Sobeys Liquor Kingsview

Sobeys Liquor Kingsview weekly flyer for 1100 Market Street SE Airdrie AB T4A 0K9
Silly leaving a review here for a liquor store. However the staff are wonderful here, we don’t come often, but every time we do we usually get a lovely lady with long brown hair (hahaha I forgot to grab her name, I don’t mean for this to sound odd) who is very nice & knowledgeable of her store. I went in there for wine, showed her a picture & within seconds she knew where it was!

She’s also always keeping herself busy! Which is awesome to see!
I find that Sobeys liquor has some pretty sweet deals from time to time which is why I often go here. The staff are helpful if you have questions but seem to lack a little bit of the enthusiasm or customer service skills that make any store great. I suppose it's just a liquor store and therefore not required to have earth-shattering customer service but a smile and some friendly conversation would go a long way. I would still recommend checking them out for their weekly deals.