Giant Tiger George St Ottawa

Giant Tiger George St Ottawa weekly flyer for 98 George St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5W2, Kanada
This Gian Tiger has been there forever. I always like to go because it reminds me of my younger shopping time with my mom. Memories
You can always find a bargain or two.
Thank you for Giant Tiger for all the fun memories for over 40+ years.
The store has everything.
I actually fell down the stairs today pulling my cart up. Hurt my leg and elbow and banged my head. Thanks to the customer who said wait a minute and I'll help you carry it up with you. I'm lucky I wasn't hurt too much, it could have been worse.

Tassimo coffee pods

8.978.97 SAVE $1

Giant Value black garbage bags

5.975.97 SAVE 50¢