Jean Coutu Anjou Quebec

Jean Coutu Anjou Quebec Weekly Ad for 8500 Bd Châteauneuf, Anjou, QC H1K 5G3, Canada.

This has to be one of the best Pharmacies around. Extremely caring and understanding staff starting with each and every one of their spectacular, knowledgeable pharmacists who will only be too pleased to answer any questions you may have. They will always have someone to consult with who is fluent in both of Canada's official languages. I have been a satisfied customer for over 20 years and they have not let me down once. Well done! Bravo!

Been there once to purchase band-aids after a severe cut while playing hockey. The pharmacist's assistant suggested that I speak to the pharmacist for a quick check of what I should do. The pharmacist gave me great guidance. Great job!

Jean Coutu Baptiste Blvd. Montréal Quebec

Jean Coutu Baptiste Blvd. Montréal Quebec Weekly Ad for 1400 Bd Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC H1B 4A5, Canada.

One day I had a panic attack in this pharmacy, when I had trouble breathing and I felt like I was going to pass out, so I asked for help as soon as possible. quickly as I could to an employee and she called an ambulance without wasting time and a pharmacist stayed close to me to see if I was fine until the paramedics arrived and took me to the hospital.
Thank you to all the staff for your human and exemplary behavior.

Very nice pharmacy with excellent service!! The staff is welcoming and smiling!! I have excellent advice from pharmacists. I highly recommend this place!

Jean Coutu Boulevard Brien Repentigny Quebec

Jean Coutu Boulevard Brien Repentigny Quebec Weekly Ad for 100 Boulevard Brien, Repentigny, Quebec J6A 5N4, Canada.

SUPER service at the cosmetic counter from Sarah. I bought my IDC Dermo cream and she advised me for a serum which she gave me as a sample so that I could try it. I really appreciated his advice.
A big 5 ⭐️ for Sarah.
thank you so much

Excellent place to receive a confident smile from cosmeticians, at all times, even if I am just walking past them!
On the laboratory side, I always receive superb personalized service! I wish more satisfied customers would come forward!

Jean Coutu Duplessis Montréal Quebec

Jean Coutu Duplessis Montréal Quebec Weekly Ad for 8315 Bd Maurice-Duplessis, Montréal, QC H1E 3B5, Canada.

My favorite Jean Coutu to shop at! Anthony went above and beyond to help me find a product I needed. Thank you Anthony!

Very good pharmacy especially the pharmacist who often came to my help Chapeau Angela

Jean Coutu Hochelaga Montréal Quebec

Jean Coutu Montréal Quebec Weekly Ad for 8697 Rue Hochelaga, Montréal, QC H1L 6J5, Canada.

A great shopping place during COVID-19, they got a security guard at the main entrance to ensure and control people who entering the pharmacy, and after entering, there is a guy who sit there to sterilize your hands and asking if you have fever, they only accept debit and credit card to protect the cashier. I felt safe to shop there, I went there for baby formulas around 6:45pm, the cashier told me they do not accept coupons, but when I told them about my struggling situation that I need formula for my baby and it is hard to give up the coupon. They helped me to find a solution to put the couple into a plastic zip bag. It really helped me a lot! Thank you to help me to call your supervisor to find the solution for me! It means a lot to me during this period!

Very rigorous, professional and friendly pharmacist and pharmacist except one with blond hair. ditto professional technician, rigorous kind courteous preferable to have medication prepared in advance so as not to wait. Excellent service to clerks and cashiers.

Jean Coutu Lacombe Repentigny Quebec

Jean Coutu Lacombe Repentigny Quebec Weekly Ad for 515 Bd Lacombe, Repentigny, QC J5Z 1P5, Canada.

I have already been doing this pharmacy for 10 years and I will not change for any other pharmacy. The pharmacist (s) are listening to their customers. Always good advice. BREFF the whole team of custom jeans is super nice (I love you girls)

What extraordinary teams so much in cosmetics, pharmacy, post office or other department, their sayings are true, a friend and many more. Wow

Jean Coutu Laval Quebec

Jean Coutu Laval Quebec Weekly Ad for 600 Mnt du Moulin, Laval, QC H7A 3B7, Canada.

I called in for an information towards eyes drops. A precise eye drop I wanted was behind the counter of the pharmacy. The clerk was polite and transfer me to the lab, got the necessary and I appreciated the great service

Hello, I went urgently for a consultation, the pharmacist met me in private quickly. She made a first quick diagnosis of my discomfort and I received medication for treatment while waiting to meet my doctor. I enjoyed it very much. It accelerated my recovery. Thank you very much for your presence and help. Much appreciated!

Jean Coutu Montarville Blvd Boucherville

Jean Coutu Montarville Blvd Boucherville Quebec Weekly Ad for 1001 Bd de Montarville, Boucherville, QC J4B 6P5, Canada.

I am always satisfied with your service, a beautiful professional team as well as welcoming. Thank you for your service !

The employees are super helpful! They take the time to help you find what you're looking for rather than just pointing you to the aisle.

Jean Coutu Montreal Quebec

Jean Coutu Montreal Quebec Weekly Ad for 7830 Sherbrooke St E, Montreal, Quebec H1L 1A5, Canada.

I always have great service at the pharmacy! Recently they didn't have one of my prescriptions and they called another pharamakia nearby who had it and put it aside for me. If necessary, they place the order and call us as soon as the medication has arrived. And it is of course very convenient that it is close to Honoré-Beaugrand station. I highly recommend.

my pharmacy, the closest jean coutu, always have the necessary, attentive pharmacy and very reasonable waiting times, good service!

Jean Coutu Saint-Amable Quebec

Jean Coutu Saint-Amable Quebec Weekly Ad for 520 Rue Principale #1, Saint-Amable, QC J0L 1N0, Canada.

I would like to recommend this pharmacy to you. All the staff are very competent and above all very professional. The service and attentiveness of the staff at the prescription counter is quite remarkable. Pharmacists are very responsible for our well-being.

Always excellent service! Yesterday I placed an express order and the staff was A1 (The nice person who took care of my order and the delivery guy). Delivered in less than 3 hours! Don't let go of your good work, especially with the more difficult times we are currently experiencing 🙏

Jean Coutu Sainte-Julie Quebec

Jean Coutu Sainte-Julie Quebec Weekly Adfor 800 Mnt Sainte-Julie bureau 100, Sainte-Julie, QC J3E 2C4, Canada.

Great service, smiles everywhere, didn't find friends but a good experience.

There is a lot of training at the pharmacy, but we still get good service in a short time.

The sanitary instructions are respected, the place is clean and we even have automatic doors.

I'm disappointed that I can't get a cold pepsi there but it's better for my health.

Excellent selection of books in the lab

Always excellent service.
The team at the lab is dedicated and the pharmacists are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Jean Coutu Sherbrooke St Montreal Quebec

Jean Coutu Sherbrooke St Montreal Quebec Weekly Ad for 9210 Sherbrooke St E, Montreal, Quebec H1L 1E5, Canada.

I called the 9210 Sherbrooke E location earlier today to ask about a service I wasn't sure would be provided since we are in the middle of this pandemic situation and all. I must say the young man who answered was very kind, I believe his name was Francesco. I did call other places that were closer to my home first, but they all just answered no and hung up. This young man enquired about the store and company policy to see if other locations could help me out, and suggested a different solution since the service is on halt for now. He was super polite and truly seemed to want to help through all the conversation. Props to him for giving an A+ service in such stressful times!! ^_^

Great service from the cosmetician (a young black haired girl). I came to look for face products. His advice is complete and really I have never had a service like jeans coutu! The cashier on Wednesday evening July 7, super nice! Thank you so much!

Jean Coutu Terrebonne Quebec

Jean Coutu Terrebonne Quebec Weekly Ad for 1125 Mnt des Pionniers, Terrebonne, QC J6V 0E1, Canada.

Excellent service, last time when i visited the store it was almost closing time but the store manager opened the store for me because i needed baby feeder for my baby..

Best service ever. The whole staff is extremely nice and Melody (the girl that helped me) should be employee of the month. Keep the good work guys!

Jewel Osco Addison Illinois

Jewel Osco Addison Illinois Weekly Ad for 140 W Lake St Addison, IL 60101.
I like shopping a Jewel, go there for different items that are on sale or I can't get the items anywhere else. There bakery items are so good. I also like the floral department, I treat myself to flowers 💐 every once in awhile.
I always shop here. From the management to the people that take care the carts are very attentive. I will recommend this Jewel store to everyone.

Jewel Osco Algonquin

Jewel Osco Algonquin Illinois Weekly Ad for 103 S Randall Rd Algonquin, IL 60102.
New to area. On a day I was feeling down and saw this beautiful display produce. Compliments to the artistry and ability to select and place all just right. Loved this and thanks.
For my mini grocery runs im OK paying a little more for the convenience of Jewel, they're good to employees and I like the store layout.

Jewel Osco Alsip Illinois

Jewel Osco Alsip Illinois Weekly Ad for 12001 S Pulaski Rd Alsip, IL 60803.
I drive from Monee to the Alsip Jewel/Osco Pharmacy to get my Mom and aunt’s prescriptions. In the beginning I didn’t understand why my Mom insisted on this particular pharmacy, but after interacting with the staff, I see why now. Everyone working in the pharmacy are so kind and helpful. Especially the pharmacist Irene. She goes above and beyond and treats us like family. I missed Ed the pharmacist after he retired, but Irene has made the transition seamless. Thanks Irene, I don’t mind driving all the way to Alsip anymore. ☺️
Love Jewel's.There product is always fresh and good.And there employees are very helpful and professional.Thank you so much Jewel Osco for providing excellent service.💯🎉😍

Jewel Osco Antioch Illinois

Jewel Osco Antioch Illinois Weekly Ad for 966 Route 59 Antioch, IL 60002.
Like all Jewel-Oscos, this store is a full-fledged supermarket and drugstore. I’ve been shopping here since 1986, and they’ve always had excellent management and staff.
Had an awesome arrangement delivered today! So pretty. I got a lot of compliments on how nice it was. Heather did an amazing job. The colors are perfect with super friendly service. My new first stop for anything floral!

Jewel Osco Arlington Heights

Jewel Osco Arlington Heights Illinois Weekly Ad for 122 N Vail Ave Arlington Heights, IL 60005.
This is my favorite go to market. Such a good place to shop. Everything is fresh and appealing. Great selection of good and quality foods. The meat section always has outstanding deals you won't beat anywhere else. They also have a great selection of fruits, vegetable, and organic products along with baked goods. You already know that the store is pretty awesome. And the employees were incredibly helpful and the service was stocked clean and organized. It has got to have the freshest produce I have tried. The prices aren't the cheapest but the produce is top quality. Everything looked really fresh. Check out was easy and fast. I highly recommend Jewel-Osco to anyone.

Jewel Osco Aurora Illinois

Jewel Osco Aurora Illinois Weekly Ad for 1157 N Eola Rd Aurora, IL 60502.
Clean and well-organized store. Staff is friendly. I occasionally shop here on my way back from the office.
Needed a cake for my kids birthday. Wasn’t sure of the colors I wanted on the cake but gave them a general idea of the theme. They had full creative ability. The cake turned out awesome and tasted great! Will definitely be getting our cakes from here!

Jewel Osco Barrington Illinois

Jewel Osco Barrington Illinois Weekly Ad for 150 W Main St Barrington, IL 60010.
Love this corner store. The couple that owns it are wonderful people.
Love the variety of foods and healthy foods here. Its always clean and a fun shopping experience. Prices are a bit higher than most grocery stores but its great to come for specialty items.

Jewel Osco Bartlett Illinois

Jewel Osco Bartlett Illinois Weekly Ad for 125 E Stearns Rd Bartlett, IL 60103.
It is conveniently located near the main roads in Bartlett. I like going to this Jewel because it's clean, has stocked items, and has self and cashier checkout lines. Huntington Bank is also located inside the building, and they are remodeling the Pharmacy drive-through.
I love Jewels! always have. we do not have a Jewel in Florida I been shopping at Jewel for more than 40 yrs. Great store!

Jewel Osco Batavia Illinois

Jewel Osco Batavia Illinois Weekly Ad for 119 S Randall Rd Batavia, IL 60510.
Store is sufficiently stocked with a good selection even though others in the area are consistently running out of things I need. Good sales- but make sure you have an account and to download the app to take advantage of extra savings. The last time I was there, the deli was not as full as I was used to but it may have been due to the time of day (evening). Otherwise, we always enjoy the variety of salads and specialty items. Best produce in town, IMO. Also best pre-made chicken for parties. I used to complain about the prices, but as other stores have become more expensive due to inflation, Jewel seems ironically competitive due to their sales. I am grateful we still have this staple in operation.

Jewel Osco Bensenville Illinois

Jewel Osco Bensenville Illinois Weekly Ad for 1127 S York Rd Bensenville, IL 60106.
Great to have a Jewel-Osco near home! Very clean store very friendly people the bakery will make you any kind of donuts you asked them to do. The store even has pistachio cakes available most of the time. Do I need to say it's got a Starbucks inside!

Jewel Osco Bloomington Illinois

Jewel Osco Bloomington Illinois Weekly Ad for 2103 N Veterans Pkwy Bloomington, IL 61704.
They carry almost anything you need from a grocery store, produce is fresh and well stocked. Employees are friendly and helpful.
A nice sized store that is big enough to have what you need, but not so monstrous that you don't want to go get it! People are friendly, and prices seem to be as good or better than anywhere else!

Jewel Osco Bolingbrook Illinois

Jewel Osco Bolingbrook Illinois Weekly Ad for 1200 W Boughton R Bolingbrook, IL 60440.
Got to say I haven't showed at Jewels in a long time . It has changed for the good. Very nice and clean and from what I could see all their cash registers were open. And the employee's are there willing to help you. 5+ stars .
I was looking for a package of strawberry Pazcki and Lou, a very pleasant young man working in the bakery found one last box for my husband. Then I asked Lou if they had hot cross buns and he said they were in the freezer and brought me 2 packages. Lou went above and beyond and it made my day!

Jewel Osco Bourbonnais Illinois

Jewel Osco Bourbonnais Illinois Weekly Ad for 655 Main St NW Bourbonnais, IL 60914.
Such great prices such great sales this week the chicken has eight pieces for 5.99 on Mondays and the grilled chicken is delicious ! I'm just a jewel fan when they have good sales for sure.
This store is usually well stocked. Its produce section Is well organized and looks appealing. Today, an item I wanted was missing. An employee offered to go into the back to see if the product was there. He came back in just a minute to say that it was not. I appreciated his volunteering and following through.

Jewel Osco Buffalo grove Illinois

Jewel Osco Buffalo grove Illinois Weekly Ad foır 79 McHenry Rd Buffalo Grove, IL 60089.
I find what I need easily. I also had a wonderful experience cexwithcthe butcher! He cut a pork roast especially for me. It turned out great when baked! An excellent cut of meat! He helped to make my dinner a success!
Thanks to the cashier and baggers at Jewel for their assistance. They helped with getting me the correct goods and with loading my vehicle

Jewel Osco Burbank Illinois

Jewel Osco Burbank Illinois Weekly Ad for 7910 S Cicero Ave Burbank, IL 60459.
One of the best grocery stores in the Midwest. Super clean store, very organized and very ample selection of groceries and household needs, amazing team members always ready to help answer any questions one may have. Enjoy
They have a lot of things on offer, the store always looks clean and organized, and the fruits and vegetables are always fresh. The service that the employees give is fast and friendly.

Jewel Osco Carol Stream Illinois

Jewel Osco Carol Stream Illinois Weekly Ad for 750 Army Trail Rd Carol Stream, IL 60188.
This is one of the largest Jewel-Oscos' around, anything you're looking for they have it. And if you can't find it they'll show you where it is. If they're out of something on sale they'll give you a rain check at the customer service desk for the quantity you desire.
I find most of my Vegan groceries here and I love the app because I save so much! This is my favorite Vegan cake that is ordered in. Love when it's available! Use the app to save before you go! Most recently it seems like they have hired new staff and they are a lot less friendly.

Jewel Osco Cary Illinois

Jewel Osco Cary Illinois Weekly Ad for 696 Northwest Hwy Cary, IL 60013.
This Jewel is a great place to shop especially at night. Very kind staff who helped me find the Starbucks drink display so I could use my free reward and I was able to pick up some Jalapeño flavored kettle chips as well. Overall, a high quality experience.

Jewel Osco Chesterton Indiana

Jewel Osco Chesterton Indiana Weekly Ad for 747 Indian Boundary Rd Chesterton, IN 46304.
So, this Jewel is the best! I lived right across the street from one for years and it was pretty nice and all. But this one? Well how very terrific it is. The layout was outstanding. And the employees are truly friendly and helpful. Thumbs way up!👍
My favorite grocery store! Fresh produce! Delicious bakery items! Good service! Delicious Killer Brownies at bakery! Good selection! Starbucks! Who could ask for more!?

Jewel Osco Chicago Illinois

Jewel Osco Chicago Illinois Weekly Ad for 102 W Division St Chicago, IL 60610.
I have been shopping here for ages. Staff is friendly, the store is clean. My favourite items are sushi, deserts and bananas. Also they have great selection of flowers. If you get vaccination from COVID, they give 20 dollars discount from orders over 200.
I always find everything I eat here. All kind of fruits and vegetables 🍇🍎🥑 There's always a gift for every special occasion around the year. Inside you can find a Starbucks coffee too.

Jewel Osco Clarendon Hills

Jewel Osco Clarendon Hills Illinois Weekly Ad 303 Holmes Ave Clarendon Hills, IL 60514.
This jewel was a very pleasant experience. The stocks were very high the shelves were full. The staff was friendly and the store was clean. I recommend this store to any family and friends in the area. Jewel is slightly higher in price than most grocery stores but definitely well worth the experience! I will definitely be returning!
Everyone was very friendly and the store was neat and clean. They also had delicious fresh fruit.

Jewel Osco Clinton Iowa

Jewel Osco Clinton Iowa Weekly Ad for 1307 N 2nd St Clinton, IA 52732.
Found everything we needed. I like the smaller store, easier to get through. They have great sales, when I remember to clip the coupons to my loyalty account. Easy to use phone number to access discounts and coupons.
Exceptional produce department. Large selection of produce. Very clean area and fantastic sales

Jewel Osco Countryside Illinois

Jewel Osco Countryside Illinois Weekly Ad for 5545 S Brainard Ave Countryside, IL 60525.
This is the best Jewel in the area - super clean. Love the pharmacy staff as I go here for some of my pets meds. They are really knowledgeable and I like the text reminders they send when the meds are ready. The store is always neat with a great selection.
Shelves were well-stocked, even with sale items. Checkout lady was smiley and helpful.

Jewel Osco Crown Point Indiana

Jewel Osco Crown Point Indiana Weekly Ad for 1276 N Main St Crown Point, IN 46307.
We came from Laporte to get some special foods and sales items. Always loved when Jewel was in Michigan City. They have the best deli and bakery items. Very good selection and the store was stocked with everything for Memorial Weekend!
Love the deli and wing Friday special. Love grandpa's potato salad yummm. All of the ladies at the deli counter are amazing. I always go for the Friday wing special. 999 for a bucket of wings, and they fill the bucket up I get one of the honey wings and one of the hot wings, honey wings are my favorite! I just have to comment on the cashier that I had she put a lot of canned items in with my potato salad and from the bags clinking around, my potato salad spilled out, I was so upset. I just asked that the cashiers take a little care when packaging your items please 🙂

Jewel Osco Crystal Lake Illinois

Jewel Osco Crystal Lake Illinois Weekly Ad for 6140 Northwest Hwy Crystal Lake, IL 60014.
I needed ice for a party, and wasn't sure where to get it, but Jewel had it. The store is nice, a bit dated, but the staff is friendly and helpful. The store was clean and well lit. There wasn't a long line at checkout. It's located on the 1st floor, and handicapped parking and entryways are provided. Easy to see from the road.
What can I say it's our local grocery store and it's very clean and the people are very nice and it makes shopping enjoyable.

Jewel Osco Darien Illinois

Jewel Osco Darien Illinois Weekly Ad for 7329 S Cass Ave Darien, IL 60561.
Very clean, quick in and out. Don't seem as it be busy which is a shame. Jewels prices are some what in the middle depends what you looking for and there shelf are more stack than most stores I been in.
My girlfriend kept telling me that jewel osco is amazing and that they have everything. I was calling BS, but apon visiting this place I realized that she was right.

Jewel Osco Deerfield Illinois

Jewel Osco Deerfield Illinois Weekly Ad for 16 S Waukegan Rd Deerfield, IL 60015.
Very nice place to shop. Clean, well organized store. Friendly and helpful stuff.
Clean and fully stocked. All employees masked snd plenty of room. Employees are very helpful. Jill at the deli counter is amazing!!! She helped me and was super pleasant!!!!!!

Jewel Osco Dekalb Illinois

Jewel Osco Dekalb Illinois Weekly Ad for 1320 Sycamore Rd Dekalb, IL 60115.
Was a nice small jewel food store .5/31/22 update.. I do like this store is the store I can find my smoked butt... and they have great fruits and veggies and that chocolate cake in the corner.
At my local Jewel I enjoy the fresh salads at the deli counter. There is an unending variety to choose from. I also enjoy there sales on everyday items on groceries. They always seem to have my favorite brands in stock.

Jewel Osco Des Plaines Illinois

Jewel Osco Des Plaines Illinois Weekly Ad for 1500 S Lee St Des Plaines, IL 60018.
Pretty nice Jewel, friendly staff, fast self check out. It's interesting how every Jewel is SO different though. This one, the floral dept is so tiny and they don't carry the nice candles I love getting. Versus the other Jewels I have been to have a huge floral section and many candles. Anyways the wings are still consistent though! So that's a plus. Overall great store OH but this one does have a huge magazine section lol versus the other ones. Kinda funny. But cool.
My top place to have great vegetables, Potato Salad, and great fruit. Best of all, the employees are very nice employees.

Jewel Osco Downers Grove Illinois

Jewel Osco Downers Grove Illinois Weekly Ad for 1148 Ogden Ave Downers Grove, IL 60515.
Most everything I need with friendly staff. 95% of my shopping is done here quickly and with confidence. The only issue I have run across is probably not with this store, but more likely a corprorate discision. About every 5 years, just when you have all the isles and inventory set in your mind, they rearrange EVERYTHING. I'm sure that's to get you to wander around aimlessly in the hopes you'll catch glimpse of something new to buy on impulse... It takes several years to learn the new layout.... but still a great store.
I have always gone to this Jewel to get flowers because of the way the arrangements are put together. It is done so well and IMHO better than some other flower shops. Today was no different except that Nicole went above and beyond on Valentine’s Day to take care of all of us procrastinators. She did an amazing job putting the rose arrangement together for my wife, wrapped it very nicely all while running around helping the many other people in the same situation.

Jewel Osco Dyer Indiana

Jewel Osco Dyer Indiana Weekly Ad for 805 Joliet St Dyer, IN 46311.
Just like the old hometown grocery store was before they shut ours down in Michigan City....nice and easy to find everything you need. Produce looked fresh and staff was very nice.
The time that I was at Jewel was good the workers were very helpful and friendly.When I was at the register the bag guy was grate he banged my grocery items and asked if I wanted help out that was grate because I got like 26. 12pks and I'm handycaped.

Jewel Osco East Moline Illinois

Jewel Osco East Moline Illinois Weekly Ad for 107 Avenue Of The Cities East Moline, IL 61244.
I was looking for flowers today. I went to several other stores and there just wasn't much to choose from or they were too expensive. Jewel had a big variety and was on sale$$$.
Love the produce at Jewel. The store itself is a bit pricey but if you stick to the deals of the week, you will come out saving plenty of 💰.

Jewel Osco Elburn Illinois

Jewel Osco Elburn Illinois Weekly Ad for 800 N Main St Elburn, IL 60119.
This Jewel seems bright and clean. Found what I was looking for easily and had only a brief wait in the checkout line. Produce appeared well stocked. The cashier was professional and personable. Plenty of parking with several ways in off the roadway.
This is a great place to pick up necessities and a little extra because of the great variety, reasonable prices, and quick service.

Jewel Osco Elgin Illinois

Jewel Osco Elgin Illinois Weekly Ad for 1040 Summit Ave Elgin, IL 60120.
This is my go to store. They have the best deals on milk anywhere and the meat is Superb at the deli. Staff are always very friendly and helpful with anything you need. So keep it up and keep me coming back!
Your cashier named Joana who rang me up deserved all the best raise she deserves she was kind and very careful with my stuff I would definitely recommend this Jewel Osco.

Jewel Osco Elk Grove Village Illinois

Jewel Osco Elk Grove Village Illinois Weekly Ad for 20 W Biesterfield Elk Grove Village, IL 60007.
During my short and quick visit to this Jewel, I noticed how clean and organized this location was, compared to some others. While I was only there for 4-5 minuets I thoroughly enjoyed my shopping experience.
Customer Service representatives and Cashier's are always very helpful and friendly, I enjoy shopping there. Smiles and greetings perfect!

Jewel Osco Elmhurst Illinois

Jewel Osco Elmhurst Illinois Weekly Ad for 153 Schiller St Elmhurst, IL 60126.
Nice local grocery store with a large fresh produce selection, fresh seafood, liquor, beer, wine selection, and weekly sale. The site is clean and well sanitize, well lit, they have organic and gluten free product and it’s open every day. They have pretty much everything you could want to eat or drink. It's convenient and affordable. Most staff members are attentive and efficient most of the time. When I've had an issue, management is always ready to listen and solve. No store is perfect, but in my experience, this is the best.
Please don’t ever close the juice bar!!! I LOVE the healthy drinks our family is able to get especially during this pandemic.

Jewel Osco Evanston Illinois

Jewel Osco Evanston Illinois Weekly Ad for 1128 Chicago Ave Evanston, IL 60202.
They usually have what I need. Kind of wish they did the ham, turkey and cheese sandwich pack like another Jewel does. Deli selection here is okay compared to other stores in the area but at least the prices are always right 👌
Just like all of the other Jewel- Osco locations we have visted. But the store was arranged differently. It was a larger store. Very clean, we did buy the suff that was needed on our list. I have visted here 3 times before.

Jewel Osco Fox Lake Illinois

Jewel Osco Fox Lake Illinois Weekly Ad for 1350 US Route 12 Fox Lake, IL 60020.
The layout of the store is very well well done. The staff is always on the floor and available to help you locate things if you don't know where they are.. And I've found that over the years their prices are getting better and more competitive.
Their pharmacy people are very friendly and helpful. They will take the time check all your insurance and other options to get you the lowest Rx price.

Jewel Osco Fox River Grove Illinois

Jewel Osco Fox River Grove Illinois Weekly Ad for 800 NW Hwy 14 Fox River Grove, IL 60021.
Always use this jewel for weekly/daily grocery shopping. Sales are good, staff is friendly and accommodating. Almost always the cleanest store in the area. Staff works to face and restore shelves on a routine basis.
Food is fresh and served quickly by a friendly staff. Love that they reuse serving dishes and utensils. I like to see all stores clearly mark if they recycle their plastic cups and paper next to their return area.

Jewel Osco Frankfort Illinois

Jewel Osco Frankfort Illinois Weekly Ad for 21164 S La Grange Rd Frankfort, IL 60423.
My brother and I received our COVID booster shot there. The young man that administrated the shot was great. He didn't hurt us and we got a coupon 10% off our next purchase. Be safe and shop at Jewels. Happy Holidays .
They treat me so nice every time I go there they always cut my corned beef just right

Jewel Osco Franklin Park Illinois

Jewel Osco Franklin Park Illinois Weekly Ad for 10203 W Grand Ave Franklin Park, IL 60131.
Really big store it has pretty much all your needs and wants from grocery to house old items liquor you name it they almost have no wait times since it's such a big store including allot of self check outs fairly very clean compared to others ive been to and floors look amazingly clean I've really got nothing bad to say even if i tried
Weird go to buy an Uber and the lady quickly grabs from me after I scan at self check out and stand super close watching me pay lol couldn't ok felt more like a lowlife just to buy an Uber card.....

Jewel Osco Glendale Heights Illinois

Jewel Osco Glendale Heights Illinois Weekly Ad for 2164 Bloomingdale Rd Glendale Heights, IL 60139.
We only go here when ad paper gets to us. Sale items always good. They always have registers open so don't have to do it yourself
Fantastic summer sales. Fruits are fresh, everything is nice merchandise.

Jewel Osco Glen Ellyn Illinois

Jewel Osco Glen Ellyn Illinois Weekly Ad for 599 E Roosevelt Rd Glen Ellyn, IL 60137.
This was the cleanest and most well stocked grocery store of this particular chain that I have been in in the last 10 years. The staff was extremely friendly and totally helpful. They did not ignore the customers but made sure you were able to find what you needed and took the time to take you to where the products were located. When I am in this particular area again this will definitely be the grocery store that I stop at to make my purchases. To whom ever the store manager is-- job well done!

Jewel Osco Glenview Illinois

Jewel Osco Glenview Illinois Weekly Ad for 1340 Patriot Blvd Glenview, IL 60026.
Barb did a great job on the flower centerpieces for our wedding! They were beautiful and exactly what we were looking for. Highly recommend!
This is a great store location with plenty in stock and nice seasonal sets and assortments. They have continued to expand the alcohol section but have maintained a great bakery and hot foods counter with plenty of tasty and fresh foods.

Jewel Osco Grayslake Illinois

Jewel Osco Grayslake Illinois Weekly Ad for 885 E Belvidere Rd Grayslake, IL 60030.
Great pharmacy service. But let me tell you, I love banana quality from jewel osco. It stays longer and taste better than other stores.
Our go to floral shop for beautiful arrangements for all occasions. Never disappointed with what we request. Highly recommended.

Jewel Osco Gurnee Illinois

Jewel Osco Gurnee Illinois Weekly Ad for 6509 W Grand Ave Gurnee, IL 60031.
I got the poke bowl from there. It's okay. The biggest issue with these grocery poke bowls is that their rice is cold and sort of hard-ish because they stayed in the fridge. It's convenient so it's acceptable.
Typical Jewel Osco. The stars of the show are Bibiana, Frank and Lisa in the pharmacy. As seniors, it is important that we are informed regarding our medications and no one does it better than these three.

Jewel Osco Hickory Hills Illinois

Jewel Osco Hickory Hills Illinois Weekly Ad for 9528 S Roberts Rd Hickory Hills, IL 60457.
Kiara in the flower section was very considerate and attentive in helping us pick out flowers. She was obviously passionate with her job and made it a special shopping experience. Her kindness is reason alone why we will always return to this grocery store. A+ Customer Service.
Another update on Saturday June 18 2022: people no longer need to wear mask while entering and walking inside Jewel, however I still do wear it while I'm inside

Jewel Osco Highland Park Illinois

Jewel Osco Highland Park Illinois Weekly Ad for 1600 Deerfield Rd Highland Park, IL 60035.
Terrific staff-a shout-out to Katie Lyman, Martha Holmes, and Sorocco (at the service desk-don't have her last name) from Jewel and Daniel at the Huntington Bank counter-All were of tremendous assistance in helping me find my cell phone, which I had apparently dropped in the parking lot. Without fail, the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff at this location continue to impress me. Thanks so much
Best customer service of any supermarket I have shopped at. Their prepped food, soup, and salads are also excellent! Congrats to staff and management team. Keep up the great work!

Jewel Osco Hoffman Estates Illinois

Jewel Osco Hoffman Estates Illinois Weekly Ad for 1069 N Roselle Rd Hoffman Estates, IL 60169.
Good prices, friendly staff. Surprisingly great liquor section. Bakery items are very good, I really enjoy their cookies.
Sonia was very helpful with my flower order. She went above and beyond to assist me. Thank you Sonia!

Jewel Osco Homer Glen Illinois

Jewel Osco Homer Glen Illinois Weekly Ad for 14200 S Bell Rd Homer Glen, IL 60491.
Lots of improvements in the store. Its getting a nice makeover.Bathrooms still need a makeover!.......Some items are a bit hard to find because there moved in another isle..Jewel is trying...Otherwise stuff that's sold out of in other stores, jewel has in stock.😊👊
First time shopping there manager walking around asking if anyone needed any help well stocked store employees asking if I needed any help so much nicer and professional than 127th and harlem.

Jewel Osco Homewood Illinois

Jewel Osco Homewood Illinois Weekly Ad for 17705 S Halsted St Homewood, IL 60430.
Best Jewel-Oscos in the area. Awesome pharmacy staff and a great meat department. Customer service always friendly and helpful. Justforu savings are also a plus!
Came here tonight with a friend has a very nice variety, I was very impressed with the big display setup for passover, this location offers alot of great variety. It's very nice I like it. The coolers, books, etc lots of variety lots to look at.

Jewel Osco Huntley Illinois

Jewel Osco Huntley Illinois Weekly Ad for 10090 HWY 47 Huntley, IL 60142.
I love this jewel. The staff is what makes this jewel worth the drive. Everyone is so kind and helpful. The pharmacy is also great. I have never had a problem and the jewel pharmacy app is extremely helpful.
Hood location. Always friendly & helpful employees. Like any grocery store has busy & slow times. Be sure to check out freshly cooked Chef's Kitchen items or Sushi Thursday for $5 items.

Jewel Osco Joliet Illinois

Jewel Osco Joliet Illinois Weekly Ad for 1401 W Jefferson St Joliet, IL 60435.
The osco pharmacy staff at this location is just remarkable, always treat me like family and the pharmacist's on down know their craft. I drive 25 miles to this location and I will continue to do so because of the staff at this particular Osco pharmacy, this location is one in a million and always a pleasure to visit and say hello to whom ever is currently working that day. Have this location on Midland and Jefferson streets in Joliet your trophy pharmacy, bar none!!
Like shopping at this Jewels, always can go in and out. Have enough cashiers, you don't have to wait forever.

Jewel Osco Kankakee Illinois

Jewel Osco Kankakee Illinois Weekly Ad for 446 S Washington Ave Kankakee, IL 60901.
Nice grocer. Easy to pop in and out. Friendly staff. Good selection of produce, fresh fish, and meat (pork selection is great). Jewel is gonna help me give the grill a workout this summer.
Everything is beautiful and lovely at this location, because the people is very friendly and will assist you with taking out the grocery and putting it into your car.

Jewel Osco La Grange Park Illinois

Jewel Osco La Grange Park Illinois Weekly Ad for 507 E Woodlawn Ave La Grange Park, IL 60526.
I had an excellent experience with Kaitlynn from Bakeshop. Very knowledgeable about her stuff and helped me when I was looking for stuff. She told me how it was a rush for Super Bowl/Valentine's Day weekend and she handled it because they were well stocked. Great worker and deserves a raise and more.
Prices little up but still fresh and good service.

Jewel Osco Lake Forest Illinois

Jewel Osco Lake Forest Illinois Weekly Ad for 890 N Western Ave Lake Forest, IL 60045.
The store is always clean neat and organized. The store team is always very friendly and professional. You really can't ask for a better grocery store experience. Five stars!
Excellent coupons! Great selection in the bakery and deli!! They have a strawberry torte!!! Better than any wedding, birthday cake that you can get at a so called bakery. Try it!

Jewel Osco Lake Zurich Illinois

Jewel Osco Lake Zurich Illinois Weekly Ad for 345 S Rand Rd Lake Zurich, IL 60047.
We enjoyed the food it was very good. The staff was very nice and the food was priced reasonably. They have a unique selection of breakfast and lunch entries. I would go back again to try another one of their entries.
We order online and utilize their drive up and go service and while it had glitches initially, its all settled down now and works well. Its great for older people who cant walk well or stand for periods of time. I have to say their employees are great. These days its difficult to get help but they have hired the best.

Jewel Osco Lemont Illinois

Jewel Osco Lemont Illinois Weekly Ad for 1202 State St Lemont, IL 60439.
I want to thank Kathy O for her kindness and support. I was frustrated with the Jewel app, the items I purchased didn't reflect the sale price after clipping the coupons for the items. Kathy walked me thru the new process once, then needed to do it again. Kathy was patient, knowledgeable and reassuring. I was happy to interact with such a nice person in customer service. Kudos to your store to have such great employees.
I want to thank Kathy O for her kindness and support. I was frustrated with the Jewel app, the items I purchased didn't reflect the sale price after clipping the coupons for the items. Kathy walked me thru the new process once, then needed to do it again. Kathy was patient, knowledgeable and reassuring. I was happy to interact with such a nice person in customer service. Kudos to your store to have such great employees.

Jewel Osco Libertyville Illinois

Jewel Osco Libertyville Illinois Weekly Ad for 1300 S Milwaukee Ave Libertyville, IL 60048.
Jewel has done an excellent job of making it easy to order online and pickup outside the store. They should be commended for helping us to minimize our exposure to the virus.
I did a pick up order and it was absolutely wonderful.. many stores was you to send a tip and jump through
hoops.. went flawless.. thank you jewel osco.

Jewel Osco Lisle Illinois

Jewel Osco Lisle Illinois Weekly Ad for 1156 Maple Ave Lisle, IL 60532.
Lost two phones while shopping . A worker by the name of Ian found the phones and turned them in. I tried to give the Mgr 20$ to give to him but was not allowed. Its refreshing to see honest people and this kid shpuld be rewarded. I hope Jewel sees something in this person and he is given every opportunity to succeed . He deserves it . Thanks again Ian
This jewel is pretty cool they always treat me the same with respect and smiles plus they are pretty fast when it come to checking out, even though I mostly go for the lotto machine that's there. 😆 lol

Jewel Osco Lockport Illinois

Jewel Osco Lockport Illinois Weekly Ad for 16625 W 159th St Lockport, IL 60441.
Absolutely the biggest jewel store that i have been too i mean enormous they have absolutely everything you need from liquor to groceries to festive/seasonal stuff to basically anything they have their own bakery restaurants Wich are delicious btw hands down one of the best places to go and a lot of the times they have very good bargains not to mention they also have their own pharmacy and did I mention a huge store like even the ceiling high not that it matters but it definitely don't hurt it lol 🤣
Nicole S was helping me out with my floral needs today and she was very helpful and accommodating! I wish I could've met the manger to tell them how wonderful she was.

Jewel Osco Lombard Illinois

Jewel Osco Lombard Illinois Weekly Ad for 1177 S Main St Lombard, IL 60148.
Great store!
The bakery team is amazing. I purchase a cake for work each month and they are always so helpful.
The curbside pick up is a game changer for me and my hectic life.
Thanks, Lombard Jewel!

Jewel Osco McHenry Illinois

Jewel Osco McHenry Illinois Weekly Ad for 4222 W Elm St McHenry, IL 60050.
The best customer service team, ever. Kudos to this store’s managers for maintaining a good culture and to the hard working team that cares for the customers.
I would be lost if I didn't have my GPS, but my GPS has nervously broken down when I needed directions. I know I can always pull up Google and get to my destination on time.

Jewel Osco Melrose Park Illinois

Jewel Osco Melrose Park Illinois Weekly Ad for 800 W North Ave Melrose Park, IL 60160.
My favorite grocery store! Always clean, stocked and organized. Great management here. I absolutely love sushi too!!
Great meat and produce, large floral department, bakery and pharmacy. Large assortment of liquor and wine. Very clean and organized store.

Jewel Osco Merrionette Park Illinois

Jewel Osco Merrionette Park Illinois Weekly Ad for 3243 W 115th St Merrionette Park, IL 60803.
I always pass the Jewels thats closest to me and drive the extra 1 1/2miles to shop at this one. Just seems like a peacful welcoming atmosphere.
I love this store. It's clean, employees are willing to help you locate items, plenty of parking and the shelves are full. Absolutely what we need.

Jewel Osco Minooka Illinois

Jewel Osco Minooka Illinois Weekly Ad for 2051 Ridge Rd Minooka, IL 60447.
I love to shop at Jewel-Osco . It's not close to home but worth the trip! Great choices and selections not available at many stores. The pharmacy has nice people who are very helpful.
Chris in the deli was very kind and patient and very pleasant to talk with. I enjoyed his kindness he's a great asset to the deli. Thank you Chris.

Jewel Osco Moline Illinois

Jewel Osco Moline Illinois Weekly Ad for 2010 1st St A Moline, IL 61265.
Jewel-Osco is a great place for anyone to shop. Their customer service is incredible, the bakery is incredible, everything else is also incredible. I would 100% recommend this store to anyone.
This is the only place in town that I can find that sells Mexican candy. They have very first produce and fruit that I have never seen before. Jackfruit, fresh sugar cane, etc.

Jewel Osco Morris Illinois

Jewel Osco Morris Illinois Weekly Ad for 1414 N Division St Morris, IL 60450.
Everytime we go to Jewel the savings are great everything is clean stacked neatly n there are always associates around n if they can't answer my questions they accompany me to someone who can. Kudos to the young senior in deli w knee hi socks she was so fast n efficient she seemed to be on skates. Best of all, all produce n products are FRESH n delicious.
I wish I lived closer to shop frequently, but I don't need a reason to stop when I am in Morris. Selection is always great and sale prices really help. The employees are friendly in the Jewel and Osco Drugs too.

Jewel Osco Mount Prospect Illinois

Jewel Osco Mount Prospect Illinois Weekly Ad for 333 E Euclid Ave Mount Prospect, IL 60056.
I want to thank Sandra for helping me today. I came in about 230pm using the south end doors. She had just brought in some shopping carts from the parking lot. When I came into the store, she asked me if I needed a shopping cart. I told her no thanks, but I needed an in house scooter. She said she'd get it for me, just to sit at the bench by the check out, near the exit door at thsouth side of the store. I want to thank Sandra again for bringing me the scooter!
This is my REGULARLY VISITED store. I know where things are at. Staff if friendly. It's Wednesday night, Jan 12 and the shelves are a little bare! Almost 0 Purina Fancy Feast cans on the shelves. All's good...

Jewel Osco Mundelein Illinois

Jewel Osco Mundelein Illinois Weekly Ad for 1150 W Maple Ave Mundelein, IL 60060.
This Jewel is nicer than the Jewel on 45. Great deli and produce section. Great selection of just about anything you could want.
Excellent shopping experience at this fine grocery store. Wide Selection. Convenient location with generous 🅿️. Additionally, there is a Starbucks ☕💌☕☃️🎶 inside this Jewel. The latter definitely lives up to its name.

Jewel Osco Munster Indiana

Jewel Osco Munster Indiana Weekly Ad for 716 Ridge Rd Munster, IN 46321.
Prices are high if you do not shop the sales but the food is top quality. Employees are awesome especially the deli crew. Close to home and convenient. Wide variety of delicious, fresh fruits and veggies.

Jewel Osco Naperville Illinois

Jewel Osco Naperville Illinois Weekly Ad for 1227 Naper Blvd Naperville, IL 60540.
Our go-to food store. They have what we want/need and is conveniently located. The online ordering and curbside pickup have been a top -notch service during the pandemic. Ordering is easy via web, easy to see on my phone and check-in for pickup takes just a few minutes. The staffers that do the shopping and roll out the cart are always friendly and attentive.
We have had a pleasant experience with this grocery store. This is a typical grocery having all regular features. Also, very clean, well-organized grocery chain with quality products it is big and great selection of products like cleaning products, snacks, baking products, dry products, meat and fish, amazing variety of produce and canned goods. Wide wine selection. Staff are very friendly. The customer service is amazing especially few of their cashiers. They were able to help me find the things I needed easily. Prices are reasonable! Overall a good experience. I would come here again.

Jewel Osco New Lenox Illinois

Jewel Osco New Lenox Illinois Weekly Ad for 2021 E Laraway Rd New Lenox, IL 60451.
I do a lot of shopping at night because it’s the only time I have time to do so. I’ve been to a lot of other Jewel’s and the night staff aren’t always the friendliest. This was my first time at this Jewel and Doreen was absolutely wonderful. She helped me out with a smile on her face and was just a lovely person to be around. She made my night with how sweet she was. I’ll be traveling the extra 20 minutes to this jewel from now on just because of Doreen.
Great variety of so many things you need. Clean store, helpful employees, fast check out.

Jewel Osco Niles Illinois

Jewel Osco Niles Illinois Weekly Ad for 5667 W Touhy Ave Niles, IL 60714.
They have this brand of 🍜 PHO which is pronounced FA, It's similar to instant Ramen that you can microwave.
Our local Jewel-Osco. When we can't find something there has been knowledgeable people in the past to assist, I think they are currently a little short staffed. Good selection of groceries we find what we need. Check out staff are friendly.

Jewel Osco Normal Illinois

Jewel Osco Normal Illinois Weekly Ad for 901 S Cottage Ave Normal, IL 61761.
My husband purchased my 39 year Anniversary flowers from the floral on Cottage. Unfortunately the roses after a few days were losing their petals which does happen. Sheryl took care of me and replaced my arrangement for me to enjoy. I was very impressed that she knew that was very important to me. Thank you so much for making my Anniversary special.
Friendly staff. Very clean and organized store. Always something good in the deli section.

Jewel Osco North Riverside Illinois

Jewel Osco North Riverside Illinois Weekly Ad for 7201 W 24th St North Riverside, IL 60546.
I have been doing business here for several years. I have been very satisfied with the service and pharmacists. Debbie is great! I have found them to be very accommodating. When I stopped driving, I had the options of having my prescriptions mailed to me or delivered by a service. That has worked out very well. I don't even live close by...but...continue to go there because of the pharmacies customer service. I'm happy with it.

Jewel Osco Oak Forest Illinois

Jewel Osco Oak Forest Illinois Weekly Ad for 5616 W 159th St Oak Forest, IL 60452.
March is a busy month for me on the birthday side. I have always been able to count on the bakery for my celebration needs. Every time, without ordering ahead, I have been able to walk in and select a cake and all of my other party needs. The cakes/decorator are always so subperb. Literally, any day of the week, you can go in, pick out a cake that looks as if it was already customized for your specific needs. I’ve never used a privately owned bakery - Jewel has better quality, taste, and prices. My family always has a smile on their face when I arrive with selected treats. They would never guess, I purchased from Jewel. I will be returning, time after time, for my special moments.

Jewel Osco Oak Lawn Illinois

Jewel Osco Oak Lawn Illinois Weekly Ad for 4650 W 103rd St Oak Lawn, IL 60453.
I love this Jewel. The staff is very friendly, the store is clean, the isles are wide enough for 2 carts passing each other. There are staff members that have disabilities which I proudly support.
I love everything about jewel, people that work, there prices it's not overly big easy to shop

Jewel Osco Oak Park Illinois

Jewel Osco Oak Park Illinois Weekly Ad for 438 W Madison St Oak Park, IL 60302.
Many different varieties of supplies. Very clean facility and friendly staff. I enjoy shopping there at that store.
Always stocked and clean. Plus, they still have cashier’s. I'm against self checkout, so I'm glad this Jewels still has people to help you.

Jewel Osco Orland Park Illinois

Jewel Osco Orland Park Illinois Weekly Ad for 17930 Wolf Rd Orland Park, IL 60467.
Wow, just discover this place. Very friendly staff and the ice cream is awesome. We have been there twice in three days.
Out of all grocery stores, after Freshline closed, I selected Jewel. The buy one get one free offers allows me to save a ton of money.

Jewel Osco Oswego Illinois

Jewel Osco Oswego Illinois Weekly Ad for 2540 US Hwy 30 Oswego, IL 60543.
The workers are so present and really take pride in their job. They always have a smile and are willing to help. The prices are great if you keep an eye out for their catalogue they often post some amazing deals. They recently had a sale on filet mignon steaks that couldn't be beat at 5.99 a steak; $12 approx a lb is solid. Regular spot for me.
I had to take minute to compliment the crew that worked on New Years Eve. The store was insanely busy with check out lines backed to the produce section and down aisles. I was very impressed with how quickly the line moved. One of the managers was working the register in the line I was in and he was so kind and pleasant. He said they had 6 employees call in sick and they had to pull help from the different departments to work the registers. They did an amazing job getting everyone through as quickly as possible. Just wanted to say thank you for being awesome!

Jewel Osco Palatine Illinois

Jewel Osco Palatine Illinois Weekly Ad for 423 E Dundee Rd Palatine, IL 60074.
Bakery area is great. Good selection of cookies, cakes and sweets. Had many cakes ordered, the butter creme frosting is delicious! Highly recommend ordering ahead for any cakes.
Great place. Got my 🐔wings and I'm good to go. Lol 😆

Jewel Osco Palos Heights Illinois

Jewel Osco Palos Heights Illinois Weekly Ad for 12803 S Harlem Ave Palos Heights, IL 60463.
Great store. Has good bakery, deli and I especially like their meats ( the meat sales were 1/2 price on steak and roast when I was there). Don't pass up their fresh fruits and vegetables ☺️
Bakery & Deli are god-tier, amazing, the chicken is great, any confectionary treats, donuts. The customer service is wonderful, there’s at least ONE thing that you’re tempted to try out. On a busy day it can become a bit hectic, lines will get a tad long. At times they seem to run short-staffed. But will always ensure that your order is taken & prepared properly. It’s inconvenient at times when you’re in a rush, but nonetheless this store has great service. Quality is guaranteed and everyone is always trying their hardest. I love this store and I hope you will too! :)

Jewel Osco Palos Park

Jewel Osco Palos Park Illinois Weekly Ad for 9652 W 131st St Palos Park, IL 60464.
Clean, neat facility. Friendly employees. Open late and always with a smile. As a customer, it is the friendliness of employees, not price point of items, that keep me coming back. I can probably find some items cheaper somewhere else but I won't find the same level of customer service.
Outstanding chicken...look out colonial sanders😄

Jewel Osco Park Ridge Illinois

Jewel Osco Park Ridge Illinois Weekly Ad for 481 Busse Hwy Park Ridge, IL 60068.
I have been a Jewel customer for years. I like their price's and appreciate their Just for you specials every week. My favorite item's are the cake slices and the guacamole! Love the pub burger's as well.☺
Employees are all really really nice so only thing I could say is improve the Signs of products that are for Wic. Paige was super helpful !

Jewel Osco Plainfield Illinois

Jewel Osco Plainfield Illinois Weekly Ad for 13460 S Rt 59 Plainfield, IL 60585.
I've shopped at this location for years, and even made a few acquaintances with the employees. They're very nice and helpful. Jewel-Osco chicken is delicious, and they just recently started selling Nathan's Hotdogs, warmed u and ready to eat. Be careful around Halloween though, their candy gets sold out really quick!
So not as big as the one on Orchard Rd. But, its more organized and very close by. Easy to park, go in, go out, always a quick trip. Easy to memorize this store.

Jewel Osco River Forest Illinois

Jewel Osco River Forest Illinois Weekly Ad for 7525 W Lake St River Forest, IL 60305.
Victor is an amazing employee, he goes out of his way to memorize customers names, he cares about his job way more than anyone else.
I love their selection of meats and produce. All cuts of meat are not created equal. When they have a good sale is the best time to get quality meat for a decent price

Jewel Osco Rolling Meadows Illinois

Jewel Osco Rolling Meadows Illinois Weekly Ad for 3000 Kirchoff Rd Rolling Meadows, IL 60008.
It's a good place to eat at a reasonable price, and they have a variety of options. Oh, and it's all ready to go food, which I recommend.
The cashiers were fast at their job and the baggers were neat. The lines seemed like itd take awhile but i was in an out because the cashiers managed to be so fast even though people had so mucu stuff. The baggers didnt throw random stuff together. It was neat and organized and made sense. Thank you.

Jewel Osco Romeville Illinois

Jewel Osco Romeville Illinois Weekly Ad for 20 S Weber Rd Romeoville, IL 60446.
Close to my house and Awesome people. Very shocking?, good fresh food and awesome ingredients for cooking amazing meals
I forgot my card they held my groceries until I came back, Thank U Jewel.

Jewel Osco Round Lake Illinois

Jewel Osco Round Lake Illinois Weekly Ad for 900 E Rollins Rd Round Lake, IL 60073.
Always can count on Jewels for Fresh Floral Arrangements and other items as well
Love this Jewel in Oswego IL!! Been going there for years!! Love Rhonda,Monica in Deli Department. They work so hard & they make me smile. Cashier's Julie & Diane are awesome at the front. Also love the baggers Keith Nick & Dominic. Great store. 💞

Jewel Osco Schaumburg Illinois

Jewel Osco Schaumburg Illinois Weekly Ad for 1151 S Roselle Rd Schaumburg, IL 60193.
Paul who works nights is the best, he went above the call of duty to help my wife and I get formula when we were told they were completely out. Paul went to the back room and brought 2 cases of formula out. Thanks again for your help Paul!
Excellent store clean well organized, Prices are great it's simple all in one true grocery store. They don't sell clothes furniture or other non grocery items that I have to walk past to get what I really came for Groceries 😀 This is a traditional grocery store ☺

Jewel Osco Shorewood Illinois

Jewel Osco Shorewood Illinois Weekly Ad for 199 Brookforest Ave Shorewood, IL 60404.
With everything going on and minimal checkout lanes open I was able to get in and out quickly on my lunch break. Staff is very kind and helpful!
With everything going on and minimal checkout lanes open I was able to get in and out quickly on my lunch break. Staff is very kind and helpful!

Jewel Osco Silvis Illinois

Jewel Osco Silvis Illinois Weekly Ad for 1312 John Deere Expy Silvis, IL 61282.
Love this store and customer service is top notch! They will go out of their way to make sure you are satified. Very clean store, and the produce department is just beautiful.
Well organized and stocked grocery store, staffed with attentive, polite people, decent prices, great selection, great for a quick trip or an extensive haul.

Jewel Osco Skokie Illinois

Jewel Osco Skokie Illinois Weekly Ad9449 N Skokie Blvd Skokie, IL 60077.
I loved to shop in this store especially the one located at Orchard Rd.Oswego.the store is very well stock n organized.all the staffs r very friendly and the new store manager is terrific and very hard working man.keep it up guys.more n more business to come.
I like jewel there prices might be a little bit higher than some places but they have good stuff and there doughnuts are good.

Jewel Osco South Chicago Heights Illinois

Jewel Osco South Chicago Heights Illinois Weekly Ad for 3220 Chicago Rd South Chicago Heights, IL 60411.
I love shopping here. The employees are always friendly. Their employees are friendly, shelves stocked and organized.
Jewel has really stepped up their game with their new app! Love that they have free deals every weekend!

Jewel Osco South Elgin Illinois

Jewel Osco South Elgin Illinois Weekly Ad for 375 Randall Rd South Elgin, IL 60177.
Best for meat, chips, deli and produce. Hands down the best meats. And the produce is literally a rainbow of colors. Deli serves hot and ready that is delicious. Basics are expensive unless you catch a sale or use their app and clip coupons (which you should, there's freebies sometimes). Lines can get backed up, but they will open up other registers if needed. Carts are always available to. Very clean.
The Union employees do a fantastic job keeping the store clean and well stocked with everything you need for your home or business.
Everyone has a smile.
The produce department is one of the best! All of the fruits and veggies are perfect, the fresh cut "ready to eat" selection is delicious!
The Meat section always has the best selection at a great price.
I love my local Jewel Osco!

Jewel Osco South Holland Illinois

Jewel Osco South Holland Illinois Weekly Ad for 763 E 162nd St South Holland, IL 60473.
Absolutely the best place to shop. Quality products throughout and the employees are super Pleasant and helpful!!
I've always avoided groceries at Jewel due to prices but it was so worth it. Clean, organized, stocked, great customer service. Organic options are great. A few more bucks added to the bill but so much better then Meijer and Wal-Mart

Jewel Osco Spring Grove Illinois

Jewel Osco Spring Grove Illinois Weekly Ad for 2401 Route 12 Spring Grove, IL 60081.
Great! got some wings and tenders and potatoe wedgies all good for dinner time!
I love the ready to go meals, the meatloaf is one of my favorites, jewel saves you money & has a variety of selections for you essential needs.

Jewel Osco St Charles Illinois

Jewel Osco St Charles Illinois Weekly Ad for 2073 Prairie St St Charles, IL 60174.
I shop in the bakery department to order cakes for the company I work for. Jewel's staff is very friendly and helpful with assisting you with your order.
Very well run business store is all ways clean and aisle or clear the employees at the store are always friendly and willing help you with ever your needs are the prices of there products are on the high side

Jewel Osco Stickney Illinois

Jewel Osco Stickney Illinois Weekly Ad for 7122 W 40th St Stickney, IL 60402.
First time for lunch. Got the Chop Suy. It was great. Added black pepper to the awesome egg drop soup. Out the door with a generous tip for $14
Great selection excellent butcher shop, they cut steaks to order. Friendly help. Prices are a bit higher than Meijer but I am currently not shopping at Meijer even though they are cheaper and closer. Meijer allows some people to shop without wearing face coverings

Jewel Osco Streamwood Illinois

Jewel Osco Streamwood Illinois Weekly Ad for 217 Irving Park Rd Streamwood, IL 60107.
I went because a coworker said their deli chicken was really good, so I had to see for myself and it didn't disappoint. I got 3 pieces of fried chicken and potatoes, but he told me I should have gone with the baked chicken. Next time, I will go for the healthier version.
The new front end manager is really great... she has the front end under control with the remodeling of the store... lines moved fast. This store is lucky to have her. The store was also very clean and I was impressed with the remodeling they where doing... it wasn’t a mess like when Target remodeled.