El Rio Grande Latin Lake June STE 400 Dallas TX

El Rio Grande Latin Market Weekly Ad for 10325 Lake June Rd STE 400 Dallas TX 75217 United States.

I really like the cleanliness, wide variety on produce and products for Mexican cuisine, good prices and friendly staff.

Always find everything I need at a great price! Employees are nice and are fast in the register.

El Rio Grande Latin Market Dallas Texas

El Rio Grande Latin Market Dallas Texas Weekly Ad for 5308 Maple Ave Dallas TX 75235 United States.

My mom shops here all the time, she finds all the Mexican ingredients she needs to cook, fresh and at great prices.

You find just about anything here, I always come here for the coffee, EL SELLO ROJO Espresso Colombian coffee & the pastry, it's so good!

El Rio Grande Latin Market Fort Worth Texas

El Rio Grande Latin Market Fort Worth Texas Weekly Ad for 3037 South Fwy Fort Worth, TX 76104 United States.

My white husband and my South American Ecuadorian self LOVED the market. Great fresh great prices, very very clean and organized and the employees are very profesional and friendly. We’re going back for sure. Highly recommended.

Great atmosphere! The store is maintained clean and well organized :)

El Rio Grande Latin Market Garland Texas

El Rio Grande Latin Market Garland Texas Weekly Ad for 901 W Miller Rd Garland TX 75040 United States.

I just came back from Florida and this store is nostalgic. Clean and well lit reminds me of a Latino Publix for those of you from the Southeast. Also shoutout to the eloté lady out front y'all go show her some love!

My first time to this store. I was very impressed. The produce, meat , and everything looked clean and fresh. I am looking forward to returning with the family here.

El Rio Grande Latin Market Grand Prairie Texas

El Rio Grande Latin Market Grand Prairie Texas Weekly Ad for 215 S. Center St. Grand Prairie TX 75051 United States.

Finally this opened and well worth the wait I must say. Store is super clean and organized and stocked and so many nice people there to help you. I hope it continues after the Grand Opening. They have an amazing meat (and also fish) counter and fresh already prepared meats (delicious) and (still warm) tortillas. At the entrance there is a section for a variety of salsas and agua fresca and that wonderful chicken salad with the peas, carrots and cauliflower in it (my favorite). Next comes the fabulous produce section that looks like a magazine. The staff is bi-lingual (for the most part) if your Spanish is lacking. The store exceeds it's competition by a landslide!

Very good service and the store's clean too.

El Rio Grande Latin Market Jefferson Dallas TX

El Rio Grande Latin Market Jefferson Dallas Texas Weekly Ad for 2515 W Jefferson Blvd #300 Dallas TX 75211 United States.

Best meat and produce in town, friendly staff, and the variety is great. If you don't feel like cooking, they have prepared foods like barbacoa and carnitas. Lots of fresh cremas as well as awesome cakes. Love this place!

Overall it is a good store. The only problem is that they have a fridge that doesn't have a handle and when you try to open it you cut yourself. We have already told the managers and they have not done anything about it! If they change this then the last star will come on.

El Rio Grande Latin Market Mesquite Texas

El Rio Grande Latin Market Mesquite Texas Weekly Ad for 2106 N Galloway Ave Mesquite TX 75150 United States.

Mexican grocery store and meat market. Competitive prices and they do speak English if needed.

Love it! I ordered my baby shower cake there and the decoration was just like I had asked for and it tasted great! Best tres leches cake!
Great place to order cakes!

El Rio Grande Latin Market Webb Chapel Dallas TX

El Rio Grande Latin Market Weekly Ad for 10909 Webb Chapel Rd Dallas TX 75229 United States.

Love the meat counter and fresh vegetables section. Not your ordinary selections for a change!

Enter the store can someone handed me a shopping cart. the store is very clean and the people are very friendly , the fruits and vegetables are all fresh and neatly laid the meats are very fresh and they taste wonderful I also found a bottle of wine I liked there I will go back and get another one , I've also discovered some products that I knew nothing about but I'm having fun trying them out

El Super 650 N Euclid St, Anaheim, California

El Super Weekly Ad for 650 N Euclid St, Anaheim, CA 92801, United States.

I’d say I’m a fairly good cook. I’ve found that my go to dishes are typically Vietnamese or Mexican. When I lived out of state, Mexican ingredients weren’t easy to come by so I’d stick up here whenever I was in town.

Whether it’s taco salads for myself or chicken tortilla soup for mom or tacos night family meals, or Pozole for holiday parties, El Super is my grocery store. It’s hardly ever crowded, always clean and fully stocked, and the produce is always fresh.

so everyone here is nice from the security guards, the shoppers, bakery, fruit and vegetables, meat department, and cashiers are all so very friendly even though I don't speak a word of Spanish they all seem to understand me!!!
ooo yes and i for got the older gentleman that retrieve the shopping carts are so great and deserve a workers appreciation

El Super 7502 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix Arizona

El Super 7502 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix Arizona Weekly Ad for 7502 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85033, United States.

Had never been here but had to make a run to the store for some beverages and pet food. Other stores I usually shopped were closed, but El Super was still open, thankfully. Place was clean and employees were friendly and prices were in practically in same price margin as other nearby grocery stores, except a few items possibly cheaper/ higher, but overall nothing that stood out or turned me off to the store. Will be back I'm sure for more last min/ late night shopping runs.

The produces section is the best around! Always fresh, great selection and a lower price than any other grocery store. The sea food section is also a hidden gem.

El Super 9th St, San Bernardino California

El Super 9th St, San Bernardino California Weekly Ad for 263 9th St, San Bernardino, CA 92410, United States.

Employees are friendly and professional! I haven’t had any issues with them. There was a time I was loading my market cart with packs of water bottles, and this sweet floor manager went ahead and helped me. Very professional and polite! Definitely told my family to keep buying at this store. There might be long lines here and there but definitely worth the wait.

Love comming here to get my things to buy for my steak dinner or steak burrito dinner and they have all the cologne and perfume in the world best part is every one has testers! beautiful jewelry and gorgeous mk and other purses , his and her watches rings necklaces exc

El Super Albuquerque New Mexico

El Super Albuquerque New Mexico Weekly Ad for 4201 Central Ave. NW, Albuquerque, NM, 87105.

Cool if limited selection and the non American non brand name stuff is affordable. Fruits and veggies VERY affordable at 1/2 to 1/4 the price at the normal grocery store and good steak for almost half the price. Thick T-Bones $8 a pound! Very cool place! Also have tables and an eat in cafeteria line type place inside. Will be coming here regularly wish it was closer!

Great grocery store that has a fantastic array of Mexican and traditional "American" items. Please don't be deterred from going to this store if your not a Spanish speaker. Signs are all in English and Spanish and the employees are very nice.
If your a traveler and staying at a near by hotel they have wonderful hot food items as well as toiletries.
There is such a variety of produce, seafood, cheese and meats that you would be silly not to check this place out.

El Super Anaheim California

El Super Anaheim California Weekly Ad for 1221 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805, United States.

we got great service from the team members behind the 'carniceria' counter. they gave us some really fresh and great tasting meat. we've only been to this location a few times but it's always been a good visit as they usually have most items in stock and at competitive prices.

This place has good deals every Wednesday. If you are right on money or have a big family this is the spot to shop.

El Super Baldwin Park California

El Super Baldwin Park California Weekly Ad for 14103 Ramona Blvd, Baldwin Park, CA 91706, United States.

Plenty of parking, prices are competitive and there are plenty of vegetables and fruits.
The quality of the seafood and meat is good, and the price for these items is cheap compared to other supermarkets

Clean environment don't think I don't like it when they put the shrimp okay and the toothache has expired in the still sound like that this is the second third time that I see they do that last time I told him about Eric's birthday and I just said that they put them out there people can get sick man

El Super Base Line St, San Bernardino California

El Super Base Line St, San Bernardino California Weekly Ad for 1578 W Base Line St, San Bernardino, CA 92411, United States.

I loved it over there in matter of case I actually seen one my classmates from school!

produce. Great Mexican sweets at terrific prices. Great security. Great hot foods section although they longer carry drumettes. And sexy Mexican soccer players coming in in their uniforms to get cases of water. You definitely want to be in the Express Lane behind them. I wish the spice section was bigger with things like Mexican dried shrimp and marjoram but there is a small and good section of Latin American herbal teas. Finally there is an excellent selection of cleaning products and you can feel safe using the ATM machine there because of the top notch security.

El Super Clark Nevada

El Super Clark Nevada Weekly Ad for 2021 E. Lake Mead, Clark, NV, 89030.

This place always has super low prices. The produce is quite varied. I enjoy coming here with the family. The associates are helpful and friendly most of the time. Each department works hard to make the market great overall.

Great prices in produce and meats! Fresh bread, tortillas and food ready to serve. I like this market.

El Super Commerce California

El Super Commerce California Weekly Ad for 5646 Whittier Blvd, Commerce, CA 90022, United States.

El Super Market, is a great store, to shop for groceries, and save money. I have visited
on several occasions, when I am in the area.
The store is kept clean, and their bakery department displays works of art in mouth
watering cakes and desserts. Stop by and give
them a try. Thank you. 😀👍👍💕🍀🌎

Great grocery store. Good quality fruits and vegetables. Great cuts of meat at a fair price. Lots of weekly specials. Large parking lot. Hit foods made daily and fresh bakery items available.

El Super Corona California

El Super Corona California Weekly Ad for 1212 Magnolia Ave, Corona, CA 92881, United States.

The vegetables are very cheap here and fresh too. Not very crowded as other el super stores I have been to. They have a big meat section too. Parking is plenty and never gets full. Overall a good place to buy groceries.

This is my first time in one of these stores. Its fantastic. Its like a lot of little markets in one place. I liked the fresh tortilla section and we bought lunch for the crew at a resonable cost. Everything was delicious. I would advise everyone to take advantage of this location. If your stuck in traffic come on in like we did.

El Super El Paso Texas

El Super El Paso Texas Weekly Ad for 10501 Gateway Blvd. West Suite 600, El Paso, TX, 79925.

It’s a Mexican grocery store… pretty good selection/variety of produce, meats, fish, and other products. They have an eating area inside with picnic tables.

Lots of good stuff to eat and drink! I was walking by and I seen the jewlery center in there and OMG I fell in love I wanted to buy everything the man that helped me was super sweet he was a younger man I bought a beautiful silver ring and on the plus side they do the resizing for FREE I was super happy and it only took 30 min to get it done looking forward to going back!!

El Super Escondido California

El Super Escondido California Weekly Ad for 151 W. Lincoln Ave, Escondido, CA, 92026.

Nice and clean up to you to wearmask all variety of Fruits and veggies in and out quick if ur Early Good atmosphere to shop in

Very clean, I noticed hand sanitizer and wipes 4 your cart, & hand available at door,today special on meats and veggies till tomorrow on Wednesday its another sale, so go , very sweet cashier I went to the 15 & under line, I had like 20 items but She was sweet & let me go threw.

El Super Fresno California

El Super Fresno California Weekly Ad for 3190 E Tulare Ave, Fresno, CA 93702, United States.

Ordered a big 3 leches cake for a baptism and i was so disappointed in the decor because it here was no baptism decor whatsoever, this was my first time making a order since I usually order from Vallarta but I’ve tried their cake slices and they are so delicious, but I just want to thank the manager because she was so patient and understanding and she deserves to be praised for handling my situation. I didn’t get her name but she was young and this was 2/19/2022 @4:30 and I just want to also add that one of them men that was working in the bakery was being an a$&hole trying to blame us that we didn’t write the instructions for the decoration right, when we didn’t even fill that paper out?? And I told him if he can just add some fresh fruit on top and he didn’t not want to even try to fix it but at the end our problem was solved thanks to the manager.

Lexcellent service from the cashier Alejandra. She is very kind and respectful The other cashiers are always in a bad mood. The butcher bad service👎

El Super Garden Grove California

El Super Garden Grove California Weekly Ad for 12891 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92840, United

We are staying at the Great Wolf Lodge and this Hispanic market is walking distance just around the corner. Great market with everything needed while in the area.

This is a great Mexican supermarket love the deli sections from fresh baked goods, homemade tortillas, fresh cheese and salsas to buying taquitos and tamales to mention a few

El Super Highland Ave. San Diego

El Super Highland Ave. San Diego Weekly Ad for 3007 Highland Ave., San Diego, CA, 91950.

Saves our family a fortune each year. Ever changing inventory and bargains make shopping more fun and meals more interesting. Only downside has been supply issues where items on my list are out of stock for weeks.

We are visiting from Dallas and looking for a particular brand of beverage. We called the store and the store manager, Cisco, was very helpful and found what we were looking for. The store was clean, well stocked and everyone was very nice. Thanks again!!!

El Super Huntington Park California

El Super Huntington Park California Weekly Ad for 7000 Alameda St, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States.

The store is is very well stock, easy to find everything. And very clean. Also the employees are very friendly, professional, and they make sure you are well taking care of. I love that store.

Everything about the place was nice from chasiers to stockboys but once again not a lot of minorities there meaning blacks which is a shame because employees were very nice. I have been there 3 times very friendly.

This store is big and it's clean and the people there are very nice and everybody is working good for them keep up the good work

El Super Indian School Rd, Phoenix Arizona

El Super Indian School Rd, Phoenix Arizona Weekly Ad for 5127 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85031, United States.

Great selection for meat! But the line was like a 30 min wait. You grab a number and wait but trust me the meat is A1! Plus it was packed when I went because the holidays but the store has everything from fresh seafood to the fresh baked good and fresh produce!

Better than Los Altos..you can save 2 hrs 7 min and 58 and 1/4 of sec of waiting in line..FACTS

El Super Indio California

El Super Indio California Weekly Ad for81619 US Highway 111, Indio, CA, 92201.

Produce prices are unbeatable, the bakery always has fresh goods being put out, and the meat is as fresh as you can get it ALL for an amazing price.

VERY CLEAN AND VERY ORGANIZED the employees here were so very friendly, they asked if I needed help in anything or help to find anything, they greeted me with a "good morning and a smile" .... I will definitely return to this store even though it's an hour away. I thank you El Super and its employees for welcoming me with smiles and customer friendly attitudes!

El Super Lamb Blvd. Clark Nevada

El Super Lamb Blvd. Clark Nevada Weekly Ad for 1255 S. Lamb Blvd., Clark, NV, 89104.

Great bakery. Love their tres leches cakes. Their meats are clean. No oders of stale blood or rancid meat. Love their tamales. Best to try them all. Delicious and freshly made. Fruits and vegetables. Oh my!!😆 Their variety of teas are so good. Working my way through them. Not disappointed. Come and check El Super..buy quality...save money😊😉😆👏

If you are looking for good quality and good priced meat (pork, beef and chicken), El Super is the place to be. Mostly catering to Mexican cooking so the cuts are different from the usual cuts you find in a typical American grocery (Smith's, Albertsons, Vons, etc). Nonetheless, nothing can beat their price. Outstanding!

El Super La Puente California

El Super La Puente California Weekly Ad for 1285 N Hacienda Blvd, La Puente, CA 91744, United States.

This super market always has the best and lowest prices on fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, meats, and fresh bread. The store is large, the have a bakery with delicious pastries and some stores have delicious cooked food too. Sometimes the lines can be long but they move fast and they always have bilingual spanish speaking cashiers. Staff is always friendly to me.

I always have a good experience going to El Super. Always having fresh Vegetables and everything so well organized.

El Super Lawndale California

El Super Lawndale California Weekly Ad for 15202 Hawthorne Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260, United States.

Well we have been going there for quite some time especially to get our produce the prices are extremely well the employees are awesome for the most part first name basis that’s pretty cool and of course our shopping habits have changed me personally and my family we jump from store to store you know how it is anyway if you’ve never been there I would take a look around i’m sure you will like it and find what you need.

Great, neighborhood friendly market that has everything you could possibly need. Their produce is the star of the show. Very competitively priced and super fresh. Can't go wrong. Only thing I'd improve would be the meat department. It shouldn't be on the right side of the store...makes more sense to out it in the back from a strategically standpoint.

El Super Long Beach California

El Super Long Beach California Weekly Ad for 450 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States.

I never remember to go here when I make my weekly run, but I remembered this time. Prices are great, even in this current economy, you can get excellent deals and prices are better than other local grocery stores. Great selection, with a LOT of fresh produce, fresh meat counter, and hot food is available. I'll no longer be going to the other local market with a similar name.

I use to go to El Super when I lived just up the street. No, not the Village..lol..El Super is great on your wallet. They have baked goods, a deli, etc. Spacious. I bought a nectarine from there a while ago, it was so tasty that I starting checking it out, and wow, never forgot that nectarine. Later on, I went to the grocery store near where I was staying, and it was not the same. I

El Super Los Angeles California

El Super Los Angeles California Weekly Ad for 310 E Florence Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90003, United States.

Cozy little super market.if you want good Mexican food that's prepared inside this market this is the place to go...

I like it cause they often have lots of deals in good, I just got 3 12's of coca cola and sprite for only $9.99!!! WHO ELSE HAVE HAS THAT OFFERS? 🙂

El Super Lynwood California

El Super Lynwood California Weekly Ad for 10721 Atlantic Ave, Lynwood, CA 90262, United States.

"El super cuesta menos" haha. Always a good option for grocery shopping they have fresh cooked food inside as well. Fresh waters. My favorite being banana. Ria money transfer kiosk inside for ease to pay bills and/or get money orders or a quick stamp without going to post office.

Great store, replaces the Luckys that was there before, the thing I miss the most is the produce section with its huge selection of plant based vegetarian items, bring it back!!!

El Super Maricopa Arizona

El Super Maricopa Arizona Weekly Ad for 2211 W. Camelback RD, Maricopa, AZ, 85015.

Do yourself and family a favor and have, breakfast, lunch and/or dinner here! Then take turns trying everything on the menu! They also sell the cooked rice and beans from the store restaurant which are DELICIOUS!

I have to say I was beyond impressed. Very clean store and organized intelligent so the aisles were easy to navigate. Easily one of the best employee teams in the valley. Genuinely friendly and helpful. Your team member manager in charge is truly an asset. She went above and beyond to help my wife and I shopping the other night. Thank you

El Super McFadden Ave, Santa Ana California

El Super McFadden Ave, Santa Ana California Weekly Ad for 3700 W McFadden Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92704, United States.

Nice grocery store, vegetables always fresh, and good variety of Spanish products.

We wanted to buy some ingredients for home cook crayfish. I liked their fresh fruit selections and low prices. Great alternative to other supermarkets. Literally no one in line on early Sunday morning. Good for quick grab shopping.

El Super Mesa Arizona

El Super Mesa Arizona Weekly Ad for 1251 E. Southern Avenue, Maricopa, Mesa, AZ, 85204.

Your employees were helpful & polite (very nice experience)! Your store is bright, clean and organized! It looks awesome and makes the shopping experience even more pleasant! I will visit more often.

This store recently get new managment and I enjoy that it's closer to where I live and easier to get into and out of then the one on indian School. When I went there were so many people but it was so easy to get shopping done. All the workers I interacted with were kind and helpful. Would recommend visiting to anyone

El Super Monterey California

El Super Monterey California Weekly Ad for 640 E. Boronda Rd., Monterey, CA, 93906.

That store made very good improvement since my last visit, long time ago. Now look net and clean. The person in the register (Dulce) need to smile and a least said Hi to de customers​. Thank you.

Groceries are cheaper than at others grocery stores and the quality is always good, I love the extra large butcher area with a big variety of meats

El Super Moreno Valley California

El Super Moreno Valley California Weekly Ad for 24899 Alessandro Blvd, Moreno Valley, CA 92553, United States.

Good place to buy all greens... and other things... like the prices too my two buddies love the greens!!

A little out of my way but very good prices. I can get almost evrrything i need and pay not that much it great.

El Super North Hollywood California

El Super North Hollywood California Weekly Ad for 12727 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, CA 91605, United States.

Great produce pricing on Wednesday only. Could open more cashiers registers. Other than that clean store and they carry lots of international products besides food. Kitchen utensils and useful items for storage.

I had a great experience at this market. Prices are reasonable. You can find Mexican products here. Cashiers are a bit slow though, but everything else is great.

El Super Oceanside California

El Super Oceanside California Weekly Ad for 1527 Mission Ave, Oceanside, CA 92057, United States.

This is one of the biggest Mexican supermarkets I've been to, and I've been to a lot. The deli had pretty good prices and the selection is incredible. I was a little disappointed with the selection of hot sauce though, but not everybody is there for the hot sauce, it's the wide variety of Mexican products. I was impressed with the bakery though and I highly recommend this if you're looking for Mexican food. It was very clean throughout and very well organized compared to other Mexican supermarkets.

I happened to be in the area and remembered what a great experience I had the last time I was there. The store was very clean, the staff was exceptionally friendly and it was the same way this time too. I usually don’t do reviews but I needed something to brighten my day and when leaving there my mind was in such a better place. Thank you El Super staff!

El Super Ontario California

El Super Ontario California Weekly Ad for 1000 N Mountain Ave, Ontario, CA 91762, United States.

My customers love El Super for its fresh produce, deli meats, restaurant and butcher services and this location is a favorite for deliveries using the personal, gig-economy, shopper apps in the Inland Empire. The store is clean and everyone who works there is friendly despite the need for more checkers rarely but, when super busy, necessary. I believe expected self-bagging saves on product costs but I am not sure of its effectiveness.

Today they had a big line and just 2 register open, I still waiting to pass….and let me congrats to Cristina because when she help them I was able to go home quickly 😀

El Super Panorama City California

El Super Panorama City California Weekly Ad for 14620 Parthenia St, Panorama City, CA 91402, United States.

Better produce than food for less, Walmart, and anywhere else for miles! Great corn. The cash register asks you if you want balance or purchase before you get to enter your pin number, ensuring you never overdraw your account. How handy!

Great Quality food with lots of options. What I love about this places you can get so many great things including things that aren’t even food. I was walking past and I saw that they were selling for backpacks on a place next to the cereal. Also they have tofu which is great for vegan options. One thing I love about this places that are extremely fast with checking out your food that’s good if you’re in a rush! Also they have tons of different kind of sauces which is great because there is a certain kind of cheese I always look for and I am super happy when places have it and here they had the melted nacho cheese that I’m always looking for. What I love about this place is that it is super local and there is multiple around the valley! I would definitely recommend this! Also I love the fact that there is laundry detergent you can also buy her as well as hand soap. You can also buy fresh fish in different kinds of meats. There is even a place where you can buy cake and go there just to have something to eat in the morning because they sell coffee as well as napkins to eat it with also flowers for special occasions.

El Super Paramount California

El Super Paramount California Weekly Ad for 14601 Lakewood Blvd, Paramount, CA 90723, United States.

The bakery is so great. Not only do the bake goods taste delicious, but the cake decorators do an awesome job. I’ve ordered 2 cakes from them, and they were on point of what I wanted the cakes to look like. Everyone at the birthday parties gave complements on both cakes.

Nice and clean. That what like to walk in a Market and not see it missie. And go in a line not wait for a long time till they open a Cashier's keep up the good Customer service. High five👍

El Super Phoenix Ariona

El Super Phoenix Ariona Weekly Ad for 3130 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016, United States.

If you're looking for desserts, El Super is definitely an option.

This is one of the few grocery stores that close at 11pm every time I need something last minute I run to this store. Wish it was closer to me. Great store, always clean, fresh produce and friendly faces.

El Super Pomona California

El Super Pomona California Weekly Ad for 1575 E Holt Ave, Pomona, CA 91767, United States.

Parking was super easy, products are neatly placed. Staff is always very friendly and helpful at the bakery and meat counter. Things are easy to find and locate. I love coming here to shop, because service here is far better than asian supermarket.

Very kind staff, 100% Customer satisfaction. A special thanks to Tica S a very kind hearted and hard working cashier. From the quality to the service and helpfulness found from the staff. I'll definitely be going back this week.

El Super Riverside California

El Super Riverside California Weekly Ad for 5800 Van Buren Blvd., Riverside, CA, 92503.

Great place for great prices. Vary good in vegetables department and meats i will always go back. Lots of great people. ..

The bakery is clean and has a variety of mouth watering sweet breads, cakes and Mexican pastries.

El Super San Bernardino California

El Super San Bernardino California Weekly Ad for 570 S Mt Vernon Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92410, United States.

One of the best El Super Markets in San Bernardino that offers everything from fresh meats and seafood to fresh fruits and vegetables, all you need for your snacks and baked goods. Very friendly customer service and helpful cashiers also. Low prices for the highest quality foods.

The store is so clean and always packed of all are favorites. No long check outs always plenty of cashiers.one stop shop till u pop.love all the beautiful women of colton.i think the beauty factory is something noo e sees but looking around we know our women where stamped MADE I. COLTON USASS CUZ OMG....SORRY

El Super San Diego California

El Super San Diego California Weekly Ad for 4421 University Ave, San Diego, CA, 92105.

This has been the cleanest and fastest El Super that I have been to. We always find our favorites at a good price. With $200 we walk out with an overloaded shopping cart. Great customer service.

Produce is always fresh and ready to go, there's a produce clerk in the evening always working none stop very focus always kind and polite if I need a product that's not in stock he always offers to check in the warehouse great job I'm very satisfied thanks for you're service.

El Super San Fernando California

El Super San Fernando California Weekly Ad for 315 San Fernando Mission Blvd, San Fernando, CA 91340, United States.

Vegetables are affordable. If they sold frozen salmon cutlets like they do at food for less,, I would come more often.

I only come here when I need to buy meat for pozole, but everytime I come here, this place is clean and they have a good selection of meats and fruits. Their meat deli is fresh unlike many stores that carry brown meats. Definitely recommend if you live nearby. Great customer service too!

I enjoyed my time ⏲ at the store and the employees were very helpful and professional.

El Super Santa Ana California

El Super Santa Ana California Weekly Ad for 2445 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704, United States.

Always have loved this place. Has everything I need for gatherings and more.

Good to see this store still being able to sell stuff in cheapest possible price in southern california.

El Super Santa Fe Springs California

El Super Santa Fe Springs California Weekly Ad for 10531 Carmenita Rd, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, United States.

Good food, ok prices with a quaint atmosphere and great staff.

Very good customer service one of the employees that West working put in the groceries on the shelves he helped me to found fresher and good product thank you for that and I appreciate it as thank you for that person but I present and hope Hope they know who is and giving application they have a wonderful employee I don't remember his name But he was working in the area on the plantains

El Super Slauson Ave, Los Angeles California

El Super Slauson Ave, Los Angeles California Weekly Ad for 1100 W Slauson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90044, United States.

bread smells great. actual photo in store. the bread had a crunchy crust, soft interior, an medium sour taste, little a salty if you pay attention, the bread has a low yeast taste to me

This store is one-of-a-kind... if you're a Latin Food Lover you're in the right place to pick anything you want and every item here is very affordable fresh and delicious!!!!... the only problem here is that anyone living on the westside or in the Cities close to the beach around those Cities near Santa Monica or Venice you won't find this store!... in this case you're gonna have to drive the extra mile!!!!

El Super Slauson Avenue, Los Angeles California

El Super Slauson Avenue, Los Angeles California Weekly Ad for 9320 Slauson Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90660.


I personally like it.
Not only because I always find everything I need in my kitchen but also because their prices are very accessible to any budget
and they always make sure their vegetables are very fresh that last longer in my fridge.
I always like doing my grocery shopping at El super. I also enjoy the fresh bread baked their bakery.

El Super South Gate California

El Super South Gate California Weekly Ad for 3211 Firestone Blvd, South Gate, CA 90280, United States.

Good prices and threat and vast deletions of fruit and vegetables, all staff that I en outed speaks Spanish and are very friendly and helpful, highly recommended.

Great big market. And the girl Jennifer was super friendly. She made shopping there better.

El Super Tucson Arizona

El Super Tucson Arizona Weekly Ad for 3372 S 6th Ave, Pima Tucson, AZ, 85713.

Good prices on produce, meats, baked goods and many other items. Minimal wait at checkout. Lots of parking. Accessible ramps and entrance. Sanitizing stations thru out the store.

Very clean outside and inside with willing workers yes sales. Love faboloso smells amazing. Super cleaning with easy-to-use products.

El Super Ventura California

El Super Ventura California Weekly Ad for 2800 Saviers Road, Ventura, CA, 93033.

El super always has the best Mexican sweet bread it always has good flavor, spongy, and good selection. Plus it stays fresh alot longer then other Mexican supermatkets.

Nice selection of fruits and vegetables. They sell Chiquita bananas here which for some reason are tastier then the Dole brand at Walmart. Produce seems fresher, too. Nice employees, though sometimes the aisles can be cluttered with stockers.

El Super Wilmington California

El Super Wilmington California Weekly Ad for 120 W Anaheim St, Wilmington, CA 90744, United States.

The freshest of fruits. The best vegetables. Meat sucks. Inexpensive prices on shelf items all through the store.

Very good prices!!!, we has been in another market's in South bay area and this has quality, price and products.

El Super York Blvd, Los Angeles California

El Super York Blvd, Los Angeles California Weekly Ad for 5610 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042, United States.

Great local store just wish that they would carry more items like Asian food etc

This market has a lot of Mexican products for those that have a sweet tooth, Gansitos, Barritas, sodas. 👍

El Super Zaragoza Rd. El Paso Texas

El Super Zaragoza Rd. El Paso Texas Weekly Ad for 703 N. Zaragoza Rd., El Paso, TX, 79907.

Ellll suuuuperrrrr si no lo digas como goooaalll why you even shopping there LOL a great place to shop for produce and meat y tambien the hot n ready food is always so yummy recommend the mole ooh and a fat asada burrito with rice and beans for on the go.

I felt like I was in a candy store only better. Not only do they have beautiful cakes and pastries but they sell fresh tortillas and juice. A very large eating area with lots of eating choices. The employees I encountered were friendly and knowledgeable. There is much much more for all your shopping needs.

Extra Foods 2nd Street E Cardston

Extra Foods 2nd Street E Cardston weekly flyer for 120 2nd St E, Cardston, Alberta, T0K 0K0
The people working there were very nice and helpful
Very nostalgic vibes if you grew up in a big city then come here. It’s built like the old superstores back in the early 00’s. Friendly staff.
Great local grocery store. You won't find another one within an hour's distance. Also has fresh food. And not overpriced items. Would definitely recommend you go here. They also have a pharmacy

Extra Foods 50 Avenue St. Paul

Extra Foods 50 Avenue St. Paul weekly flyer for 5701 50th Ave, St. Paul, Alberta, T0A 3A1
Fantastic store. Great staff. Sometimes a little short on cashiers though!
Good variety and deals always staff around to help

Extra Foods 9th Street Meadow Lake

Extra Foods flyer for 828 9th St W, Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1S9, Canada store.
Store is clean, with nice wide aisles. Staff is friendly. I can get many hard to find items here, such as liquid coconut oil. Public bathrooms would help moms with anxious kids!
Good place to get groceries, they have almost everything you need. Foods, household cleaning, clothes, pet foods.

Extra Foods Drumheller

Extra Foods Highway 9 SBox weekly flyer for 1252 Hwy 9 SBox 1240, Drumheller, Alberta, T0J 0Y0
Very neat and clean store for smaller shopping needs. Limited stock of groceries . Mostly packed. Has a small collection of clothing, makeup and other household needs. Mostly heavy on the pricing.

Restrooms extremely dirty and their garbage bins are overflowing 💁🏻‍♀️
Don’t forget to UPC SCAN from your mobile app for WIC items as you’ll end up paying for most items you’ll assume are WIC approved.

Has baby clothes from carters ; Disney and Star Wars which are pretty cute but expensive.

Overall good. Do recommend.
Went into this store today looking for some Clear drinks since my Rite Aid was unpacking their Truck. The Aisles are always organized and A very nice Cashier named Andrew was able to help me Checkout. I would highly recommend this location since Sales Traffic is also shared with Lots of other stores in the Commack Shopping Center. Hope Corporate gives this Cashier a Raise and Management should be notified that this employee has earned 5 stars. Thumbs up from this customer. Will be back every time I need something.

Extra Foods Government Street Dryden

Extra Foods Government Street Dryden weekly flyer for 647 Government St, Dryden, Ontario, P8N 2Z5
Nice people. Good prices on some meats, frozen foods. It is rumored to be changing to a no frills in March/April as they've eliminated the pharmacy already. Moving to big box bulk will mean no more clothing or bakery but probably better deals on other items that will be Presidents Choice or No Name.
Well stocked and not as busy as Walmart but right accross the street. Had items wm did not. Friendly service as well.

Extra Foods Grand Forks British Columbia

Extra Foods Grand Forks British Columbia weekly flyer for 7000 27th St, Grand Forks, British Columbia, V0H 1H0
We were staying at the Grand Forks Inn across the street and had to get a quick breakfast so we walked across the street to the supermarket and I must say it's very clean, great prices it happens to be a President's choice Loblaws store which I like very much. The staff are very friendly and it's got a wide variety of everything you need even household items. Better prices than the local save on in town.
I used to work at this particular store, so relatively fond memories. There's still some senior staff I remember, and it's always good to catch up. Shelves are decently stocked. Everything I needed was in today

Extra Foods Main Street Swan River

Extra Foods Main Street Swan River weekly flyer for 10th Ave & Main St, Swan River, Manitoba, R0L 1Z0
Very helpful people. But lack of goids
We stopped here as we were traveling thru. My daughter and I were pleasantly surprised by the lunch items available in the cooler. We purchased delicious individual salads for $5. We also picked up some games for our camping trip.

Extra Foods Rocky Mountain House

Extra Foods 46 Street Box 640 weekly flyer for 5520-46th StBox 640, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, T4T 1A5
Extra Foods in Rocky Mountain House has a big city groceries selection to choose.
A huge thanks to the cashier for going to grab something I forgot -she was AWESOME!!!… There was no one behind me-at the till … unbeknownst to the cashier, I had fallen a couple of times, because I’m a klutz like that, and it’s been difficult to get around, so I had politely asked for help, and she came through, thank you~beautiful-sorry, I forgot your name , but was shopping on Friday(around 4ish)…