No Frills Atlantic

No Frills Atlantic Flyer - Valid for New Brunswick (NB) - Nova Scotia (NS) - Newfoundland ve Labrador (NL) - Prince Edward Island (PEI).Michael's NOFRILLS Clarenville, Avery's NOFRILLS Marystown, Kevin's NOFRILLS Paradise, Colbourne's NOFRILLS Sydney, Shawn's NOFRILLS Stratford, Robicheau's NOFRILLS Shediac, Mike's NOFRILLS Halifax.




7.49 PC Optimum 1,000 pts $1 Value

PC® HERBAL TEA, 20/24's

1.88 SAVE UP TO 46%

PC® PIZZA, 330-455 g

PC Optimum 1,000 pts for every $5* spent $1 Value


3.99LB SAVE 34%


1.49LB SAVE 50%

PC® ENTRÉES, 2/2.27 kg

12.49 SAVE 16%

Nofrills Atlantic Flyer Locations

Nofrills Atlantic Provinces Flyer Locations:

Newfoundland and Labradour Stores: Paradise, Marystown, Clarenville, Stratford, Saint John, Shediac, Dartmouth, Halifax, Sydney, Bridgewater, Barrington Passage.

Prince Edward Island Locations: Stratford,

New Brunswick Locations: Saint John, Shediac

Nova Scatia: Dartmouth Halifax Sydney Bridgewater Barrington Passage

You may see this week's and upcoming week's Atlantic provinces flyer here;

Are you official distributor of No Frills flyers ? Are you affiliated with No Frills ?

We are not affiliated with Nofrills or any other grocery / supermarket on our website. For official Nofrills flyer page you may visit ;

When does No Frills flyer start ?

No frills weekly flyer starts every thursday of week and last on wednasdays, however you may preview next week's upcoming flyer on wednesdays at our website. Our website is one of the fastest flyer provider of internet.

How do i get No Frills printed flyer in mail ?

Contact your local Nofrills store and they will give you necessary information.You may check our website regularly for online version also.

Does Nofrills have senior & student discount?

There is no information about senior or student discount on their website. it does mean they don't have senior & senior discounts.However their prices are already low.

Does No Frills price match ?

Short answer , yes !
Their price match program is STILL here and if you find a cheaper price, simply show them and they will STILL match.

Nofrills Wont be beat policy:

*WON’T BE BEAT® If a Major Supermarket Competitor in a store’s Geographic Trade Area, advertises a lower price, for an identical or comparable item that we carry in store, show us the competitor’s advertisement (digital or print flyer) only during the effective date of the competitor’s advertisement and we will match that lower price. We match identical items defined as same brand, item type (in the case of produce, meat and bakery), size and attributes, or comparable items in the case of private label. FOR A LIST OF LOCAL COMPETITORS THAT ARE PART OF EACH STORE’S PRICE MATCH PROGRAM VISIT YOUR NO FRILLS® STORE

There is no certain list of competitors which Nofrills price match however Nofrills price match with Freshco, Sobeys, Giant Tiger, Walmart, Fortinos, Superstore, Shoppers Drugmart, Oceans and other major competitors They only price match with major supermarket competitors within the store's geographical trade area. ASK YOUR LOCAL NOFRİLLS.

No Frills Savings Secrets

Basic tips for saving more on Nofrills shopping.

1 ) Check regularly Nofrills Flyer

Nofrills publishes weekly flyers every Thursday, but you may preview on Wednesday's so checking regularly will save you money. Best way to maximize your savings is to buy items that are on sale as much as possible.
you may check this flyers at or at their website, some links worth to check ; ( official )

2 ) Stock up while on sale & multi buy deals

Stock up on non-perishables when they’re on sale, Is there a giant bag of rice on sale? Buy one and stash it away in your pantry. Rice keeps for months without any extra attention.See a crazy good deal on tinned items? Canned goods will last up to a year (or longer).
When you’re looking through the No Frills flyer or are shopping in the store, you’ll see little “multi-buy” labels that give you a discount for purchasing multiples of the same items.

3) Collect PC Optimum points

No Frills is a Loblaws joint, you can collect PC Optimum points when you’re shopping there.PC Optimum is a single loyalty program operated by Canadian retail conglomerate Loblaw Companies; it was created through the merger of Loblaws' PC Plus and Shoppers Drug Mart's Shoppers Optimum programs. The program allows shoppers to earn points based on specific purchases at Loblaw grocery store locations, including in-store promotions, personalized offers delivered via the PC Optimum website and mobile app, as well as per-dollar spent on eligible products at Shoppers Drug Mart, Esso and Mobil locations. These points can be redeemed in-store for grocery and other purchases.

Find out more ;

4) No Frills price match policy

If a major supermarket competitor within the geographical area offers a lower price on any item that they carry, you can simply show them the advertisement or receipt, and they will sell you the same item at that same price. Ask your local grocery store for price match.

Where does No Frills get their produce?

Nofrills dig all the Canadian farmers who grow our food. They're kinda a big deal. Many of them have been bringing the locally grown produce to our stores (and your table!) for decades.

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