Sobeys Liquor Cathedral

Sobeys Liquor Cathedral weekly flyer for 2830 - 13 Avenue Regina SK S4T 1N8
Ok, it is a standard sobey's liquor for the most part in that there's a massive cooler section and also loads of craft beer. The staff here is also really good. However, if you can make the trip, my preference is the south end location. Parking is better but so is the layout of the store. I can always find what I am looking for at that location, and I can find it easily. Whereas at this downtown one I often can't find what I'm looking for or they don't have it anymore. This wasn't just during the liquor shortage. So I use this location as a quick and easy stop when I just want cream liqueur or something very obvious, but when I'm treating my partner to fancy coolers etc I go south.