Chalo Freshco Surrey

This flyer is valid for Chalo Freshco Surrey ; CHALO FreshCo 138 St & 72 Ave, CHALO FreshCo 120 St & 72 Ave stores.Very impressed by the Greek items I can purchase at this store, they carry the Krinos brand which is amazing. Also this place has a great selection of Mexican and Latin American products. I was able to buy jalapenos here something that I could not find at a lot of other supermarkets. The cheese selection is vast. They have alot of of Indian, Thai, Chinese, and Halal products. Basically a very multicultural store with lots of the selection. They have so many kinds of bread. The store was clean and empty. There were only two cashiers open the line up wait time was 5 minutes. Service was friendly. They are selling cloth bags for 10cents each the store has banned sale of plastic bags which is great for the environment. I was super impressed.