Giant Tiger Calgary

Giant Tiger Calgary weekly flyer for 4710 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2A 0V1, Kanada
Giant Tiger is always one of those places that’s fun to pop in to to see what they have. The prices are awesome and I cannot say enough good things about the staff. I don’t shop there often but every time I am always asked if I need help and warmly greeted and the cashiers are super friendly. Some of the best staff I’ve ever encountered in a retail environment. The grocery section is great because you can pop in and get in and out quickly with what you need and inexpensive essentials are always a plus.
Friendly staff and good sale prices for food clothes and housewares.

Also very much the plus sizes for men's wear.

The only issue I have with the store is that it is small and selection is limited. I would suggest a larger store/location like Deer Valley were a former retailer moved out.

Bounty paper towel

12.7712.77 SAVE $3

Giant Value freezer bags

2.772.77 SAVE 20¢

Gatorade instant powder

6.886.88 SAVE 60¢

Giant Value beef burgers

20.9820.98 SAVE $3

Apple Valley lemon meringue pie

5.475.47 SAVE 50¢

HoneyBar granola bars

4.474.47 SAVE 50¢