Sobeys Liquor Terwillegar

Sobeys Liquor Terwillegar weekly flyer for Terwillegar Centre, 14272 - 23 Ave. Edmonton AB T6R 3B9
Good selection!! But found prices are high compared to other places
My go-to liquor store when Sobeys Grocery Store was still in this strip mall. I moved further away for over 3 years now but I still come here for my liquor runs. Staff are friendly and helpful. Selections are good for my needs. Top that with great deals from time to time, I highly recommend this store.
Price: Better than any in the area. Beer Selection: Great mix. They adjust their inventory often for what sells - which is more than I can say for other locations in the area. I can always find what I’m looking for. The staff is friendly and some have been working there for years. I appreciate that you can actually have a conversation with folks - real people you can share a joke or two with - no robots here (some of you may not appreciate that though). A few times I’ve requested specialty items which they have stocked upon request. After 10 years plus shopping here, I think I can accurately say the place is well run with stable staff and good work culture. Great job folks.