Vallarta Supermarkets Escondido, CA

Vallarta Supermarkets Weekly Ad Escondido, CA
We come here strictly for the meat department. Not only are the prices great but the marinated chicken is amazing as is the carne asada. The meat they use isn’t too fatty or too lean…probably the best we’ve been able to find in the area. That and the bakery always has fresh selections.
FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE! It was my first time in the store, but definitely not my last time. Everything looked so clean and well-organized. The meat and fish departments had great looking foodThere were many customers patiently waiting for their chance to purchase food. Everyone was FRIENDLY and eager to help.Checkout was effortless, and I was on my way in a very short time.I look forward to coming back again soon!P.S. I came home and cooked the beef liver I bought, and it was 😋 DELICIOUS.I'll definitely go back....