Giant Tiger Trail NW Edmonton

Giant Tiger Trail NW Edmonton weekly flyer for 14097 Victoria Trail NW, Edmonton, AB T5Y 2B6, Kanada
This giant Tiger specifically is great. Very nice staff. Wonderful staff. I hope they're being payed well. Corporations have a habit of not paying they're employees well unfortunately. But yea anyways great place
Great prices for clothing and food. Sort of a small Walmart but Canadian owned. I live close by so shop here often. They have a little bit of everything. The store is well lit and clean. Not a lot of staff to help out but that’s understandable since it is a smaller store than Walmart. I will continue to shop here as it is convenient and as mentioned for what they have the prices are good.

Bounty paper towel

12.7712.77 SAVE $3

Giant Value freezer bags

2.772.77 SAVE 20¢

Gatorade instant powder

6.886.88 SAVE 60¢

Giant Value beef burgers

20.9820.98 SAVE $3

Apple Valley lemon meringue pie

5.475.47 SAVE 50¢

HoneyBar granola bars

4.474.47 SAVE 50¢