Giant Tiger Avenue Saskatoon

Giant Tiger Avenue Saskatoon weekly flyer for 105 Avenue F S, Saskatoon, SK S7M 1S7, Kanada
They have a good selection of clothing n food. Not all things have to be expensive to enjoy. Alot of nice clothing for a very good price for a person on a budget. I recommend The Giant Tiger to shop at.
Have almost a huge collection of basic needs.. can do more by keeping stock of additional variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
I am giving this 5 stars because Adam! He has got to be the best staff member any store in the city could have or ask for! I see him everytime I am in there, and he goes above and beyond. He's happy, he's usually aiming, talking to people, asking questions, giving compliments! Only reason I know his is finally is cause he was walking around asking elderly if they needed help and someone yelled, hey Adam I'm looking for this....boom he dropped what he was doing and went to help. Then saw the long lines and went opened a till and is just such a breath of fresh air to see!!
Everyone should be like Adam!!

Bounty paper towel

12.7712.77 SAVE $3

Giant Value freezer bags

2.772.77 SAVE 20¢

Gatorade instant powder

6.886.88 SAVE 60¢

Giant Value beef burgers

20.9820.98 SAVE $3

Apple Valley lemon meringue pie

5.475.47 SAVE 50¢

HoneyBar granola bars

4.474.47 SAVE 50¢