Kroger Gallatin, TN

Kroger Gallatin, TN weekly ad for 845 Nashville Pike, Gallatin, TN 37066, United States

I was looking for a certain item. The young lady working in the store was very helpful, she stopped what she was doing to located the product on her personal phone and took me to the isle. I truly appreciated the service I was given. We have so many options, when it comes to spending our hard earned money, service like I received, will have me returning with a smile. A shout out to the young lady with the pretty eyelashes. I didn't get her name, but we talk about her beautiful eyelashes.

This Kroger is the best Kroger in the world. It's a lot better than the market place because at the marketplace, out actually pay more. The staff is awesome, especially the head manager because she works hard and she has worked really hard for where she is now . Wish the matom would fix the parking lot, the last one screwed it up. Ms. Pam is such a hard worker, been there years. Even though customers may complain, they stock as much as they can. The sushi people don't work for Kroger's, they're a whole other company. I've so far been a lifelong customer and proud to be. Everything about this Kroger is great.