Pavilions Santa Monica California

Pavilions Santa Monica California Weekly Ad for 820 Montana Ave Santa Monica, CA 90403.
I can't even count how many times this store has been remodeled over the years. 20 years ago it was pretty dingy, but it gets a little better with each remodel. It is a really good store now. It looks appealing to walk into, has a great selection, has nice produce, and the staff is helpful and pleasant.
Very nice grocery store. Upscale, clean, and has a variety of prepared foods offered ranging from Chinese to salads, bbq, sushi... & more. In the bakery they offer fresh delicious pastries, cookies & sweet as well as a variety of fresh rustic breads by the loaf. Large variety of everything store-wide, lots of healthy options. Coming from Tucson AZ some of the prices were higher on certain things than I'm used to but I've found that to be the case in LA with most everything(food, housing...just everything) so that's nothing against the Pavilions!