Adonis Scarborough

This flyer is valid for Adonis Scarborough, 20 Ashtonbee Rd Scarborough,ON store. Huge collection of products. You can find find unique items here. Produce is fresh. Price is a little bit higher compared to other local grocery stores. Very very busy. They have great collection of cooked food and bakery. Middle eastern food and desert items like baklava, Patties, pizza, rice, rotisserie chicken, beef and so on. Food is halal. We bought tuna steaks which is not available everywhere, very good quality. Their methi roti is really good. Halal beef spice sausage is our most favourite item on the list. Unique chocolates and drinks are available here. They are always restocking due to huge numbers of customers. It’s at a plaza. A lot of parking spots are available. Weekends are specially packed with customers.