Giant Tiger Chain Lake Dr Halifax

Giant Tiger Halifax weekly flyer for 201 Chain Lake Dr, Halifax, NS B3S 1C8, Kanada
You will find at least a few good deals and if you are starting a home on a budget they have the essentials for good prices.
Inexpensive clothing that wears well. A small variety of grocery at cheaper prices. Store brand is priced well and is a good choice. Fairly quick to open new registers if a lot of customers are waiting.
good sized Giant Tiger store. Pretty much what you would expect or have seen anywhere else. When I went there was a fair wait to get to the checkout. Backed up and only 2 cashes open, I assume they just didn't have the staff at the time to open more.

Tassimo coffee pods

8.978.97 SAVE $1

Giant Value black garbage bags

5.975.97 SAVE 50¢