Kroger Beckley, WV

Kroger Beckley, WV weekly ad for 133 Beckley Crossing Shopping Ctr, Beckley, WV 25801, United States

Did the order pick up today for the first time and honestly I must say I am impressed! I used to go to IGA in Daniels and would spend almost $200 a week in groceries. My fiancée and I decided to change and go to Kroger instead. I can get almost 2 weeks worth of groceries or less than half of that. It was super easy to check out online and have it ready when my fiancée got out of the mines to go pick it up. The prices are great, people are really friendly and they gave us free chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Will continue doing the pick up and going to Kroger! Thank you!

First time to Beckley in over 45 years and since Kroger is in Tejas I knew that they're have what we needed! They even carry organics! The employees are super kind and efficient!