Giant Tiger Saskatoon

Giant Tiger Saskatoon weekly flyer for 2325 Preston Ave S, Saskatoon, SK S7J 2G2, Kanada
It's an ok place to pick up clothes, food or anything your heart desires. Prices are decent and a bit lower than bigger market stores. We found a horse pillow for one of the grandchildren whose into horses at the time being. Told the other half if he doesn't want it I would take it , but guess what, he took it and sleeps with it. I guess he won this time..this time!!
I think this is a great store for the community. Affordable brand name products at reasonable prices, nice and close to their homes. I was so very happy when this store opened and I think it has been great for the mall and for the area. I try and buy something every time I am here just to support them and make sure they stay.

Food, clothing and everything else, even kid toys!