Giant Tiger Walkley Rd Ottawa

Giant Tiger Walkley Rd Ottawa weekly flyer for 2480 Walkley Rd, Ottawa, ON K1G 6A9, Kanada
Such a beautiful store to shop at everything is organized and the staff are nice good job guys I wish I could give you guys 1 millions stars but 😢unfortunately I can only give 5 thank you so much for everything you guys are doing a great job keep it up with that good job and thank you for always helping people out whenever they need help I wish you guys the best have a wonderful rest of the year
The store is closing on March 6 and will re-open inside a brand new store attached to the main office building located right next to it. I wanted to go inside the old building before it closes officially. It will be a much needed change! The building locks really old. The remaining food and products were sparse but with excellents price cuts. The new Giant Tiger store will be a nice change.
The Giant Tiger store located at 2480 Walkey road has undergone a major renovation by opening up another large modern shopping complex beside the older store. Giant Tiger is proud to be known as a low cost Canadian grocery/ clothes and household goods store. This makes it a great place to shop in direct competition with walmart. The new store's prices are great especially on featured sales and lots of people take advantage of this. Maybe you can save going there too because this Giant Tiger store is Grrrrrr eat!
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