside California Weekly Ad for 3520 Riverside Plaza Riverside, CA 92506.
The cashier on the express line was really nice, I've never seen her she was a petite natural looking young lady with a nose ring and freckles I'll look out for her lane next time I'm there the minute small talk was so stress reliving.
I had a great experience here in this Vons. The customer service is Excellent and if you ever need a question asked they can help. This Vons has a US bank which kills two targets with one arrow.

Vons San Diego California

Vons San Diego California Weekly Ad 10016 Scripps Ranch Blvd San Diego, CA 92131.
Excellent service and premium products. There are items that are only sold here. If you ever shop here you must sign up for a club card. Without one results in a huge difference in the amount you spend.
Been going to Von's since they were located on 1st and Western. If you are a lover of potato salad make sure you buy their own brand of Deviled Egg Potato Salad.

Vons San Dimas California

Vons San Dimas California Weekly Ad for 1160 Via Verde Ave San Dimas, CA 91773.
The Super market was very clean & staff was very helpful. Awesome customer service & great deal on many different items.
I love coming to this Von's , everything is easy to find and the people that work there are very helpful and friendly, the deli is also wonderful with a variety of food . I give this Von's a 10.

Vons San Juan Capistrano California

Vons San Juan Capistrano California Weekly Ad for 32401 Camino Capistrano San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675.
Vons what can you say about this grocery store except great. Great customer service always have the items on stock

Vons San Luis Obispo California

Vons San Luis Obispo California Weekly Ad for 3900 Broad St San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.
For this neighborhood I'm just glad that there's a Vons. Thank heavens! It's pretty much the same as any other Vons. It's nice and clean and has a good selection of organic produce.

Vons San Pedro California

Vons San Pedro California Weekly Ad for 1221 S Gaffey St San Pedro, CA 90731.
Wow was honestly impressed with this Vons. Great employees and decent selection of stuff
Staff member called Oti gets my highest compliment. Super friendly and wants the customer to feel good shopping here.
Good customer service, sales and selection. Pretty nasty public bathroom is a big turn off.

Vons Santa Ana California

Vons Santa Ana California Weekly Ad for 3650 S Bristol St Santa Ana, CA 92704.
We like Vons and enjoyed the bustle and nice variety of food establishments.
Customer service manager was the most helpful person Iโ€™ve ever delt with, he went above and beyond to make sure to resolve the issue, very polite, give him a raise!!!
Very helpful staff and I felt so comfortable just moving in this area and being a bachelor and having a disability

Vons Santa Barbara California

Vons Santa Barbara California Weekly Ad for 2010 Cliff Dr Santa Barbara, CA 93109.
I ๐Ÿ’™ Von's ! Wish they were more accessible and the prices not so expensive, but luv the selection and quality of their food.
This marketing is a nice place to visit with family and friends
This is the Grocery store I am going to for past 5years. They have everything I need, so need not to visit any other place. The price goes down once you use the membership card which is available for free

Vons Santa Clarita California

Vons Santa Clarita California Weekly Ad for 16550 W Soledad Canyon Rd Santa Clarita, CA 91387.
Love the organic produce! Better quality better price then Whole Foods. Quest Diagnostics is so convenient.
Vons is a grocery store which has everything you need and a well stocked inventory. They are well organized and and the staff is always helpful to assist you with your needs. Great to see and have a Starbucks inside the Vons.

Vons Santa Maria California

Vons Santa Maria California Weekly Ad for 817 E Main St Santa Maria, CA 93454.
I was coming from hiking, put my wallet in the pocket of my hoody and dropped it. I notice it once I got to the cashier. Scary moment, went back to the car and look for it, the route I did inside Vons and nothing. I was about to leave and asked one of the employees if somebody had return a wallet They ask what kind and VOILA....I got it back, they said they have great and honest customers and even if it was at the parking lot, people would return stuff. Kind people are my kinda people. Happy to be part of the same group.
This store has everything. Since the remodel, itโ€™s twice as big as it was before and stocks most everything you could ever need. It is neat and clean and the staff is always helpful and courteous.

Vons Santa Monica California

Vons Santa Monica California Weekly Ad for 1311 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90403.
Bakery had a wonderful selection, however, I wanted to buy flowers and they were more costly than a florist and several flowers had expired dates on them at their regular price.
Nice people over all. But needs and extra lime and cashier open when it gets busy. Normal for a super market though.

Vons Santa Paula California

Vons Santa Paula California Weekly Ad for 576 W Main St Santa Paula, CA 93060.
Always friendly and great quality produce! I always use my App for additional discounts!
Love this store... always clean and well stocked and people are pleasent...
Had great customer service in the meat department, overall very good experience

Vons Santee California

Vons Santee California Weekly Ad for 9643 Mission Gorge Rd Santee, CA 92071.
I love this vons especially the deli. There is a kind young man I think his name is Joey that is always very nice and helpful and even greets me by my name now....
Pick up my 3 months supply of meds and renew my car registration this morning on vending machine next to counter area. Pretty quick and easy. Everything works smooth well at this moment. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜Ž

Vons Saugus California

Vons Saugus California Weekly Ad for 26518 Bouquet Canyon Rd Saugus, CA 91350.
Love the organic produce! Better quality better price then Whole Foods. Quest Diagnostics is so convenient as I live close by. Vons always has great specials.
Pleasant time shopping here. Had a few questions about where a few items where and some staff members help me find them. Good shopping trip.

Vons Simi Valley California

Vons Simi Valley California Weekly Ad for 1855 E Cochran St Simi Valley, CA 93065.
I use to shop here when I used to live off iron canyon road it was a great experience. I now live in the Mojave desert.
Vons is a retail store as We all know. But I love My Vons. Lost leaders, some things are to high, but there close and convenient. It doesn't pay to drive around to three stores, You don't save money. Plus the Checkers are kind, courteous, and Friendly. Esther & Art along with the Others are the Best!!!๐Ÿ˜‰

Vons Solana Beach California

Vons Solana Beach California Weekly Ad for 931 Lomas Santa Fe Dr Solana Beach, CA 92075.
We were evacuated yesterday due to the tick fire. The wonderful employees left the store open for us, brought out platters of food and drinks for us, our children, and animals...along with about 30 other people. We are forever grateful for their generosity!
Whew boy Vons!! It's a store with groceries!! Oooh boy I love me some groceries. To top it off Vons has people that help you purchase those groceries, nice ones too! The men's bathroom was not a highlight but I informed the manager and he was glad to have my review on the restroom. He probably felt like you do now reading my awesome review of Vons. You're welcome.

Vons South Pasadena California

Vons South Pasadena California Weekly Ad for 1129 S Fair Oaks Ave South Pasadena, CA 91030.
Great store makes you feel at home a comfortable environment with everything you need to feed your families. They even have starbucks. Nice.
Clean, fresh fruit and veggies, friendly staff! I was there last night and Ruth at the Deli was very helpful, pleasant, great personality! Adrianna who helped pack my groceries was also very pleasant! Thanks girls, you guys are awesome!!
Clean and well lit store. Very large with beautiful floral and produce departments. The seafood comes in freshv5 days a week and there are many local options. The meat department has beautiful cuts, and are equal in quality to Whole Foods and better than Gelsons! The deli department has delicious options and there is even a sushi chef!
Love this store for many reasons. Also there is a Quest office, pharmacy and Starbucks inside. This Vons has it all!

Vons Studio City California

Vons Studio City California Weekly Ad for 4033 Laurel Canyon Blvd Studio City, CA 91604.
Vons are like McDonalds: you know what to expect and what you're going to get. This one is no different from the rest except you can get medical lab work done. Nice staff. Be sure to ask for Ester and/or Cesar!
I went to the pharmacy there to get my covid vaccine and it was great. Very well organized, orderly and not crowded at. Great experience!

Vons Sun City California

Vons Sun City California Weekly Ad for 27220 Sun City Blvd Sun City, CA 92586.
Great Place...everyone is friendly and ready to help you. If there is a long line, they do their best to open another one. The store is cluttered but clean.
Just moved into this neighborhood and this is our local Vons. This is a very nice store that is super clean and well stocked. As a plus, they have a very friendly and helpful staff as well.

Vons Sylmar California

Vons Sylmar California Weekly Ad for 13730 Foothill Blvd Sylmar, CA 91342.
Love my neighborhood Vons!! Everyone who works here is always so friendly and helpful. It is a little bit pricey compared to those bargain stores but I think the customer service is worth it.
This Vons is great! Always very clean and well organized. Amazing selection of produce , including organic and exotic varieties . Beautiful bakery items and an excellent deli. Very friendly service as well.

Vons Tarzana California

Vons Tarzana California Weekly Ad for 18439 Ventura Blvd Tarzana, CA 91356.
I love shopping at Vons because everything is easily accessible. Cashiers are always friendly. There are always times when I will need food to make dinner for the day and Vons is the place to shop. :)
I've been coming here for years--the store is always clean, and the staff is always friendly and helpful. They've been remodeling and it's only getting better. Great produce and fresh food

Vons Temecula California

Vons Temecula California Weekly Ad for 29530 Rancho California Rd Temecula, CA 92591.
Nice, big, clean. Found everything we needed. Friendly people. Not fond of their gas partners. Gas is high priced so after discount it's the same as Arco gas. Depending on how much you spend of course.
It's a nice bonds it has a lot of great selection of so many different cultural foods it's not just an American supermarket has a lot to choose from and a lot of partially prepared meals that make preparing a meal simple and fast

Vons Thousand Oaks California

Vons Thousand Oaks California Weekly Ad for 1790 Moorpark Rd Thousand Oaks, CA 91360.
Great store with good prices. When I make it to the store, it is usually a busy time but the cashier's manage to move the people through quickly. My favorite store to go to!
Ecellent customer service. Excellent selection, all ares in the store were stocked and for super bowl weekend , thats a plus in my book.