Price Chopper 12 West 1st Street South Fulton, NY

Price Chopper Weekly Ad 12 West 1st Street South Fulton, NY
I've only been here once since I relocated to the area, but I was impressed by how bright and clean it was with lots of options, great deli offerings, and friendly staff. As a new arrival I had no idea single-use plastic bags were actually illegal! haha. The cashier and I were deer in headlights for a moment when he asked for 'my bags.' "Bags? I should have bags?" He smiled and asked if I wanted paper bags. I agreed and then asked quietly, "Is it customary to bring your own?" I explained I'd just arrived from Florida. He made me feel better by saying, "You can always ask for paper. It's okay." I have since purchased "My Bags." Great store, nice people.