Sobeys Liquor Silverado

Sobeys Liquor Silverado weekly flyer for 19369 Sheriff King St. SW Calgary AB T2X 0T9
Good liquor store. Only problem is 24 pack AGD/AGD light advertised 23.99$. So I go 2-3 days in a row and they are out of stock for the light. Have tons of regular AGD in stock but no light 24 packs! Something wrong with that indeed..!
Solid selection of wine, beer, spirits. Beer cooler is great, and I love that there are singles available of some beers, so you don’t have to commit to something you’ve never tried.

The staff are always incredibly helpful with recommendations, or finding a specific bottle. Store is always clean. There’s never a real line to pay.

It is more expensive than other stores, though. (But maybe worth it for cold beer and no line?)