Cub Foods Chanhassen Minnesota

Cub Foods Chanhassen Minnesota Weekly Ad for 7900 Market Blvd, Chanhassen, MN 55317.

My sales person was awesome. She answered my questions on quality differences, styles and other options without being pushy.

Wonderful place but I wish they had Apple flips... however, now that they have remodeled it, the popcorn is awesome possum. Their prime rib is such a decent price and is very tasty indeed. Their bakery is still quite wonderful...the Danish in me still takes over and I "have" to check it out when I go shopping there. Their blueberries and raspberries are fresh and I like their guacamole as well. One of the cashiers, Harley, is really a dandy lady too. I don't know her name. You could go there feeling depressed and she'll put a smile on your face. She has an awesome fun sense of humor and is really kind to her customers...even the rude customers that I've seen her deal with like her, because she's that good of a cashier. All the cashiers there though are friendly. It's a good Cub foods store indeed. : )