Pavilions San Diego California

Pavilions San Diego California Weekly Ad for 3850 Valley Centre Dr San Diego, CA 92130.
Ok so I don't come to Pavilions often, but my mom insisted that I try their baked (roasted) chicken on $5 Fridays when it's on special. Ever so often it's 8 pieces for $5. My mom bought it at this location once and it was amazing! The seasoning could be tasted all throughout the meat and not just on the skin! I tried getting the same deal at a different Pavilions location and they just didn't have the same flavor. Whatever you guys are doing in Marina del Rey, keep doing it because I am coming back every... single... time!
I love their produce freshness, both organic and non, and although a little pricey in comparison to Ralph's down the street, the selections of all products are usually plentiful.